The second Chris Effe story

CHRIS BAWA is a young talented fashion designer. The fashion company he works for is s£nding him to South Africa as their CEO. A t©p businessman in South Africa is impressed with Chris’ designs and has decided to p@rtner the Company. The businessman is getting married in Takoradi, and Chris is given an invitation card to repres£nt his Company at the Wedding.
But then, he sees that the girl who’s going to marry the businessman is EFFE KEDEM, a girl who had been Chris’ fiancé, a girl Chris had loved with all his heart, a girl who had broken his heart, a girl who had ignited fierce pas-sions in the heart of Chris!
Chris can’t say no!
He has to be there!
Suddenly, his happy life takes a stunned shock, and his heart kick-starts out of its comfort zone and spirals into a mas-sive cycle as old pas-sions of volcanic proportions scream back into life!
thri-lls. Pas-sion. Betrayal. Enjoy the second CHRISEFFE r0m@nç£series in all its explosive twists and turns…  starts tomorrow

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