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July 24, 2021


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What lies beneath Episode 6

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Episode 6



I couldn’t pretend to play cool anymore, Jerome left few minutes after I came in.
I asked him why he didn’t call and he said he got carried away with my Oby.

“You never told me that Oby was a beautiful damsel with full front and back package. Wow, I was taken aback when she answered the door. Mhennnnn, you’re very stingy, you couldn’t even inform me that your woman was around, you want to have her all alone and not even care to introduce her to your friends. You make her seem like just an ordinary village girl with no class at all… well, I’m glad I saw things for myself. You and Chuka needs to take me to the village where this types of girls are harvested from it’s peak… I’m serious. She is beautiful and a great cook too. she has overfed me with her delicious cooking. Look at her… she is a full satisfaction without even touching her. You’re really enjoying Austin…

Oby was just blushing and bending her face shyly while a fat grin was plastered on the face.
I wondered why she was smiling seriously to all Jerome was saying.

I was about telling Jerome to leave when he stood, dressed up properly, took his car key and walked out.

I was boiling as I quickly took a shower, changed into something simple before coming to the sitting room.
Oby was busy watching a comedy live show and laughing loudly
I walked to the kitchen and gasped out in total shock.
Things were thrown here and there, dirty dishes filled up the sink.
Pots were littered with food oil, the ground was scattered with pieces of rice and dirts.
I saw the plate of the chicken stew empty in the sink
I also saw the bow I used for the vegetable soup and also fish stew on top of the kitchen cabinet.
I opened the plate and the fish stew was also touched, no single ice in it which means is been a while it was out of the fridge.
I sighed sadly, opened the vegetable, i saw finger prints on it.
It smells like it was about to spoil.

My anger grew, I was totally disgusted at the sight that greeted me
I stood there staring and unknowingly what to do.
I was hungry, and really needed to eat.
I checked the fridge and shut it angrily. It looks disorganized.

I can still hear Oby laughing loudly, I have to find something to eat first before I angrily destroy something.
I took plates to the dining where the things I bought was carelessly kept.

I quietly started unwrapping them. The grilled fish with chips and suya, all in different paper plates.
I looked over at Oby, she was so much into the ongoing show on the television.

I called out to her

“Oby… Oby…babe…
She turned toward me and move back her attention to the television.
“… there’s suya, fish and chips over here. Come over… let’s eat together…”

She nodded with a wave of hand that she was coming but her focus was still on the television.
I took my laptop and began working, arranging my work plan for the week. Marking out the house that was almost taking, the ones paid for already and the one on lease.

I began to eat silently, I didn’t bother calling her again as I concentrated on the work I got.
I left the fish and chips for her and focus on the suya with some orange juice.

After a while the show was over by 7pm exact.
She came over to the table, looked around the place with a frown.

“When your friend said you’re stingy I thought he was just joking. You bought fish and suya and did not even call me or bring mine. You’re busy eating and enjoying alone… that’s very bad and I’m begining to count on his words… because this is a glaring act of stinginess…”

Her word provoked me and I barked angrily at her
Unleashing all the stored up anger that I was trying to let go.

“You opened your mouth to say I’m stingy? Jerome said so and you went banking on that… you kept surprising me with your behavior Oby. You accommodated my friend for over 3hours without calling to let me know. Aside from pictures, have you met Jerome before, why will you even allow him come in when I specifically asked you to dismiss everyone from the door or call me. You obviously had a great time with him around, my words or presence doesn’t count. Anyway, Over there is the fish and chips I bought for you, I should be eating real home made food but everything in the kitchen is messed up. you can also have the remaining suya because I have suddenly lose my appetite…

She interrupted angrily with a raise of her voice.

“If there is something you want to tell me then say it to my face because I noticed that ever since you came back you have been carrying face like post office. Acting like I’m invisible that I don’t exist. If you’re not happy having me around then why did you send transport fare for me to come? I think I should be the one angry here, you said you were leaving for church, normally your church supposed to close by 12:30pm but you came home pass 4pm. Who is deceiving who here? You mentioned seeing a client but how many hours does it take to see somebody? You obviously had your classic Abuja babe you went to chill out with then return to your village girl who doesn’t have a say over what you do. I’m twenty years, I’m not a baby and you shouldn’t play smart around me because you think am a nobody. You told all your friends that I’m just a naive village girl who knows nothing. Jerome said so, he said that you used to belittle me in front of them and he never knew I was this beautiful until he saw for himself. I’m sorry we ate the food you made, he kept me company all through the period that you were away, is only normal to give him food. I was hungry and ate twice plus some chocolate. I’m counting all this because you are stingy and needs to understand how things were used in your absence. I had a great time talking and laughing with Jerome and the truth is he was great at it that I didn’t even miss you or remember to call you. He showed up at the door, what do you expect me to do? send one of your bossom friend away? I know Jerome from pictures and I should be able to recognize him in person. My phone is still in the room and I haven’t checked it for hours now because I was having a great time here while you were having yours outside. I just remembered I needed to tidy up the kitchen but I seriously had to finish that TV program since you were not in the mood of talking to me. You can also take the news that i…I urinate on the bed to your friends. Tell them I use to bedwet because you have rubbished me enough to them already. Maybe first thing tomorrow morning I will be traveling back… coming here was a mistake…I shouldn’t have…”

She walked away to the kitchen, I didn’t bother going after her.
I just sat there speechless.
I wasn’t expecting all the accusations or bashing. I was supposed to be the angry one here but she is acting like I did her wrong.
She never missed me, Jerome fed her with his lies and she believed him.
Oby is just gullible, I’m not surprised though.

Don’t I have right to be angry with her for mismanaging things in my absence.

I’m not asking her not to eat or serve Jerome but take the quantity you can finish and return the rest back to the fridge but instead she brought out all the food, finished some and left the rest on the counter.
She never bother to call or reply my messages.

I grew up with strict parenting, my parents hates wastage or disorganized house.
I hate it too and that’s why I make sure everything is kept carefully away.

I know we haven’t live together before but just a day and is looking like we have lived for years in disagreement.

I couldn’t sit still on my chair, I went to meet her in the kitchen.
She was almost through with washing the dishes.
I silently took a long broom and began sweeping the kitchen, after then I took mob and clean up the ground.

The remaining fish stew and the soup was back to the fridge. She returned them back.
I brought out the soup and tasted it, it was tasting spoilt.

“This soup is bad. It was out from the fridge for so long… vegetables are meant to be properly preserved…I..

I gasped sadly as I took it towards the wastebag.
She suddenly grabbed it from my hand.

” Livit…leave it…I will eat it like that. Don’t throw it away…is still good. It seems that too much money is begining to shark you like palm wine…

I told her she can’t eat it because it has spoilt she ignored and return the soup to the fridge.

I left her alone as I tidied up the kitchen ground.
She suddenly bent down, searching for something in the cabinet.
She bent so well that her whole thighs and some part of her undies was showing.
I asked her what she was looking for she said I shouldn’t mind.
She was through with what she was doing and started walking away, I called her and she ignored.
I bite my lower lips confused.
I made sure everything was properly kept, I removed the spoilt soup from the fridge and pour it into the trash bag with other trash in it.
I washed and cleaned up the place before taking the trash outside.

After I was done, I went to the living room and she was not there.

I went into my main bedroom and she wasn’t there too.
I saw her lying down in the visitors room. I try talking to her by apologizing first for my initial actions.
It was 8:30pm and it will soon be time for my bed.
I try to explain the things that i love and hate all over again.
She was still angry and refused me touching her. I try kissing her and she turned her face to the wall.
After much trying, I left her alone. I asked her if she still cares for the fish and chips and she said she hates fish and chips, she would have prefer the suya but I have eaten out of it already.

I try to convince her that there are still some left and I deliberately bought it for her.
She refused accepting it.

“You stingily bought it for yourself because if you got them for me then you shouldn’t have touched them. I’m not eating it…if I’m hungry there are other things I can eat, chocolate, apple, banana bread and the rest of it but I won’t touch any of those things you bought. I hate fish and not a fan of potatoes… maybe you should also try to know the things I like and hate. You are not the only one with dos and don’t. Go and eat your stingy food and leave me alone…

I cautioned her that I wasn’t stingy and is high time she stop calling me that.

She didn’t say anything as I walked out of the room.

I won’t condone disrespect and arrogant. I don’t know what Jerome filled up her head with but Oby should know better.

She has to come in terms with her wrongs, I won’t bother her again.

I put back the rest of the remaining things in the fridge, put off the television and went to my room
The bed was dry, thanks to the air condition.

I took another bedspread and pillow cases and dressed up the bed.

As I was coming out to the sitting room, I saw her with one pack of unopened juice and chocolate heading back to the guest room. She walked past me without a word neither did I say anything.

I checked around the house to finally make sure everything was fine before retiring to bed.
I answered few calls both from family and business.

Why will Oby suddenly starts thinking I’m stingy? Her behavior towards me changed within few hours, all by spending time with Jerome.

She was my wife to be, and I have always made sure I defend and respect her both present and absence.

She has never suspected or disrespected me before, either in words or action.
Is over two years of knowing her.
Although it has been a distance relationship and spending time together under the same roof have suddenly turned into war and reveal alot other things.

I have never denied her anything she ask and sometimes send money to her without her asking, that’s aside paying school fees and other bills she brings to my notice.
I make provision ahead of her personal needs, set her money aside because is very important.
Even if I don’t eat, her bills will have to be paid first before any other thing.

That is more of the reasons why I’m angry and worried.
I couldn’t sleep, I thought of going back to her but that maybe encouraging her ill manners towards me.
I continued working far late in the night in bed until I was tired.
I packed up and slept off.
Morning came, I got ready for office. Took breakfast of tea and bread.
I usually leave by 7:30am but I was delaying, hoping Oby will come out from the next room she slept in.

I was hearing noises, I decided to go in and check, just then she came out from the room. She was wearing one of my polos not the usual cloth she wore last night.
She greeted me coldly and I replied.

“How was your night? Did you sleep well
I said while trying to let go of yesterday drama.
She replied coldly again.
I went to hold her but she walked away with an empty pack of juice and chocolate paper wrap in hand which she threw into the trashcan by the dining.

“, I’m leaving for work Oby, I could have stayed to iron our minor last night disagreement out but I have alot on my desk today. There’s eggs, tomatoes and many other things you can either use to make egg sauce or anything you feel like taking. There’s also bread in the fridge and tea with mayonnaise and Nutella. Whichever or whatever you want to eat, please do so. I will buy more things on my way home and I will make sure I come home early because of you. Is there anything you will want me to buy for you…if you can’t think of anything then text it to me whenever you remember. Is almost 8:30am. I have to go… I love you, so much… hope you know that?

She was standing by the wall and staring at nothing.
I bent over and kissed her forehead, remind her again not to open door for anyone and if it becomes complicated she should call me.
I took my bag and car key before leaving.

Immediately I got to the office which was almost 10am, I had awaiting client waiting for me by the reception.
The receptionist already called to inform me.
My day got real busy immediately I set feet into the office.
During my lunch time, I called Oby to know how she was doing.
She said she was just watching the television.
She was lively and happy.
She asked when I will be coming back, I informed her that i will soon be driving towards the market side so that I can get other things for the house.
She mentioned I should buy ice cream, grilled fish with chips.
She confessed with laughter that she tasted the one i kept in the fridge and realized it was very delicious.
I laughed and asked if she microwave it before eating, she replied that she does not know how to use the microwave and is better she don’t touch it in order not to spoil anything.
Oby was laughing when she said she enjoyed the fish and chips cold like that.

I wondered how she enjoyed it but I ignored though.
I promised to buy more for her on my way back.

I love the fact that she doesn’t pretend or act like she knows everything, she sometimes humbles herself with the truth and sometimes plays like she knows it all.

I got home around 5pm after leaving office almost 3pm. I had many other things to do but I had to suspend it because I promised Oby I will come home on time.
She washed the bedspread in her room and was just taking it back to the room when I came in.
I also bought two Sanders and one sneakers for her since I know her exact size of shoe.
She was very happy, she jumped on me like a baby and kissed me passionately.
She was a good kisser I must commend.
I don’t know how she learnt that but it wasn’t a big deal.

She looks good in my my shirt, which was the only thing she was putting on.

She informed me that she made yam with egg sauce.
She served it on the dining and I thanked her.
It wasn’t exactly what I intend to eat but I pretend to enjoy it.

We tidied up things together and right from the kitchen our kissing and romantic spree began.
We dragged along to the main room.
The kissing and romance wears on. I wondered where she learnt such perfection from.
I was happy enjoying the moment that I didn’t bother to care over any other thing.
I wasn’t wearing any top except for pjamas trouser which I was ready to fling aside if she wants me to go extra mile.

She whispered that she loves my bare chest, I smiled and kissed her the more.

She kept pulling at me like she was asking for more. I fling aside my pajamas and ready for the show but she suddenly went Cold.

“What is it…is something wrong? I asked confused at her sudden cold reaction.


She pointed towards my manhood and I suddenly felt embarrassed.
“… your third leg is huge. It will shift my womb… I’m kinda scared.

I was speechless and embarrassed at first as I stylishly covered up with the duvet.
She suddenly began to laugh

“…I’m joking… relax. Well, I’m not kidding with it’s hugeness but is perfect. I’m only a little scared that’s all. I always wanted to do this with you, I have imagined it, practice it in my head… play it repeatedly in my mind. I have envision how interesting it will be. And now… I’m kinda scared…

I breathed, kissed her hand and said.

“I understand you honey… that’s why I did not force you. I allowed you to be ready for it. Is almost three days that you have been pushing me away and I never persuaded. Having your virginity is one of the most precious gift that I will forever cherish. I will love you like my life depends on it. Trust me I will be extra careful in doing it, I know you will feel some pain but it will be for a short period. I have been reading online concerning women’s virginity. I wanted to be very careful in other not to hurt you honey. If you are not still ready, then I will wait. Anytime, even if is on our wedding night… there’s no need to rush because I cherish you. Maybe we shouldn’t do it yet since your mind isn’t relaxed. Alright??..

I said picking up my pjamas from where I threw it to wear
She suddenly held my hand.

“Let’s do it. I’m already in the mood for it… you also want me as much as I do. there’s no perfect time than now. Let’s not pretend to each other. Please be gentle… although I’m still a bit scared.

I promised to be gentle, took some lubricant and within minutes it was all over.
She lay back panting hard and smiling.

I sat up with confusion, so much dissatisfaction and disappointment.

“What’s it Austin?

For the first time she boldly called my name with disgust in her voice.

“Nothing… nothing. I’m cool.
I replied as I stepped away to the bathroom, cleaned off and returned.

“Can we go for another round, I enjoyed it. Let’s make it a night of fantasy… c’mon Austin. Give me more… your third leg is magical. Bring it on…

I turned to her, trying to hide my disappointment.

“Oby, you aren’t a virgin? I don’t understand… What happened to your virginity…who took it? How come you never mentioned it all this while. I’m..ju… just speechless. What’s really going on?

I said the last part with a show of rage.

She was mute, she didn’t say anything as she suddenly went quiet and had this sorry face that I wasn’t ready to buy.

I need explanation, i need answers. The more I stare at her the angrier I become.
Because she knew all this while that she wasn’t a virgin like I thought she was yet Kept quiet.
Who took my wife’s virginity and innocence.

I couldn’t think straight, as we sat there in total silent.
How, who, when did she loose it and to who exactly?.
That’s exactly what I planned to find out.




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