What couples do Episode 22 & 23

💜what couples do❤️
Love, S-x, pla-ys…
Chapter Twenty two
Lisa’s pov cont.
“Barbie, what are you doing here… By this time of the night ?! “I asked.
“Am a zombie 👽 Here to eat your br@in….. Now Move! “She yelled coming in with her luggage.
“Don’t be so loud “I said.
We both went upstairs. Josh c@m£ out and on seeing Barbie, he frowned.
“Josh! Long time no see “she said.
Josh smiled dryly and went back into the be-droom.
I pu-ll-ed Barbie to the room where she stayed before.
She dropped her luggage on the be-d and we sat together.
“Its been long Lisa “she said.
“Yea, why do you like night travel so much, huh? “I asked.
“… I just like seeing the world at night. Suits me better. “She said.
I nodded.
“Lisa… “She stared at me, my tummy to be precise.
I bec@m£ nervous. Barbie observes too much.
“Lisa, your tummy looks… Bigger than usual, not that you got a pot belly or anything… Its just… Different like you gave birth or something “Barbie said and threw her face away removing her shoe.
Guilt was eaten me up.
“When you give birth to your baby, I’ll surely be the GM (god mother) “Barbie said.
I gulped. I have to tell her.
“YYou are.. Because… ”
The door opened interrupting me. I turned to see Josh leaning by the door.
“Its damn late, you can chat tomorrow, Lisa, let’s go to be-d “he said.
I wanted to object but Barbie herself agreed saying she was tired.
I got up and followed Josh to our be-droom.
“What did she say she want this time? “Josh asked as we got un-der the be-dsheet.
“I don’t know, but its good she’s here “I muttered.
Josh pu-ll-ed me to himself.
“Where were we? “He asked. He placed a k!sson myl-ips and the next thing we did was sweet and s-en-sual.
…………………. Morning
Barbie’s pov
I turned severally On the be-d.
Where was this cry coming from? I tried covering my ears but I was sure the cry continued.
Grumpily, I stood up from the be-d and left my room following the cries…
It was that of a baby… But not new born.
I opened the door where the cry was coming from and walked into the room, it was a baby boy crying.
I carried him scared and confused.
I looked into his face …he looked so much like Josh. But also features of Lisa were also noted.
But… Lisa and Josh Don’t have a child yet. Lisa didn’t tell me about him.
Is he adopted?
The baby st©pped crying and stared blankly at my face.
Lisa fooled me. She didn’t want me to know about her child…
Lisa’s pov
I rolled severally as I finally f0rç£d my eyes open from my sweet sleep. Josh was beside me slee-ping. We sle-pt pretty late last night.
I was n-ked so I had to wear my clothes before leaving the room. I went straight to Zac’s room.
I went in,…. No Zac!
I looked around his entire room but he wasn’t there. I went Barbie’s and she wasn’t in her room.
I went back to our be-droom and dragged Josh up but he was to lazy to wake up.
“Wake up Josh! “I yelled.
He sat up looking tired.
“What’s up wifey? “He asked.
“Zac’s not in his room and am worried. “I said ru-bbing my palms together.
Josh stood up and wore his shi-t. We both went downstairs.
“What if he crawled out? “He asked.
“Am not sure, his be-d is high for him to get down from. “I replied.
We got to the kitchen looking around.
Barbie stood there slicing an onion which was starting to have an effect on my eye.
“Don’t you think its too early to mess this house up? “Josh asked her.
Barbie scoffed and continued.
“Why are you guys creeping around? What are you looking for? “She asked.
Myl-ips stuttered as I tried to speak. Hiw do I tell her I kept the truth from her.
“Barbie, uh.. Did you see any baby boy? “I asked lowly.
“A baby boy?? Where did the baby come from? “She questioned.
Josh ruffled his hair.
“Lisa, I’ll go look for zac in the rooms.. “he said leaving alre-ady.
“What baby Lisa? “She asked again.
“Barbie… Am sorry I didn’t tell you before now… The baby boy, is my baby. I had him last year. “I confessed shamfully.
“His name is Zac… Josh made me promise not to tell anyone from family about him “I said.
Barbie rolled her eyes.
She left the kitchen and returned with Zac. I hvgged Zac happily.
“Thanks Barbie “I said.
“But am still going to be the god mother, I deserve the title. “She said and I agreed.
……… Evening
Barbie and I were in serious boredom though we had each other.
“Let’s go clubbing Lisa, just tonight “she offered.
I shook my head.
“Am not permitted to, Josh will kill me “I said sinking back at the couch.
“But you’re no longer a nursing mother, I’ve been watching you since today and you haven’t brea-stfed Zac once “she said.
“Yea, I was brea-stfeeding him last week and he bit me, he kept b!tt!g me till he st©pped taking my n!ppleinto his mouth, seems like he had out grown it so I st©pped. He’s almost 9 months old so its proper “I said.
“That’s good, so no excuses! Zac just sle-pt off and am sure he won’t be awake till 8, Josh is gonna be back in few minutes anyway, so what’s the harm? “Barbie said convincingly.
I was marveled at how correct she was.
What’s the harm?
I’ve been cooked up at home , a night would make me feel alive. Barbie and I rushed upstairs and wore a simple dress to match.
What’s the harm?…
Chapter Twenty three 💿
Lisa’s pov cont.
Barbie and I got re-ady. I was still scared and confused about this.
I texted Josh telling him I had to go somewhere before Barbie and I left.
We were just going to spend an hour at the club before coming home.
Barbie and I ordered drinks and sat on the stools close to the counter.
“Its Really been a while. Josh is a monster. He had me locked up like I was a criminal or something “I said.
“I can imagine. He stole the all the fun the moment he married you “Barbie said.
“But he’s gonna be mad when he finds out we went out “I said.
“Leave that to me. “Barbie said.
I smiled and relaxed to enjoy myself.
We ordered for tequila and drank it in one gulp.
It hasn’t been up to 15 minutes since we got to the club and my phone began ringing.
Speak of the devil… It was Josh calling. I panicked. Barbie glanced at the phone and smiled. She took the phone and placed it on her ear.
I didn’t know what they talked about but she pas-sed the phone to me. I placed it on my ear.
I kept searching for my courageous voice but it was hiding from me.
“Hello “I said.
“Lisa…? “Josh asked. “When are you guys coming back from the women’s neighborhood meeting? ”
I furrowed my brows.
What’s he talking about? Which meeting??
“In 20 minutes “I blurted out and he disconnected.
“Barbie! Why did you lie to him about where we were? “I asked.
“Lisa, he might come pick us up and spoil all the fun. Besides… It doesn’t matter now, he bought it. “She said waving the t©pic off.
I nodded and faced my drink and sipped from it. Am no longer enjoying tonight. I just wanted to go home.
After a while, we went home.
I entered my room and kicked off my shoes. I jumped into the shower and had a bath.
After I was done, I walked out in my blue towel around my che-st.
I wore a night garment before looking for Josh. He was in Zac’s room slee-ping beside him.
I was kinda glad and went to my room to get some sleep.
…………… Morning
I felt a belt rest on me softly and I f0rç£d my eyes open. Josh was standing before me in his pj and a belt in his hand.
“Josh, what are you doing? “I asked ru-bbing my arm as I sat up.
“Where were you last night? “He asked and I went numb.
“Uh… I went somewhere with Barbie. “I said.
“And that somewhere don’t have a name? “Josh asked straightening his belt like he wanted to flog me.
“Barbie told you didn’t she? “I stammered.
“Are you answering my question with a question?! “Josh yelled.
I knew I had to just tell him the silly thing I did last night.
“Am sorry Josh, Barbie and I went… ”
“To a club! “Josh said cutting me off.
How did he know??! I moved back cause he was straightening his belt again and he bent it.
“Josh, do you really want to flog me with that?!! “I stuttered.
“What else do you think am holding it for? “He said.
“Did Barbie tell you we went to a club? “I asked feeling betrayed by Barbie.
“i Heard music in the background, do I look stupid to you? “He asked and I shook my head.
“You left our baby and went out. Lisa that’s inhumane. “Josh said.
” i knew you were going to be back soon. Am sorry, forgive me. “I said as my eyes bec@m£ we-t and I started crying.
Josh sat beside me dropping the belt.
“I told you I can’t do this, being a mother at this age is a wreck. “I said crying.
He pu-ll-ed me close and hvgged me.
“You’re doing great Lisa. Its okay to make mistakes. Just don’t do this again. And much more you lied to me about where you went when I called you at the club. You could’ve been sincere. “he said.
I nodded.
“Am terribly sorry Josh. “I said.
He tried to push me away from him but I held him ti-ght.
“Go make Zac’s breakfast “he said seriously trying to dis£ngage from the hvg.
“Zac can wait “I said.
I looked up and took hisl-ips into mine. He opened up.
“Barbie nee-ds to leave “he said. I frowned.
“No, I can’t just kick her out. She’s family “I said.
He scoffed.
“I shut my family out years ago. They tried to control me but I was smarter “he said.
I frowned Even more.
“Josh, you nee-d to visit your father… Even once. If you don’t make peace with him now he’s living, you’re gonna regret it when he dies “I said.
“I’ll take my chances. He can go to hell with the wealth and maltreatment he displa-yed on my mom…. Urgh! Lisa, forget about him plea-se “he said and I dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“Okay “I muttered standing up.
“And also, Barbie has to go. Am serious “he said.
“If she goes, I go “I said aggressively and left for Zac’s room.
Josh’s pov
Lisa left the room. She thinks am pla-ying but am damn serious.
I don’t want family people involved in my marriage. Its just full of interferes.
I went to Barbie’s room to tell her myself.
“I know why you’re here. I was listening “she said as she sat up on her be-d.
“Since you know, I hope you un-derstand as well “I said to her and she scoffed.
“Not gonna happen “she said looking away.
“Why, huh? Why is it that you’re bent on causing qualms between Lisa and I?? “I asked her.
“Its for Lisa’s good. I want to always be near her “she said as a tear slid down her cheek.
“Why??? “I asked cause it doesn’t seem casual.
“Cause I love her “she said.
I scoffed.
“So do I “I said.
She shook her head.
“No, I love her, love her ”