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voice for the poor 4 finale


What next? My father must be buried. I thought.

Just when we were leaving the court room someone called me from behind.

Madam Brenda! Madam Brenda!
I quic-kly turned around and it was Ezekiel.

Hello Ezekiel, it’s been a long time. I greeted happily.

Very very madam. You promised to get back at the people, and indeed you did. You are such a blessing to this nation madam, you are the true voice for the poor. He happily complimented.

All glory be to God for ma-king this hunt for justice, a success. I responded in smiles.

But one thing madam, if not for today, I didn’t know Doctor Boadi was more stupid than I am. He quic-kly added.

Come on Ezekiel, who told you, you are stupid? I asked in disappointment.

That’s what everyb©dy says, and that’s what my instincts tells me.
Anyway madam, I can see the media people are waiting to interview you, let me leave you, we will surely meet again. He responded and walked away happily.

Jeeez Ezekiel, how on earth can you accept stupidity as your hallmark and be happy about it? I thought as I approached the journalists for their various questions.

After my interactions with them, we went back to the village.

RM, less I forget, what are we going to do for Kojo? He is still in prison you know? Ike inquired.

Ike, I’ve told you several times that I will never rest till justice is sought for anyone that needs it.

I’ve appealed on Kojo’s case, and we are hitting court in two weeks. I responded.

Awwww RM, you and surprises. Anyway, I’m more than glad to hear.

I visited the prison that week to discuss my intentions with Kojo.
Brenda, success is mostly slow to achieve but in the end, it is worth the wait.
We listen to news everyday and I’ve heard everything you’ve been doing.
You are such a blessing to this nation, thanks so much for your efforts. Kojo complimented happily.

I’m humbled by your words, and I am so sorry for the delay.
Kojo, I promise to establish any business of your wish for you, once you are out of here. I promised.

We went to the court the following week and sooner, justice prevailed.
Kojo was re-leased from prison. I fulfilled my promise of establishing a tailoring shop for him. That was his profession before he started working with my father.

Brenda, what can we do for Damfo? Kojo inquired.

Nothing really Kojo. There was an evidence of him beating Richlove.
Damfo is guilty, and I don’t want to go near his case. He looked on for Richlove to murder his wife, due to the hvge sums of money he was extorting from slee-ping with Richlove. I responded.

That’s true Brenda, may God have mercy on his sinful soul. Kojo stated.

News about me kept circulating.
The youngest lawyer in the law field who has won every case.

People brou-ght their various cases to me and I charged a little fee to work on it for them. Unlike my colleague lawyers, my fee was as small as a peanut.

I didn’t intend to make hvge money from my career, I only intended to win justice out of it. The reason for charging that little fee was as a result of my transportation and little requirements that needed money to buy.

Days [email protected] and I contacted my father’s family about his burial.
Necessary arrangements were done and the burial ceremony took off.

People from far and near [email protected]£ to sympathize with me.
I couldn’t just stand on my feet when I saw my father la-id in state.

I’m sorry daddy. My quest for justice claimed your life in the process.
You sacrificed your life to make me win! There is no father like you, and there can never be any father like you.

But daddy, I won! I won all the battles. I succeeded in getting justice for the poor, and just as you wished, my voice is heard internationally.

I’m sorry once again for this day, but like you told me, my tears shouldn’t break me, it should rather build me.
I am strong for you, and I know you are happy wherever you are.
Rest in the Lord’s bosom my father, fare thee well. I lamented sadly.

People wept uncontrollably by my words.
Soon, it was time for burial, and when the corpse was about to be carried away, Ike pleaded with them to wait.

plea-se wait a minute! Don’t take my in-law away until he hears what I have to say. He screamed.

Instantly, the entire place [email protected]£ so quiet.
Ike walked towards the corpse in tears and I followed him.

Daddy, you entrusted your daughter into my hands, and I am here to make you a promise.
A promise of never hurting her, a promise of putting eternal smiles on her face. A promise of being the shoulder that will support her throu-gh her endeavors and above all, a promise of ma-king her my wife.

On this day, a day everyone is shedding tears like this, I intend to put smiles on her face.
Therefore in your pres£nce, and that of everyb©dy here, I ask for her hand in marriage.

Slowly, Ike knelt down before me.
My Brenda, my role model, will you marry me? He asked with a ring in his hands.

I just couldn’t believe it. This is unheard of!
In my mourning state, Ike intend to take my pain away. Indeed, he is a man of happiness. I thought quic-kly.

How dare you Ike? How dare you take my pains away?
How dare you put smiles on my father’s sad face?
Ike how dare you make me the happiest woman today? I responded sarcastically.

What are you still waiting for? Go ahead, go ahead and take the bachelorette out of me.
As sure as heaven Ike, I will marry you. I responded happily.

Tears turned into joy at the funeral, and everyone complimented Ike for his bold action.

Months after the funeral, Ike and I tied the knot.
Mr and Mrs Osei. Our friends and family cheered us up.

Exactly a month after our marriage, I had an invitation from the current president to the presidency.

Brenda Osei, I am very much honored for your pres£nce.
I need you, this country needs you, the people need you, and justice needs you as well.

We are all poor, and we need a voice like yours to talk our rescue. I therefore appoint you as the special advisor to the president. He announced.

I just couldn’t believe my ears. My eyes were filled with tears.
What a day! What a destiny!

I am very much honored your excellency, but I have to speak to my husband about this position.

Just when I landed, Ike entered the office.
You have my support my wife! We all need this voice to speak for us. He responded happily.

Ike! So you knew about this alre-ady? I exclaimed in shock.

Yes my wife! The president informed me few days ago. He responded.

Tears dropped off my cheeks.
Your excellency, I wholeheartedly accept this position. I responded.

The president couldn’t hide his joy. He thanked me a million times.

I think you can move into the city now my special advisor, there is a place reserved for you to stay. He suggested.

I’m honored your excellency, but may I plea-se plead with you to permit me stay in the village?
A new position doesn’t necessarily require a new location. The village is just 20minutes drive from the city, and I can honor your invitation anyday anytime.

Besides, that accommodation can be rented out to buy a more affordable ones to cater for some homeless people. I responded.

God bless you and your ideas my special advisor.
This country will definitely work again with your pres£nce.

Indeed, you are the VOICE FOR THE POOR!!? The president responded with smiles.

11 months into our marriage I gave birth to twins, Ike was over happy so was his parents. Days past into weeks, weeks into months.

One faithful evening Ike [email protected]£ home with a [email protected] new car and asked me to get in, i was surprise and confused as well with so many questions on my mind but he asked me to be patient.
I got in to the car and he drove off, 25 minutes later we alighted in front of a beautiful duplex. There was a security man at the gate he open and we get in, the house so beautiful.
Brenda this is our new home Ike said, I couldn’t say anything he notice my silence and [email protected]£ close to me, RM thank you for choosing me, thank you for giving me the joy and peace of this world I just stood in silence with a big smile on my face knowing fully well that I could not have asked for more, that very moment I decided to do everything humanly possible to make my family a happy one.

THE END!!!!!


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