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July 30, 2021


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What lies beneath Episode 5

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What lies beneath

Episode 5



I was at the bus park waiting for her arrival that evening.
I have been communicating with her before deciding to drive to the park.

It was around 7pm their bus finally arrived.
I waited patiently until she came down from the bus looking all exhausted.

She rushed into my open awaiting arms as we embraced each other.

It was just a hand bag and little handy box which cannot take more than two cloths due to it’s portability.

I picked it up and led her to where I parked my car, which was outside the bus park.

That Saturday, I have tidied up the house even more although my house is always well kept.
I hates dirts and dislike when things are in disarray.
I also stocked up the house with every necessary thing starting from food and toiletries.
I was not much of a great cook but I know I cook well enough.
I can prepare most of the everyday delicacies.
I learnt well from my Mom and later chef John, who my parents employed back then and he worked happily almost all his youthful life for us.
For over ten years before getting married and my parents did a big sent forth for him because he was like a family and carried out his Job perfectly.
My Dad settled him well as he got married and moved to a different state.

Chef John coached and brushed my cooking skills. All thanks to him and my Mom too who never fails to carry out the kitchen duties whenever she is not working in the hospital.

I made food vegetable soup, fish and also chicken stew and kept. I can easily boil rice or spaghetti whenever we gets home. I stocked up my fridge with drinks, fruits and other necessary things which includes white and brown chocolates because Oby ones said she loves eating chocolate.

We got home almost 9pm due to few minutes traffic we encountered here and there.

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Life in Abuja is alot easier when it comes to traffic, especially weekends.

I lived most part of my life in Lagos before relocating down here.
We probably could have gotten home around pass 9 or even 10pm if this was Lagos.

Oby looks tired when we arrived, I asked her to freshen up and she will feel lot better.
I quickly put rice on fire first.

I showed her the bathroom, told her if she need my help I’m right in the sitting room.

She thanked me gladly as usual as she went into the room, took the towel I left for her on the bed, tired around her chest and went into the bathroom.

I also dropped one of the nighty i got for her few days ago on the bed.
She was very happy when I showed it to her.

Before she will finish bathing and getting dressed, the rice was almost done.

I brought out the two stew I made and a boiled rice in different bow to my mini family setting dining table.

We sat to eat, she ate hungrily and I was happy watching her eat
She was obviously enjoying the food and it makes me happy.

I was equally eating on the same dining with her but not because I was hungry.

I have only eating since 2pm that afternoon and wasn’t really hungry.

Having Oby around filled me up with joy.

She thanked me for the food as she stood to clear the table but I asked her to leave it for me to do, she should rather go and relax in the sitting room and watch some movie.

She insisted in clearing it or assisting me in doing it, I allowed her.
We cleared up the table together and I asked her to go and relax, she need to rest from her long journey.

She thanked me again and left.
I tidied up the kitchen, wash off the dirty dishes because I don’t like leaving dirty dishes or the kitchen untidy till the following day

After I was done, I came out to the sitting room and Oby was there.
She was lying in one of the cushion and sleeping.

I wondered why she didn’t go to the room.
I tapped her gently and she awaken in the second tap and stood up.
I led her to the room to lie down while I went to refresh.
Finished up from the bathroom, turned off everything before going to bed.

Since is a two bedroom flat, I thought of using the other bedroom so that Oby can get an adequate rest and not feel uncomfortable with my closeness since is her first night at my place.
But watching her sleep beside me will give me an utmost pleasure

I quietly climbed the bed beside her, it was almost 12 midnight.
She was sound asleep, I looked from her chest and down to her legs.
I felt like cuddling her up in my arms for the first time, kissing her and having her all to myself tonight.

The urge to do that was high but I cautioned myself and turned away from her.
Oby was going to be my wife, there is no need to start fantasizing over her.
Oby was my virgin bride, how Lucky I was to have her.
When the time is right or whenever she feels ready then I will also be ready. I looked forward to that day.
I covered her properly with a duvet due to the air condition.
I have always say a night prayer before bed, it has become a habit which was planted at a very tender age by my Mom.

No matter how tired I am, I still managed to say few prayers before sleeping off.

I sat up from the bed, say a prayer and also thanked God for Oby’s safe journey.

within few minutes I also dozed to the dream Land.

While asleep, I’m always sensitive to my environment, I was hearing sounds but I was deeply asleep and thought it was coming from my sleep.
But I suddenly woke up and it was Oby, she was tossing and turning from the bed.
I tapped her gently and called her name, as I assumed she was probably having a nightmare.
She later quiet down as she went back sleeping.
I turned off the air conditioner which wasn’t high before but Oby may not be used to it.
The weather was not that hot, is was just okay.
I removed the duvet which I used to cover her earlier so that she doesn’t sweat.
I put it aside, went back to bed after checking the time and it was pass 2am. I went back sleeping but I was awoken again for the second time.
This time around it wasn’t a noise like previous or from nightmare it was rather something more strange.

One part of my pajamas was wet, that’s strange. It was soaked with water

Where did water gets into the bed, how come?
I touched the bed and it was all wet.
I was shocked. Because this is way too strange, I haven’t experienced such before.

I quickly sat up from the bed, surprisingly Oby was also up.

I turned on the light, as I kept wondering what was going on.

I saw the duvet I kept aside on the bed, she was obviously trying to use it to cover up the water.

“Are you alright…?
That was the first thing I asked.
She kept quiet and kept staring at me without word.
Was she thinking I was the one that poured water on the bed?
What exactly is going through her mind. I can’t possibly do that when I’m not crazy.

I asked her to get up so that I can cross check how the water gets into the bed.

But she hesitated at first, I asked again if she was alright but no reply.
I try to touch her and she dodged my hand.
What’s going on? I thought within me. The bed and duvet was messed up by some strange water, how is this possible. Or could it be all a dream.
No, it was not dream, it was happening for real.
I asked her again to kindly get off the bed, she hesitated again before she slowly climbed down.
She stood troubled and looks scared.

Her new nighty was soaked and just then the wrenching smell of urine greeted my nose.
The realization hit me right then, it was not water rather urine.

I quickly turned on the air condition. I knew she must be feeling troubled after the mess which is obviously not deliberate.
I did not want to do anything that will make her feel bad than she was already feeling.
I led her to the bathroom and asked her to wash off herself then wrap herself with a thick towel.
I left her in there to avoid embarrassing her further, I returned to the room, pulled off the bedsheets, put it all aside with the duvet inside a big laundry bag.
I lifted the bed to a standing position, quickly try to clean off the urine smell with soap, air freshener inside the water and a dabbing sponge.
I used the visitors bathroom, wash off myself and changed over to something different.

This was around 5am in the morning.

It took me almost 30minutes and all through this time Oby was not out.

I decided to go check her. I knocked on the bathroom door but no sound came. I opened the door and checked her first in the toilet, where I thought I heard a noise.

There she was sitting on the toilet seat, wrapped herself in the towel I gave her and staring at nothing.

“I’m sorry, I… thought it was all a nightmare. I was pressed and really needed to ease myself in my dream. I went to the toilet in my lodged back in school to pee and as I was doing so I realized I was feeling wet….my clothes were getting soaked. After I was done I awaken and saw it wasn’t a dream after all, I have actually urinated on the bed. I try to use the blanket to clean it so that you won’t find out my shameful deed but the situation was already out of hand. Please… I’m really sorry. I have never done this before, i can’t possibly bedwet at my age…is.. I’m sorry…

I gently pulled her out of the seat, led her to the second room which was supposed to be for visitors.
But since that’s the only available room, we will have to use it.

Thanks goodness, my sister did not come around it was just us in the house.

I gave her my shirt to wear, she felt a bit shy having me around.
I decided to excuse her.
After a while I returned and she was sitting on the mouth of the bed.

I Went to her, pulled her to myself and said
” It wasn’t your fault, this can happen to anybody so don’t feel bad. You don’t need to be shy or scared around me. This house is equally yours, feel free and try not to think about it. We’re going to be husband and wife after your studies, try getting to know me and understand my kind of person as I’m also doing so. I love you Oby…with all my entire being and will never hurt you… alright?

She replied with a nod at first
“,I love you too… maybe more than my heart can hold in, I thank God everyday for you. Sometimes, it feels like you’re an angel in human form. thank you for not counting me and background off, and not considering the fact that our levels aren’t the same. Thank you for loving me and sacrificing so much for me and my family…I promise to love you forever. Don’t worry, in the morning I will make sure I carry the mattress outside for sun to hit it. I will also wash all of the things that was messed up…

I smiled and told her that the mattress is heavy, she can’t carry it but she shouldn’t worry, it will get dry eventually and I will call my laundry guy to come over and pick up the sheets and duvet for washing.

I kissed her forehead then slowly to her mouth.
She later lossened up from me and turned her face and I knew then that I have to let her be.

She looks so innocent and shy. I did not want to rush her rather to let her be herself and feel free with me.

She lie down on the bed, my emotions were not settled after kissing her.
Maybe because my body wanted more.

I asked her to sleep while I moved to the sitting room and lay on the cushion.

If I decided to lie bedside her in the room, I may end up pushing her much more than she was willingly to give.

I turned on the television, something to distract me.
And after watching for sometime I dozed off.
This was almost 6am.

I slept until 9am the following morning. I first wondered why I was lying in the sitting room until it all came flowing back.

I was supposed to be in church today but waking up this late makes it impossible.

I checked my phone and saw missed calls from my client.

It just occurred to me that I suppose to meet a client, a prospective buyer who I plan to go show a house within the week.

What do I do, I’m not the type that goes late to church.
But I definitely have to, even if I will miss most part of the service but I won’t miss everything and definitely I won’t miss the client I was supposed to meet.

I wondered if Oby was still sleeping.
I checked the room and she wasn’t there, I was going to the kitchen when I heard noise coming from my main bathroom
She was probably bathing.

I decided to set out something to wear for church and to also call the laundry man to come over and pick up the duvet but the laundry bag wasn’t there.

I searched around before going to the bathroom.
I knocked and went inside, Oby was actually washing the duvet. Struggling with it’s thickness.

She greeted me without looking at my face

“But I told you that the laundry man will come and pick it up. Especially the duvet… you can’t wash it with your hand. If you insisted in washing the bedspread, the washing machine is by the bathroom corner. You could have used that or put it in there and leave it for me to do it maybe later today…

She interrupted with an apology.
“I’m sorry, but this was my mess and I decided to clean it up. I won’t be able to stand another person washing it. And beside, I’m not used to a washing machine. I was trained with hand… don’t worry I will do it… I’m almost through.

I didn’t know what to do, all I did was to insist she leaves it so that I can complete the washing in the washing machine and also dry it in there later.

I used the spare bathroom in the visitors room to have my bath since Oby was still in the main one and i quickly got dressed.
I was running late as I rushed out of the room and saw her cleaning the sitting room.
She asked if I was going to church and I told her I was supposed to wake up early for it but looking at the time I’m very late. My main reason now is to see a client after service.
I showed her where things are kept in the kitchen. And she should take anything she wants to eat, warn it on the gas or microwave it then return the rest to the fridge.
She should feel free to eat anything she wants to eat and drink whatever she wants.
If she needs anything, she should either chat me up or call.
I will be back before 2pm
Anybody that looks for me, she should dismiss the person from the door with the excuse that I’m not around.
I wasn’t expecting anyone though, so nobody will come looking for me.

She nodded with smile to everything I said. I picked up my car key, gave her a kiss on her forehead and left.

I drove down to church and luckily I met the client after service, we discussed concerning the house and she insisted I take her to the location.
She wants to see it, take pictures of the environ which she will send to her husband abroad.

I agree, while she drove in her car behind I drove slowly ahead.
Showed her the place. We couldn’t go inside due to I was not with the keys to the house for sale.

I was through around 3pm, I have tried calling Oby earlier but she wasn’t picking up.
Probably sleeping or carried away with movies.
I sent few chats but no reply.

I thought of buying grilled fish and chips for her or maybe suya but I couldn’t get her to make a choice.
I decided to get the two instead before driving straight home.

As I drove in, I saw Jerome’s Jeep parked.
My heart skipped a little because I don’t trust that my friend, especially around my future wife.

I parked and noticed somebody came to open the door for me.
It was Oby, way excited than expected.

“Your friend is here. He’s been keeping me company and he’s very entertaining too…

I smiled back but I was not comfortable still.

Oby was putting on a short tight gown, showing off her fresh thighs and fine figure. I couldn’t looked pass how the cloth grabbed her backside behind. Her bum looked way bigger from the gown.
She looks good and sexy too.

I asked her when Jerome came and she said since 12pm.
That means Jerome has been around for over 3 hours. Doing what exactly and he never called to let me know that he was around and Oby didn’t inform me too.

She rather looked happy and free than I have seen her since she came.

Maybe I shouldn’t have this negative thinking crowding up my head.
Oby was a discipline and well behaved girl.
She was my virgin bride and still a bit naive but she was unafraid when it comes to expressing herself.

Jerome wouldn’t dare try to woo my woman behind my back knowing fully well she is my future wife.

I hand over what I got to her as we walked into the sitting room where Jerome was sitting with an unfinished drink and a plate of chicken straight from the stew I made in a saucer placed on a tray. There were pieces of chocolates and half eaten apple on the same tray.

I wondered if they were eating together or what exactly is going on.
There was a romantic movie showing on the television screen, Jerome will never be found watching those.
He likes wrestling game or war movie but he appears comfortable watching it.
He was probably doing so because of Oby.

His belt was loosened up, his shirt was half buttoned.
It maybe because of the food he ate or he’s trying to feel free with himself, or better still to show off his six packs to Oby.

I don’t even understand the crazy idea running through my head.

I try to wave off the idea forming in my head as I took his hand shake calmly but still can’t wave off the ideas after seeing things the way it was.




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