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v!rg!npr©st!tût£Episode 11 & 12

(😱 The crazy slut is a vir-gin? 😱)
🍭 Episode 11 🍭
Kate’s pov
“Ma’am, you are here. Well I need to tell you this. He lost his memory” The doctor said.
“He did what?!” I screamed and turned to the frowning Eric as tears dropped down again.
He can’t lose his memory when I need him the most. No ooo!
“Eric, don’t do thing to me. Just try and remember me. Remember me it Kate” I said and shook him but he was just looking.
“Well, he can remember some things but not all. He has a selective memory now” The doctor replied and [email protected]£ closer.
“It temporary, he can still regain them sooner or later.” He added.
“I don’t know what am doing here, which country is this? You guys are too black for my liking” Eric ch!pped in.
Here comes the arrogant Eric.
My sister walked in and stood beside him.
“Eric, how are you doing?” She asked.
“Who’s she too?” He replied turning to me.
“She’s my sister Eric. Doctor can you ask him some questions plea-se?” I pleaded.
“Okay, Do you know your name?” The doctor started.
“Of course. My name is Eric Darwin. And this h0t place doesn’t sound like my country” He replied and I [email protected]
How come he remembered his name? And also noticed that this country isn’t his.
Did he really lose his memory or what? Am totally confused here.
“Wow! He remembered his name. Never had a patient with anterograde amnesia and still remembers his name” The doctor exclaimed.
“Do you know you are in Nigeria?” My sister said.
“What?! Nigeria? How come am here? You guys kidnapped me right? Take me back to my country. I need to go back to my company.
Wait, I didn’t I bring any bag here? Where the fv¢k is my bag?” He kept on ranting while I watched him.
Why can’t he remember me. God why me?
Eric’s pov
At night, I had packed my things in the h0tel which the ladies had taken to. I don’t know how I get here.
I don’t even know them. Are they important in my life? I heard the doctor saying I had a memory loss.
A selective one for that matter. I can remember some things about me. I sighed and walked out of the room.
I had booked my flight alre-ady and am re-ady to go now. I don’t even know my business here.
I met the ladies outside and we all board a cab. They will be taking me to the airport.
The taxi was moving slow cause of the traffic. I looked throu-gh the window and saw a stone stained red.
That must be blood. Some people were cleaning the blood on the floor and on the stone too.
I laughed that off and I suddenly felt a spark in my head. It really hurt more than headache.
I gro-an ed, holding my forehead as the stone image and a car [email protected]£ but disappeared immediately.
“Are you okay Eric?” The black lady with green eyes asked and I looked at her with an open eye.
The image of a faceless lady in grey sweater and a black jeans. Her face isn’t clear but she has a great b©dy like this lady with green eyes.
The images are just in pieces.
I kept gro-an ing until the painful feeling st©pped. I rested back my head and closed my two eyes.
“Am fine, it just a slight headache” I replied the lady.
I heard her sigh.
The taxi st©pped in outside the airport and I entered waving the ladies bye. The green eyes girl was trying to fight the tears in her.
Somehow I felt pity.
4 hours journey was hell. Soon, the airplane landed and am back to Russia. I stuck my hand in my pocket to bring out my phone.
“Didn’t I have a phone?” I asked when I couldn’t find it.
I shrugged that off and board a cab to E.D company. That’s the only address I remember now.
I got down and entered the company, seeing different staffs working here and there.
“Mr Eric! Wow you never told us you were coming” A man said coming closer and bowed, taking my bags away from me.
I think he’s one of the staffs. “Let’s go to my office” I replied and he nodded leading the way.
Getting to the office, The pain [email protected]£ again and I winced in pain holding my head with both hands.
I stumbled on the floor as images appeared in my vision.
I was right there k!ss!nga girl but I can’t see her face.
I was yelling on a boy with office files in his hand.
The man who took my bags too appeared saying something I can’t un-derstand clearly.
“Arrgh!!!! My head hurts” I gro-an ed and felt a hand on my head.
“Sir, are you okay? What’s wrong? Let’s me call the………. ” I didn’t hear the rest before blacking out.
😈 Uncle Andrew’s pov 😈
“Did you get them?” I asked the boy.
“Yes, they are in Nigeria right now.” He answered and I grinned.
“Do you know the address they are right now?” I asked, sipping my champagne.
“Not yet, I guess they are moving from one place to another. They aren’t stable yet.
The last time I saw them was the h0tel that white guy lodged and I guess they are still there.”
“Okay, just get them for me. I want a clean job okay? How about the white guy you saw them with?”
“Samson had to use a car, and he just hit him and not roll over him but he suffered a memory loss due to the accident. I got the details from the hospital he was admitted to.” He replied.
“What?! I asked Samson to use a trailer for God sake. Arghhh! Well at least he lost his memory” I grinned.
“Am giving you tomorrow to get those girls for me. Don’t do any harm to them. Bring them to me first.” I said and hung up.
I just need them dead to appease the gods of aparakumbem 😂 so I can live long like I did to their parents.
They had really stepped beyond their boundaries. They shouldn’t have interfered into my privacy.
My brother had everything in life without stress cause he’s destined to be great. While I wasn’t.
Am elder brother serving his younger one. Total disgrace.
I had to go to every deities to ask for solution to my problem but I was told to have patience.
Have had enough. Enough of the patience! I had to do blood money and ma-king me live longer on earth.
And that’s involves killing my wife, my daughter Jane even if I didn’t succeed that.
They had to interfere and talk her away from me. I was so angry that I had sworn to use them all.
Though am rich now, thanks to my wife’s, brother’s and his wife’s death.
Am going back to Nigeria again, am getting those girls tomorrow.
You can’t run away from me Jane and Kate.
Kate’s pov
I couldn’t st©p crying since Eric left the country. I skipped lunch and I had to skip dinner too.
It hurts! Really hurts.
I wish I can go back to Russia even if Eric can’t remember me. I will make him to. He must remember me by all means.
I can’t help but think about him. He’s just in my head now. He’s the one am thinking of right now.
I had realized that I loved him and can’t get him off my mind.
My sister [email protected]£ out from the bathroom. Her phone rang and she picked it immediately.
Eric’s pov
I opened my eyes slowly and looked round the room. I was put on a drip in the hospital!!
I stood up gently and rested my back when my mom walked in with a man too.
I can remember my mom too. “Mom!” I called and she [email protected]£ hvgging me.
“Eric my son! What are you doing to yourself? Huh? You just left the country like that to Nigeria and [email protected]£ back landing in the hospital” She said softly and I bit myl-ip.
“Son! What made you black out?” The man asked.
Ohh! That must be my dad.
“Hmm…. I wasn’t feeling well.” I replied and the doctor walked in with a cli-pboard.
“Good evening doctor” My mom greeted.
“Good morning Mrs Darwin” The doctor replied.
“What’s wrong with our son? He said he’s not feeling well” My dad said.
“Huh? Yes, he’s not feeling fine. He had….. “He paused when I blinked my eyes at him.
He shouldn’t tell them now. I don’t want them to be worried.
Luckily, he un-derstood. “He has a slight headache. Nothing serious.”
“Headache? And that made him black out?” My mom queried.
“Yes, don’t worry ma, sir he’s gonna be okay” The doctor answered and I mentally thanked him.
My parents left the hospital and the doctor [email protected]£ back with a smile on his face.
“Mr Eric, you knew you had a memory loss?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yes, I knew. I heard it temporary” I replied back.
“Good, soon you will regain your memory back. Don’t try to f0rç£ yourself on remembering anything, it gonna make you black out too” He advised and I thanked him.
He replaced the drip with a new one and went out of the room.
Kate’s pov
Sister Jane picked the call immediately.
“Yes? Okay………what?!” She yelled and turned to me.
“Okay thanks for the information Phili-p” She finally said before dropping the phone.
What’s wrong again?
“Kate……. Am sorry about this. But, we are going back to Russia. This time, we are going to face whatever is coming for us. Let’s go now!”
Tell me am dreaming. My wish to see Eric [email protected]£ true and I guess uncle Andrew is at it again.
Episode 12 🍭
Kate’s pov
“Kate……. Am sorry about this. But, we are going back to Russia. This time, we are going to face whatever is coming for us. Let’s go now!”
Tell me am dreaming. My wish to see Eric [email protected]£ true and I guess uncle Andrew is at it again.
I nodded my head and stood up.
“Are we going now?” I asked her.
“Yeah, I need to book our flight now” She replied.
I packed my clothes into my bag and my sister did hers. I looked around to see if there’s anything left for me to take.
“We need to leave here in three hours time. Uncle Andrew is coming to kidnap us by 10pm sharp and this is 5:55pm.” My sister said and sat on the be-d.
“Then when are we going? By 8 or 9pm”
“Let’s say 8pm Kate, am sure you’re super happy cause you will be seeing Eric again” She sighed.
“Yeah, am happy but it still hurt that he doesn’t remember me” I replied, sadly.
“It okay, it just temporary. You gonna wait for him to regain his memory back”
I looked at my sister in awe. Is this really sister Jane who had gone soft? Well I guess she has to be soft when it comes to Uncle Andrew.
Eric’s pov
I got discharged from the hospital, and called the doctor to tell my parents to take me home which they did.
“Son, are you sure of that? You gonna be okay alone?” My dad asked.
“Yes, am gonna be okay dad” I replied and turned towards the exit.
I stood up from the chair, looking round the whole living room with my pictures hanged on the walls.
I really live in a big house. Do I even know my be-droom?
I dragged my self upstairs and opened a room with medium size be-d in the corner of the room.
This seems like a guest room but that isn’t my problem now.
I took a long shower and tied myself with a towel round my torso and one on my n£¢k. I got downstairs and opened one if my bags.
I brou-ght out a V-n£¢k shi-t and a jogger and wore it. I went to the kitchen and stood there like an idiot.
Am sure I don’t know how to cook. I walked out of the kitchen and tried ordering pizza but sh*t! I don’t have a phone.
I [email protected]£d a face cap and marched out if the house. I ignored the cars parked outside, if only I knew where I do keep car keys.
But I can’t remember. My memory loss is one hell of a kind.
I guess my amnesia was specially made for me cause I can remember having a company but can’t remember having a home.
I remembered my mom but can’t remember my dad.
I shrugged that off while I walked down the street. I got to a restaurant and a waiter appeared immediately.
I ordered beef stew and rice with a flute of champagne.
30 minutes of eating, I paid the bills and walk majestically out of the restaurant.
At my left hand side was a club, I need to get wasted tonight. Probably, get a bit-ch home to fv¢k.
Adjusting my face cap, I entered the club which looks familiar all of a sudden.
My head began spinning again and I had to close my eyes ti-ght. I eventually opened them later.
I took a sh0t [email protected] and drank the content in it. I noticed a girl sm-irking at me. I signalled her to come which she did.
“What can I do for you mister? Need my service?” She asked se-ductively.
“Yes, you gonna warm my be-d tonight. Get your @ss re-ady cause we are going over to my house” I replied with a sly smile.
“Oh.. Let me go take my bag” She said and walked away, swaying her h!ps.
Kate’s pov
We got to Russia late in the night and stayed in our former [email protected] which we didn’t sell.
“Now that we are back in Russia, we just have to quit this prostitution stuff. And Kate…. Am sorry I led you to it maybe I was just blinded with jealousy and hatred. Am sorry” My sister apologized.
She’s really apologizing for her deeds if only she knew am still a vir-gin. Well, am not telling her the truth yet.
“It okay Sis Jane, let’s forget about it. I really need to see Eric” I answered, honestly.
She chuckled. “Do you love this guy? I mean Eric”
Huh? Do I love him? Of course I do love him.
I nodded shyly but she patted my head. . “You gonna get your man soon and we also gonna fight this battle coming”
I decided to go out that night, even if it [email protected] 12 midnight but the street was still lively. Am used to this when I still do the drug stuff.
I don’t even know where the Rohypnol is now, I guess I lost them somewhere.
I suddenly tr!pp£dand landed on the floor, struggling to stand I saw two humans giggling as they walk funnily towards me.
I [email protected] when I saw a chubby girl with Eric [email protected]£ss!ngher b©dy and I could tell he’s drun!k.
He’s not supposed to drink when he knows fully well that he lost his memory.
It hurt though seeing him with another girl. I finally stood up and turned back going back home.
“Wow! Sweet Kate is here. Long time no see Kate, it been a year I saw you last” Mac suddenly appeared from where he is.
“I travelled. Get that now? Bye” I replied sharply and make my steps fas-ter.
Mac is just one of the boys that won’t st©p chasing me until I sleep with them but I do say.
” I don’t deal with low [email protected], I go for VIP”
“Oh, you went to expand your business right. That sounds funny.” He chuckled and crossed his hand to my n£¢k giving me a k!sson thel-ips.
I [email protected] his damn face for that words and the fact that he k!$$£d me. I know what he meant by that words.
“Don’t ever try that in your life! You are not even my type so get lost!” I growled and left him there.
I felt a hvge hand that drew me back. Mac again!
“I guess I will have to do this by f0rç£. If you can’t give me easily then am doing this with f0rç£.
Don’t worry you gonna enjoy me like the other men you fv¢k” He held my arm ti-ghtly that I was almost wincing in pain.
He dare not take my v*rginity! Of course he dare not.
“Mac just let me go, am not re-ady for this.” I struggled trying to loose his grip from me.
“No pleading Katie. No pleading, now let’s get back to work” He grinned and tore my tank t©p revea-ling my b©©b s in a black lace [email protected]
He grinned the more, turning deaf ears to my pleads.
He threw me on the cold floor in front of a closed grocery.
“Mac plea-se st©p this, am begging you. Just st©p motherfv¢ker!” I cursed.
I tried pushing him off me but the son of a bit-ch was f*king strong.
“Have been longing to use you Kate but you just keep throwing your self to those rich old men” He replied.
Bammm!!!!!!!!! A big stick landed on his head as rolled off from my b©dy. I raised my head to see the drun!kEric but the girl isn’t with him again.
Where did she go? Well that’s none of my business.
Mac stood up angrily with a red face and charge towards Eric.
Eric’s pov
I felt a b!ow on my face and gave the idiot several b!ows on his face. Am drun!kbut not really drun!k.
My head had been spinning since I left the club, scenes coming to my vision in pieces.
I took the stick again and hit the guy on the head and he [email protected] out.
“Are you okay?” I asked the girl almost half n-ked but she was covering her b©©b s.
“Yes” She nodded shivering.
“Why are you here in my country? Did you miss me? Or you wants to monitor me? Or you wants to help me regain my memory?” I asked the black lady with green eyes.
She really had to Russia. Was our relationsh!pde-ep before losing my memory? I wish I can gain my memory back.
I really wish.
“Both Eric, everything. I really miss you so much and am gonna help you remember your memory soon.” She said and [email protected]£ close to k!ssme.
It took me three seconds to k!ssher back. While k!ss!ngsomething in my head flashed.
(I was on be-d k!ss!nga lady and she sounds like she was crying.)
I de-epened the k!ssand moved k!$$£d her jawline then to her che-st as she [email protected] ed a little.
All I did now was recalling in my vision with the girl on be-d. I closed my eyes ti-ghtly feeling a sharp pain.
The girl’s on the be-d [email protected]£ clear and I saw that it was the girl am k!ss!ngright now. Are we really related?
I st©pped the k!ssstill feeling the pain, slumping to the floor and holding my head [email protected]
“Do you know how much am fv¢king attracted to you? Do you know? Am so much attracted to you.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me and I don’t know why you keep pushing and punishing me this [email protected] way.
What did you do to me Kate?” I could see my self yelling on the girl again.
What did she really do to me? Her k!ss!ngme is ma-king me see things in my vision.
Everything am seeing is just in a flash. Finally I blacked out.

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