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v!rg!npr©st!tût£Episode 3 & 4

(😱 The crazy slut is a vir-gin? 😱)
🍭 Episode 3 🍭
Kate’s pov
I could tell he really want to sleep with me and he may really take it [email protected] on me if I don’t agree.
Arrhhh! What should I do? Haven’t I put myself into trouble?
I glanced at his hand and gulped. “Sir, maybe next time. My b©dy is aching me” I replied and j£rked off my hand from him.
He scoffed and face me. “Really? Does a pr©st!tût£gets tired when it comes to s*x? What’s the work of a pr©st!tût£bit-ch?”
I wanted to shout “Am not a bit-ch!!” But I composed myself.
“I’d like to be going now, am running late” I answered and turned. I walk briskly out of the club.
Thank God he didn’t call me back. Truthfully, he’s handsome, his redl-ips, and gorgeous eyes are killing even if I didn’t see his face clearly.
I can’t believe myself staring at him the other time. I felt a tap in my shoulder and I turned fearfully.
The other guy who [email protected]£ with Mr handsome stretched his hand and gave me a card.
“Expect his call soon” He said and turned to go.
I re-ad what was in the card and [email protected] Wait! This is E.D company! One of the best company in Russia.
And Mr handsome is the CEO, this is Eric Darwin for crying out loud.
It was Eric that approached me the other. Gosh Kate you are a goner.
This guy is a fv¢king trillionaire! I heard he’s arrogant, rude and a S-x freak.
I got home after much stress. I ate my dinner and [email protected] my be-d. My sister had gone to sleep.
My eyes went to the card and I sighed. Wait! The guy said I should be expecting Eric’s call. Where the hell did he get my number?
😴 😴 😴 😴 😴
Next Day.
I had been thinking if I should have another job [email protected] from this robbery prostitution. But my sister won’t allow that.
Saying, Prostitution fits me well cause if this S-xy and perfect b©dy if mine. Sometimes I wish I was really ugly with no shape.
I remembered my parents, they are dead now. I was left alone in Nigeria until she [email protected]£ to pick.
If I had know I would have stayed in Nigeria in fact forever than to stay with my sister who wanted me to become a prostitute.
The Rohypnol is about to finish and I need to get another one. I took my bath and wore a blue trou-ser and White turtle n£¢k sweater.
I wore my sandals and walk out of my room. I got downstairs and saw my sister dancing and twisting her [email protected]!st.
She’s no match with me when it comes to dancing. She knew that very well.
She paused the music and turned to me. “Where are you going Kate?” She asked arching her brow.
She knew I don’t go out at this time. I only go out whenever I want to buy the drug but I would lie that I have to see someone important.
“I need to get something outside. Am gonna come back soon ” I replied and took my step forward to the exit.
Am sure she would want to ask what’s the thing I was gonna buy but I won’t allow her question me.
I got to the pharmacy, greeted him and asked for my usual drug. He nodded and gave me. I gave him the money and left the place.
The guy had known me as his regular customer. He once asked what I do use it and I told him I use it for some purpose.
On my way, my phone rang and I checked the caller but it was an unknown number. I reluctantly picked it.
“Hello, who is this? ” I said, as I keep walking.
Eric’s pov
“Eric bit-ch! Don’t tell me you don’t remember in the club yesterday right? Gosh you such a fool” I yelled as I glanced at the mirror in my car.
I got her number from one of the bartenders. I never st©p thinking of that pr©st!tût£since she ran away.
What’s wring with you Eric? I only need her in be-d but she’s proving stubborn as if she isn’t a slut.
“Sir plea-se next time you want to talk, you should talk with respect okay? Yeah am a pr©st!tût£and you want my service.
Fine! You should tell me that and st©p saying gibberish over the phone excuse me” She fired back and I opened my mouth slightly.
What the heck! Now one has never speak to me like that before but this pr©st!tût£here just opened her mouth and insult me.
Gosh! Eric you are a goner.
“Since you aren’t saying anything, I guess I have to go. I have something important to do ” She said.
“Don’t you dare cut that call, come tomorrow night in Treasure h0tel by 9pm. If you don’t am gonna kidnap you and do anything with you.
Am gonna use you till you die. You know who I’m right? Eric Darwin. Just give in and sleep with me.
God! I don’t know why you don’t want to do this, it not like it gonna be your first time. You can hi kwaku on+233544142683 to re-ad more stories from storybaze, storyline,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room. I heard you have good qualities a pr©st!tût£posses and I would like to have a taste of you” I stated and rested my head in the chair.
She laughed hysterically. “Kidnap me? Do you even know where I live? And I was about asking this, who gave you my number? ” She asked and I laughed too.
“I am Eric Darwin dear, how about I say you are wearing a blue trou-ser and a white turtle n£¢k sweater. ” I replied and smiled as I watched her [email protected] from afar.
Henry did a great job in tracing her down to her house.
“How did you know where I was leaving? And where are you know? ” She asked and was turning her n£¢k around.
I smiled and [email protected]£ out of the car. “How about you face front, you will see a black car ” I replied and she did that.
She frowned her face and glared at me.
“Why did you come here? Must you sleep with me at all cost Huh? Am I the only pr©st!tût£in this place? Arrgh… You are just annoying” She said, angrily tapping her feet.
I stared at her plump pinkl-ips moving gently as she talks. I feel like k!ss!ngthosel-ips now.
” I don’t have time to answer that, just a k!sswill do. I have to go somewhere just need to check on my crazy slut ” I win-ked and placed myl-ips on hers.
My b©dy felt something strange, a new feeling. The k!sswas h0t and I felt like taking her right there but this is public.
Herl-ips were sweet and soft, arrgh I don’t know why she’s different from another sluts even if I haven’t sleep with her yet.
Am gonna keep her. She’s my regular slut now.
Jane’s pov
Isn’t that Eric Darwin? Gosh I can’t believe Kate Katherine k!ss!nghim now. Are they [email protected]!ngor what?
She better not cause am gonna destroy her relationsh!p. She works for me. She’s a pr©st!tût£so I am but I don’t have many clients than Kate’s.
Everyone loves her than me and she’s always ahead of me that’s why I hate her.
Total hatred.
🍭 Episode 4 🍭
Kate’s pov
We broke the k!ssafter some minutes, I stared at his ocean blue eyes for some time before looking away.
Arrgh.. What’s this feeling?
“I need to go, See you tomorrow in Treasure h0tel by 9:00pm” He said and got into his car.
Like seriously? This guy is so desperate! I just pray my normal routine work on him cause he looks smart.
“Don’t come late, else you know what I can do” He added.
What can he do?
“I don’t need to tell you that ” He replied like he had re-ad my mind.
I ignored him and walked straight home. I saw my sister at the window and was glaring at me but she put on a smile which I could tell was fake.
“Who was the guy I saw you with? ” She asked folding her arms.
“That’s Eric Darwin. He asked for my service” I replied.
“I caught you guys k!ssing, is that [email protected] of the service? I mean you were k!ss!nglike you are in love with him” She answered and left the window, where she was sitting.
“As a prostitute, k!ss!ngis one of the easiest thing to do”
” Am really exhausted, I need to go freshen up again and sleep. No disturbance Sis. And am going to my client by 9:00pm” I added and turned.
“To him right?” She said and I st©pped.
Why’s she so bit-chy about Mr and this guy.
No strings attached. He just needed y service that’s all.
Or maybe she’s jealous that I do have big clients like Eric Darwin. Well, she shouldn’t be surprised cause am always better than her.
In everything!
I dropped the drug into my closet and locked it safely when I got to my room.
I looked for a dress which am going to wear this night to that j£rk’s h0tel.
I wore a red t©p, white mini Sk-irt and a white sneakers. I did my usual makeup and smiled at the mirror.
I took the drug into my bag and stood in front of the mirror.
I took my steps majestically out if the room. Thank God my sister isn’t in the sitting room. I took my phone from where I was charging it.
I board a cab to the h0tel and I got there in 30 minutes. I paid the fare and walked in to the h0tel.
Wow! This place is so [email protected] and looks expensive!
I took a picture and dropped the phone in my bag but it beeped and and I brou-ght it out again.
“Tell the receptionist that you’re going to Eric Darwin’s room” I re-ad and I scoffed.
Bastard! Arrghhh..
I sighed as I got to the receptionist and and asked for Eric’s room. She gave me an evil sm-irk but I didn’t care.
“I guess you are his new slut. He’s such a S-x freak.
He really made the right choice in choosing you. Enjoy your self girl. ” She said and picked directed me to the fool’s room.
I knocked on the door and it was opened immediately, as if he was expecting me.
I entered and I gulped [email protected] well I saw his biceps, six-pack, w€tl-ips and his dripping w€t hair.
I think he just had his bath.
Gosh! He’s just so handsome. ‘Kate! Mind your business.’ I warned myself.
“Welcome” He grinned and pushed me to the wall.
His breath fanned my face and I felt bu-tterflies in my stomach as he smiled.
The next thing was k!ss!ngme on myl-ips. Arrgh his softl-ips is incomparable to the men have k!$$£d.
His hand moved to my face and raised it up. He de-epened the k!ssand I could felt his [email protected] d***k.
I need to st©p now. The drug! The drug! I can’t do this with him. But how do I do this?
He’s not willing to leave the room. He looks like he wants to devour me right there. Kate you are in a state of confusion right now.
I st©pped the k!sswith my strength cause he had to hold my head ti-ghtly to him self. As if myl-ips are running away.
Eric’s pov
I felt angry when she st©pped the k!ss, I really enjoyed k!ss!ngher. Herl-ips were different.
This tingling s-en-sation whenever I t©uçh her b©dy is different. Why is she so different from the other slut I have sle-pt with?
She won’t even let me sleep with her now. We should have been in the be-d ban-ging each other but no she won’t allow that.
Why’s she now a pr©st!tût£when she’s always avoiding this. I heard she’s popular in the clubs, bars and also among the slut.
But here she is, behaving like it gonna be her first time in doing this.
“Hmm.. Can we get a drink? ” She asked and batted her long lashes.
“Drink? For what? Let’s get this done for good” I fired and threw her on the be-d.
“And st©p behaving like a new born baby” I added and moved my hands to her t©p
“No, let’s get a drink. plea-se just a [email protected] ” She pleaded and for no reason I accepted.
“Fine! Go get it” I finally said and sat properly on the be-d.
“Yeah, thanks. Let me go get it” She answered and I held her hand.
“I will order that ”
“Hmm.. No. I will do that. Am coming” She quic-kly replied and stood up.
I rubbe-d my hair and waited for her. She [email protected]£ in afterwards and I didn’t allow her to drop the drinks properly before going to meet her.
“Kate!!” I called lowly.
My d***k is so [email protected] right now and I fv¢king need a pu**sy.
I [email protected]£d her and made her [email protected] the be-d. I k!$$£d her r0ûghly.
“Eric st©p this!! Just st©p plea-se” She pleaded but I wasn’t listening.
“Ericccc!!! plea-se” She pleaded crying and sniffling this time.
My head began to reset and I st©pped what I was doing. Did her cry just made me st©p or what?
Eric! Eric! You are a goner!
I stood up from her and stared at her attrac-tive green eyes. Am just so attracted to her.
“Am… Sorry, go home now” I said and walk into the bathroom.
What’s wrong with the bad Eric? I even said sorry after long time! Gosh!
Kate’s pov
Oh my! That was close. Almost.
What made him st©p? He didn’t even drink the drink at least he’s gonna forget me for a short term but no he didn’t.
He’s gonna come back for me. He really wanted me at all cost.
I need to go now. He mustn’t meet me here!
Kate! Always land your self into trouble.

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