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When a man loves final Episode

When a man loves
Episode 37
It’s after two days that I have visited her at the hospital. Today she is getting released and I hope she will come and stay with us. A lot has happened for the past few months since my daughter was shot by her mother which was by the way an accident. I know she didn’t mean to hurt her, for it was a mini accident. I honestly wanted Marisa to pay for what she had done but then come to think of it. This wasn’t her fault but mine too. I am the one who made her change and if only I hadn’t hurt her like that then none of this wouldn’t have happened.
‘Daddy is mum coming to live with us?’ asked Jolie, our daughter.
‘I don’t know my princess.’
‘I want mummy to come so that we can be a one big happy family.’
‘Me too my sweetheart.’
Despite what had happened between us, we still had something that bonded us together. I just wanted to make things right with Marisa, for I wasn’t asking her to be my wife again.
‘Jolie, I am coming back,’ I said to her and grabbed my car keys.
I should drive myself to the hospital and take her mother with me and that’s exactly what I did
‘Are you ready to go home?’ asked Lia as I was packing my clothes in my suitcase.
‘I don’t know, I am just nervous and I don’t even know which place I am going to. After what I did to my mother, my two sisters they hate me a lot. I can’t stay with Sarah, for I feel like I need my own space and now I am currently broke.’
‘You can move in with me if you want to. I won’t mind having you around.’
‘You have done more than anyone can ever do by taking care of me when I wasn’t well. I don’t want to continue bothering you.’
‘Sweetheart,’ she said taking my hand, ‘my house is so big and I am tired of being the only lady in the house.’
She moved back with her family and she is a mother of two boys.
‘Trust me the boys would love having you around. Shall we?’
‘Lia, thank you so much.’
‘You don’t need to for I should thank you for getting better for yourself.’
If it wasn’t for this woman, I don’t know if I would be alive today. You know I had 5 doctors who came to help me out but they all gave up on me because of my stubbornness but she didn’t even give up on me and I owe her. Not knowing what I did to deserve this kind of treatment from her. We walked outside after I had said my goodbyes to the other doctors and patients that had become my friends. She unlocked her car and I was about to open the car door when I heard his voice.
Turning back it was Jay and he was running towards us. I was surprised to see him, for he was the last person that I was supposed to meet today.
‘Hey,’ I said to him as he was catching a breath.
‘You were about to leave?’
‘Yes, I was.’
So Lia knew that my daughter was still alive. She had talked to Jay and was patient enough with me. when I finally opened up to her, she had asked Jay to bring my daughter hoping that I would open up after seeing her but then I did so just before I could meet her. Guess I had had enough of bottling things up and needed to let them out.
‘I was hoping that you could move in with me. Jolie wants us to be a big happy family but I am not asking you to move back as my wife. You can do it for Jolie.’
I hadn’t thought about that idea and I think that’s exactly what I needed. Having my daughter close by that would be so nice you know and these 2 years that I missed of her growing up, I could actually make up to her.
‘I wouldn’t mind moving in with you,’ I said to him and he just hugged me.
‘Thank you very much.’
‘I guess I don’t need to go with her,’ said Lia and we both laughed, ‘I am a little disappointed though that I am still going to be the only lady in the house.’
‘I will always come by to visit you,’ I said to her.
‘Of cause you will and I am happy you guys are trying to make things work for the sake of Jolie. Thank you Jay for this.’
‘I should be the one thanking you for not giving up on her. I am truly am grateful for what you have done to both of us. Not only were you our therapists but you chose to be a good friend and you couldn’t let the past to define us. You showed us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Me and Marisa we have hurt each other,’ he said looking at me, ‘we almost killed each other but we are here together and trying to solve things between us. Thank you and May the almighty Lord continue to bless you abundantly. If it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what would have happened to us.’
‘Oh my thank you so much. I just did my job and I was glad to work with both of you. You certainly needed the healing and I am glad you got it and still working on that. Okay, I don’t want to keep you both waiting. You should head back home now,’ she said and I hugged her.
‘Thank you very much.’
‘Take good care of yourself and whenever you feel like talking. I am one call away.’
‘Thank you,’ said Jay and he took my hand as we walked to his car.
We all deserve to have second chance in life. I watched them as they walked to the car hand in hand. Who could have thought that those two would end up like this? When I started with them both, they hated each other so much that I wondered if one day they are going to look in each other’s eyes and ask for forgiveness. Marisa hated Jay and blamed him for her sudden change of personality. Jay on the other hand hated Marisa for almost killing their child. What I can say is that, their daughter ending up in a hospital bed because of both their actions changed them both for they ended up forgiving each other. I was glad that my work was done and now I can move on to other people.
I drove us home to my house and I was so happy that Marisa had agreed to tag along with me.
‘Thank you.’
‘For what?’ I asked her.
‘For taking me with you.’
‘You don’t have to. Home is where you belong.’
She smiled and I was happy. Finally we can both start afresh in good books and not holding anything against each other. We have hurt each other and I lost some body parts because of her but looking at it now, I understand her and truly blame myself for making her change. We got home and you could have seen how happy Jolie was when I got out of the car with her mother. That night Marisa cooked dinner. I showed Marisa to her room just after washing the plates with her; I had bought another new house and even built a hospital for the church. I wasn’t now involved in some shady, dodgy business, it was clean and I was playing a very pivotal role in the community. Marisa said that she wanted to sleep with Jolie and so I let her be.
One week later we were getting along very well and even though some of my family members and friends didn’t believe that Marisa had changed, I believed that she had and I had actually asked her if she could work at the hospital.
She said that she needed some time to think and I gave her. I was out playing with Jolie when Marisa came to join us.
‘Hey,’ I said to her catching a breath.
‘She makes you run around right?’ she asked in a laugh.
‘I guess I am used to it. Thank you,’ I said taking the juice from her and we sat down on the garden chair.
‘I would like to go and visit my mother tomorrow.’
I almost got choked you know. Marisa’s mother and I we had forgiven each other and she wished the same thing with her daughter.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes, I need to see her so that I can move on knowing that she forgave me.’
That’s the exact thing that Sharon had said when I told her that Marisa was out of the mental hospital.
‘Okay, I can take you there tomorrow.’
‘Thank you,’ I said to her and we both watched Jolie playing with the dog.
‘Mummy, daddy comes let’s play.’
‘Oh nooo,’ said Marisa and she ran inside the house leaving me in a laughter.
Getting out of the car, I was really feeling nervous about this. Its my mother’s house, yes but I haven’t been here for a while and I don’t even know her reactiong upon seeing me.
‘Are you sure about this?’ asked Jay as he is standing beside me, ‘we can always come back some other time.’
‘It’s now or never,’ I say and walk to the door.
The maid open the door for us as soon as I get there, it’s as if though she was expecting some visitors. I walk inside the house and it still looks the same. We sit down and wait for my mother to come.
‘Marisa,’ calls out mum and when I turn my back to look at her, she is walking with clutches.
‘Mum!’ I exclaim getting up and she opens her arms for me.
I rush to her and fall into her arms.
‘Mum,’ I start crying.
‘Marisa, my child. I have been waiting for you.’
‘I am sorry mum.’
‘No, my child. I am the one who is supposed to be sorry for you didn’t do anything wrong.’
We stay in each other’s arms like that.
‘How have you been Ma?’ I asked minutes after we have calmed down.
‘I have been okay my child and you?’
‘Well, I am okay now,’ I said and smiled at her.
‘I had missed you a lot and I am sorry for everything.’
‘No, let me apologies to you. I am very sorry my child for everything that I did to you. For causing your father’s accident because I was angry at him, I shouldn’t have done that and I know you decided not to report me to the police but I feel as if I deserve to be in prison for what I did. I destroyed your happiness too and I am sorry about that.’
‘Oh mum. I am sorry too for doing this to you. I was just mad and the things we do out of anger,’ I said looking at Jay.
‘Let’s just try so hard to forget about the past and move on,’ says Jay.
‘Yes he is right Ma. I just want to move on from all of this but there is one more person that I need to see,’ I said thinking about Vusi and his family.
Episode 38
‘Why is your mother taking so long to come?’
‘Mama,’ he giggled.
‘Yes, mama.’
‘Chiedza,’ I called out.
She walked in the room with a serious look on her face.
‘What did you just call me?’
She smiled but her smile didn’t reach her eyes.
‘Who is Chiedza?’
‘No, I said who is Chiedza? Since when do you call me Chiedza? Am I not your wife anymore?’
‘Why are you being so dramatic?’
‘Why am I being what?’ she shouted standing akimbo, ‘Shouldn’t I be dramatic when you have just called me by my name?’
I laughed so hard that even Nathaniel started laughing too.
‘You, why are you laughing?’
‘Leave my son alone,’ I said to her, ‘I am sorry baby; I just wanted to get your attention. Shall we leave now for our picnic?’
‘Yes, daddy we can and if you dare call me Chiedza again, I will hurt you.’
‘Yes, ma’am. Nathaniel, your mum can be scary sometimes.
2 years now and I am happy to say that, I finally married Chiedza and we were blessed with a baby boy. Not a single day do I regret marrying her because she has continued to make me the happiest man on earth. Not only did she make me a father but a good husband as well. I love this woman with all of my heart and God knows that I will cross the ocean for her; I will go and bring back the moon.
So today I am taking them out, well we certainly need the outing since we had been very busy with work and not spending some quality time together. We are about to leave the house when someone knocks and the maid quickly goes to the door. She comes back later on.
Chiedza laughs.
‘Auntie Susan, how many times have I told you not to call me that. You are like an Auntie to me. Please do call me by my name.’
Auntie laughs at it and tells us that they are two people who wish to see us.
‘You can let them in,’ I say to her, ‘Are we expecting visitors?’ I ask Chiedza, I mean my wife while sitting down on the sofa.
‘No, we are not,’ she replies sitting next to me.
We wait for the people to be brought inside the house and when they finally walk inside, I get up in shock and it’s not me only who is surprised but my wife too. I never thought that Marisa would come to my house together with Jay. Last I heard, she was in a mental hospital and I did feel pity for her. My cousin sister was the one who was taking care of her.
‘Vusi,’ she says and from the look on her face, she has changed I think.
I can’t ask them what they are doing in my house because that will sound so rude and so I greet them and we both sit down on the sofas.
‘You must be surprised to see me here,’ says Marisa.
‘Nana,’ says Nathaniel.
‘Mummy, can I play with the baby,’ says the little girl.
I think it’s their daughter because she looks exactly like Marisa and Jay too. Marisa didn’t reply, she obviously didn’t know what to say or maybe she thought Chiedza wouldn’t want her daughter to play with our son.
‘Of cause you can play with the baby,’ replied Chiedza, ‘Auntie Susan.’
‘Yes, madam.’
Chiedza laughed.
‘Can you take the kids to Nathaniel’s room and please watch out for them. I will do the pots.’
‘Alright. Let’s go,’ she carried Nathaniel and held the little girl’s hand.
After they left the room, my attention drifted back to Marisa and Jay.
‘She is a beautiful girl,’ compliments Chiedza.
She is taking the whole awkward situation very well; she is not even making things so weird in the room. God where did this woman come from.
‘Thank you and your son is very handsome too,’ says Marisa with a smile.
‘But too much naughtiness,’ says Chiedza.
‘Tell me about it. Especially when they start walking,’ replies Marisa.
‘My God, you know this other day, I saw him in my room applying lipstick,’ says Chiedza and she just had to make everyone laugh.
‘Oh my God,’ that was Marisa, ‘you must have been in shock.’
‘You know.’
‘These kids,’ says Marisa, ‘but they are just so beautiful and innocent you know. They would never try to hurt nayone,’ she said with a hint of sadness in her room.
There was silence in the room.
‘I am not proud of the things that I have done. How I turned out to be and doing this to Jay?’ she said in regret.
‘We all make mistakes in life and we move on from them. Don’t continue blaming yourself Marisa, we all understand the pain and sadness in you and we are never here to judge you,’ said Chiedza and I just looked at her.
Where did this woman come from? Honestly, Chiedza is something else you know. If it was someone else, she could have thrown Marisa out of the house. We all know that Marisa had tried to kill my newly born baby.
‘There is always a second chance in life,’ says Chiedza and Marisa wipe off her tears.
‘I am very sorry for the pain that I caused you two. I am so ashamed of myself right now. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment you know,’ she cried.
Chiedza got up from her seat and I just watched her as she walked to where Marisa was seated and made her get up. The two then hugged and I just smiled to myself.
‘You are a strong woman and I adore you for that. After what you have been through, I salute you for not giving up. I already forgave you Marisa, for this wasn’t any of your fault but the devil. I am happy that you are here and we can all move on from this.’
Her mother was the one who had visited us 2 months ago. You must be surprise right? I was too, totally shocked when my ex-mother in law came over to my house. She came over with Sarah and asked me to forgive her for what she had done to me. I never thought that this day will come when everyone wants to ask for forgiveness. I am just happy that Chiedza holds nothing against Marisa because I too don’t. The two women left the room, Chiedza had asked Marisa if she could help her with the cooking.
We are watching TV and Jay just laugh. I look at him with a questioning look.
‘I am sorry,’ he places the water glass on the table, ‘it’s just so funny that you and I are sitting in the same room. I never thought that this day would actually come.’
‘Tell me about it,’ I finally said something and laughed too, ‘we could have been punching each other now.’
‘I know,’ he said and paused, ‘I am just so sorry about everything man and that hit that wasn’t meant for you but instead your friend was the one who got hurt in the process.’
‘No, it’s okay. I hold no grudge.’
‘I know but I shouldn’t have done that. I guess the power of being a Mayor made me do things that were bad and I just wanted to prove a point. That with power you can do anything and never end up in jail. I learnt this the hard way now when Marisa cut off my…Oh I deserved it I guess.’
I felt for him and to think that Marisa did that to him, it just scary. She was indeed mad at them and I feel for him you know.
‘But now let’s look at the bright side. I was surprised to see you both together. It wasn’t like that years ago when she had thought Jolie was dead.’
‘Man, I hated her too but we thank Lia, she made things easier for us. She just made us realize that there is more to life you know. Jolie needs us both and I just want her mother and I to be there for her.’
‘Any luck of getting back together?’
‘Well we are taking things slow and I wish she could be my real wife. I need her to learn to love me and so for now we are just being good parents to Jolie. Trying so hard not to make things awkward between us.’
‘Don’t worry too much, she will come along.’
‘I hope so.’
From the look of him, I think he really wanted to be with Marisa. So the kids came down stairs with the maid.
‘Daddy, Nathan is my brother right?’
Oh what a sweet little girl, she is so adorable.
‘I love Nathan,’ she said.
‘That is so sweet of you,’ I said to her, ‘and yes she is your brother. You are now his big sister.’
You could have seen how happy she was.
‘Mummy, can I go with sis Jolie?’ asked the 7 year old Nathaniel.
‘Of cause my baby. I need to finish off dressing. Where is your dad?’
‘I am not a baby mum.’
‘Call me Nathaniel or with my father’s surname. Dad is outside with Uncle Liam.’
‘Okay then Mr Nathaniel.’
He ran out of his mother’s room and the joy he had when he saw the now 10 year old Jolie was something unexplainable and beautiful.
‘I missed you so much,’ said Jolie breaking the hug.
‘Me too sis. Can we go now; I can’t wait to see Auntie Marisa in her white dress.’
‘Are you that excited?’
‘Come lets go, I got some chocolates for you.’
‘No, chocolates Jolie.’
‘But Grandma Sharon.’
‘Mum, just let them have some.’
‘Sarah. Okay fine.’
‘Thanks Grandma.’
The car started off and Vusi looked at his watch.
‘The cars are leaving. Where the hell is Chiedza?’
Just after saying that, he was hit on his back.
‘Ouch! Why are you hitting me?’
‘I am not Chiedza,’ she said walking to the car.
Liam laughed and headed to his. The cars were heading to St Mary’s church where the wedding was taking place.
‘Have they arrived? I need to see Chiedza before Uncle walks me down the aisle.’
‘You are just nervous,’ said Lia.
The two had suddenly become best friend.
‘I know,’ she laughed, ‘I am really nervous. What if Jay changes his mind?’
‘He will never do that.’
Suddenly her phone rang.
‘Oh, it’s him,’ she nervously said.
‘Let me give you some space.’
‘Babe,’ she responded.
‘My wife to be. How are you doing?’
‘I am nervous; I can’t stop thinking that you might change your mind about us.’
‘Never, that will never happen. I will never bail out on you. I called to tell you that I can’t wait for you to be my wife again and that I love you a lot. Till death do us apart and know this babe, when a man loves he loves,’ he said and that sent tears in her eyes.
‘My goodness you will spoil your make up,’ said Chiedza when she walked in and grabbed a tissue to give her.
‘Are you crying?’ asked Jay on the phone.
‘I am just happy.’
‘Ncoooo let me hang up. The boys are here.’
‘Okay, love you too.’
She hanged up.
‘I have been waiting for you.’
‘I am here now,’ responded Chiedza, ‘are you ready?’
The wedding took place and they lived happily ever after.


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