What couples do Episode 16 & 17

what Couples do
Love, S-x, pla-ys…
Chapter sixteen
Josh’s pov
I parked my car by the drive way as I exhaled. I was super exhausted from work. This business trip is super br@in freezing.
I was able to call Lisa once throu-gh out my stay in CIA do.
I walked into the house, everywhere so quiet.
I proceeded to the stairs. I went into my room to see Lisa and Zac slee-ping together on the be-d.
So if I was a thief, they would be vulnerable to being hurt.
I took off my clothes and had a bath. After wearing my casual wear, I walked downstairs to find something, anything to eat.
There was nothing at all in the pots. Lisa is selfish
I was too tired to cook so I ordered pizza 🍕
After eating, Lisa c@m£ downstairs and sat on a sofa far from me.
“A hvg would be nice “I said
She rolled her eyes…
“Why did you order pizza? “She asked looking at the empty box of pizza on the table.
“I was extremely hungry and you were too selfish to leave anything for me “I said sounding cranky.
She scoffed.
“How do you expect me to leave food for you when I don’t even know if you’re dead or alive? you couldn’t even call me! “She yelled
“Am sorry Lisa, I was super busy ” I said
“To hell with that! “She said really angry
We heard a little cough that echoed from upstairs.
“If you’ll excuse me, I got a baby aka my one and only to take care off “she said, stood up and walked upstairs.
Women be crazy….
Whatever turned me on tonight still haven’t unraveled itself.
I was really hor-nyand all I could think about was s3x. Lisa has been with the baby all day and she was still mad that I didn’t call her.
I have to apologize… Tho. I didn’t do anything wrong 😒
I met Lisa in zac’s room. She was singing him a poem as he sat on Lisa’s l@p.
Zac was giggling and all he wanted to do was to hold Lisa’s face but Lisa tea-sed him with it.
Is it me, or is Zac now closer to Lisa more than ever?
Zac was now sleepy and he la-id on Lisa’s arms who watched him as he sle-pt.
Its go time 😏…
I c@m£ into the room fully.
Lisa raised her head and her eyes met with mine. She quic-kly looked away .
“Am waiting for you to come join me “I said
“Do what? “She asked and I went numb.
My hand went to my hair as I ruffled it not knowing what to say.
“Am just concerned that’s all “I said looking at Zac who was in a de-ep sleep.
“Leave me, I want to watch my baby sleep. “She retorted
I nodded and retired to my room. I hope she reconsiders and drag her bu-tt to that be-d… At least before I lose it.
Lisa’s pov
I watched Josh leave the room. I laughed inside of me.
I know Josh and I know he’s super hor-nyright now. But am not gonna pity him one bit cause he doesn’t pity me.
He made promises he would break right before my eyes.
Its my turn now.
I looked down at Zac and I couldn’t help but smile. He’s gorgeous .
After a long time, I dropped him on his crib and covered him up.
I turned off the lights before leaving the room which was opposite ours.
I went into my room and Josh’s eyes glistened on seeing me. He couldn’t take his eyes off me.
I went to the bathroom and c@m£ out a minute later then I la-id beside him backing him completely.
I turned off the light 🏮.
“Lisa, are you still mad? “He asked
“I want to sleep. Be quiet “I said with my eyes shut.
He c@m£ close and I felt his hand by the side of my tummy.
“Don’t turn me down “he whispered and his hand slid slowly to my bu-tt and he squee-zed it lightly.
“plea-se Josh… “I said in a tired voice
“Just a round Lisa, don’t leave me hanging… ”
I ignored him and tried to maintain my space.
“Josh am super tired, Zac has been stressing me out lately… Pity me tonight “I voiced out.
Inside, I was leaping for joy as my plan was going just fine.
Josh gro-an ed. I sle-pt off leaving him awake.

Zac and I were in the kitchen ma-king breakfast.. I was while Zac just sat there pla-ying.
Josh c@m£ down stairs. He had alre-ady had his bath.
He carried Zac into his arms.
“What do you want for breakfast Josh? “I asked politely 😏
“Am not hungry “he said almost immediately.
Chapter seventeen
💚 {Next of KIN} 💚
Lisa’s pov cont
I rolled my eyes.
“You’re being silly Josh. I alre-ady told you my reasons for not giving in last night… ” I said
He scoffed and ignored me.
I went over to where he was and hvgged him from behind.
“I should be the one mad but I’ve forgiven you.. So st©p acting like I did something unforgivable “I said
He re-moved my hands and tickled Zac who just pushed his hands away.
“Feed Zac… Am gonna go wash my car “he said handing him over to me.
He left the house…
I know he’s just pretending to be mad. But why is he overreacting like he didn’t do it to me before.
I carried my baby to the kitchen… Thinking about all this makes me hungry.
I br£@st fed Zac till he was full, then I bath him.
I watched him till he fell asleep before leaving for my room to bath.
I took off my robe and went into the bathroom.
I went un-der the shower and as I tried to pu-ll the switch… I felt Josh’s hands run round my ba-re back and st©pped on my w@!st. He k!$$£d my n£¢k.
“Josh… What are you doing?! “I asked
He k!$$£d my n£¢k for a long time… He turned on the shower and he turned me to face him.
I stared into his eyes. He looked less angry but I felt he was still mad.
He took myl-ips into his and the k!sslasted for a while.
It was so intense… ma-king out un-der the running shower.
Josh cu-mpped my face and held unto me ti-ght.
Next, he carried me with my legs wra-pped around his w@!st and dropped me on the sink desk, I was backing the hvge mirror behind me.
He didn’t wait before di-ving into me. It was so s-en-sational and I liked it.
I alre-ady had my clothes on before going downstairs to make lunch.
I smiled inwardly as I remembered the make out with Josh… i wonder where he is right now.
When I was done cooking, I went to the living room to meet Josh with a file jacket.
I sat beside him to see what he was doing.. I wasn’t really interested, just curious.
He brou-ght out some papers from the file jacket and placed them on the table spacing them out.
“Josh, what are these? “I asked
He had his pen inbetween hisl-ips so he re-moved it before replying.
“Papers from office, we gotta fill this for a business proposal… “He said
I nodded..
He fli-pped the first paper.
His hands went to the label boldly written on the paper:
My eyes glistened as I watched his hands move..
I bet am his next of kin… Am the wife for Christ sake.
He wrote something and his hands moved away from the dash 〰
He wrote…
Zac is his next of kin?? What about me
“Zac is your next of kin?! “I lashed out.
Josh raised his head at me.
“Its just a temporal list. Just to submit to the endorsers “he said
I scoffed
“To hell with that… Why can’t I be the one? I am your one and only, am the one that attend to your nee-ds, are you saying Zac is more important to you than me?? ” I bombarded him with questions and reasons.
“Shh… You talk too much “he said with his f!nger across myl-ips.
I frowned.
“What I have is yours, and I can’t leave Zac behind. Am just moved to write his name here Lisa “he said.
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. “I said and rolled my eyes.
Josh began k!ss!ngme all over my face and I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh.
After a while, he k!$$£d me fully on thel-ips and I bec@m£ totally lost as we both explored into each others mouth.
But zac’s tiny voice cried from upstairs and we dis£ngaged.
“We really nee-d to get a nanny… “Josh said with a hoarse voice.
I agreed.
“Leave that to me. “I said then hurried upstairs to get Zac. He kept crying and I hvgged him wiping off his tears.
I looked into his face blankly… “So, you’re the person who took my place in Josh’s heart? ” I asked.
He st©pped crying and looked at me like he knew what I said. His tiny hand t©uçhed my cheek and he began speaking gibberish.
Days later, I alerted the search for nanny to some folks around the neighborhood. Many were puzzled that I alre-ady had a kid and they knew nothing about it.
The next day, I got a text from someone that She’ll be coming for an interview today.
I got re-ady for her and soon she c@m£.
With zac in my arm, we both sat before the lady checking her out. She looked young but a bit more pretty. Her name was Nora. 😒
She said she just nee-ded a simple work for just a month or two that she’ll soon be leaving the country.
I was just anxious if she won’t steal Josh from me or try anything funny.
I told her I’d call her if she got the job.
Nora’s pov
I la-id on my be-d looking at the picture in my hand…
It was a pic of Josh and I 3 yrs ago. Josh and I d@t£d before but it didn’t last up to a month… Josh got fed up with the qualms and we broke up. I wanted him but he was too… ‘Perfect’ for me.
My current b©yfri£nddumped me last week and I had no job, I was going broke but like a miracle, I heard about the job opportunity but then I got more lucky when I found out it was Josh’s wife.
My own Josh.
With all the wealth… How can I get him back?