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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

What couples do Episode 5 & 6

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💚What Couples Do 💚
Love, sex, plays..

💚 Chapter five



💚Josh’s pov 💚
“Lisa, calm down, remember you’re sick “I said and touched her slowly

She gazed at me before lying on the bed

She folded her arms maintaining a distance
A tiny knock came at the door, it opened slowly and Barbie’s head popped up from the edge of the door


“Can I come in? “She asked

I nodded and she walked in

“Its almost tine for the Competition to begin… I think you both should ho get ready “she said

I glanced at Lisa who was just quiet and looked back at Barbie


“Lisa’s sick, she can’t make it “I said

“How about you? “She asked

“Am gonna stay and take care of her.. We are not Coming “i said

“Please Josh, Lisa is getting better already.. I would like it if you were there to see me cook… As a teacher “she said

Truth be told, if i went with Barbie, Lisa would never forgive me
And also Lisa needs me more


“Am sorry Barbie, but my reply still remains the same “I said

She smiled and nodded but I knew she was sad
“Goodluck “I wished her before she left

Lisa… Please forgive me ” I pleaded

She remained quiet

I gotta do something…


I webt downstairs and grabbed my car keys driving to the grocery

store 🏪

Am gonna make a remedy for Lisa to cure her of the fever

Tomatoes 🍅 mushroom 🍄, and many other veggies and local leaves
Immediately I got home, I began cooking up the ingredients

Even if it doesn’t cure Lisa entirely, it would reduce the nause feeling


After I was done, I poured the stuff in a clean bowl 🍜
I carried it upstairs to Lisa’s room

“Sit up Lisa.. “I said

She ignored me

I dropped the bowl on a stool and faced her
I touched her forehead
She was already burning up

I sat her up


“Am not taking that.. I told you am gonna die this way so pls… Leave me alone with my illness “she said

“Lisa please, you know you just got out of the hospital, you mean so much to me babe “I said

She chuckled

“If I did, you wouldn’t have broken your promise “she said

I cuddled her “am gonna make up for it.. I promise “I said

I gave her the bowl and she drank the content to the last drop



After resting, Lisa decided to take a shower
She took off her clothes right infront of me before leaving for the bathroom

I went to my own bathroom 🛀

After bathing, I came into her room.. She was still in the bathroom…. Women

I laid on her bed

She came out all dressed up but her hair still shimered cause it was still wet
“How do you feel? “I asked

“, I feel better “she said sitting beside me on her bed “thanks ”

The silence began creeping



I would resume work soon but I was giving a brake cause Lisa was hospitalized and later had a miscarriage

I glanced at Lisa, she was eating her finger nails

” I wanna fulfill my promise now.. “I said

“no.. I don’t want you to.. “She said surprising me “just forget about it ”

“Why should I.. If we are really good now, you’ll let me ”

I pulled her to myself taking her lips into mine
I cupped her face as I deepened the kiss
My hands trailed to her pj pants 👖
I removed them without our lips being separated

It was a totally sensational make out


Lisa laid facing the wall while I cuddled her tightly from behind

“I love you.. “I said

“I guess I love you too “she said
I hit her arm playfully and she laughed

She slowly got up and went to the bathroom


💚Lisa’s pov💚
I went into the bathroom leaving Josh to stare after me

Am so happy we made up and once Barbie is back… She’s a goner

I opened the cabinet and brought out my pregnancy test kit

I locked the bathroom door to avoid Josh catching me

I did the test and waited patiently for it to surface

Finally… I looked into it

“Its… ”



Chapter six
{Jealous hubby}
💚Lisa’s pov 💚
I looked into it
Negative!! Hew!

Am actually free.. That’s means there’s nothing to worry about

I returned to the bedroom and Josh was looking at me awkwardly
But as creepy as it got, we ended up having another round of sex

After a while, Barbie came home and she wasn’t happy

“How was it? Was it that tough? “I asked as I shut the door

“It was one hell of a task.. But atleast I came third “she said sounding disappointed

“Wow.. You did great, never knew you could be this good at cooking ”

She snapped her head at me

“And what do you mean by that? “She asked clearly offended


“Don’t get me wrong cousin… But you went into cooking just for the money 💰, you can’t even bake a cake right.. Your veggie sauce… The worst!!! “I said “Josh was the one that should be getting all the glory cause without him, you should have been disqualified immediately you turned on the burner “,

She squeezed her face

“Its useless being here with you… Am gonna go tell Josh all the yummy stuff that happened “,, she said running up the stair’s

I hope she leaves soon

Like a prayer, my wish was granted, she’s leaving tomorrow

Right now we are just coming back from shopping 🏪 we bought the stuff she wanted to take back to her apartment in LAS VEGAS

On our way back we bumped into the new neighbor that just moved in a week ago
I didn’t know him much, I just saw him once the day he was raking the garden at the far end of the estate


His muscular and has a very friendly character… Such a nice person

He was washing his car and had only a light singlet on and a short

Barbie just had to wave at him.. Maybe she likes him already
She dragged me along as we both went to were he was practically walking past him

“Hey.. “Barbie said smiling

The neighbor nudged his head as a sign of returning the greeting

He began smiling at me and I smiled back

He kept looking at me with a slight smile
Barbie began introducing herself to him but he wasn’t paying attention, he just fixed his eyes on me… Like he was admiring me or something

I think Barbie noticed the stares he was giving me cause sge stopped talking

She pulled me by my arm and we walked away


When we got to our doorstep, I yanked my arm off hers
She was looking very mad

“Be gentle with me, am a person for crying out loud! “I said already pissed off

“Forgive me… “She said opening the door and we walked in with the stuff we bought

Josh sat there on the couch just operating his phone

I sat beside him and kissed him lightly on the lips

“How was the shopping? “He asked

“A bit rowdy i guess “I muttered

Barbie sat opposite us staring


“Dear Josh, you’ll never believe what happened just now “Barbie said

I leaned on Josh’s shoulder waiting to hear Barbie run her big mouth 👄

“On our way in, we met some guy who kept staring at Lisa ”

I flinched


“He was giving her those killer eyes… Infact! He wanted to rape Lisa with his eyes”

Barbie has killed me ❄

Josh glanced at me

“Who’s the person Lisa? “He asked calmly but I know deep inside he was… Angry

“Forget about it “I said

Josh was still staring at me

Huh, I might as well tell him

“His the new neighBor “I muttered
“But he was just being friendly… That’s all “, I said holding his arm


“Okay… “He said

“Just okay? “I asked suprised and suspiciously

He ignored me
“Inlaw, I think its good if you confront him and show him that he’s not permitted to stare at Lisa “Barbie said

Shut it you! “I yelled at her

Josh patted my back

“Its Okay babe, its all good “he said with a hoarse voice

Later early in the morning… the noise coming from the commotion outside woke me up
I turned to my side to see Josh eyes closed but I knew he was awake


I poked him but he didn’t move
I went to the balcony and looked downstairs to see what the noise was about

I saw the NEIGHBOR tied to a tree… Gosh and he was putting on his boxer only

I nudged Josh to wake up with so much curiosity

“Wake up now you untruthful pretender!! “I yelled and he finally opened his eyes and sat up

“Morning to you too wifey “he said

“What on earth did you do to Carlos, the new neighbor? “I asked

“Oh, we played a little game last night and I WON “he said

“What game are you talking about? “I asked

“Am hungry already… I’ll answer your questions when am full and got the strength to “he said carrying me in his arms as we left the room

What are my gonna do with him…



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