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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Virgin prostitute final Episode

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Virgin Prostitute 😜💦
(😱 The crazy slut is a virgin? 😱

🍭 Episode 19 🍭(Semi Finale)




Jane’s pov

“I like you Jane” He added and pulled me into a kiss.

We broke the kiss and I helped him stand on his feet well. The fire didn’t really do him bad just some scratches.

I dust off the dirt on my already tattered gown and faced the driver who was crying already.

“Assuming I hadn’t listen to you. We would have died like that” He said and slapped his forehead hard.


“It okay, it’ a good thing you obeyed Philip. Well we need to leave this place now. Am having a bad feeling about that man” I said turning to others.

“I need to get the police ready, they should be on their way now” Eric said and brought his phone out of his pocket.

“Henry, get the cops now and track this number. Am expecting you guys in less than 40 minutes okay?…. Good” He said.

“We need to leave this spot now. Am sure Andrew will be on his way and would expect to be dead by now” Kate answered.

We left the accident scene and stay far away so we won’t be noticed easily.

😈 Uncle Andrew’s pov 😈

The car came to halt and I came down first. The car was burnt beyond repair. No one will escape this.


I turned to Tony who was smirking. Why is he smirking? Anyway that

isn’t my business.

“Tony, Find their bodies and pack them into the bags” I said and he nodded.

“Okay sir” He replied and moved towards the car.


He quenched down the fire and searched in and out of the car before facing me.

“No bodies sir, it look like they escaped” He shrugged.

“What?!” My eyes widen in shock.

“Yes sir, I think there’s a spy among us” He answered and my head snapped up.

“You mean apart from Philip?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yes…..And am sure he’s here”

I turned to the boys, they looked down. None said anything.

“Who the f*ck is the spy?!” I yelled, clenching my fists.

“We don’t know sir? We don’t know” They said.


I was still angry when an helicopter pass, a police helicopter!

Not one, not two but three helicopters. Are they coming down here to arrest me?

god of aparakubem please don’t let them take me away. I promise to bring you the best ram.

The helicopters passed by, and I calmed down a little. Someone must have called them.

“Let’s go back to the Hut, I need that spy within two days.” I said and took two steps before stopping.

A laugh made me stop. Wait! That’s Tony’s.

I turned to him and saw him still laughing.

“You don’t have to go anywhere when your end is here. You think you can just killed my family the way you do to others too.

Take them as your men and make then serve you. Do you know you are so foolish? Ohh! You won’t be able to notice that.” He

said and I arched my brow.

Did he just talk back at me? Why’s it that everyone I trust among the boys end up dead or may betray me.

“You won’t be able to notice cause you are too blinded with money and hatred that you forgot those boys you took after killing their family will come back to take revenge. Just like we here” He stretched his fingers towards the bushy area.

In a minute, boys and girls who I remembered I killed either their parents or any family members close to them and I also raped the girls too.

I do use them for ritual according to god of aparakubem.

“You see? You killed their love ones and even get the girls raped. You don’t need to ask me how I was able to gather them. You know I do follow you at every scene you make” Tony continued.


The other boys were staring and I glared at them.

“What are you guys waiting for? Come get them killed now!!!!” I ordered but they erupted into laughter.

“Mr man, they can’t obey you. Did you forget something easily?! You killed their love ones too! Isn’t it?” Tony replied perfunctorily.

That’s true. I killed them and made their sons serve me.

” You see that little boy over there? Chris! Can you believe he can kill you right now just the way he killed victor”

Huh? Chris did what?

A 15 years boy can’t do that.

“Don’t be surprised when you see what’s gonna shock you soon. For now you need to reap a little of what you sow”


Tony whistled and the angry mobs brought out what I didn’t expect. Some where holding stick, some were holding fry pans, pots, long spoons and other not too sharp objects.


They beat me till I see death coming soon. I hardly open my eyes.

god of aparakubem why did you leave me? You didn’t protect me. Why?

Kate’s pov

The cops lead the way, walking through the thick bush. We could hear some angry talks at the other side.

We ran there and saw uncle Andrew at the point of death.


“Hands up everyone!” A cops said and everyone raised their hands as commanded.

I ran to uncle Andrew and somehow I felt pity for him.


“Uncle Andrew” I called and he opened his eyes slowly.

“Kate?! You.. Are alive? How did you escape? Are you the only one?” He questioned.

“All of us uncle, we escaped and alive now” I replied and he smiled.

“Where’s Jane?”

“She’s here” I answered as my sister stood behind me with a frown on her face.

“What? You expect me to die right? Well that god of yours failed you already. See how you here laying down like a beggar” Jane spats.

A tear came down from his face and turned face us. “Kate, Jane am sorry for what I did. Am sorry for what I did to your parent. I was blinded with jealousy, hatred and love to for money” He apologized rubbing his palm together.

“You think we gonna forgive you? Let’s see if gonna do that. You’re such a bad father and I regret having you as my father” Sister Jane replied and stood up.

“Kate, please tell her to forgive me and everyone too… Am sorry. Am ready to surrender now. Am turning myself in” He cried and I pat him on his shoulder.

I really witness his end. Can’t believe he’s apologizing right now after what he did.

The cops came and took him away. He’s gonna be charge to court in Nigeria next week Thursday.

I turned to Eric and smiled. “You’re happy now?” He asked me.

“Yeah, he apologized for what he did, he deserve forgiveness but he will surely pay for what he did” I said and kissed him on the lips.

At last, we won the battle.

Jane’s pov

I was so angry, I don’t think he deserve forgiveness from me. I really hate him with passion.

“What are you thinking dear?” Philip asked.

“Nothing, am okay” I replied facing him.

His brown eyes caught mine and I felt butterflies in my stomach. His smile alone can make me go crazy.

“Really? Okay. One thing you gonna do for me Jane”

“What’s it? ”

“You gonna forgive your dad”

Huh? I can’t.

“I can’t….. ” He cut me off.

“No complaints, he just need your forgiveness, that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna jailed. Just forgive him okay?” Philip said and I nodded.

“I forgive him” I finally did.

I really have no choice than to forgive him.

“That’s my girl. Come give me a kiss” He pouted and I kissed his lips.



🍭 Episode 20 🍭(Finale)

Eric’s pov

Finally! The battle is over now. I turned to my kate and press my lips on hers and she responded.

“I love you Kate” I said, kissing her harder.

“I love you too” She replied and I smiled.

“Will you stop kissing and let’s get out-of here” Philip said.

I chuckled and stopped the kiss. Kate’s hair got scattered all over her face cause of the wind. I stuck the hair behind her ear and stared at her beautiful face.

She’s just so beautiful, I can’t believe this lady standing here changed everything about me. I will love her till death do us part.

Hours later, we were still at the scene. The mobs had calmed down, some were crying and also cursing Andrew for he did to their family.

Uncle Andrew really did so many bad things. So many. He deserve a life imprisonment in fact death by hanging will do.

Soon, they all went there ways remaining we and Andrew’s boys.

“Tony, I never knew you could do this. I thought you were in support of that bastard” Philip gritted.

“I can never and I won’t, he killed my fiancee who was even pregnant with a baby. He killed her all because she never wanted me to join his group.

And he thinks I won’t revenge on what he did. I didn’t join his group to serve him, I did to take revenge.”

Tony answered and I sighed.

That man is really wicked to the extent of killing a pregnant woman. He should have just die.

He really deserve death.


😇A week later ………. 😇

Everything was peaceful and lovely. Everyone is minding their business now. No more trouble from anyone.

Chris the little boy among Andrew’s gang will be going to highschool soon. I took the boy as my own son. I mean, I and Kate.

Philip is in Nigeria, currently working in a oil and gas company and also Kate’s sister actually followed him too.

Lover birds.

Well, Uncle Andrew was sentenced to life imprisonment and guess what two days later we heard of his death from Nigeria.

He had wrote a letter of apology, pleading to everyone he had offend and also asking for forgiveness.

He died by hanging him self. He really died a shameful death. May his soul rest in peace.

Kate’s pov

Eric had been the best for me. The best man for me. Gosh! Am shy to say this. I gave him my v*rginity on his birthday night. 🙈

It was sweet, his touch awwwn was awesome. First it was painful but soon it turned to pleasure.

Enough of that!

Well, I never told my sister about the drug stuff and all that. So am keeping it between me and Eric.

I went back to Nigeria to visit my parents’ grave with sister Jane, Eric and Philip. It been long I visited.

I never believe I could find happiness like this but I actually did.

My phone beeped jolting me out of thought. I was a text message.

“He proposed Kate!!!!” I read the text from my sister.

“Really? take a photo and show your engagement ring too… It gonna go viral. So when is the wedding? Next week?” I replied.

“Kate calm down, I will be visiting his parents here in Lagos so they will have to fix the wedding date” She answered.

“Ohh… Okay, I can’t wait for the wedding Sis Jane. I know your favorite color is purple so I will decorate the whole hall purple.

Wait… What’s Phillip favorite color?” I asked.

“It green color”

“Okay, am getting you a sexy green lingerie for you for that wedding night. You know” I replied, sending a winking sticker.

“Gosh! you’re so naughty! Thanks anyway. I gotta go now. He’s back from work”



4⃣Four days later…….

The wedding date was fixed so soon and we’ve been planning the wedding ceremony all along.

The wedding will be taking place in London. Sounds great!

My phone began ringing and I smiled, picking the call.

“Hey sweetie” I said, cheerfully.

“Hmm.. Ma, it’s Henry. Boss is feeling sick and we actually don’t know what’s wrong with him.

He refuse to take any pill saying until you come and he won’t be going home anytime soon” Hearing what the man said, I dropped the ribbon I was holding, taking my bag and walking out of my office.

I own a very big boutique now with many staffs.

30 minutes, I pulled in front of E.D company and walked inside. I passed the receptionist since I can’t find her and no need for question cause I knew Eric’s office already.

I got to the office, my eyes went directly to Eric whose head was in the desk. I moved to him and checked his temperature but it was normal.


“Eric are you okay?” I asked him.

He raised his head up and smiled. “So you really forgot what today is right?” He answered still smiling.

“No, what’s today? I can’t remember what today is all about” I shook my head trying to remember what today is but I couldn’t.

“Happy birthday!!!!!” He screamed and the building almost shook when I saw people coming from their hidden places shouting “Happy birthday!!!”

“Today is my birthday? Wow, I can’t believe I forgot that. Thanks Eric” I thanked Eric and also to everyone.

A little boy came giving Eric something his hands and went back. Suddenly, Eric was on one knee.

O. M. G! 😱

He’s gonna propose? Oh my!

“Kate, I would love to spend the rest if my life with you. I will love you to be the mother of my kids. I want to love you forever with my heart. Will you marry me?”

I nodded my head speedily. “Yes! Yes! Am gonna marry you” He chuckled and slip the ring in my finger.

He stood up and gave me a heart warming kiss. Am almost his now.


Fast forward …..

4⃣4 years later……..

After sister Jane’s wedding, two months later I did mine in a grand style. It was the talk of the town. Eric’s parents were really lovely.

They accepted me so quickly. Now am heavily pregnant with another child after a set of twins. Two boys.

My sister Jane had given birth to a year old boy and a three year old girl. Every Christmas, the family come together and chose a particular place to spend our Christmas.

Sometimes it can be in our house or theirs and also it can be another country.

This life has really treat me well. No more trouble. No more god of aparakubem. No more battle.

We are free now. Free from the past. No more virgin prostitute. Am now a great woman with a lovely husband and beautiful kids.

Am so happy with my life. This is me.



The End…..



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