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What dreams are made of episode 33




Chrissy and Linda went to the yacht together. Chrissy did not know the address and therefore Linda had decided that they should go together. Chrissy was more than happy for the company. Linda was the only person she could be comfortable with in such a gathering. In spite of having worked in such an upscale hotel for so long and working with high class people, she was still never at ease around them.

Linda was dressed in an elegant black dress that was hugging her figure and ended just below her knees. She was looking very classy and Chrissy was concerned about her choice of dress initially. But Linda complimented on her look and said she was looking very fresh and youthful, just what suited their party venue. Chrissy knew Linda wouldn’t praise her if she didn’t mean it and so both the girls reached the place bright and sunny, just like the weather.

To her yet another surprise, Chrissy found the place to be decked up with highly dressed up people. In spite of Linda’s encouragement, she was no longer confident about her dress. She was also surprised with the number of people at the yacht. It was a large yacht but she never knew that a yacht could accommodate so many people. She had thought, the party was meant for the team working on the project but there were many more than just the team. There were people from the media as well.


the weather was nice, most of the people had assembled on the deck. That’s where Chrissy saw Nikloi. He was looking extremely attractive in a white linen shirt and dark trousers. She had never seen him dressed so casually. He wasn’t sporting a tie and his collar buttons were undone, giving him a very relaxed yet extremely sexy look. He was surrounded by ladies as usual who seems to be holding onto his each word like from the bible.

Chrissy moved to a corner and found that she could watch him, without being bothered about his watchful eyes or anyone else’s. She enjoyed the view from the distance, drinking all his beauty to her heart’s content. But the dream couldn’t last long when she saw Richard Susshell come over to Nikloi and took him away to meet some important guest. She didn’t like the man one bit and got one more reason to dislike him.

She was looking for a quiet place to park herself for rest of the time she planned to be here, when she was stopped by a skimpily dressed Susan Malkovish. She was wearing a blue dress with two strips of a delicate cloth crossing over her breasts and tied at the back of her neck. On the other end, the two strips went around her waist and joined the short skirt at her back. The dress was just barely covering her breasts leaving the entire upper body bare. Chrissy was aghast looking at her but Susan seems to be enjoying all the attention.

“Hey, who’s that kitten?”, Susan said in a haughty tone. “You look straight out of school, kid”, she continued disdainfully.

Chrissy didn’t know how to answer. Her hands spread out across her dress on their own, straightening the invisible wrinkles down her thighs.

“What are you doing here? You obviously have no idea what this party is all about!”

Stepping closer to Chrissy, she continued with her sneering. “This is for the launch of the best luxury hotel this place has ever seen. And you don’t fit here!”

She hissed at Chrissy’s face. She was smart enough to lower her voice so that others couldn’t hear her.

But before Chrissy could think of some reply to her acidic attack, someone called out for Susan, telling her she was being called by Mr Swaroski. Susan turned and went away but not before throwing another scornful look at Chrissy.


was only when she went away, Chrissy saw the person calling out for Susan was none other than Linda. She heaved a sigh of relief at seeing her friend’s face.

“That snobbish b…”, Linda controlled herself from completing her description of Susan. “I couldn’t stand her rude comments to you and had to get her away from you. Why is she so offensive always? Nobody likes her at all”, she expressed her dislike for Susan.

Chrissy tried to brush off Susan’s mean words. She knew Susan’s hatred for her went far deeper than for anyone else but she wasn’t going to get bogged down because of Susan’s stupid imaginations. She told Linda she was fine and asked to go meet her friends. But Linda decided to keep her company and stayed by her side.

Chrissy was not happy to keep Linda away from all the action. She knew Linda enjoyed such parties. So in order to get Linda to enjoy the fun she went to crowded section on the boat.

There was music on the deck and people were dancing on a latest hit dance number. Linda started dancing. She kept pulling Chrissy in as well but Chrissy just smiled every time she was cajoled. She had a feeling that she was being watched but didn’t have to nerve to look up to confirm her fears.

When Linda got busy with other friends, Chrissy again moved to a side looking for a private corner but her wishes were quickly squashed when she saw Richard coming to her side. Holding out a glass of drink for her, he commented,

“Hi Chrissy, you are looking lovely as usual”.

Chrissy didn’t want to talk to him. In fact she didn’t even want to stand next to him but there was no way to ignore him while he was standing right in front of her, holding out the a glass for her.
Trying to be decent, she replied, “Thank you, but I do not drink”.

“Very well then”, he said and raised the drink to his lips. All the while watching her intently over the top of the glass. Chrissy felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze and looked around for some excuse to leave. When she couldn’t think of anything better, she decided to escape to the washroom. But just as she moved, asking to be excused, he stepped in closer to her, blocking her way.

Chrissy looked up irritated, only to realize how close he was. His face was drawn too close to hers. There wasn’t any space to even move back. She cursed herself internally for choosing to stand in such a corner. Mustering her wits together, she said,

“Mr Susshell, please..”

But she was cut in by him, “So how do you like my party?”
Chrissy looked on either side, hoping her friend would come to her rescue for a second time but Linda was nowhere to be seen. When she looked back at him, he was waiting for her answer.
“It.. it’s a nice party. But I need to go”, she finally said it.

“Go? Nonsense! The party has just started. Come I will introduce you to others.” He got hold of her hand and pulled her towards the crowd.

“No.. I am.. I don’t…, Mr Susshell”, Chrissy wailed behind but he didn’t listen. He was pulling her towards a big group of people,
“Come, these are all friends”, when suddenly he stopped in his path. Chrissy collided with his stationery back.

“Ahh, Nikloi, look who’s here!”,

Richard said but he need not have spoken because Nikloi’s eyes were already strained on Chrissy’s face. Chrissy quickly straightened herself from the collision and pulled her hand free of Richard but not before Nikloi had already noticed their joined hands. Chrissy was mortified as if she was caught red-handed doing some mischief even though she knew she couldn’t have done anything to escape Richard’s hold.

Nikloi’s eyes travelled all the way down her dress and then back to her face. If he too found her dressed like a school girl, he didn’t say anything. He nodded his head slightly to greet her with a succinct, “Ms. Smith”.

“Mr Swaroski”, she greeted him back.

“Isn’t she looking gorgeous?” Richard continued, not noticing any vibes between the other two. Chrissy on the other hand was horrified at the question. He was speaking as if she wasn’t there!

Nikloi’s eyes squeezed for a moment but he quickly covered it up. His face was blank when he said, “Yes, she does.”

Chrissy lowered her eyes knowing he didn’t mean it. “I need to meet Linda. She would be looking for me. Excuse me”, she murmured and escaped from both of them.

She knew Nikloi wouldn’t have been happy to see her. She could still remember his eyes staring at her hand when Richard was holding it. She moved fast, wanting to be as far away from those eyes as possible. Even those few minutes with him were enough to make her lose her breadth.


was some time before she gained her composure again. While running away from Nikloi, she hadn’t really paid attention to where she was going. She had moved to the end of the boat and there were stairs going down to the lower level. Interested to see what was there, she moved down the narrow stairs to reach the next level. This section was away from the deck on the top and hence music sound was very low.

Chrissy found this section very quiet, away from all the craziness. She went all the way till the end of the yacht and watched the beautiful view from there. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there, lowered on the metal railings when suddenly she felt a strong push on her back. It was so unexpected, Chrissy lost her balance and slipped over the railing.
Somebody behind her quickly caught her legs and instead of pulling them back, tossed them over the edge.

Chrissy screamed for help but before she could stop herself, she fell into the cold water with a loud thud!

Panic struck her and she struggled trying to throw hands and legs in all directions. But the water was too cold to freeze her body, at the same time, fear made her muscles go jam.

The only thought remaining on her frozen mind was that she was going to die!


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