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July 23, 2021


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When a man loves Episode 35 & 36

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When a man loves

Episode 35




I lied to Jay about going to see my sisters. You think I hadn’t noticed that Jay had already found out about my little secret. I know he was spying on me and I know that he had seen the motorbike. Not only was I working with Nyarai but also with some bodyguards back at the house. One of them told me that my husband has been spying on me, for he actually hired a private investigator to be following me around. I had followed him and now I was listening to the conversation he was having with Nyarai. Nyarai was too loyal; she was not going to sell me out. Jay had already started torturing him and I was still hiding.

‘Okay, I will tell you everything,’ I heard her say and that shocked me.

She wasn’t about to tell him the whole truth. Was she? I listened to what she was about to say and yes that bitch told Jay everything. She didn’t even leave any details and that hurt me a lot. I thought I could trust her but no she actually betrayed me. I clenched my first and grabbed the axe that I had come with. Out of anger, I barged inside the house and Jay must have been startled because he quickly got up from his chair.

‘Mari…’I didn’t let him finish off his sentence and hit him with it, cutting his arm off when he was trying to grab it from me.

He screamed but that didn’t move me at all. Nyarai still tied on the chair, I glared at her.

‘You betrayed me,’ I said to her, ‘how could you? After I took you in, this is how you repay me?’ I asked her while removing the knife from my pocket.

‘No, I didn’t mean to.’

‘Shut up!’ I screamed at her, ‘Any word from your stupid mouth, I am going to kill you.’

I grabbed the axe again and turned to Jay. I must just cut off this son of a bitch in pieces for he has hurt me more than I ever imagined. He doesn’t deserve my forgiveness but death.

‘Marisa,’ called out Jay.

‘How could you do that to me? How could you hurt me like that? Why did you cheat on me with her, with my mother?’

‘I am sorry, Marisa.’

‘You are sorry.’

‘Yes, I am,’ he said begging me.

‘No, you are not,’ I disagreed and cut his feet off as he was crying in pain on the floor.

He screamed again but that didn’t move me. I felt great about doing all of that. His feet on the floor, that just made me smile. Seeing Jay screaming in pain, that noise made me feel so great that I dropped the axe on the ground with blood on my face, I walked to where my mother was. I should instead take a knife and kill this woman. No, I am not going to do that, I removed all the machines plugged on her. I must take her somewhere and so I lifted her up and walked with her outside. I lay her down on the ground, nothing will happen to her because I have left one machine which is helping her to stay alive.

I walked to the garage and grabbed the 20litre of petrol which I had come with days ago. I thought we would want to use it; I walked back inside the house. Jay was still on the floor moving. I bet he couldn’t walk properly because it was his left feet. He couldn’t hold anything because it was his right hand. I should have poked out his eye off him.

‘Marisa,’ he called out.

‘Shut up Jay.’

I was going to burn the whole house down. When I was done putting on the petrol inside the whole house, I untied Nyarai and told her to go and get the car. Jay was going to die in here.

‘I shouldn’t have fallen for you because of that love portion. Why did you have to listen to my mother? Why did you have to destroy my marriage with Vusi? I was happy with him and now look I am miserable without him. Vusi loved me so much and I broke his heart. This is all because of you and my mother. Whilst I was busy regretting the decision that I had made, crying myself to sleep. You, Jay you were busy sleeping with my mother behind my back. Why?’ I wiped off my tears.


‘Shut up! This is no time for you to be speaking. Few days ago you preached about wanting to move on and that you wanted to be with me. I listened to all of that and said that I wanted the same thing to but no I didn’t mean it, I want to kill you. Maybe death won’t be easy for you but you will die in here burning like an animal that you are. Sharon will pay for her sins, I am not letting go of that woman even if she survives this tragedy. I hate you Jay and I wish you burn in hell.’

‘Marisa, please, he begged.

‘Begging? Do you think that I would feel for you now? I don’t have any good feelings left for me to actually hear and listen to your pleas because I loathe you. I hate you for coming into my life and taking my Vusi away from me. I shouldn’t have, I just shouldn’t have done that. I know it’s too late for me to be with Vusi but I will get him back once I have gotten rid of you. People wouldn’t remember you when you have turned into ashes. I will make sure that no one will ever remember such a cruel man,’ I said and took out the matches, ‘I will raise our daughter with Vusi and sadly she will never get to remember her biological father,’ I said and lightened it.

I walked out of the house and locked the door from the outside. I walked to the car and got inside. Nyarai was sitting at the back seat with my mother.


‘Ah ah not any word from you. You are still alive because I need you otherwise I could have killed you. How dare you betray me? Are you that weak? And listen you won’t tell anyone about what happened tonight. Jay is already dead inside that h…,’ I stopped when the house burst into flames.

It pained me though because it was the house my father had left for me.

‘I am sorry pa,’ I said and drove off.

I needed to take my mother to her house. I was just going to tell my sisters that she was at another City enjoying life and got herself in an accident. I smiled to myself, feeling very proud that I had actually killed someone. If they were going to look for Jay, I will just tell them that I don’t know where he is.


I coughed out loud because of the smoke that I had inhaled. I had managed to safely get out before it burst into flames. Since I still had another foot, I managed to get out using the basement door. I knew this house very well since I had been here with Sharon. I bet Marisa thought that I had died inside. I took out my phone and quickly called my second hand man. I had managed to stop the bleeding but I wasn’t feeling fine. I managed to call him and told him my location before blacking out.



‘The missing of the Mayor still remains a mystery,’ the news reporter read and I switched off the television.

News had already spread, it seems Marisa had already made a report and told the media that I was missing. I hated that woman with all of my heart and right now I have got a fake leg all because of her. I am using my left hand all because of her; I swear I will make her pay.

‘What should we do boss?’ asked my man.

‘We have to wait but first thing is first, we will take my daughter away from her. I know how much she loves that little girl. We need to make her feel weak and that’s taking her daughter away from her.’

I can’t believe that these people have already replaced me. Yes they appointed another person as the new Mayor and that hurt me a lot. I was supposed to be the one serving for years but no that wasn’t the issue at hand. I walked to my office and sat down. I was still in my hiding area just somewhere near this City, for I had lots of houses and Marisa didn’t know about then. Lately I have been thinking of contacting Vusi and maybe he might need to work with me in bringing down Marisa. I know it sounds a little strange to ask him for help since he is the main reason why I ended up like this. But I just want to make things right by him. I want to help him to protect his family; I know Marisa might be up to something.

You see I haven’t lost trust in my people. I have some people who are still sharing information with me.


‘Yes, I have received a call from the hospital.

‘Tell me.’

‘Vusi’s fiancée have been brought in.’

‘You know what you are supposed to do.

‘Yes, boss.’

.When a man loves




Episode 36


‘Can I come in?’ she asked as I was sitting on the bed reading my bible.

I placed it down and got up to hug her. After hugging her, I sat back on the bed.

‘How are you doing?’ she asked.

‘I am not well,’ I said and the tears came out of my eyes.

For I haven’t been crying for months now since my daughter passed away but here I am crying out loud because it’s her birthday, she was supposed to be celebrating her birthday. For I had blamed my mother for making my life miserable, taking away Vusi from me and my happiness to. When she woke up from that comma, I started treating her badly and mostly I wanted nothing to do with her. Worse when I heard that she was the reason for my father’s death, I hated more than ever. I wanted to report her to the police but what was a better way to make her pay? The pills that I gave her for her wound, weren’t supposed to heal but for her to be crippled. My mother is paralyzed now and this is all because of me, my daughter is dead too and it’s all because of me. I wiped off the tears that had fallen and she took my hand.

‘Are you ready to open up?’

For I haven’t been opening up to anyone and now I really need to. It’s been 2 years already since I lost everything.

‘When I heard that Chichi was at the hospital, I wanted to go over there and hurt her little baby.’

‘Because you loved Vusi?’

‘Yes, I have always loved Vusi and didn’t accept the fact that he had moved on already with another woman. It was just so hard for me to forget about him for I have loved Vusi very much and I blamed my mother for giving me that love portion,’ I paused and wiped the tears again.

‘Please continue,’ she listened attentively.

I can’t believe that she is the same woman that I had beat at the restaurant 2 years ago, Vusi’s cousin sister. She has been coming to the mental hospital for months now and the first time she came I throw a fist, I thought she was going to give up on me or refuse to take up my case or for me to be her patient since I once hurt her before but she was just good and never gave up on me.

‘I couldn’t succeed on getting the baby that night because Vusi knew that I was coming. He was working with Jay whom I thought I had killed. Vusi confronted me and I told him the truth that I wanted to hurt her child. Hearing Vusi telling me that he hates me so much and wish that he had never met me, broke my heart. He is the same man that always told me how much he loved and cared about me. Till death do us apart, Vusi had told me that he will never leave me. I was heartbroken and all I wanted to do was to kill Jay. This time around I was going to make sure that he is dead and he is never coming back. I rushed out of the hospital and found Jay by my car. He looked good for someone that I had cut his hand and feet. He now had an artificial leg. I walked to him and asked him what he was doing here, that’s when I found out that he was the one who had alerted Vusi.’

‘I am listening.’

‘So, Jay asked me to get in the car with him. We got inside his car and the drive drove us to his house. Upon arrival, Nyarai.’

‘The lady you used to work with?’

‘Yes, she was inside the house and with my daughter. At that moment I was confused and didn’t know what was going on, only to find out that Nyarai had sold me out to Jay. She knew that Jay was alive all this while and betrayed me again. I should have at least walked out of that house but I was so angry. It’s like I had suddenly developed this angerness that I couldn’t control. I often felt angry when I found out about what my mother did, I was never like that but I felt as if though I had another personality, maybe bipolar disorder. So then I took the gun from my pocket jacket. Jay didn’t know that I had a gun, well I had bought one when I wanted to kill him but I couldn’t use it. Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group. So I ….,’ I stopped and started crying for this moment got me very extremely emotional, ‘I just shot and the person that I shot was my baby. I killed my baby and that bullet it wasn’t meant for her. I know at that time I had become a bad person, I had developed feelings of hatred towards my mother and Jay but I never hated my baby. I loved her very much. I was in panic and Jay took our baby to the hospital while I was apprehended to the police. I ended up here at a mental institution and didn’t want anything to do with any of my family members. You didn’t give up on me.’

‘I would have never done that Marisa. I know I am related to Vusi and when I was given this case, I promised myself that I will never give up on you. Marisa you have been through a lot and I feel for you. For someone like you, who was a good doctor, who was so deeply in love with a man she knew would never give her any children, you needed someone who would help you see the light. The reason why I didn’t force you to open up but instead gave you this bible was the first stage for your healing. You need to first accept God in your life. It will never be easy but with time you will heal. I am so happy that you have finally opened up to me, thank you,’ she said and hugged me.

For it wasn’t easy for me to open up but I felt that I needed to. Things haven’t been the same for me ever since I lost my child and up to now it still hurt me a lot that I wasn’t even allowed to her funeral. I have changed now and all I want to do is to forget about my past and move on.

‘I have someone who wishes to see you but you have to forgive me.’

‘For what?’

She got up from the bed and walked to the door. I have my own room and I don’t usually get out. I have had so many fights with the other patients for the last few months and so they ended up not allowing me to leave my room. But for the past 5 months I have been reading my bible and trying to heal.

‘You can come in,’ said my doctor as she was speaking to some people who were standing outside.

‘Mummy,’ she called out running to me and for a minute I thought that I was dreaming.

I was confused but that didn’t stop me from getting off the bed and hugging her. She was real, it was her. Whilst crying, embracing my daughter, Jay walked in the room and I was shocked to see him.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked her.

‘Yes, mummy. I am fine. I missed you a lot. Daddy told me that you went on a trip when I woke up from that hospital. He said that I was in an accident,’ she said and I cried some more hugging her.

‘I am so sorry. Mummy is sorry.’

I honestly thought that she was dead but now I need Jay to tell me what really happened.

‘Mummy, don’t cry. I am here now,’ she said wiping off my tears; ‘daddy and I will take you home.’

‘You have grown so big,’ I said to her, ‘Sarah,’ I said to my sister and hugged her.

As for my sisters Belina and Gertrude, the ones that were so happy when I finally divorced Vusi. Well Belina lost her husband in a car accident and Gertrude was divorced by her husband. You see how things turned out for them. Sarah my older sister is still happily married; see she is even here for me. She always came even when I continuously chased her out. So the other three left the room, actually gave us some space. I believe Jay and I needed to talk. We have been silent for a while.

‘How have you been?’ he asked breaking the awkward silence in the room.

‘I have been well,’ I said with a genuine smile.

Who could have thought that one day Jay and I will be sitting in the same room. I bet this man would have wanted to kill me after what I did to him; I don’t even deserve his forgiveness you know. I never meant to cut some of his body parts, I was just angry and the things we do when we can’t control our angerness. I should have talked to someone that time when I was hurting you know. Could have opened up to a therapists and just maybe I would be somewhere now.

‘I am sorry,’ he apologized and I opened my eyes widely, ‘I know you are surprised right now that I have said sorry to you but I am Marisa. I blame myself for all of this, my selfish desire, my wanting to be a politician, I destroyed your happiness and you surely didn’t deserve this. I am truly sorry and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would let you be with Vusi but I can’t.’

‘No need to apologies, for I have accepted that he wasn’t meant for me. I am also at fault here, the angerness that I had and hatred turned me into a bad person and I ended up doing things that I wasn’t proud of. I am sorry to Jay for what I did to you; I don’t even know how I ended up doing something like that. I feel as if though at that time, I had been possessed. For if I had continuously prayed to God then I wouldn’t have become that kind of person.’

‘You know when you accidently hurt our daughter and I watched her fighting for her life that is when I realized that no; this isn’t about us only Marisa. I am sorry I kept it for you. I know you were told that she died and that’s what I wanted you to believe but she was saved and I did pray you know. I know, you must be laughing inwardly.’

‘It’s funny. You actually prayed?’ I now laughed at it.

‘Girl, I did. I knelt down on the floor in that hospital and asked the Lord almighty to save our daughter and I will give my life to him. He did save our daughter and it is today that I decided to come here with her. I am sorry for not telling you that she survived. I wanted you to suffer.’

‘It’s okay I understand and thank you for coming with her.’

‘I would have never kept her away from you. Again all charges were dropped against you. I did put a good word and you are going to be released.’



‘Thank you Jay,’ I said hugging him.




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