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June 20, 2021


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What lies beneath Episode 9

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Episode 9.


After few days i booked an appointment with doctor pat.
I told Oby to get ready that we will be visiting the doctor who will examine her and know what exactly to do so that her medical issue will be corrected.

On the said day, I drove her to the hospital all in total silent.
Doctor Pat did not waste time in taking her to the examining room where she was checked.
She counselled her first before examining her.More stories@www.dapalace.com

It took hours before they were out, while I have to wait in her office patiently.

“How is she related to you?

Doctor Pat asked while writing down things on a receipt kind of note pad.

“She is a…a…my…

I didn’t even know where to place Oby anymore in my life.

“She’s your what…? The doctor looked up at me with a questioning look.

I looked towards where Oby was seated, she was staring at her palm and didn’t look up.

“Friend… she a friend”
I finally said to the doctor

“I guess intimate girlfriend, well… when she noticed that her bladder can no longer holds urine, what you should have done is to quickly take her to a hospital not manage the situation. Beside you were aware of the abortion, you both agreed to carry out the act

but my anger is why in an unprofessional doom house? Risking her life and womb in the process and now the damaged on her urinary tract is quiet huge and it wouldn’t have gotten to this level if something was done on time…”

“Excuse me doctor… what are you talking about? Did you try to find out or ask me first who or where the deed was done? Why run into conclusion of what you aren’t sure of? Listen, I have been having enough tough time trying to think straight and clear, I really don’t want another feather added to my wings. She school in the Eastern part while I’m over here. For the first time in two years she came visiting me two weeks ago and that was when I found out about the bedwetting part, after severally trying to get the truth out of her she finally opened up on what exactly happened back in school. I don’t want to go into longer details, I brought her here for a medical solution…if you don’t have one for us just tell us so we can go to another hospital. I’m a busy man and I know you equally got other

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things in your sleeve…so let’s not waste each other’s time please.

Doctor Pat saw that I wasn’t out for joke, she began to apologise for her unprofessional conclusion earlier.

“My sincere apologies, I’m so sorry sir. I actually thought it was you that encourage such a barbaric operation. I asked her if

you were aware of the pregnancy and abortion and she nodded. Anyway, She needs a corrective surgery as soon as possible. According to her is almost or more than a year already when the deed was done. Although it seems late because the act damaged some of her internal organ but majorly on the urinary pipe but is never late for a corrective surgery. The scan results will be here soon so that I can show both of you what exactly I mean…the level of the damage done to her…”

“Ok… okay doctor. Go straight to the point… I’m relieved that there is still a way out of this. Hmmm so…. how much will all of this cost?

I asked hoping it won’t be too expensive.

“Four hundred and twenty thousand is the total amount for everything sir… And you have to pay seventy percent before the whole treatment and surgery will commence…

I didn’t realize that my mouth was still open.
Four hundred what? That is way too huge, far beyond my budget.

I understand what it is like to make a kobo and how much expenses I run in a week which I try my possible best to manage carefully.
But this Oby’s hospital bill is outrageous.

I’m not into fraud or oil money, real estate Job does come with much benefit all the time but no matter how big or little I don’t relent, I hustle for more offers and buyers.
The money is far beyond my budget.

“… I’m sorry Mr Austin but that is the total price for everything. You can go home think it through before concluding on what exactly you want to do. But I will suggest the early the better.

“Is there no other way the price can come down? There should be a discount atleast doctor. Three hundred and twenty thousand naira is way too huge but not as much as having an extra hundred added to it. Four hundred…is outrageous. Is far beyond my budget…

The doctor try to convince me further on why the money was upto that.
She said I can try other hospital if I feel that they are too expensive.

I drove home in silent and couldn’t fathom what to do.

Oby came to meet me the following morning while I was making breakfast in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry for putting you through so much. I wish that i can support in anyway for the corrective surgery…but I don’t have money. I really need to get normal again, is disappointing and shameful for a woman of my age to be in this sort of situation. I wish I can change back the hand of time, I promise to make it better. I didn’t see the consequences for my actions meeting up with me this way… I’m sorry si….I… I don’t know how to address you again. I want to assist with the burden on your shoulder but how can I do that…

I turned from what I was doing, looked at her and said.

“Maybe you should begin by calling your Dad to start searching for people that will buy the plot of land he previously wanted to sell for your education. Your life and health is at stake here, or don’t you understand what is at stake… what you got yourself into? You heard the amount the hospital is asking for over your treatment…. Four hundred and twenty thousand. That’s some people annual rent…and also some workers annual salary. A whole year salary for some that’s what the hospital is asking for Oby. I have savings for the raining day does not mean that I should pour it into unbudgeted expenses. Am a young man trying all I can to make a living and not depend on anyone. I didn’t agree to sponsor you in school because I’m too bouyant…too wealthy and don’t know what to do with my money. I agreed to take up such responsibility because I thought I had future with you and to save your father the stress of selling his properties just for you to go to school. Tell me where I really went wrong Oby, all I did was for you to have a beautiful future…but you turned the table and dragged me into the mud. I want to have breakfast and do not need anything that will spoil my appetite.

I dished out the food and carried it to the dining. I left her in the kitchen
As I sat to eat, she also dished hers and brought it to the dining.

I looked up at her and she was staring at me, I breathed deeply and return my look to the breakfast.

“Thank you… for everything. I’m sor….

I interrupted her

“Save all the thank you and sorry for another I’m not interested in any of it Oby. I want to eat in peace, another word from you again and I will leave the table and food for you…

I enjoyed the silent between us and that was how it continued for days except for her greetings and few other things needed to say.

The bedwetting continues, the guest room where she stays has changed it’s original smell to unpleasant odour.

She sometimes goes around almost naked, parading herself in front of me. She does that alot and it appears awkward and I have started feeling disgusted with her nakedness.

I already know her aim but nothing about Oby appeals to me any longer.
I warned her to stop going naked around me because is very disgusting.
She looked at me angrily and walked away.
Ever since then she stopped the naked parades.

” It was never intentional, I know you think I deliberately messed up in school. I got carried away with everything I had. haven’t you blamed me enough? I’m young and got entangled with friends who deceived me. I have learnt my lesson and suffered enough. Many girls will do the same if they were in my shoes…”.

She fired the words at me one evening.
I was angry that she kept defending her actions everytime she sees opportunity.

“Listen to me Oby, many girls are not as stupid as you are. I have a junior sister, I told you about her. she is studying medicine in school and in her four hundred level. She is just around your age. Maybe just few months older than you because she will be turning twenty one in the next four months and also will be in her final year. She is in one of the expensive private universities with alot of rich kids with different exotic rides. Stella is exposed to different things yet my sister never for ones misbehaved. Her Gp… that’s her grade is always outstanding right from her fresher stage up till now. She is going to be a medical doctor and do you know what that requires? If she is at home for holidays she hardly sleep most nights, she is either researching or studying… and she is just few months older than you…same age. You’re studying economics and you’re not even serious with it. Already having carryover, joining the rich and famous gang, sleeping around in school, getting pregnant and have even done abortion just within two years in school. You just crossed hundred level to two hundred and the journey is nothing to write about. Don’t ever give me flemxy excuse for your selfish actions. You don’t have any. If not for anything your background supposed to be a push up for you yet you threw caution to the air and live as you please.

I walked away boiling angrily.

I never bargained for any of this drama, never.
I’m still looking for means to get money for her medical bills.
Instead of encouragement she is reminding me everytime while she is either not the only sinner and why I shouldn’t blame her.

Since I made up my mind to help her I won’t let anything discourage me.

But if I can’t get the required amount then we will have to either look for another solution or I just bundle her like that to her people.
I can’t possibly kill myself because of Oby.
She will jump to the next rich available guy and spit on my grave.
If she can do all of this in school within short period, then she is capable of anything.

She is only acting all repentant because it backfired on it.
If I never detected that she was no more a virgin and if she never had issue with her urinary tract after the abortion, she will continue her lifestyle and I will never know.
Maybe untill she got disease which she may transfer to me too and then I will be doomed for.

I’m still thinking of what to do, maybe after I decide then we can proceed to the next page.

How to get four hundred and twenty thousand naira is just on my mind right now.




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