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v!rg!npr©st!tût£Episode 17 & 18

(😱 The crazy slut is a vir-gin? 😱)
🍭 Episode 17 🍭
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. I just pray tomorrow is gonna be the end of Andrew. That son of a bit-ch!
Kate’s pov
Is he really coming? I mean uncle Andrew. Who knows if he’s just saying that to make us scared and re-ady for him.
Gosh! What a total mess!
I turned to look at where I was sh0t, we really need medical attention.
Few minutes later, a boy [email protected]£ with a small box and opened it. A first aid kit.
Thank God.
He opened the cell door and entered. He dressed our wound, removing the bullets and bandaged our leg and arm.
At night 🌃
Around 8pm..
I was expecting the guy who wants me this night. I hid the drug in my b©©b s and waited patiently for him to come take me.
10 minutes of waiting, he’s still not here or has he s£nt anyone to come take me.
Maybe he’s busy or something. Whatever!
“Just can’t believe he’s dead like that.” Someone said, actually talking to another man.
“Victor just died like that! I wonder what killed him cause have know him has a fearless man.
Boss is gonna be mad to whosoever that killed him and won’t spare him.
“Wait, I didn’t hear that well. Vic… Victor is dead? Like how?” I asked myself.
“What’s it?” Eric asked.
My sister had sle-pt.
“The guy is dead, the guy who kidnapped us is dead” I replied.
Wow! What really killed him?
“What?! Gosh not when we need him, in fact not anymore since he’s dead. Let’s just wait till tomorrow okay? We need to face what’s coming tomorrow” Eric answered and I nodded.
Like he just died like that? Good for him though.
😈 Uncle Andrew’s pov 😈
Next day…..
My phone rang and I picked it immediately, myl-ips stretched into a smile when I saw it was one of my boys.
Am coming to Russia today and that’s gonna be the end of those three.
They were supposed to be two but unfortunately that white wizard joined them.
Now I can live longer on earth. The god of aparakubem will make me live longer on earth.
“Yes? What’s it? Is there a problem?” I asked the boy.
“Sir, actually nothing… I mean yes there is.” He went silent for a while and continued again.
“Victor is dead” He said and I paused my blinking eyelids.
“What?!” I yelled, as I curled my f!ngersinward.
“How did he die? What killed him? Who was there when he died? Huh? Answer idiot!” I yelled again.
That guy was one of my best boys. The one I trust among the boys but he’s dead all of a sudden now.
“We don’t know sir, we found him on the be-d, he was stabbe-d with a knife” The boy said.
“A knife? Who could do that? Cause am sure he can’t stab himself with a knife. Never.”
“We are still investigating sir, what about the new prisoners, are you still coming for them?” He asked.
“Not anymore, the person who killed victor also wants me dead too. I won’t be coming again till further notice” I replied and the line went dead.
I sat angrily on the be-d and bit myl-ips [email protected] adjusting my spectacle.
I ain’t going to Russia now, I need to be careful.
After three days I will surely come for Jane, Kate and Eric. And…. I think there’s a spy among us.
Once I get hold of that person, I won’t spare him and his family.
Kate’s pov
Wow? We’ve been waiting for uncle Andrew to come but he isn’t coming.
I knew he won’t come since he must have heard about Victor’s death.
Right after the death of Victor, everything changed. Some boys had been giving the prisoners a good meal.
Worst [email protected], was them pla-ying with us. Like seriously!
So they were all afraid of victor and uncle Andrew. But that isn’t my business now, I need uncle Andrew to be here.
I would love to let him see his daughter’s face and niece before he get arrested or probably die.
Am not wishing him death though but I think he deserve to die.
“It looks like your uncle won’t be coming here soon” Eric said, jo-lting me out of thought.
“Yeah, am sure he must have heard about that guy’s death and that would make him stay back a little before coming” I answered.
He looked at me and smiled. “Don’t worry, I, you and your sister will win this battle okay? We gonna put your uncle behind bars” Eric said, patting my head.
He raised my chin up and gave me a long de-ep k!ss.
“Really? You guys forgot am here” My sister spoke turning to the other side.
“We are sorry” I apologized and she nodded.
Our cell door opened and the guy [email protected]£ in with a mysterious smile on hisl-ips.
What’s up with that smile? I wanted to ask but I kept quiet.
“Hi guys, good evening” He greeted and sat beside my sister.
He must really like my sister because he’s always with her whenever he [email protected]£ visiting.
“Hey Jane, how are you feeling now?” He asked Jane.
“Better, we’ve been expecting my so called dad but he isn’t coming why?” Sister Jane asked.
“Ohh! Well he said he won’t be coming again maybe it because of Victor’s death, I don’t know” Phil!pshrugged.
He’s not what?!
“He’s not coming again? What kind of man is this? Anyway whenever he’s coming just tell us okay? I need to tell the police retreat for some days.” Eric spoke and sighed.
“Okay, see you soon. I guess the guys are feeding you well now because am in charge now” Phil!preplied.
“In charge? After victor, you are in charge. No wonder the boys have been good to us” I said, folding my arms.
He laughed and stood up from the cold floor.
“Yeah, if possible I might get you a better place to stay but only two rooms and this prison is here.
Am sorry. Well, I have to say Goodnight” He said and gave Jane a pe-ck on the forehead before leaving.
I could see my sister blu-shing.She must have fell for him and he too must have had feelings towards my sister.
Uncle Andrew! Uncle Andrew!! Soon I will see your end. You gonna rot in jail.
🍭 Episode 18 🍭
Phili-p’s pov
I sat down on the be-d which I shared with the boys and began thinking.
Who really killed victor? It must be one of the boys.
I gathered the boys outside, beside the seashore. The wind was b!owing pretty [email protected]
“I called you here all because of Victor’s death. Who’s responsible for his death among you?” I asked.
Silence took over. No one said anything. They were all looking at each other’s face.
“Why the silence? Can’t you speak?” I yelled.
“Sir, maybe he stabbe-d himself” A boy said shakily and I glared at him.
“I don’t think so, someone must have done that to him. It’s better the person confess now or he’s gonna regret if I catch him myself” I growled.
I really want to know who killed the mighty victor. I really want to know him.
A blonde boy in his 20’s [email protected]£ forward and knelt down. Chris!! The timorous one among us.
“Chris?” Everyone chorused.
Yeah, everyone needs to be shocked. We aren’t expecting Chris to be the killer. I mean he’s the fearful, timid and shy one among us.
“Sir, am sorry. I didn’t mean to kill him. It was unintentional, a mistake. He wanted to kill me first but I had to shoot him before he kill me” He explained with tremblingl-ips.
“Really? Why did he want to kill you? Did you offend him in any way?” I asked and he nodded.
“I heard him speaking with boss about killing everyone in the cell including you because he has been watching you all along and make you a suspect.
He planned to kill you that yesterday and I wanted to leave to come tell you about it but then he caught me and pointed a gun trying to kill me but I was fast enough to pu-ll the trigger on him” He explain again.
I sighed and dismissed everyone except Chris.
“Chris, I can’t say what you did was good though. Did you hear him say he want to kill me?” I asked him.
“Yes, he said that with the boss, are you really spying on us?” The boy asked in a gentle voice.
The question took me off guard and I st©pped to face him.
“Chris, I know this sound awful but I think you can keep this as a secret. Are you sure you can keep this as a secret?” I asked, facing him.
“Yes, if that involves killing boss am gonna do that. That bastard killed my twin sister for ritual” He growled.
“What?! He killed your twin sister? Don’t worry he’s gonna get arrested and pay for what he did okay?” I replied ru-bbing his soft hair.
Kate’s pov
Two days later…….
“Are you sure he will be coming soon? I don’t think he’s gonna come anytime soon” I said to Eric and sister Jane.
“Calm down Kate, I know he’s coming for sure. He just need to be re-ady to face what’s coming for him too” My sister answered.
“fv¢k! Am tired of waiting, he should just come for crying out loud” I yelled and they cell door opened.
“He’s here! You guys need to cooperate okay? Eric call the police and tell them to get re-ady and bring the phone too.
When it’s time, I will tell them when to attack okay? Now behave like you are… Starving or anything that makes you look like you are suffering. I gotta go.” Phil!pexplains.
Eric did some things on his phone before giving it to Phil!pbefore he walk briskly out of the cell.
He’s here! Time to face the devil.
“Am gonna see that stupid father of mine? I hate the fact that he’s alive.” Jane spats.
“It okay, gonna win this” I @ssured.
The other prisoners were murmuring about them been afraid of Andrew and the fact that he’s here.
Who will he kill next?
Somehow I was re-ady to face him myself. He’s gonna pay for what he did to my parents. He’s gonna pay for the bad things that happened to me back then and even now.
Am re-ady for the so called devil.
The other door opened and the prisoners kept quiet Al of a sudden then I knew he was here.
I stood up and held the iron door, looking and waiting for him to come.
Finally, I sight him. He’s now an old man. Long time no see.
He got to ours and st©pped with a sm-irk on his face.
“Hey gentle kids” He said as he grins.
“Hi bald headed man” Eric replied and stick his ton-gue out.
I laughed going to sit beside my sister and also glaring at him.
“Hey! Don’t talk to me that way! Don’t!” Uncle Andrew snarled.
Eric scoffed and face him. “What if I do? Ritualist!!” Eric fires back at him
“Shut up you fool! Did I ever kill any of your family?” He asked.
“No, but you killed fiancee’s parents and that hurts.” Eric said and my eyes wi-den.
Fiancee? Gosh Eric can be funny sometimes.
“Fiancee? You are engaged to Kate or Jane?” My uncle asked.
“No, am engaged to Josephine. . What do you want from us? You wanted to kill us right? Go ahead” Eric answered.
“Well, I don’t have your f*ucking time. Phil!pget this three to the car. They are coming with me to Nigeria.” My uncle said and went out of the cell.
What?! He must be joking. We are going to Nigeria?
Phill!popens the cell door and breathe in and out heavily. “You guys need to cooperate, he’s suspecting me as the spy alre-ady. Don’t worry everything is un-der control” Phil!psaid and took us out.
Wow so I can see the sea again? After many days. We moved to the van outside and entered. I saw my uncle talking to some boys.
He got to us giving us that stupid grin of his again.
“Get re-ady to join your ancestors babies” He said and asked the boy in front to drive us out of the place.
Of course he didn’t follow us. But Phil!pwas with us.
Uncle Andrew’s pov
I laughed at the good plan I had made and which is about to work. In 40 minutes the car is just gonna get burnt anytime soon.
Phil!pdoesn’t know who he’s battling with. I alre-ady know he’s the spy just had to act normal around him.
Only the driver is innocent but his death doesn’t add anything to my life.
All I need is those four fools’ death.
“Tony, gather the bags we do pack the corpses and get re-ady. We are going somewhere” I ordered and he nodded.
Jane’s pov
Minutes of driving, Phil!psuddenly ask the driver to st©p immediately he received a call from someone.
“St©p the car Williams!” I ordered but the driver turned deaf ears.
“Boss told me never to st©p till reach the destination before 40minutes and we’ve used 30 minutes on the way.” The driver said.
I could see Phili-p’s eyes red. “Do you know we all are about to die?” He finally said and the car st©pped immediately.
“What?!” We chorused.
“Phill!pwhat are you saying?” I asked looking into his Charming eyes.
“Don’t worry honey, we aren’t going to die trust me” He answered.
I blu-shed when he called me honey. But that not it.. We are about to die.
Before I could speak, Phil!psaid something.
“Come down now!” He yelled and we were about opening the door but it wasn’t opening.
Wait! What’s happening? Someone should get us out of here.
“This door isn’t opening Eric” Kate complained.
I have an idea! “The window! We can come out throu-gh the window.” I said.
I was the first to get out then Kate, next was Eric and the driver. But Phil!pwas about to come out when the car bomb out.
“Nooooooo! Phili-p!!!!” I screamed and ran to the burnt car looking everywhere for him but I couldn’t.
He can’t just die like that. He really did everything to make us escape. He can’t just go like that.
My eyes caught something moving and raised my head up.
“Looking for someone?” He grins as he struggled out of the burnt car.
“Phili-p! Are you okay?” I asked feeling concerned.
“Of course! I can’t die most especially leaving my precious Jane alone in this world.” He said and held my cheek.
“I like you Jane” He added and pu-ll-ed me into a k!ss.

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