When I met you Episode 12 & 13

When I met you
Episode 12&13
Be my d@t£
Damon POV
I woke up early on a Monday morning, I had to call at the company before going to school
I dragged myself lazily out of be-d and headed to the bathroom to shower , I returned to the room and went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing….
I headed down stairs and I met Miss Petra setting the table for breakfast
“ Petra”. I called
“Good morning Damon, you look good”. She complimented
“ Thanks”. I replied
I sat down of the dinning and watched her served me
“ why are you dressed in all black?” . She asked
“ nothing, I just feel like”. I replied
I stared at the food on the table and sighed
“ Petra, you know I don’t Like eggs” i queried
“ oh my bad! I forgot. She replied
“It is alright, I will just take the bre-ad with jam”.I as-sured her
She nodded
I drove to the office and walked in ignoring the clumsy reporters and the female staffs who were drooling…
I climbe-d up the stairs heading to Parker’s office , I met him arranging some files
“ Good morning Damon”. He greeted as soon as I walked in
“Hand over the account book”. I commanded ignoring his greetings
he gave me the book and I went throu-gh it
“ really, must I always complain”.I asked him
“ Damon, I am trying to clear off the debt”. He replied
I looked at him and sm-irked
“ you are trying, what did you use such hvge amount of money to do?”. I asked him
“ I will pay it back”. he pleaded
“ you just have from now to Saturday to pay it up, if not I will fire you”. I warned
“ I am your father friend, he won’t allow such”. He said
“ Let us see about that”. I sm-irked as I turned to leave
“ Good day Mr Parker……….
I left the office and was soon on my way to school
I really can’t wait to see Nora
“ fv¢k, why am I thinking of her again”, she has been in my mind all throu-gh the weekend
“ what is wrong with me”. I thought
I got out of my car as I got to school and saw Tonia running towards me
“Damn, she was the least person I was expecting to see”
“ Damon”. She called , I have been waiting for you
“ oh really, how can I help you?I asked her”
“ i called you but you did not respond”. She said
“ so?, I asked , I was beginning to loose patience
“ Damon, I love you, I really love you”. She said moving closer to me
I leaned towards her and whispered into her ears
“ I don’t love you Tonia and I will never will”
She looked at me with tears streaking down her eyes
“ what will I do about it?”: she asked
“ kill the feelings”. I told her ………
I listened to my friends as they talked about the ladies they ban-ged during the weekend
“ Damon, try and have some fun “. Mikel said
I looked at him and gave him a small smile
“ do you know what Nora Majors in”. I asked
They both looked at me in surprise
“ why are you suddenly asking about her?”.Donald asked
“ I just want to know”. I replied shrugging my shoulders
“You must be crazy Damon”. Donald said
Nora POV
I got to school early this morning and was happy Noami was no longer angry with me.
We both laughed when Tonia walked into the clas-s looking gloomy..
“ I guess she is pas-sing throu-gh some challenges “. Noami said
“ why did you say so?”. I asked her
“ because she is always moody this days”. She replied
“ That is her headache”. I said eying the evil queen
We went to the cafe during lunch hours and ordered for snacks and drinks..
We went over to a table, sat down and started eating when Damon walked in with his friends .
“My heart started racing fast”
The whole room was full with whispers when Damon stood at the entrance looking around and smiled when his gaze met mine .
He walked over to his usual table with his friends and sat down
“ did Damon just wi-nk at you?”: Noami asked
“I looked at her and smiled, i never knew she noticed
“ what is the relationsh!pbetween you and Damon?”. She asked
“ not again Noami”.i replied her
“ oh, I am your best friend and we agreed not to lie to each other”. She queried
“ ok fine, I am not into any relationsh!pwith Damon”.i told her
“ Then why did he wi-nk at you?”. She asked
“ I don’t…………….I st©pped when I saw Damon walking towards my table
“Am I dreaming”. I thought
“Nora”. he called as he got closer to me
“ sir Daaamon”. I stammered
He smiled then leaned forward to whisper in my ears
“I will take your home so wait for me”
“ ok sir”. I replied then he signal to his friends and together they left the cafe
“ what the hell just happened “
I looked up and met the curious faces staring at me, some student still had their mouth wi-de opened
“What the hell is going on between two of you?”. She asked but this time in a ha-rder voice
“ I really don’t know”. I replied
“ just be careful of Damon, it is obvious he just wants to fv¢k you because of your killer shape”. she said with a scoff
“ why is she getting all work up”. I thought as we ate our meal in silence …..
Damon POV
“ what the hell just happened?”. Donald asked
I looked at him without saying anything
“ you mean you went over to the cafe just to see her”. he continued, and you even walk towards……….arrrh, this is so unlike you
“ do you like her?”. Mikel suddenly asked
“ I think I do”. I replied
They looked at me with shock
“ wow , so the Mighty Damon can like a girl”. Donald tea-sed
“ what did you whisper to her?”. Mikel asked
“ I just told her I wanted to ride her home”. I replied shrugging my shoulders
“ why is that?”. He asked
“ I want to ask her to be my d@t£…………
Nora POV
I got to clas-s and I felt all eyes were on me
“ what have I done wrong , even Noami is behaving weird”
I panicked a little when I saw Tonia coming towards me in anger
“ you bit-ch “. She said clenching her fist
“ what did I do wrong?”. I asked her
“Are you trying to s£dûç£Damon?”. She asked
“ I will never do such a thing ”. I replied her
“ Then What did he say to you?”. She asked
“ it is none of your business”. I replied her and the whole clas-s g@sped in shocked
“ do you know who I am here?”. She asked, I am the queen of this clas-s and no one messes with me
“ really. I said with a sm-irk
“ what did Damon say to you?”. She asked again
“ it is none of your business”. I repeated
She raised her hands trying to hit me but I caught it and squee-zed it ha-rd
“arrrrrrrgh”. She gro-an ed
“ is it painful”. I asked teasing her
“ arrrrrrrgh, leave me alone”. She screamed
“ if you ever try to bully me again, I will do more than this”. I threatened as I flung hands
“ bit-ch”. She cursed and left
I looked at Noami and she gave me a blank stare
“What has come over her”. I thought
I waited for Damon at car park and he soon c@m£ up walking like a king
“ if only he can just love me the way I do”
He huffed when he saw me and walked towards me
“ have you been waiting for Long?”. he asked
I shook my head negatively
“ Good,get into the car”. he commanded
“Damon”. Tonia shouted running to meet him
“What does this witch wants again”. I heard him say
“ Damon “. She called again
he turned to look at her
“ My car has a little fault, can I ride with you?”. She asked
He looked and her and scoffed
“ plea-se”. she pleaded with puppy eyes
“ Take a Taxi back home “. he replied coldly
“ what?”:. She asked in surprise
“I said you should get in”. he said to me totally ignoring Tonia
I got into the car and sat down beside him and he drove off leaving Tonia standing with her mouth wi-de open
“ why didn’t you as-sist her?”. I asked him as soon as we were on our way
“ I want you to be my d@t£ this Saturday”. he said ignoring my question
“ really”. I asked in excitement
“ will you”. he asked
“ yes, I will love too”. I replied sheepishly and I saw him smile also
He parked in front of my home and thankfully, no one was at home
“ Thank you Sir”. I greeted him
He looked at me without replying, he seems to be lost in thought
“ how did you get into Adams college?”: . he suddenly asked
I looked at him in surprise
“ I mean I don’t mean to pry but i am just curious”. he said
“ I er re we re mean a uncle helped me”. I stammered
“ cool”. he said nodding , Thanks for being my d@t£”. he said flashing me a smile before he drove off
I felt tears streaking down my eyes as the memories of that afternoon flooded in……
Episode 13
Nora Pov
I walked into the room with mixed feelings. I was happy that Damon asked me to be his d@t£ and at the same time sad when i remembered the horrible thing Mr Parker made me do
How I wish all this can just pas-s
I sat on the be-d and was about to take off my dress when Anthony walked in
“Can’t you knock?”. I asked him
“ I am sorry”. he apologised
I looked at him, he looked kind of angry
“ what is wrong Anthony?”. I asked him
“ who is the guy that dropped you?”. he asked ignoring my question
“ chill, nob©dy tried to kidnap me”. I replied him laughing
“ are you now d@t!ngrich guys ?”.he asked
“ what is really wrong Anthony?”. I asked
“Is the guy who drop you your b©yfri£nd?”. He asked with the same serious look
“That is Damon”. I replied and he is not my b©yfri£nd”. I replied
“ which of the Damon?”. he asked in surprise
“ Damon Adams”. I replied
“ you mean the cold- hearted Adams c@m£ to drop you in the slums”. He doubted
“ yes, the same Adams”. I replied
“ Are you fv¢king him?”. he suddenly asked
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed
“Was he the one who gave you the money for Zara Bill?”, he asked
“Anthony, What has come over you?”. I asked
“ Nora,I am tired of your lies”. he replied, I am your best friend and I deserve to know the truth
I looked at him and scoffed
“ don’t act like you know everything about me , I did what i did so my sister can live”. I said with tears rolling down my eyes
“Nora, i am sorry”. he apologised, I am just worried about you
“ it is okay Anthony but plea-se don’t ever call Damon cold- hearted because he is not”. I warned
“Nora”. He called
“ yes”. I replied
“ I just want you to be happy”.he said
“ Thanks Anthony, you are my only true friend”. I replied….
“ Mum”. I called when she walked in with Zara
“Nora”. Zara greeted
“ Where have you been?”. I asked
She looked at me and smiled
“ you are hungry right?”. She asked
I nodded
“ when will you learn how to cook?”. Zara asked with a scoff
“ shut up Zara”. I barked at her
“ you are just impossible”. She said with an eye roll
“St©p it girls”. My mum said laughing, i will just go prepare dinner. Zara come over and as-sist me
“ why must it be?”. Zara asked whining , I am the younger one here
“Go and as-sist mother”. I said teasing her
I sat down on the floor with Zara eating dinner while mother sat on the be-d
“ st©p rushing the food”. Zara queried
“ I am really hungry”. I said as I continued eating in a rush
She looked at me and shook her head
“ how is your charming prince?”. She suddenly asked
“ which Prince Charming?”. My mum asked
I looked at Zara and have her a pla-yful glare
“ do you have a b©yfri£nd?”. My mum asked me
“ he is just a friend mother”. I replied
“ oh, I see. Who is this friend of yours?”. She asked
“ Damon Adams”. I replied
She looked at me in surprise
“ Damon!!!!
I nodded. “ he asked me to be his d@t£ mother”.i said
She stared at me for a while and smiled
“ just be careful child”. She advised
Noami PoV
“ what do you mean he c@m£ to the cafe because of her?”.my sister asked
“ he c@m£ to the cafe staring at her throu-ghout without buying a thing”. I explained
She looked at me p@n-ting in anger
“ who is this friends of yours?”. She asked
“ she is innocent sis, it is obvious Damon is into her”. I replied
“ tell her to back off from Damon”.She warned
“ can’t you just let them be”. I said
“ what. She barked giving me a thun-derous sl@p”
“ why?”. I asked holding my cheeks
“ that is to Remind you never to talk back at me? I made you what you are today and you should be grateful”. She yelled
“ I am sorry “. I apologised
“ that is better dear”. She said , when is the p@rty?”. She asked
“ what p@rty?”.i asked in confusion
“ I mean Adams company p@rty “. She said
“ on Saturday”. I replied
“ Good”. She said smiling
“ what did you plan on doing?”. I asked her
I will make an appearance, I can’t wait to see Damon……….
I climbe-d upstairs to my room still holding my cheeks
“ what hold does she have on Damon, why is she so sure of getting Damon”. I have never seen her angry like this before…………
Damon PoV
I la-id on my be-d thinking about Nora
“ what the hell did she do to me”,
I heard a knock on my door
“ come in”. I replied and grinned when Miss Petra walked in holding a tray
“ Petra”. I called
“ I brou-ght your food to you”. She said as she placed it on a stool beside my be-d
“ thank you”. I said
She nodded and was about leaving when I called her
She turned to look at me
“ I think I like someone”. I blurted out
“ really”. She said ,moving closer to me
“ yes”. I think I like her
“ who is she ?.She asked , does she goes to your school?”
“I nodded
“Then she must be rich, who is her father?”. She asked
“ I don’t know “. I replied
“ you don’t know”. She repeated
“ only rich people goes to Adams college so her father must be someone important”.she explained
“ her uncle is her benefactor”. I defended
She nodded. “ I can’t wait to see the lucky girl……………..
I was not having much appetite so I ate little out of the food and la-id back on the be-d
I thought of Nora and smiled
“ I don’t even have her number”, I don’t even know anything about her
I was not really sure of what I was feeling but I knew it was something strong, I wondered if I felt something like this for Bella…
My phone suddenly beeped indicating a message , it was an unknown number , I cli-cked on it and re-ad it
“I really can’t let you go Damon, you are mine and mine alone”.
“I re-ad the message all over again wondering who s£nt it, it might be one of those crazy bit-ch