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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

When I met you Episode 4 to 7

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When I met you

Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 4



I stared in awe as Noami showed me the class

“ is this a class or a hotel hall?”. I asked Noami

She looked at me and smirked

“ This is a class”.she said smiling

We walked into the class and I stared at the expensive chairs and tables

“ I bet it all cost a fortune”. I thought

“ you can sit here”. Noami said pointing to a seat beside her

I dusted my gown before sitting on the black leather chair

“ what did you just do?”. Noami asked

“ I dusted my gown before sitting”. I told her

“ isn’t it suppose to be the other way round?”. She asked

I just feel……….. I stopped short when the same lady who almost hit me walked in

“ is she in taking the same class with us”. I asked Noami

She nodded

I stared at the girl and she was really beautiful

“ if only I can be as beautiful as her”. I said aloud with knowing

“ what do you mean?”. Noami asked , you are also beautiful, she said

“ Thanks”. I said

“ I did not compliment you , I just told you the truth”. She said rolling her eyes

“who is she?”. I asked Noami

“ Her name is Tonia and she is the daughter to a

prominent minister”.Noami replied

“ oh. I said nodding



The lecturer walked into the class and I was surprised the class was still noisy

The Lecturer continued teaching without minding the noise and I had difficulty hearing what she was saying

“ wont this noise ever stop”.

“ Get out of the class”. Tonia suddenly shouted at the Lecturer

“ why?”. The Lecturer asked sheepishly

“ The class is boring”. Tonia said and most of the student laughed


“ Get out or I will make Sure you are sacked”. She said and the Lecturer ran out in shame

“ what the hell just happen now?”. I asked Noami

“ The class was really boring and she deserved it”. Noami replied nonchalantly

“ how will it not be boring when no one cared to listen to her”. I said

“ i don’t know”. Noami said shrugging her shoulders

“ They are all the same , spoilt rich brats “. I muttered



“Let’s go for lunch”. Noami whispered into my ears

“ sure”. I said , I was really starving

I stood up and we headed to the cafe


We got to the cafe and I was speechless

“ is this really a school or a hotel”

I followed Noami to get some food and gasped in shock when I heard the price

“ it was 10 times the normal price “

“ won’t you order for something?. Noami asked

“ I am okay”. I lied

She looked at me and laughed

“ The Bill is on me”. She said

“ really!. I exclaimed and she nodded

I immediately ordered for a plate of rice and chicken and went

over to the table she was seated

“ I thought you were okay”. She teased

“ it is just ttthat I”. I stammered

“ it is alright I understand”.She said cutting me short

The whole cafe soon because noisy

“ What is happening?”. I asked Noami

She was lost staring at something, I followed the direction of her eyes and gasped when I saw Damon standing at the entrance.

“ is he a demi god”. I thought within

He walked into the cafe with two guys and they sat down at the extreme edge

“ he is so cute”. Noami said with dreamy eyes

I noticed all ladies eyes were on him. I was not surprised, he was not only handsome, he was the heir to all Adams cooperation. The Adams were very wealthy and own lot of estates , properties including Adams college

“We can only admire him from far”. Alicia whispered

“ why?”. I asked also whispering

“ he is not someone you can mess with”, he is cold- hearted”, she tried explaining

“ oh! I exclaimed remembering the incident where he splashed water on me and did not even apologise

I kept on staring at him, he kept a straight face even when his friend were laughing loudly

“ is he always like this?”. I asked Noami

She nodded

“He is rich and still not happy while I am poor and also not happy

“ what exactly is the key to happiness”. I asked myself



Episode 5


“ is Damon always quiet”. I asked Noami as we walked towards the car park

“I have never seen him interact with anyone except his two friends”.she replied

“He is so proud”. I said

“ why won’t he be proud?, he is the heir to all Adams corporations “. She replied

“ oh”. I exclaimed

“ I will see you tomorrow”. She said waving at me as he got into her car and drove off

“ okay”. I waved back



I walked towards the bus station and was about boarding a bus when my phone rang. I checked the caller, it was Mr Parker

“ what does he want?”. I muttered

“ hello”. I greeted immediately I picked the call

“ come over to the place where we met last time “. he commanded completely ignoring my greetings

“ I can’t come now sir, I need to…….

“ come over here now”. he yelled and ended the call

“ what the hell Is wrong with this man”


I flagged a taxi and got in

“ Adams hotel please”. I said as the taxi drove off

I alighted from the taxi and paid the fare with the last money on me.

I walked into the hotel and gave the painted face receptionist a weak smile

“ He is waiting for you”.she said , or should I direct you again

“I know my way”. I replied

“ Guess he enjoyed you because he does not invite a girl twice”. She said grinning

“Damn you”. I cursed her as I climbed up the stairs

I pushed the door opened and met Parker on the bed reading some documents

He eyes lit up immediately he saw me

“ hello”. I greeted closing the door and leaning on it

“ Move closer baby”. he gestured at me smiling

I sighed and walked towards him

“ sit”. he instructed

“ what do you want?”. I asked him

“ I said you should sit down “. He commanded

“ fine”. I said and sat down on the bed

“ I want you to be fully mine”. he blurted out

I looked at him and laughed

“ what is it?”. he asked, is it funny

“ yes it is”.i replied still laughing

“ how”. he asked

“ let me make something clear to you”. I said pointing at him ,all we had then was a deal, you promised to give me money for my sister treatment if I satisfy you which I did. so what is all this trash you are talking about?

“ you mean I said trash?”.he asked in surprised

“ yes”. I nodded

“ I paid your fees into Adams college”. he said

“ which you chose to do”. I said in defence,I thought it was a scholarship, I never knew you would pay for it from your own purse

“ you think you are smart?”. he asked scoffing

“ how do you mean?”. I asked

“ I paid only a year fees”. he said smiling, because I suspected something like this will happen

I looked at him in surprise

“ do you know a year fees at Adams college can buy a building?”. he asked

“ how will I pay for the remaining years?”. I asked him

“ good, that is where I come in. If you become fully mine , I will take care of it and buy your family a home”. he boasted

I looked at the man in front of me and immediately hated his gut

“ are you in or not”. he asked

“ I am not interested”. I said standing up

“ what!!!”. he exclaimed in surprise

I smirked at him and was about to take my leave when he asked

“ how will you pay the fees for the remaining years”. He asked

I looked at him and smile

“ I will see to that”. I replied

“ you are a nothing but a proud bitch”. he cursed

I looked and him and smiled

“ thanks for everything”. I said and left the room



I climbed down the stairs with a heavy heart knowing I will stop college after the first year

“ what will happen after that”. I thought, “ what will I tell my mother , how will I tell her that the scholarship stuff was all a lie”

I kept on thinking till I bumped into someone

“ I am sorry” . I apologised and gasped in shock when I met the gaze of Damon

“ I am rrreally sorry sir”. I stammered.

He stared at me and walked past me like i never existed

“ who does that?

“ what is he even doing here?”. I asked my self, “ oh, his family owns it

I checked my purse and there was no money in it

“ how will I get home?”. I whined and going back to ask Parker is not an option

“ I just have to walk home”……………


I got home very late in the evening, I was really exhausted

I was surprised to meet mum at home

“ where are you coming from sweating like this?”. She asked me

“ school”. I lied, I lost my bus fare so I had to walk

“ sorry baby”.she said , there is food in the kitchen

“ so you came home to cook?”. I asked her

She nodded

“ you couldn’t have done that, I can take care of myself”. I told her

“ you will always be my baby”. She said chuckling

“ Zara will be discharged on Sunday”. She said excitedly

“ really, I can’t wait for her to be back home “

“Don’t forget to lock the door properly before you sleep”. She instructed as she headed to the hospital………….


Damon POV


I went over to the hotel to pick up a friend who was drunk

he called and asked for my help and I had to drive him home



I got home and walked into the sitting room . I saw my dad making out with one of his whores

I ignored him and was about climbing the stairs when he called me

I turned to look at him

“ is that a way to behave to your father?”. He asked

“ how should i behave?”. I asked scoffing

“ you could have least greeted”. he said

“ greet”. I huffed , you could have thought about that before fucking your mistress in the sitting room”. I replied him

he looked at me and scoffed

“I do whatever i want in my house”. he said

“ and I do whatever I want also”. I replied back ,can’t you at least respect my late mother”. I asked him

“Your mother is dead Damon”. he said

“ you are just impossible “. I shook my head as I headed to my room


Episode 6


Damon PoV continuess

I got to my room and went to the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room when I was done and laid on the bed…

My phone suddenly rang , I checked the caller and scoffed

“ why won’t this girl stop calling me”

I bang the call but she kept on calling so I picked it up

“ Tonia”. I called

“You left without seeing me today at school”. She whined

“ I had things to do”.I told her

“ can we see tomorrow?”. She asked

“ hopefully”. I said and ended the call

“ can’t she just let me be?




I headed down the stairs and met my dad eating dinner

I went over to the dinning and joined him

“ son”. he called

“ hi”. I grunted

A maid immediately came forward and served my food

“ how was school today?”. My dad asked trying to make a conversation

“ boring “. I drawled

“ you should try and have a little bit of fun”. He advised , your life is too boring

“ I am okay this way”. He said

“ are you still thinking about her?”. He suddenly asked

I remained quiet

“ you should try and forget about her”. he said

“ can we not talk about it”. I said

“ Damon you need to move on and quit this nonsense of loving a dead person”.He advised

“ what do you know about love ?”. I yelled , don’t ever talk to me about love again”. I warned and stood up

“ where are you going to?”. He asked

“ to my room”. I replied

“ but you have not touched your food”. He said

“ I lost my appetite”


I walked into my room and pick a picture from the stool beside my bed staring at beautiful lady in the picture

“Why did you have to go Bella?”I muttered crying

She was my first love , she died in an accident and I guess my heart also died with her


I heard a knock on the door

“ come in”. I said and forced a small smile when Miss Petra walked in .

“ Damon”.she called, she was the only maid who had the right to call me by my name . …

She consoled and held me when my mum died ten years ago and since then I treated her with respect

“ hi”. I huffed

“ I heard you arguing with your father”. She said

“I did not argue with him, he argued with me”. I corrected

“ what is the difference?”.she asked smiling

I remained quiet

Damon, you really have to move on”. She advised

“ Can I? I asked

She nodded

“Fine”.i said, can you please leave now?

She nodded and soon left

I kept on staring at Bella picture till I fell asleep


I woke up the next morning and glanced at the time

“ fuck”.i cursed , I never knew I slept this long

I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and to bath, I returned to the room after I was done with a towel around my waist .

I went over to the wardrobe and pulled out new clothes, I never repeat cloth twice

I headed down the stairs and saw my dad laughing with a woman

“Morning Dad”. I grunted without sparing the woman a glance

“Son”. he called, how was your night?. he asked

“ I am off to school”. I told him ignoring his question

“ I want you to call at the company this morning and make a confirmation of the account”. he instructed

“ why must I always be the one doing that?”.I asked

“ because it belongs to you now”.he said

“ oh really , then let me handle it my way”.I said

“ I don’t fully trust Parker so you must monitor him”. he insisted

“ oh right”.i said with an eye roll


I headed straight to the office and as usual there were reporters around , they rushed to me immediately I stepped out of the car

“ Damon Adams is there any latest gist going on in the company”. a fat ugly reporter asked

I glared at her as the remaining kept on asking numerous questions

“ why can’t this gossips just leave”


I walked into the company and was greeted respectfully by the staff and was not surprised when I caught some female staff drooling

“ I scoffed and climbed up the stairs leading to Mr Parker office


I pushed the door to his office opened and met him flirting with a lady

“Damon”. he stood up immediately he saw me, I never knew you were coming

I stared at him and the lady and scoffed

“ can you please wait for me outside”. He told the lady and I watched the lady as he walked out sheepishly

“ I am sorry about that Damon”. He apologised

“ it is none of my business “.I replied, you are truly a friend to my father

“ what do you mean by that?”. he asked

“ hand over the account book”. I commanded ignoring his questions

He reluctantly gave it to me

I scoffed as I went through it

“ I can explain Damon”. He tried to explain

“I warned you to fix the account the last time I came but you are still getting deeper in debt”. I yelled

“ I am sorry”. he pleaded

“ you are still here because you are a friend to my father but the next time I come here and see the account like this you will be out of here”. I warned him

I turned to leave and soon stopped

“ another thing, don’t bring your bitches to the office”

I walked out of the office and glanced at the ugly looking girl sitting outside the office

I got into my car and drove down to school, I was surprised to see a girl who alighted from a taxi walked into the gates of Adams college

“ I thought all student who goes here comes to school with their car”

I stared at her as I drove into the school compound trying to get a glimpse of her face but could not because she went through another direction

I stared at her from behind and I must admit she got killer shape

“ Damn, what am i thinking of


Nora PoV


I walked into the class and over to a chair and sat down

Noami was not yet in school so I decided to bring out my book and study

“ hey”.Are you new here?”. Someone asked and when I looked up I met Tonia gaze

She tilted her head and stared at me

“ have we met before?”. She asked

“ Yes, I was the one you……….

“ oh , the beggar”.she said cutting me short

“ I am not a beggar”. I defended

“ how did you get here?”. She asked , did you fuck your way in

The whole class turned to look at me and I felt embarrassed

“ She is a beggar and a whore”. Tonia announced to the whole class

“ I am not a whore”. I yelled crying

“ really, she asked moving closer to me. Avoid me the best way you can”. She warned


I bent my head on the table still sobbing when someone tapped me

“ Noami”. I called when I looked up

“ why are you crying?”. She asked

“ it is nothing”. I replied

“ did someone hurt you?”. She asked

I gave her a weak smile

“It is okay Nora”. She assured me

“ Go ahead to the cafe I will join you there”. Noami said

“ where are you going?”. I asked her

“ To the bathroom, I need to change “. She replied

I nodded and headed to the cafe


I walked into the cafe and sat down on the seat closest to the entrance

I brought out my phone and decided to play a game when I saw Tonia walking towards me

“ what does she want again”. I muttered to myself

“ why are you seated on my seat?”. She asked

I was speechless. I never knew she had a personal table in the cafe

“ I am sorry”. I apologised and stood up

“ really, i thought I warned you never to cross path with me”. She asked scoffing

“ what have i done”. I asked her

“ how dare you talk back at me”. She asked and before i knew it she pushed me hard

I rolled back expecting to see myself on the floor but was surprised when i felt a strong hand around me

I looked up and met the gaze of Damon ..


Episode 7


Damon”. I called When I met his gaze, i er em mean sir Damon”. I stammered , Thank you

He stared at me for a while and walk past me without saying anything

The whole student kept on whispering

I watched him and his friends moved over to a table

“ why did you do that?”. I asked Tonia

“I will do more than that if you cross my path again”. She warned


“ Nora”. Noami called walking toward me

She looked at the table and huffed

“ why haven’t you ordered anything?”. She asked

“ I was waiting for you”. I replied playing with my hands

“ what is wrong?”. She asked looking around, why are those girls staring at you?

“ Tonia humiliated me again”. I said

“ what is wrong with that bitch ?”. Noami asked fuming ,don’t let that bother you

I nodded

let’s me go order something I am famished

“Okay”.i replied

“ what will you like to eat?”. She asked

“ snacks is fine”. I replied


I looked at Damon and studied him

“ why is he so cold?

I kept on staring at him and gasped in shock when he met my gaze

he stared at me for a while and looked away


Damon POv

I sat down in an empty class with my two friends Mikel and Donald after lunch

“ Damon aren’t you going to class?”. Mikel asked

“ No”.I replied and they both laughed

“ I thought you are the studious one”. Donald teased

“ I am but the old man class is too boring”. I replied

“ all classes are boring to me”.Mikel said and I smirked

“ Did you noticed that girl got a big ass” Donald said out of a sudden

“ what girl”. Mikel asked

“ The girl in the cafe today”. He replied grinning

“ you noticed it Damon right?”. Donald asked me

“No I didn’t”. I lied , you guys are really crazy

“Is she new here?”.Mikel asked facing me

“ how will I know”. I replied

“ because your family own it”. He said grinning

“ family”. I muttered, do I really have one


My mind drifted to the girl, she is the same girl I saw alighting from a taxi, Is she new here?. Why do her face look familiar? I guess I have seen her before, but where?”. I tilted my head trying to remember but i couldn’t..

“ guess she is no one important”.

Nora PoV


I was quiet all through in class probably because of the way Tonia embarrassed me

The Lecturer soon walked out of the class and I sighed in relief, I can finally go home.

I walked beside Noami as we walked outside the building

“ bye Noami”. I waved at her as I headed to the bus station to board a car

I flagged down a car and was about to get in when the driver said

“ ma’am, your money first “

I looked at him and scoffed

“ what do you mean?”. I asked him

“ i was duped twice by beautiful ladies like you today”. he replied

“ I have my money”.I said and opened my bag to bring out my purse but could not find it but instead I saw a big tear

“What!!!. I exclaimed, how did my bag get torn

The driver gave me a glare and zoomed off

“My phone and my bag were in the purse, how will I get home?”. I muttered

I went back into the class and searched everywhere but couldn’t find it

“ how the hell did my bag got torn? I will have to walk home , I had not option


I walked home sweating and feeling tired when a car stopped in front of me

I moved closer to see who it was and gasped in surprise when i saw Damon

“Get in”. he commanded

I got into the car still feeling surprised and he drove off

I stole glances at him

“ I could not believe the mighty Damon stopped to pick me, I thought he was so cold-hearted “

“Where”. he asked

I looked at him in confusion and suddenly understood when he was saying

“ Down crescent block”. I replied

He looked at me in surprise

“ were you planning on walking?”. he asked

I nodded

“why?”. He asked

“I j……….:

“ don’t bother”. he said cutting my short,it is none of my business


He soon got to crescent block and I told him to parked

“ is this where you stay?”. he asked looking at the surroundings

“ No em er yes”. I replied

“ really, you don’t know where you stay”. He scoffed

“ what is your name ?”. he suddenly asked

“ Nora”. I replied

“ Nora”.he muttered and nodded

I watched him as he drove off

“ did that just happened “………..


Damon POv

I drove my car heading for home when i saw the same lady walking home

“ is she doing an exercise or what”

I drove past her but stopped when I saw the way she was walking, she was obviously tired……

I decided to help her out

“ Get in”. I commanded and saw the surprised look on her face as she got in

I was surprised when she told me she was going to crescent street

“ Was she planning on walking to crescent”. I thought within


I stared at the environment she was staying and when I asked her about it , she felt reluctant to answer

“ what is your name?”. I asked her

“ Nora”She replied

I nodded as I drove off heading home


I met my dad with a man in the sitting room when I walked in

“ son “. My dad called as soon as he saw me

“ Dad”. I grunted

“ you came at the right time”. He said grinning

I looked at him and the man and scoffed

“ what is it?”. I asked

“ I have sighed a Deal with my friend,he will invest in the company greatly if you can accept his proposal”. My dad explained

“ what kind of proposal?”. I asked

“ Marriage proposal between you and my daughter”.he replied grinning

“ who is your daughter?”, I asked scoffing

“ Tonia Tom”. He replied

“ really”. I asked scoffing, I am never going to be interested……..




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