When Live Is Not Enough 2 – episode 11

She tasted the food, shakes her head and add salt to it before tasting again.
She stir the food that was on fire properly before covering it up to cook for another few minute.
She turned off the cooker, dished out the food into a plate, the quantity that will be enough for her. She carried it to a chair, change the television channels, sat and began to eat while watching the series showing on the screen.

Her phone rang and she checked the caller, smile before placing it on her ear.

“Hello ma…is being a while. How are you and the family doing?

“We are good…and you? Sorry I have not called for some time now but you are always on my mind. So how are you finding the new city, any improvement yet? The last time we spoke you complained of how busy the whole place was…I hope you are getting use to all the people and the environment…

“Hahaha…yes, I am. I have adapted completely. I told you the first year was not funny at all but after then I got use to everything here and I’m glad I took the big step to relocate. The good news is that my knee fracture do not disturb me any more…I walk just as before and no one will even notice i had a near death experience. The only reminder I have is the scars which is not too obvious…

“I’m so happy to hear that. May God be praise forever. How about your business…how is it going?

“aah Mich, the business idea you suggested to me is fantastic. The business is not really competitive around my shop location and is moving just fine but not really too fine. The area the shop is located is quiet busy but my shop is half empty. Finance is the only challenge I face here. After renting a place to stay, getting shop and used the remaining money to buy goods which was not enough to stock up the shop. I’m thinking of taking a loan from the bank but their requirement is just too much…well, I’m still considering it…

“I un-derstand Mirabel. If a shop is half empty customers will feel you are not really serious with the business. I will support you with some cash to boast your business. I want you to fill it up to the brim. Be a good entrepreneur. I told you not to limit yourself and asked you to let me know anytime you nee-d help, I will help with the little I can even if is a word of advice is still goes a long way. s£nd me your account details… let me transfer a token to you Mimi…

“Oh my God. Thank you Mich. I’m indebted to you. Thank you very much for your kind heart. You are indeed an angel. I’m very grateful…God bless you…

Michelle spoke with Mira for some time, also reminding her in putting God first in everything she does and Mirabel said she has being doing that and also study her bible during her free time.

Michelle credited her account and Mimi went to the market the following day to restock her shop.
She was very happy as her shop was filled up. It bec@m£ a mini mart and people were coming to patronize her.
She employed a sales boy for an as-sistant. Instead of locking her shop up anytime she is going for a supply she will leave it open for the boy who works for her.
One day as Mirabel was coming back from where she went to supply goods to her customer. A car with speed pas-s her and in the process splashed mud all over her b©dy.
Mirabel stood puzzled as pas-ser-by gave her a pitiful look.
Some threw a sympathetic sorry at her while others just walked past without a word.
Mirabel began to fuss and cuss the driver

“Stupid man, how can he be speeding on a muddy road knowing fully well that there are people walking with legs or did he think everyb©dy have car like him….ru-bbish

Mirabel kept fussing angrily. She look for any hawker selling water to wash off herself but there was none.
She saw the same car reversing back
Mirabel looked at the car as it was coming towards her she got re-ady to give whoever was driving the car a piece of her mind.
She felt so disgusted with herself. Her cloth was soiled up because of the careless driver.
The man parked right in front of her and before he can say anything Mirabel started talking

“Excuse me sir, just take look at my b©dy…see how you bath me with dirty smelly mud. You know quite well that the roads was muddy yet you went on speeding. Take a look at how disgusted i am. Listen to me sir is not everyb©dy that have a car like you…do you un-derstand. With all due respect sir this is so bad of you to have done this. How do I even go back to my shop? I can’t even find water to wash off myself…what kind of person are you…?

“I’m sorry. It was alre-ady too late before I realized…. I have bottle water in my car, you can use it to clean up. I’m de-eply sorry madam…

Mirabel looked at the handsome man with broad shoulder. Her eyes traveled down to his ring f!nger just to know if he was wearing any wedding ring but did not see any ring on him.
 She nee-ded to be careful with married men. She has learnt enough lesson alre-ady and will never want to mingle with any married man ever again.

The man looks married to her or maybe is her mind that is ma-king him to appear married.
Mirabel collected the bottle water from him and started washing off the mud from her b©dy.
She looked at the man again and he was answering call on his phone and his eyes was in another direction.
After the call he looked back at her again and said

“I’m sorry madam…It was not deliberate..

“No problem sir. I’m not madam oo. You can call me Mira or Mirabel…

“Alright Mira. My name is Ras….take care and thanks for your un-derstanding…

Mirabel did not hear his name properly. the only thing she heard him mention was Ras or maybe Pas. She wanted to ask him to repeat the name again but the man was alre-ady driving off.
She watch him drove off.
Her instinct tells her the man was married, he looks like those men that hates to wear wedding band. She cannot be deceive.
why is she even worrying over a man who splashed mud all over her, threw few apologizes at her before driving off again.

Mirabel frown and started walking away. She cannot go back to her shop looking like this. She will have to go home and wash up herself.
That evening she called her sales boy to close the shop and go home.
She thought of the man again and returned her full attention and mind to her usual television series.
The following morning Mira was up again to continue with her daily hustle.

Kat c@m£ out and watch her car for a long time. She nee-ded to fix it but she did not want to talk to Tim.
Since it was weekend she wanted to reach Doctor Ken hospital for a test.
 Her health was getting her worried. From constantly throwing up to weakness and feeling feverish.
She took malaria medicine, it relief her a little but the sickness c@m£ back again.
Katie decided to take a cab but changed her mind and went back inside.
She will watch herself for few more days and if there is no changes she will then visit the hospital.

Katie went back inside.
Timothy said something to her but she ignored him.
James and Michelle c@m£ few days ago to plead on Timothy’s behalf. Katie was even more surprise that James and Michelle knew about Tim’s condition but nob©dy told her, she felt very bad and decided not to speak to anyb©dy.
She locked herself inside the room and refuse to come out until the following day.

“I can take you to the hospital if you don’t mind. Katie plea-se talk to me…. I’m sorry…plea-se find a space in your heart to forgive me. I never meant to hurt you or planned for what happ….

Katie re-moved her ear piece and placed in her two ears.
She pretend to be listening and humming to a music as she walked into the kitchen.

Night c@m£, Timothy who sometimes sleep in the parlor or in their spare room after Katie kicked him out of their master be-droom, wanted to be with his wife but he was afraid to do anything that will provoke her. He was determined to keep trying to win her heart.

James asked him to keep trying and keep praying and with time Katie will come around.
He said Katie will eventually forgive him she is not as difficult as she appear to be. And with God’s help everything will be fine again in his home. Timothy believed and kept praying.

Timothy knew that Katie has a flat tyre but he did not want to change it up for her because Katie may decide to drive off and leave him.
While Katie was in be-d that night, Timothy c@m£ to the room he sat on the be-d first.
He really miss his wife and wish she can say something to him. Katie has always keep to herself whenever she was hurt but he couldn’t take it anymore.
He sat on the be-d begging Katie to plea-se forgive him and explaining himself all over again.
He expected his wife to push him out as usual but she did not, instead she just turned her back on him.

Timothy climbe-d the be-d carefully and l@ydown without getting close to her.
They remain silent for some time. he later said

“Honey, I’m de-eply sorry. I un-derstand how hurt you are and I never meant to hurt you. plea-se what do you want me to do, I can’t live like enemy with my wife…I’m sorry. Your silent attitude is choking me up.

He kept talking but Katie did not say anything. Timothy allowed another silent between them before he continued.

“ I can keep you warm throu-ghout the night if you will let me to be your natural blanket….I’m not trying to make mouth and I also know you are very angry with me but I can do better in be-d actions now than before. You deserve to be angry but just in case you want me to give you ten round this night I’m fully re-ady…

Katie boast out laughing, she turned to him and said.

“Ten infertility useless round. What good is that…waste of time, energy and fun. Your love ma-king is good this past year but is ru-bbish to me. You are still impotent and your be-d actions doesn’t make you fertile Timothy.

Katie expected her word to hurt Tim but he smile and said.

“Yeah, is a sad truth which I totally have to agree with you but I’m glad you commend my effort a little. At least I know I’m not totally useless. The issue with child bearing…I believe God will take care of that for us. Right now I have a full strength of a man re-ady handle his wife in be-d just to prove to her that I’m not useless in everything. Trust me I’m very good. Do you want to try….

Katie sighed and said.

“Do you have to ask me first, what kind of nons-en-se question is that? Come and do the only thing you are good at. Be careful with me to avoid your eyes being punch and this do not grantee forgiveness hope you un-derstand that…?

“I un-derstand perfectly well ma’am. I will keep asking for it just as the bible say, ask and you shall be given. I will never st©p asking until you forgive me de-ep within. So… can I come to you now ma?

Katie replied childishly

“Be fast about it before I change my mind…

Timothy rushed to his wife and they had a great night together.

After three days he decided to drive Katie to the hospital to know what exactly is wrong with her.
Doctor Ken run different test and even pregnancy test which Katie feels he was wasting his time running a pregnancy test on her.
She still felt heartbroken with Timothy’s revelation of himself but tries to hope on God or maybe consider Timothy’s idea of adoption.
The pregnancy test c@m£ out positive, Ken was shock himself to see that Katie was with a child.
He c@m£ out with the news and Katie frown at him and told him that it was not possible that he should rerun the test.
While doctor Ken went back to run another test Timothy told his wife.

“Why do you feel is impossible….remember there is nothing God cannot do. Miracle happens to those that believe and you have to believe Katie…

“Tim, I don’t want to be disappointed. Is not like I don’t believe but my faith weavers with your pres£nt condition. Even if we don’t get to have our own kids we can do the adoption that you have always suggested…except God decided to surprise us.

They both sat quietly and Tim was praying silently as he walked round the corridor.
Doctor Ken c@m£ out again and confirmed the result that Katie was truly pregnant, she was few weeks gone alre-ady.
Katie was dumb founded. She asked Doctor Ken to do another test because it appears that Timothy can’t get her pregnant so how can she suddenly be pregnant. It sound so unbelievable to her.
She asked Doctor Ken to do another test or another doctor should do the pregnancy test on her and not doctor Ken.
Ken laughed and called his female colleague who c@m£ and did another round of test for Katie and it also c@m£ out positive which means she was pregnant.
Katie opened her mouth in shock, she was speechless.
Timothy was so happy and hvgged his wife. Tears of joy dropped from his eyes as he held his wife.
They later realized that they were both crying at same time.
Ken congratulated Tim and his wife before they left the hospital.

Tim drove straight to James’s place, his heart was filled with joy as he told them the good news.
They rejoice with them, sang, dance prayed and thanked God for the miracle.

Timothy went home with Katie who couldn’t hide her happiness.

 When they got home Timothy knelt down in the center of his sitting room and raise his hands up as he began to thank God.

Katie c@m£ to join her husband and they both sang praises to God in one accord.

To be continued

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