When I met you Episode 26 & 27

When i met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 26
Nora POV
“ Tonia”. I screamed as she kept on gaping and vomiting blood. The whole clas-s was in an uproar
“ call the ambulance”. I screamed, plea-se someone should call the ambulance
I stood there fidgeting as some students gave me accusingly stares
“ what did you do to her?”. a lady asked
“ you killed her”.another said
I ignored them and kept on screaming
“ what is going on here?. A lecturer asked
“ she is g@sping and vomiting blood”.i replied
He bent down and checked her pulse
“ she is still breathing “. He announced and I signed in relief, you call the ambulance “. He instructed a boy
I shook in fright when someone held me from the back
“ hey it is me “. Damon said , he was with his friends..
I sobbe-d as Tonia was carried into an ambulance
“ what really happened?”. Damon asked
“ she coll@psed after sipping from the drink Noami gave to me”.i said in between sobs
He stared at me without saying anything
“ where is Noami?”. he asked
“ she told me she was going to the bathroom”.i replied
“ bathroom”. Damon repeated scoffing, I doubt that
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him
“ you almost died Nora, your friend almost killed you “. he yelled
“ Noami almost killed me, but why?…….
Damon POV
I headed to the Director office and stormed in
“ Damon”. he called , what is going on out there?
“ I nee-d the do¢v-ments of Noami”. I demanded ignoring his questions
“Her surname or middle name?”. he asked
“I don’t know”. I replied,
“ Her major?”. He asked
“ psychology”. I replied
He went throu-gh some files
“ Here, this is it”. He said handing me a green file
I opened it and went throu-gh a file, there was no personal information about her
“ how is this possible?”. I asked , how did you accept her into this school with out knowing anything about her…
“ I am sorry” he apologised
“ Damn you”. I cursed and stormed out of the office…
I stepped outside and sighted Nora talking to some cops. I walked towards them
“ what is going on here?”. I asked
“ Damon, they asked me to go with them to the station”. Nora replied sobbing
“ why?”. I asked the cops
“We nee-d to ask her some questions”. one of the cops replied
“ fine, we will follow behind you”. I said and he nodded
“ will I be jailed?”. Nora asked in fear
“ No, you won’t”. I as-sured her
We got to the station and I asked to see the police head
“ he is the office”. a cop on duty replied directing me to their boss office
I held Nora who was fidgeting
“Hey”. It is going to be alright.i as-sured her
“ Damon”. The police chief called immediately I walked in, how are you?”. he asked
“ I nee-d all this stuff cleared up “. I replied ignoring his questions
“ what really happened?”. he asked
“ someone tried to kill my girlfriend “. I replied
he looked at Nora and asked
“ who gave you the drink?”
“ My friend”. She replied
“What is her name?”. he asked
“ Noami”. She replied
“ who is the victim to you?”: he asked
“ she is a bully”. She replied
“ I want the bit-ch dead when she is found”.i barked
He looked at me and chuckled
“ you are really your mother son”. he said , she flare up when she sees her loved ones hurt ”.he said
“Don’t act like you know me”. I said to him
“ of course I know you Damon, I am your uncle
“ whatever “. I muttered, Just make sure the bit-ch pays with her blood……
We drove over to the hospital to check on Tonia
We met Tonia parent waiting for the doctor report and we walked towards them
“Good afternoon sir/ ma”. I greeted her parent and they both nodded
“ what really happened to my baby?”. her mother asked sobbing
“ she will be alright”. I as-sured her
“ who poisoned her”. her father asked in rage and I felt Nora held me ti-ghtly
“Her name is Noami”.i replied and she will soon be caught”. I as-sured him
The doctor soon c@m£ out sweating
“ how is she doctor?”. Tonia mother asked holding the doctor
“ she is stable”. he replied and We all sighed in relief
“ she did not consume much of the poison “. He explained
“ can I go see my daughter?”: her mother asked
“ No”. he replied, she still nee-d to rest a little
I looked at Nora and she gave me a small smile..
Mr Parker PoV
I scoffed when I watched the news, how I wished it was the bit-ch who drank the poison
“ Parker, what are you thinking of?”. the bit-ch beside me asked
“ nothing baby”. I replied
“ can we continue”. She said teasing my little toy
“ sure”. I replied as I f!ngered her ha-rder
“ ouch baby, that hurts”. She cried in pain
I added another f!nger and continued f!ngering her with all the rage in me………
Noami PoV
I bent my head down to avoid the deadly gaze of my sister
“You could not even perform a simple task”. She queried, now you are on the run
“ I did it all for you sis”. I replied sobbing
“ really?”. She asked ,you are a hvge disappointment
“You promised to protect me if I follow your bidding “. I reminded her
“ but you failed “. She replied with a sm-irk. She picked up a knife from the stool beside her and moved towards me
“ did she plan on killing me”. I thought
“ plea-se sis, don’t kill me”. I pleaded
“ I am not your sister”. She yelled , I picked you and cleaned you up , remember
I looked at her with tears flowing down my eyes
“ I remembered and that is why I see you as my sister”. I replied
“ you failed me Noami”. She screamed
“ sister”. You nee-d to calm down” i plea-sed
“ calm down”. She muttered gazing intently at me
I looked into her eyes , it was without emotions. I tried to run but she caught my hands and stabbe-d me
“ Bellllaaaa”. I called with difficulty, pleeeas-se but she stabbe-d me again and kept on stabbing me till I drifted off to sleep
Bella PoV
I stared at the lifeless b©dy of Noami
“ I am sorry Noami, but I don’t have time for failures..
I remembered the first time I met her,she was begging on the street and I decided to help her since we both led miserable lives
I was miserable about being used and dump by men and she was miserable for being poor. I took her un-der my care and agreed to train her
She was a good sister to me but I don’t really care . I dragged the b©dy inside a sac
“ I will dispose it this night”.i thought……
Episode 27
Damon PoV
I la-id on the be-d with Nora beside me
“Why would Noami try to kill me?”. She asked
“ I don’t know”. I replied , you should know better
“ I have never hurt Noami, I have been a good friend to her”. She sighed
My phone suddenly rang and I picked it immediately
“ Uncle”. I called, any upd@t£ about the case?”. I asked
“Noami is dead”. he replied
What!!”. I exclaimed in shock standing up abruptly.how did she die?. I asked
“ her b©dy was found on the bridge, she was severely stabbe-d”. he explained , you can come over
“Who could have done that?”. I asked
“ I don’t know “. He replied, but whoever the Killed her is a beast
“Okay, i will be on my way”. I muttered and ended the call..
“ what is wrong?”. Nora asked , why is your face like that
“ Noami is dead”. I replied and she screamed in fright
“ how? When? Where? Who killed her?”. She asked in confusion
“I don’t know”. I replied, her b©dy was found on the bridge
“Who could have done it?”. She yelled and broke down in tears
I pu-ll-ed her close to me and tried consoling her
“ it is alright Nora, it is going to be alright “. I as-sured her
“ why do Noami have to die?”. She asked
“ she deserved it”. I replied with a blank expression
She looked up at me
“How can you say such?”. She asked , how are you this heartless
“ I don’t care whatever you call me, That bit-ch tried to kill you and I am glad she is dead”. I replied
I stood up and went over to the wardrobe to change my clothing
“ are you going out?”.She asked
“ yes”. I replied
“ where?”. She asked
“To the crime scene “ I replied
“ I am coming with you”. She said standing up
“Just stay at home”. I replied her
“ plea-se Damon”.she pleaded
“ okay, fine”. I replied
“Thanks”. She muttered and ran into the bathroom
We drove over to the crime scene and it was alre-ady crowded with cops and reporters ..
“ Damon”. My uncle called immediately he saw me.
I went over to him and greeted him. I stared at Noami lifeless b©dy , the sight was terrible
I watched some men carried her into an ambulance
“ Noami”. Nora called softly as she began to cry
“ you can’t do this here”. I said holding her
“ who is the beast that did this to Noami”. She Yelled
“ you are crying over someone that almost killed you”.I said with with a scoff
“ I don’t………..she st©pped and was gazing intently at someone with a surprise look
I turned to look at who she was staring at and was surprised to see the bit-ch coming towards us
“ Damon”. The bit-ch called
“ what are you doing here Bella?”. I asked
“ i c@m£ over to look at the poor child”. She replied
“ do you know her?”. I asked
“ No”. She replied shaking her head flashing me a smile
“ you are surely really in love”. She said staring at Nora, I can’t really believe you chose that thing over me
“ Are you better than her?”. I asked and she looked at me in surprise
“ Damon “. She called, how can you say such about me because of this poor thing
“ poor”. I muttered, have you forgotten where I saw you, have you forgotten you were an homeless beggar
She looked at me and it was obvious she was ashamed
“ Try and get a life Bella, be thankful you are alive “. I advised her
She looked at me with a scoff and left in anger
“ wow! Nora exclaimed, so she was a homeless beggar. Who will ever believe that?
“ can we not talk about that plea-se?”. I pleaded
“ Whatever “. She said rolling her eyes, can we plea-se leave this place ?”. Nora asked
“ sure”. I replied
I nodded at my uncle as we got into the car and drove off
“ I can’t really believe Noami is dead”. Nora said sniffing,
“ she paid for her crime”. I said
“ her death was too gruesome, The killer must be a beast”. She remarked
I nodded
“ can we go over to the hospital plea-se”. She pleaded
“Sure”. I nodded as I reversed and drove towards the hospital
Mr Parker
I smiled as I watched the news, I never knew Nora had so much enemy..
“ who could be behind this “.I wondered, I pray she succeeded in killing the bit-ch
My phone suddenly rang and I picked it up
“Boss” the voice from the other end called ,they just walked into the hospital
“ Good “. I replied, make sure you do a good job”. I said as I ended the call
I had boys watching Damon every move and was looking for a perfect opportunity to strike .
Damien betrayed me , he allowed that his rude son to humiliate me and he did nothing about that ,I know how much Damon meant to him, the boy is his future.if I strike that rude br@t dead, we will be even.we will both be without wife and child then he will have no other option but to confide in me
I planned on striking those Damon loves but I changed my mind, i will destroy Damon Adams himself and after that I will deal with that bit-ch Nora ……..
“ Let me say hello to my friend”. I grinned evilly .
I dialled his number and he picked up immediately
“Parker”. he called , I told you never to call me again”. he reminded
“Chill Damien”. I replied, I just wanted to say hi to you
“Damn you”. he cursed
“ how is Damon?”. I asked chuckling
“Get lost”. He yelled and ban-ged the call..
Prepare to cry Damien because you won’t see your precious son again…….
Damien POV( Damon father)
I sat down wondering why Parker called me, it is so unlike him
“Dang it!”. I exclaimed after some thoughts, is he trying to do something stupid ..
“ where is Damon?”. I asked Petra who was coming out of the kitchen
“ is anything wrong ?”. She asked in alarm
“ I am having a strong feelings something bad wants to happen”. I replied her , where is Damon?”. I asked again
“ he went out with his girl”. She replied
“ do you have any idea where he went to?”. I asked her
“ I don’t”. She replied with a shrug but I believe they might go over to the hospital to check on Tonia because Nora feels guilty about what happened to her
“ Thanks”.i replied . I rushed over to the garage, got into my car and drove off heading to the hospital
I soon got to the hospital and parked. I sighed in relief when I saw Damon walking out of the hospital with Nora beside him.They soon st©pped in front of the hospital talking and laughing
“ I nee-d to tell them to get out of here fast”. I said as I got down from the car walking towards them
. Damon POV
“ I feel so relieved”. Nora said in excitement, Tonia was finally awake
I gave her a small smile
“ I guess you can st©p feeling guilty now”. I said and she nodded
“ Damon”. a familiar voice called and I turned back to see my Dad walking towards me
“ what are you doing here Dad?”. I asked in surprise
“ Damon , you have to get out from here fast”.He said p@n-ting
“ why?”. I asked in alarm
“ I have a feeling that something bad wants to happen”. he explained
“ what do you mean?”. Nora asked and before he could reply, a car pu-ll-ed beside us and aimed a gun directly at me
“ Get down “. I shouted but it was too late , someone got sh0t
“ No, I screamed as the blood splattered all over me
Oh my gawd!
What just happened
I wonder who got sh0t