June 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace


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©Aaron A.A

Chris is driving. Iris is sitting beside him, leaning back in her seat, half-turned towards him.
The CD track changes, and soon R. Kelly is singing WHEN A WOMAN LOVES.

Awwww, this song kills me! Just like an old school song, but rendered with such passion.

I love it too, but then again, I guess women are beginning to love with a lot more reservation than he espouses, don’t you think?

Yes, of course, and it is because you men are becoming more and more like sharks instead of human beings!

Wow, that hurt, lady.
Iris begins to speak, but Chris is turning into her driveway. He honks shortly, and soon afterwards the huge gates are opened by a tall lanky security guard.
Chris drives through. The house is a beautiful edifice
Your house never ceases to impress me. It is beautiful.
I like beautiful things, like this dress you designed for me. I think you’re going places, Chris. Elaine told me about the South African move, and although I was very happy for the two of you, it filled me with sadness too.

Sadness? Why,

because you might not be seeing Elaine regularly?

Nope. More like because I will not be seeing you again. You’re growing in me, Chris.
Chris gets out of the car and goes round the car, and their eyes meet and hold.
Suddenly Chris stops. He looks dismayed.

What am I doing? I’m supposed to drop you off and head back home, aren’t I?

Yes, Chris. Since the last time I tried to kiss you in my room … about five months ago, right? You’ve never come to my house again. You know, when we were dancing, YOU almost kissed me. I could feel it. Something is happening to you, boy. Are you unhappy? Are you getting cold feet over the move to South Africa, or the wedding? Is Elaine treating you bad?

No, darling. I’m perfectly alright. Just a little bit vulnerable, I guess.

Want to come inside for a while and talk about it?

Iris, dear, you just broke off from a relationship, and you’re vulnerable. I feel very weak emotionally right now because my mind has been forced to dwell on memories that hurt. The combination does not augur well for us to be together at this time.

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/> Iris smiles and raises a hand to Chris’ right cheek, touching him gently.

You know, this is the first time you’ve ever admitted that you find me attractive, Chris. I must admit that I don’t have the kind of inhibitions most girls have. Not that I go around seducing the

boyfriends of my friends, but you’ve been a particular challenge to me. I can make love to you, Chris, right now. It will fulfil a need, and a curiosity. It will not make me feel like I’ve betrayed a friend. But you, I don’t know.

You were hurt when you found Jack making love to another woman. What will Elaine feel if she finds out you and I betrayed her?

I was hurt, yes, but I think I was even more relieved. Right now, being with you, I don’t feel sad anymore. Maybe I didn’t love him as much as I thought.

Listen, Iris. I don’t want to go home now and be alone. I want to rest a while, with someone I’m comfortable with. You promise me I can trust you, and I will spend a little more time with you, okay. I do need a friend right now.

I promise, Chris. You can even tie me up if you want.
They both laugh softly. They enter a luxurious living-room. Chris takes off his coat and loosens his tie. He flops into a huge, beautiful sofa.

I will be with you soon, darling.

Yeah, okay. I’ll be right here.
The lights are soft. Chris looks comfortable as he kicks off his shoes and stretches out fully in the sofa.
He dozes off. He wakes with a start. Iris is lying beside him. She is in a stunning negligee that stops just short of her hips.
She is so close, and she is drop-dead beautiful.

Remember this outfit? It is the first of your designs that I purchased.

Iris, please…
Iris only leans forward and covers his lips with hers.
Chris groans.
He tries to push her away but his hands find her firm, proud breasts.
With another groan he crushes her to his chest and kisses her with abandon. She moans deep in her throat.

Oh, Chris, Chris…
Her hands are all over him. She rips his tie off, and flings his shirt off his shoulders.
His hands are under her negligee, exploring her smooth skin that feels like silk.
She moans deeply, flinging a thigh across his hips, giving his roving fingers access to her moist loins.
Her fingers dive into his trousers, fondling his engorged, throbbing manhood.
Suddenly, with a huge groan he rolls her over, pauses, and then jackknifes off her body.
His trouser zip is undone, and he is naked upwards. He zips up, still looking down at her unbelievable beauty.
His face is screwed tight, and her eyes follow him, still glazed with passion.
He turns away and walks unsteadily towards the huge French windows. He opens it and steps unto the balcony.
Soon Iris comes up behind him. She has pulled on a fluffy bathrobe, belted, but she still looks incredibly delectable.

Sorry, love.

My loss, but it’s okay. At least I got you to kiss me with real passion. I have always wondered how it would feel like to be desired by you. I guess I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll tell you what, no man has ever been able to spurn me, but you’ve done it thrice. I’m now convinced you’re incorruptible. You’re the kind of man all women dream of, but only a few lucky ones find. You’re the only thing Elaine has that I’m jealous of. You are principled, and I really admire that.

You wouldn’t believe it, Iris, but I didn’t stop because of principles.
You didn’t want to hurt Elaine? Is that it? But that also boils down to a matter of principles, doesn’t it?

No. I didn’t even think of Elaine. Hell, I wanted to make love to you, and terrible as it might sound, it isn’t the fact that I might be hurting Elaine that stopped me.

Not Elaine, and not your holy principles either. And earlier on there was this small-boy-lost look in your eyes. I’m curious, Chris.

I only stopped because four years ago, a woman I was deeply in love with tried to seduce my best friend. I hated her for it, and if I had made love to you, my hatred wouldn’t be justified, would it?
Iris sits down on a fluffy balcony sofa. She crosses her legs and looks at him deeply.

Never knew there ever has been another woman you really loved apart from Elaine. She always tells me yours has been a perfect love from the onset. Your parents fixed it, you grew up loving each other, and you have never loved anyone else. Now you’re telling me something different.
Chris sits down beside her and extends his legs. His laugh is like a bark.

Yes, Elaine and I grew up thinking we were the perfect couple, but there was another woman who took my heart and ripped it into pieces! It was a nightmare I almost didn’t wake up from.
I’ll tell you about her; she lived in an orphanage , and I met her on my way to Accra from Takoradi. She had been in a motor accident…

To be continued

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