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What couples do Episode 1 & 2

💚 *What ~ couples* ~ *Do* 💚
*Love, S-x,* *pla-ys* ..
*C* *h a p t e r.* *One*
“Repeat what you said doctor.. “Lisa said drawing her ear closer towards the doctor
She sat up on the hospital be-d with the duvet covering half of her b©dy
“You heard me right mrs Lisa, am sorry, but you had a miscarriage “the doctor said alre-ady pissed off
“Yey!!!! “Lisa screamed like a crazy girl throwing her hands in the air
“Thank u God “she said looking up
Her husband, Josh looked at Happy Lisa with a suspecting look
The doctor re-moved his lens
“Is your wife alright? “He asked Josh
He shrugged
“She was once crazy before we got married ” Josh replied
Lisa frowned
“Hubby, are you now disappointed that the God of the hopeful pregnant women heard my prayers? “Lisa asked
She didn’t want a baby at all
She’s just 22 years old and got pregnant after the first S-x with Josh
Everything was happening too fast and being a mother at this age was the last thing she would ever do
She even wanted an abortion but Josh here made that impossible for her
This two young newly wedded were like cat and dog
Always on each others n£¢ks
“Josh, you need to s£nd me some money so I can buy turkey to [email protected] this great victory over your evil sperm “Lisa continued
The doctor left giving them some privacy
“What did you do? “Josh asked taking Lisa by suprise
“What do you mean? “She asked
“What did you do to our baby? Did you abort it then bribe the doctor to lie that it was a miscarriage?! “Josh asked
Lisa shook her head
“St©p putting false accusations on me.. “Lisa snared
“Swear Lisa, that you’re innocent ”
“I swear “, Lisa stated nodding her head
“Okay, but dear wifey… Don’t be soo sure you’re baby-free, another one Is coming and you won’t be so lucky to re-move it
Am gonna isolate you from the world till you give birth.. “, josh said
“But… “Lisa stuttered
“You know I have the money for all this.. “Josh said approaching Lisa slowly
Lisa stepped back nearly tripping
“Stay on Ur side, you monster “Lisa said
“Look who’s scared now “josh tea-sed
“You should ask yourself if I’ll let you make me pregnant again…
“You won’t even try it Josh “Lisa said
“So, its a bet? “Josh asked
Lisa sm-irked
“Yes, and whoever wins… Gets to be the losers slave for a week “Lisa said
“But Lisa, if I win, how can pregnant you be doing my chores.. In Ur condition “Josh stated
“You won’t win stupid.. “Lisa said
“Deal then.. Get re-ady to get la-id wifey “josh said se-ductively
“In Ur dreams sweetheart “Lisa said sm-irking 😏
“Come on, let’s get out off here… Can you walk? “Josh asked sweetly tou-ching Lisa’s th!ghs
“Oh, so you’re alre-ady doing it here? Move over @sshole, I can walk! “Lisa said getting up
She [email protected]£d her red jacket which was on the chair and hung it across her shoulders
“Shall we? “Josh asked putting his arm round her [email protected]!st
“Stay away from me man.. “Lisa warned
With all the arguments that followed, they left the hospital and the ride home was as noisy as fv¢k
I stayed in my room as happiness flowed throu-gh my veins
Thank God the baby is gone… RIP
It was just seven weeks old..
Meaning that the shock and prayer that followed when I got the news was not in vain..
I hate the fact that am just too fertile
It was just a night, just a short while, just a round
After ma-king dinner, I left for Josh’s room to get him for supper
I knocked slowly
“Josh… “I said not audible
I opened his door and walked in
Yea… He got me…
He was only in his red towel round his [email protected]!st, water 💧 dripping down from his b©dy
He saw me and win-ked
He slowly approached me
I was still busy drooling
“Yes babe, do you need me?.. “His voice [email protected]£ out sounding so plea-sing and ro-mantically enticing
I blinked my eyes severally
Say something… Do something…
He pu-ll-ed me close to his w€t 💦 b©dy
“When last were we this close babe? “He asked
Myl-ips still couldn’t move
He leaned close and I felt him b!tt!g the ti-p of my ear
He drove me crazy by advancing to my n£¢k
I [email protected] ed badly
Remember Lisa, no access
“Josh… Dinner is re-ady! “I managed to say
He st©pped k!ss!ngme
“You’re my dinner for tonight Lisa “he said
My eyes wi-de-ned 😯
He lifted me to the be-d and dropped me gently
He was about to t©uçh my b©©b s when the door bell rang…
Perfect timing, hew! 😉
Josh let go off me and I scurried out of the room to go see who was at the door 🚪
I opened the door to see Barbie, my cousin who was just a year younger standing before me… With her luggage??
“Barb, what are you doing -here.. Like right now? “I asked
She giggled
“Not even a hi, or a hvg? “She asked frowning
Am really suprised cause we didn’t get along well
“Forgive me, I was just suprised “I said and we hvgged
She [email protected]£ in
“You’re just in time for dinner, “I said
“Aren’t I? “She asked
As we headed for the living room, Barbie got the shock of her life, Josh!
What is Josh doing?
Chapter Two 🔞
💚Lisa’s pov 💚
Josh wore an un-bu-ttoned shi-t with a RED ROSE stuck inbetween hisl-ips
Was this his plan to lure me to be-d ..
Barbie’s mouth wi-de-ned as she laughed slightly
She looked sarcastically enticed with the scenery
“What are… What were you two up to? “She asked
I smiled dryly as I took her arm deliberately leading her away
“Let’s have dinner “I said
💚morning 💚
Josh’s pov
I woke up when I heard the door jam from downstairs
Lisa had been real sneaky to escape me last night
I cleaned up and headed downstairs
I met Lisa by the kitchen table drinking coffee
She saw me sighed
“Here goes my quiet morning “she breathed out
“Where’s ur lousy, privacy invading cousin? “I asked
“She went somewhere “she replied
“Good.. Let’s make up for last night “I said huskily coming close to her
“Nope,. Not today, as you can see am trying to relax, alone “Lisa said with her legs crossed
I was now in front of her
“You were saying?? “I asked
“Stay away “she said
I swiped her off her feet and dropped her on the kitchen table and pu-ll-ed her close to me
She [email protected] as I had took her by suprise
My hands trailed up her th!ghs and her mouth opened wi-de
I k!$$£d her n£¢k and she struggled to get free, I bit her
“Ouch! “She squealed
I ignored her and continued what I was doing, giving her a hickey
She liked cause she was [email protected] ing but she’s too stubborn to open up for me
I fondled with her b©©b s till she was so lost, she fell backwards and wasn’t alert to st©p me from entering
She was [email protected] ing softly
I began k!ss!ngher down to her tummy
I lifted her dress and re-moved her p*nt
I brou-ght down my face and fed on her
I was silently getting myself prepared to pu-ll in
“St©p… “She said weakly
I continued coming in slowly.. She can’t resist this
“St©p right there “She yelled , I froze at the sp©t
“Do u think am stupid? When did we ever plan this was happening?? Let me go right now “Lisa said
“Arrgh, st©p being [email protected] to get, my thing is alre-ady [email protected] baby, just let me “I pleaded
She scoffed and got down from the table
“Not in ur life.. “She said and adjusting her dress.. With a plan failed look, I put back my alre-ady opened belt
She st©pped and looked at me
“I want to go shopping.. So, I have to go get re-ady “she said leaving… Hmm… I gotta plan..
“I’m gonna drive you there “I offered
“Why? “She asked
“Am gonna be [email protected] by the mall 🏬 “I said she nodded
After a while, we both drove to the mall
I pu-ll-ed over in front of the mall
As Lisa turned to re-move her seatbelt, I quic-kly took her purse and took her ATM card, I dropped back her purse back to its position
She turned
“Meet you at home hubby, bye “she said gr-abbing her purse
She left and I drove out
💚Lisa’s pov💚
Immediately, I got down Josh sped off
I cat walked inside the mall and began shopping
Shoes 👠
Dresses 👗👯
Bags 👜
I couldn’t even carry them all
A security man 💂had to help me with the stuff I bought
We got to the cashier check
I dumped everything on her desk and she took her time untagging the things I bought
I stood there busy with my phone till she was done
“That will be 900 dollars “the cashier said
I opened my purse and searched for my ATM card
Oh no, I couldn’t find it but I remember putting it in my purse 👛
I’ve been acting like boss lady since I got here, I’d be really [email protected]
I glanced at the cashier, she was staring at me patiently
And unfortunately Josh had left
God, what did I ever do to Josh…
“Am waiting ma’am “The cashier said now starting to look at me suspiciously
Damn, what do I do??
Suddenly, two security men [email protected]£ and stood behind me
The cashier alerted them.. That wench
I scrambled over my purse.. “Am sorry but I.. I can’t find my card “I stuttered
They remained silent looking at me
Just then, I felt someone stand real close to me, I turned
“Josh… “I muttered
He wore a sm-irk
“j£rk, do u have my ATM card? “I asked
“Seems like you’re in a mess… I’ll pay but on one condition… “He paused
“What condition? “I asked standing at akimbo
“Wefu-ck tonight… “He whispered in my ear..
Tbc ..

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