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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

What couples do Episode 14 & 15

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❤️what Couples do 💜

Love, sex, plays…

Chapter fourteen



Josh’s pov

I groaned angrily as I saw the time on my phone screen, its been two God damn hours!!! And my Lisa is still in there and I don’t even know if she’s alive or not


I banged on the door angrily like a phsyco

Male nurses began to cluster around me trying to calm me down


The door opened afterwards and a short white nurse stepped out and I could see some blood partly stained on her white gloves


“Please sir let us do our job… You’re wife… She went into labour immediately she woke to consciousness “she tried to say in one breath


She went in shutting the door


Lisa is in labour???




I raised my head a little to see a mug kept before my face


“Coffee sir, it will help you stay awake “a voice said


I grunted angrily and took the mug from her

I didn’t have appetite but I forced myself into finishing the whole content into my mouth in a single gulp.


I handed the cup back to the lady who looked calm and kind

She took it and left leaving me to stare after her flat shoes that looked so much like the one Lisa had and normally wore during this pregnancy times…


I know Lisa, she’s not yet ready to

conceive this child… Not yet


She needs me by her side encouraging her so she can push the baby out without much pain.


oh Lisa…


Carol’s pov

Mom walked into my house and I trailed after her worried and at the same time angry


“Mom… We’re horrible people.. “I muttered as tears flowed down my eyes

“If anything happens to her, I’ll never forgive myself ”


My mom twirled and I *felt a heavy slap rest on my cheek 💢


“You insolent fool* … You should be sad our plans got ruined rather here you are sobbing like a baby…


“I wish that car hit you instead! “Mom yelled


“You better think of something cause I didn’t come all the way here from Colombia 🇨🇴 to waste my energy and go back a loser “she said


She stormed out to her room with her dress sweeping the floor as she left


…… My mom is a priestess and practices idol worshipping. When she found out I was disgraced by Josh by my friend, she came down to US for revenge


She pulled everything together and her plans was just to deceive Lisa and make her leave Josh after delivery pf her baby


As stupid as it sounds, my mom never gives up…


I was there hiding when Lisa was looking for the anonymous person sending strange messages to her


Unfortunately, she wasn’t too careful and some stupid driver lost control and hit her


My mom grabbed me by my collar and we left the scenery


My mom is a true devil


Lisa, please forgive me..


Josh’s pov

As I sat by

the waiting room, rubbing my sweaty palms, I suddenly heard the cry of a baby…. My baby


I got up in excitement… The voice slowly died down

Then I noticed my tears… I’ve lost a first child… Not another one


The door opened after a while and the nurse lady stepped out with sweat all over her forehead


“Congrats mr Josh, you have a little junior, though the baby was premature that’s it came not on its due time, he is very strong and healthy just like 9 months due babies “she said and my heart lit up… A boy..




Lisa’s pov 😌

I Woke up in a strange room and began searching the room with my eyes

Whoa, am in a hospital


I sat up to see my baby in Josh’s hands standing beside the bed


All his concentration were on the baby that he didn’t notice me awake


I tried to peep to see what the baby looks like… My waist was hurting more so I gave up and laid back down


I huffed…. But then I cleared my throat


“Oh Lisa, how are you? “Josh said and sat beside me on the bed. He brought the baby to my view and all I saw was a mixed version of Lisa and Josh


“He’s… Pretty “I said


“He’s handsome Lisa “Josh objected and I laughed but the pains wouldn’t let me laugh for long.


The room became quiet


“Um…. Lisa, do you remember the accident? “I asked like it had been on my mind all day


She nodded


“Just like your dream “she said


The baby yawned and our stares drifted to him

He’s so tiny and cute 💖


“Name? “Lisa asked


I was even expecting her to bring up a name so we can argue over it


I scratched my hair with my free arm


“Alex? “I asked cause that was the first name that crossed my mind


“No! That’s a girl and boys name “she said


“How about, Zac “I said


She smiled “perfect name! ”

❤️what Couples do 💜

Love, sex, plays…


Chapter fifteen

Six months later

Lisa’s pov

I laid on my bed biting my finger nails… What’s taking Josh so long?

He promised to mate with me tonight but here he is about to break his promise again


After the birth of Zac, Josh has been keeping his distance from me and all he thinks about is Zac. He would take him to bed, sing for him… Most times sleep off on zac’s room which leaves me hanging.


I never imagined Josh being so into this kid that he even forgets about me.


I rolled on the bed severally as my thoughts were making me exhausted.


Or is it that am no longer sexy? I looked at myself. I barely added weight after giving birth to Zac so am still slim.


I jerked from the bed and dragged my feet to the door. I tip toed to zac’s room and peeped through the door. I was stunned to what I saw, Josh and Zac on the bed together sleeping peacefully… Ahh! What did Josh see on this child?


I returned to my room disappointed and slept off.




☀Morning ☀

I woke up when I heard the shower running. I scratched my eyes and I saw clearly now.


Josh must be bathing..


I went to my baby’s room and carried him in my arms as we headed for downstairs.


Zac hardly cries. His just too cold for my liking but whenever he’s with Josh, he will laugh like Josh was the funniest man on earth. 😒


I dropped him on his stroller which was in the kitchen, then I moved over to the kitchen table to whip up his breakfast.


He was staring at me for a while but then began talking in his baby language


Gu gu GI.. Dada la lu pupu…


His song filled my ears


Just then Josh came rushing downstairs.. He was all dressed up for work


“Morning Lisa, “he said taking his phones which lined up on the table


“Hold ur greeting you…. Jerk! “I yelled


“Am a dad not a jerk… And am sorry about last night, Zac was awake so I couldn’t just leave him awake “he said and my eyes darted to Zac who was biting his fingers


I glared at him for a while


“But babe, I just got a text, I need to be in CIA do right now… Its important “he rushed his words


“So, you’re leaving me alone with this… “I paused before I curse my son


“Yes Lisa, but just for three days… I’ll be back soon “he came over and forced a kiss on ny lips


How did he know I wouldn’t let him kiss me??


He kissed Zac on his head and left


“So, its just you and me big guy “I said referring to Zac


I fed him and bath him, then I dropped him on my bed and surrounded him with his toys before having my own bath.




After I was done dressing up, I turned to see Zac busy with his toys… Hmm, I’ll just leave him alone.


I turned on the TV in my room and all channels weren’t doing anything delectable to watch.


I was suddenly bored.

My attention shifted to Zac who didn’t even care if I was watching him or not


He kept hitting his power ranger toy with a dinosaur like he wanted to trash it.


Hmm 😏


I knelt infront of him


“Oh Zac, smile for me… “I sang…


He wore a big facial expression. Just staring at me like I was a witch or something.


How did Josh win his heart??

I tried all possible styles… I must make him smile much more laugh


I tickled him, the way he reacted made me stunned, : he kicked me with his tiny legs which he had a sandal on.


My face hurt. But I didn’t give up.


I danced

Made funny faces 😚😪

He didn’t react to it rather he looked at me like I was just Misbehaving


I laid beside him tired


He looked into my face closely

He was super cute and had lovely red lips


“I love you.. ” I said and then acted like I wanted to bite his ear


A big smile came on his face and he giggled

I acted like I was gonna chase him and he laughed as he crawled around the bed acting like he wanted to escape from me real bad.


We played together for hours and that was when I knew I had the cutest baby on the world and he means everything to me



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