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When I met you Episode 22 & 23

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 22&23
Damon POV continues
I drove Bella over to the penthouse and made sure she was comfortable before leaving
I ignored all her plea-s and tears,
I drove over to Mikel’s [email protected] and met him pla-ying games with Donald
“Damon”. Donald called
“ Hey”. I greeted and sat down beside him
“ how did it go?”. Mikel asked
“Smoothly”. I replied
“ who did you choose?”. Donald asked , Bella or Nora
“ Nora”. I replied and they both cheered
I looked at them in surprise
“ I never knew you liked Nora”. I said
“ We prefer her being with you”.Mikel replied
“How will you choose a ghost over a human?”. Donald tea-sed and we all laughed
“ she is not a ghost”.i replied, she survived
“Do you believe her story?”. Donald asked, it sounds off
“What do you mean?”. I asked him
“All those memory loss sounds fake, I don’t believe an iota of the trash”. he replied
“ Are you saying she faked her death?”. I asked
“Something like that “. he replied shrugging
“ why would she do that?”. I asked , she loved me
They both laughed
“Never trust a woman fully”. they replied , that is the believe of a pla-yer
“ I am not a pla-yer”. I said
“ we know”. they both chorused
My phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller, it was Nora
“Damon”. she called in excitement
“hey”. I greeted
“ you promised to call me when you get home”.she queried
“ I am sorry”. I apologised
“ Damon”. I heard Zara called
“ Give her the phone”.I instructed Nora
“ don’t forget your promise”. Zara said immediately
“ I won’t”. I promised
“ don’t forget to pick me up tomorrow”. She reminded
“ I won’t “. I replied and she ended the call
“ Nora right?”. Mikel asked
I nodded…..
Bella POV
“ I can’t believe Damon chose that bit-ch over me, I am the one he loves……
Damon was someone who could sacrifice anything, i mean anything just to see me happy . I can’t believe he threw me out
Damon couldn’t bear to see my tears but today he ignored me even with my tears and it is all because of that bit-ch Nora
I picked all my phone and dialled my sister number , she picked it up immediately
“ Hey sis, Are you enjoying with Damon?”.she asked
“ Damon threw me out”. I replied
“ what!!”. She exclaimed, I thought you said you had a plan
“Everything got ruined because of that bit-ch”. I screamed
“Where are you now?”. She asked
“I will s£nd you the address to you now”. I replied, come over now
Damon father POV
I sat down in the sitting room room waiting for Damon, I finally made up my mind to tell him the whole truth
My phone suddenly rang and I scoffed when I checked the caller, it was Mr Parker
“ what do you want?”. I asked immediately I picked it
“It seems you want to lose the trust of your son”. he replied
“ how?”. I asked
“ I give you 24hours to get me back to my post or else I will tell Damon everything”. he threatened
“ I alre-ady planned on doing that”. I replied, so don’t ever call me again “. I warned and ended the call
I was a bad husband to my wife and also a bad father to my son. I pushed my wife into depression and sle-pt with my son first love. I don’t care if Damon hates me, I planned to tell him the whole truth
I heard him drive in and i sighed
“Damon plea-se forgive your cruel father”.i prayed
Damon PoV
I listened to my father confession in shock
“My own father betrayed me”
He looked at me when he was done talking expecting me to say something but I was speechless
“ Damon”. he called
I just stared at him
“ I am very sorry”.he pleaded
“ why?”. I suddenly asked
“ I am sorry Damon”.he continued pleading
“I never st©pped you from flir-ting but why must it be with the one I love ?”. I asked him calmly
“I am sorr
“ st©p “. I yelled, Why must it be Bella?”.I asked
“ She was much older “
“ and you thought she was manipulating me”. I completed. I loved Bella, I really did and you knew it.
“ she is a bit-ch”.he said
“Why didn’t you tell me ?”. I asked , you made me search around like a fool and you even joined in the search
“I did it to protect you”.he explained
“fv¢k you and your protec-tion”. I cursed and went to my room In anger
“ I can’t believe the man I called my father betrayed me, Bella is a bit-ch…….
Parker PoV
The news about me being fired went viral, it was on the news and Television
That little [email protected] really meant all what he said .
I tried calling his father for help but he ban-ged the call on me
“ it is all because of that bit-ch, how did she manipulate Damon into falling in love with her
I looked around my room, nothing to show that I am a man, no wife , no kids all because I am impotent
“ can’t I have little fun”
He succeeded in taking my job away from me
“Damon really humiliated me
The Adams declared war against me and I will let them pay , I will destroy anyone who tries to st©p me. I will destroy Damon and all those he loves , I will make him feel twice the pain I am feeling now, I will make you grovel and beg me
Episode 23
Damon PoV
I woke up the next morning feeling weak, I felt betrayed by my dad..
I headed to the shower to freshen up and soon returned to the room , I went over to the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed out a new cloth
I headed downstairs dressed in an all blue outfit. I met my dad talking with Petra
“ Good morning”. I grunted
“ Damon , he called standing up
“ what?”. I asked him harshly
“ I will do anything to earn your forgiveness”.He pleaded
I looked at him and sighed
“ just give me time”. I told him and he nodded
I walked out of the house and headed to the garage
I glanced at my wristwatch. Gosh!, I am alre-ady late . I need to take Zara to school
Nora POV
“ Damon is here”. Zara said as she ran out to meet him
I applied little makeup and stared at my self in the mirror
“ I look pretty”. I muttered
I [email protected]£d my bag and headed outside
Zara was talking with Damon when I got outside
“ Good morning”. I greeted
“ hey baby”. he greeted walking towards are you?”. He asked pu-lling me to a hvg
“ I am fine”. I replied and I felt hisl-ips on mine as he k!$$£d me
“ can we go now?”. Zara asked tapping her little feet on the ground
“ sure”. Damon replied breaking the k!ss
We all got into the car and he drove off….
We got to Adams middle school and I was surprised at how large it was
We walked into the principal office and I watched Damon exchanged few words with the principal who was just nodding
The principal called in her secretary and instructed her to take Zara over to her [email protected]
Zara waved us smiling with all her dentition out, she was really excited
“ Thanks”. I said to Damon as he drove heading to the college
“ for what?”. he asked
“ everything”. I replied
“ can you sleep over at my place this evening?”. he asked
I looked at him as I [email protected] in shock
“ you can choose not to “.he replied
“I will “. I blurted out
“Great”. he said squee-zing my hands
We soon got to school and Damon held my hands as we walked into the building ignoring the stares and murmurings from other student
“Go into your [email protected], your Lecturer will soon arrive”. he said pe-cking me
“ sure”.I nodded, he gave me a wi-nk and headed to his [email protected]
I walked into the [email protected] and smiled when I saw Noami alre-ady seated
“ hey”. I greeted her
“ Nora”. She called excitedly, you are late”. She queried
“ i had to drop my sister over at her school”. I explained
“ do you have a car?”. She asked
No, Damon drove us”.i corrected
She looked at me with a raised eyebrow
“ are you two [email protected]!ng?”: she asked
“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug
What do you mean by that?”. She asked
“ he haven’t proposed to me?”. I replied but I believe he plan on doing it tonight
“ tonight?”. She asked
I nodded, I am spending the night with him
She looked at me and smiled , you are very lucky Nora
. .
Bella PoV
I really can’t believe Damon abandoned me, it still look like a dream to me
“ am I not beautiful?”. I asked @ssessing my self
Damon was too immature then but now he is all matured
“ I really want Damon, I miss his t©uçh,I miss his d!¢k inside me
“ oh Damon, I really want you, I really need to see him……
Nora POV
It was soon time for lunch and I went over to the cafe with Noami
We ordered for a delicious meal and I paid the bills
“Thanks “. She muttered
“ it is nothing”. I replied, you have done that countless of times
We went over to a table and sat down
We were soon munching our food when Damon walked in with his friends
He looked around the cafe and smiled when he met my gaze
I was surprised when when they all walked towards and sat down with us.a server immediately [email protected]£ over to the table to take their orders
“Nora, I never knew you have a beautiful friend”. Mikel said eyeing Noami and I saw her blu-shed
“ don’t flir-t with her”. Damon Warned
I watched as they pla-yed and laughed. I was glad he was no longer the boy who fiddles with his phone in silence while his friends laughs
Damon PoV
I walked out of the building and saw Nora waiting for me at the car park
“ Nora”. I called and she smiled when she saw me
“ can we go now?”. I asked as I got closer to her
“ won’t I go home first?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied shaking my head
“ what of Zara?”. She asked
“ she is at home, I have alre-ady called your mom to ask for permission and she granted it “.he explained
“ when did you do all this?”. I asked him
“ Get in the car”. he said smiling
I got into the car, sitting down beside him as he drove off
Nora PoV
. We walked into his mansion and I smiled, I can’t st©p admiring the beauty of this house
“Nora”. Miss Petra called coming out of the kitchen
“ Good morning ma?”. I greeted her
“ how are you ?”. She asked
“ I am fine “. I replied
“ where is your dad?”. I asked Damon
“ I don’t know”.he replied shrugging his shoulders,
“ can we go to your room?”. I asked, I am very tired
“Sure”. He said holding my hands as we climbe-d the stairs
I fell on the be-d immediately I walked into his room
“ your be-d is too soft”. I said
He looked at me and smiled.He walked into the bathroom and [email protected]£ out with a towel around his [email protected]!st
I stared at his che-st and swallowed [email protected], I never knew he had this much tattoo
“ what are you staring at?”. he asked walking over the wardrobe
“ nothing”. I lied and he huffed
He put on a black joggers and a singlet and went over to the be-d to sit down
“ I was lost staring at him”
“ what are you doing?” I asked him going over to sit down beside him
He was typing something on his [email protected]©p
“Confirming something”. He replied , which of this houses do you prefer?”.he asked me
“Hmmmmmmh, I said looking at the three beautiful houses displa-yed on the screen. The one with the blue roof”. I replied
“ Good. He said
“ aren’t you hungry?”. He asked
“ I am”. He replied
“ let’s us go have dinner
We headed down the stairs and we met his father alre-ady having dinner
His eyes lit up immediately he saw me
“Are you two couples?”. He asked
I looked at Damon not knowing what to say
“Yes , she is girlfriend “.he replied his father are you okay with that?
“ so rude”. I thought
I watched his father sighed in relief
“Thanks Damon for heeding to my advice “.he said
“ I have made up my mind before you told me how bit-chy she was”.Damon replied
I looked at both of them wondering what they were talking about
“ Sit”. Damon commanded as he sat down beside me
I sma-cked myl-ips as the mouth watering food was placed in front of me. I immediately started eating
“ wow this is so delicious”. I remarked as I continued munching down the meal
“ slow down Nora so you don’t get choked”.Damon advised
I looked up and met the stares of everyone
“Damn!”.what did I just do
His father laughed [email protected] and I sighed in relief
“ is she this funny?”. Damon father asked, you are such a cutie…..
We got into the room and I went into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room with Damon towel wra-pped around me
“What can I change into?”.I asked Damon who was laying on the be-d
He looked at me as his eyes roamed all over me
“ There”. he said pointing at his wardrobe, change into whatever you like
I went over to the wardrobe and [email protected] in surprise as I saw the piles of new clothes and shoes
“Do you buy clothes everyday?”. I asked
“ I don’t repeat clothes”. He replied
“ how amazing. I muttered
I picked a white pyjamas and was about going into the bathroom to change when he asked me
“ where are you going “
“To the bathroom”
“ why can’t you change here”. He asked moving closer to me
“ I em er “. I stammered and gulped [email protected]
He pinned me to the wall and loos£ned my towel. I stared as the towel dropped on the floor
I tried covering my n-kedness with my hands and he scoffed
“ I have been trying so [email protected] to control myself but you are damn h0t “.he said b!tt!g hisl-ips, he twitched his eyes as he stared at my n-ked b©dy
“ you are beautiful Nora”.he whispered to my ears
I felt his mouth on myl-ips as he k!$$£d me hungrily
“ Damooooooon”. I [email protected] ed as he used his f!ngersto rub my cl!toris. I tried removing his hands but he held both of them pinning my hands to the wall .
“ I love you Nora”. he whispered in my ears as he slid a f!nger into my cunt and started f!ngering me
“ fuuuuuuuuuuck”. I [email protected] ed in plea-sure. I never wanted this to st©p
“ Damon”. I called and I heard him chuckling as pu-ll-ed out his f!nger
“ why did you st©p?”. I asked him
“I dont want to rush you “. He replied, I will wait till you are re-ady
“ is he kidding me”. I thought, I felt a kind of tingling s-en-sation inside me and I knew I needed him
“ I am re-ady”. I blurted out and I saw him smile………..
Damon PoV
“Really?”: I asked her grinning
She nodded
I moved closer to her and k!$$£d her hungrily
I held her br£@st and started giving her love hic-keys
“ Oh my gawd”. She screamed in plea-sure
I looked at her and sm-irked . I never if i fv¢k her this night, I will never be able to st©p because I will be add!çted to her
I took her n!ppl!s into her mouth and su-ckled on it while I pinched the second one
“ I am going to fv¢k you while standing “.i said and she looked at me in surprise
I slid two f!ngersinside her and started f!ngering her
“ are you re-ady?”. I asked her
She nodded
I re-moved my singlets and quic-kly pu-ll-ed off my trou-sers and [email protected]
I saw her eyes wi-de-ned In shock when she saw the size of my d!¢k
“ will this enter me?”. She asked in fright
“ wait for it”. I replied as I raised her left legs a little and pene-trated slowly into her
“ st©p plea-se”. She pleaded in pain as I broke her hy-men
“ plea-se Damon, my legs are shaking”. She whimpered
I thrû-st de-ep into her and st©pped to let her catch her breath
“ are you alright?”. I asked her
“ No”. She shook at head
I smiled and started going in and out of her, slowly at first but later increased my pace
“ Dammmmmmmonn”. She [email protected] ed in painful plea-sure as I kept on ban-ging her [email protected]
She soon start shaking and I knew she was having her first or-gansm . I kept on fv¢king her [email protected] ignoring her cries and plea-s
I pu-ll-ed out of her pouring out my sperm on the floor as I grunted in plea-sure
“Damon my legs are shaking”. She said weakly. I carried her in bridal style and la-id her on the be-d as I sle-pt beside her
“ why did you do that?”. She asked me weakly
“ do what ?”, i asked her
“ pour your re-lease on the floor”. She Replied
“ do you want to get pregnant?”. I asked her
There was no response , she was alre-ady fast asleep
I looked at her and smiled
“ what did you do to me Nora?you changed everything about me When I met you……..
Damon is really high

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