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June 18, 2021


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Virgin prostitute Episode 1 & 2

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Virgin Prostitute

(😱 The crazy slut is a virgin? )

Episode 1 😜

The Drug 💊 💊



Kate’s pov

“Kate aren’t you done with the makeup? Mr Lonnie is waiting. Awnn you look beautiful in that dress ” My sister Jane complimented and I smiled.

“Thanks sister ” I replied, and hugged her.

“You’re the best ” I added and she blushed.

Best indeed. A sister who lured her blood sister into prostitution. She’s the worst sister ever.


In my life, I pray we don’t cross parts.

“Thanks honey, well you have to hurry now ” She said and walked out of the room.

It was night and I have a client this night. Mr Lonnie, a manager director in Excellent Limited.

I did my ugly makeup has usual, yeah I do heavy makeup so I don’t get recognized.

Lol. Funny right? Am very beautiful without makeup. I do work at night.


I took the Rohypnol also called roofies and put it into my bag then my phone. I wore my black heels and stormed out of the room.

I waved my sister bye and took a taxi.

“Premier Hotel” I said and they taxi nodded.

I stared at my too exposed thigh and smiled. Am not a real slut. I should be called a fake prostitute cause am still a virgin.

A virgin prostitute. Am a little popular cause of my perfect sexy body. Every men would love to have me.

But I deal with VIP. Very Important people.

Let’s talk about the drug I do use.

Rohypnol is a drug also known as forget me pill,Mind eraser, Rophies and so on. Normally it is called “Date rape drug ” due its amnesia produced by the drug.


An immediate acting benzodiazephine partial amnesia.

Well I do give my clients that, they won’t recall what happened that night for a short term. I don’t give them overdose so I won’t have people’s death hanging on my neck.

The drug is legal in this country. It normally used in clubs and bars. Most especially the rapist have this drug so as to rape girls.

But mine is vice versa. I use mine to steal money from my clients and run. When they wake up they won’t remember a thing, not even my face nor the money.

One thing I avoid is, if the alcohol is clear or white one. I don’t use the drug cause it will turn from white to blue.

I never had clients who drink water rather they drink wine or anything alcohol. I guess I have to stop here.


The taxi came to halt and I paid the man, I got down from the car and walked to the hotel gate.

The security gave me a

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lustful look and I winked at him. Did I tell you that everywhere I go, men even the teenage boys had to glance at me for three to four times.

They are only interested in my body and not my ugliness.

The security let me in, I got to the reception and

asked the receptionist the room Mr Lonnie was.

She told me “Room 9, just go straight and turn left ” She said and I nodded.


I cat walked with my heels making sounds.

I knocked and the door was opened immediately, an average man was standing in front of me.

I could tell he’s in his forties. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“You must be Kate right?” He asked and I nodded.

I walked in without his permission, my eyes roamed round the room and stopped when I saw the money on the table.

Mr Lonnie sat beside me and touched my hair softly but I only smirked.

“How about we have a drink Mr Lonnie? ” I said, turning to him.

“Leave the drink alone, let’s just start this “He whined.


“No, we must have a drink at least to boost our energy okay? Don’t worry I will give you the best styles ever ” I grinned at the fool.

“Arrghh! Must we have a drink? ” He yelled.

“Am sorry but yes we must don’t worry just a drink that’s all ” I replied and kissed him on the lips.

Am still a virgin but my lips…. No longer.

“Fine!! ” He replied reluctantly.

I smiled and called for a red wine, It was brought immediately.

“Why don’t you just have a bath ” I said again.

“What?? Let’s do this please…. Am feeling horny ” He yelled.


“Hey calm down, fine I will be going. You can’t just lay on me with that sinking body of yours ” I fired back.

“But I just had my bath now, before you came you came in ”

“Well your body still smell offensive to me ” I replied, perfunctorily.

“Arrgh.. You are such a bitch.” He snarled and walk to the bathroom.

Yeah. Am a bitch with certificate. 😜

I quickly walk to my bag and took the liquid Rohypnol and poured a drop into one of the drinks.

I sat down immediately and composed my self well. Minutes later, Mr Lonnie came out with a towel hanging round his neck.

He sat down and I gave him his own drink, he drank a little and dropped it. It gonna take sometime to work.

I crawled up to him and began massaging him on his shoulder. He moaned with pleasure.

“Finish the drink, you need to have enough strength ” I said and he took more.



“Arrgh, I want to sleep. I really need to….. ” He didn’t complete his words before he slumped and slept like a dead pig.

I quickly rush to the table and took the money, then dropped it into my bag. I took his phone, his neck lace and other valuable things around him.

I scattered my hair roughly and adjusted my dress, I cleaned my lipstick and walked out of the room.

The effects of the drug isn’t much, just make you sleep and forget what happened to you that day.

He’s just gonna wake up and won’t remember anything. Not even my face.

The receptionist gave me a scornful look and I glared at her before walking out. I called a taxi and entered.

Mission accomplished!


I got home and met my bitchy sister eating. I looked up when she noticed me.

“You are back? ” She asked.

“Yeah I am ”

“Was Mr Lonnie fun on the bed?” She asked again.

“Of course, I gave him the best style ever and he enjoyed it”

“Wow! My sister is now perfect than me ” She winked and I smiled.

“I gotta go to my room, I feel sleepy and tired ” I said and walk to my room.


Episode 2 🍭

Arrogant Eric🙄 and Clumsy Kate😂


Eric’s pov 😡

“You are fired you fool!! ” I said and slapped the files in my hands on her face.

She gasped loudly, and picked the files crying.

I don’t care. I picked my phone and called Henry.

“Get me a bitch and send her to the hotel” I said and hung up before he could say anything.


I sat on my chair fiercely and glanced at the crying receptionist. I arched my brow and turned to her.

“You are still here? Get the fuck out of my office now, you snail!!!! ” I yelled and banged my hand on the desk.

She flinched and quickly took the files and walked out of my office. I sighed heavily and stood up.

I took the elevator, I moved out of it and saw the receptionist parking her things. I won’t tell you why I fired her.

Henry ran forward to me, and bowed. “The lady is ready sir ” He said and I shook my head.


“Get an interview ready tomorrow, we are gonna be selecting two receptionist ” I replied and walk out of him.

“Where the hell is he? Johnny!!!! ” I shouted, my eyes blazing.

“Sir!! Sir!! Am sorry I didn’t mean to leave the car. I was just feeling bored and needed fresh air ” He stuttered out and I scoffed.

“Really? Next time you don’t disobey me. You are fired” I responded and got into the car.

“Sir, I didn’t mean to come out of the car. Please sir, I really need this job ” He pleaded but I turned deaf ears.

I turned on the car engine and drove speedily, down the street. To the hotel.


Treasure Hotel 🏨…

“OMG! Eric is here ” Someone screamed and everyone rushed to see me.

I feel proud the way people call my name. Drooling and praising my handsomeness.

“He’s so handsome and cute today! ” Another one said.

I smirked at them and they almost fainted. I need that one in blue. I thought as I stared at her boobs.

She noticed me staring at her, she bent in pretence to pick something. I saw Jehovah’s work in her.

I signalled her to come close, then I took her to my room. I met another sexy lady on my bed.

Am gonna have fun with two bitches. “Take your clothes off before I finish bathing.” I said and walk to the bathroom.


I took a quick bath and stepped out of the bathroom. I met the two ladies sucking themselves.

This ladies are totally bitchy. I step close to the and the first lady came to. I kissed her fiercely and dropped her in the bed.

The second one came too giggling.



I rode the girl to climax and spanked her butts. I lay beside her gently, trying to catch my breath.

“Get your clothes on and leave the room ” I said and stood up nakedly going to the bathroom.

I heard what one of them said “He’s so huge. I could feel his d***k touching V wall. ”

I smiled and got to the bathroom to take a bath.



Kate’s pov

“Sister Jane, please help me with that purple lipstick.” I pointed to the table beside her.

“Okay beauty, you look beautiful without make up but when it comes to make you look awful. Should I help you with it?” She asked.


“No sister, I love the way is ugly in makeup. I do get more VIP clients with this ugly face if mine” I replied and applied the lipstick I asked her to bring.

“Ohh…. So Mr Lonnie didn’t call back yesterday? Maybe he would need your service again ” She asked and sat beside me.

“No he haven’t, Sis you know I don’t sleep with men twice. Once I sleep with a man, I don’t sleep with him again.”

“But… You know you should have customers. I mean big customers. You don’t just sleep with rich men like Mr Lonnie a day /night and walk out of their lives like that.

You must be one of their favorite girl. So you collect money, cars and even houses as much as you want. Kate, I know you are wise.” She finished her sermon and I glared her secretly.

What kind of a sister is this? Huh? I regret meeting you Jane.

I don’t deal with men twice. Reason is because, of the drug. I don’t want to keep giving my clients Rohypnol. The effects is just gonna be much.

A drop is okay for a man. The drug doesn’t kill but it makes you sleep and forget something that happened to you hours ago.

Too much of it in the body might kill so that’s why I do a night 1 man.

“Well I can’t do that Sister Jane, one man is okay for me. I’d be going now, I don’t wanna keep my next client waiting ” I said and stood up.


I got to the club, and entered. My attention caught the boys and they gave me lewd smile.

I returned it with a wink. I manage to pass between them but not without touching my butts and my boobs.

I don’t feel anything am been touched, My body doesn’t respond to their. I don’t know why maybe it because I ain’t ready for s*x.

“She looks sexy as usual ” A boy whispered to the other and I gave them a fake flirting smile.

I just pray I don’t get rape anytime soon.

I walk briskly to man who is my next target tonight.

“Hi sir ” I greeted with my sweet voice.

“Hi!! Wow! I think I made the right choice in choosing you. You’re damn sexy even with this your ugly face” He replied but that didn’t hurt me a bit.

I sat on his laps immediately and began kissing him on his lips, face, nose and ears.

His hand touched my boobs but I grabbed his hand.

“How about we do this in the washroom?” I whispered and he grinned foolishly.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to shove my cock into your sweet p*ssy.” He said and stood up.

I took the wine he was drinking, my hand went into my bag, carefully looking at him as he was still busy taking his phones and other jewelries he had removed.


I took the drug unnoticed, and poured a drop in it. I turned to him and gave him the drink. He collected it and drank a little.

He kissed me as we dragged ourselves to the restroom. The drink was still in his hand and was still drinking out if it.

Moaning filled the restroom, people doing dirty things. Kissing and making out.

We entered one at last, before I could react the man had already started to kiss me and loosen his shirt buttons.

I broke the kiss and stared at his eyes. “Calm down man, just be a little patient. Let me give you one of my best sexual massage.

It gonna turn you on quickly. You love doggy style right? ” I asked and he nodded quickly.

The effect is taking too long in his body, soon his eyes were becoming dull.

“Alright let me give you” I touched his bare chest and began rubbing it, kissing them at the same time.

I gave one of his tiny nipple a small bite. Am sure you might be asking where I had learnt all this. I don’t need to tell you.

“I need to sleep please! Just leave me!” He whined and I stopped what I was doing.

He fell to the ground and began snoring loudly. I did my normal routine, taking the money, phones and jewelry into my bag.

I packed my hair tightly with a band, leaving the ugly makeup alone. I poured the drink into the WC.

I came out and my eyes went to a man in yellow suit, girls were around him. Flirting.

Our eyes met and I gulped. I never stare too long on men but I am today. His eyes looks cold.

He left the girl and came to me, I turned to leave but he held my hand tight with his grip.

The feeling I never felt before came. Who is this man? I don’t even see his face clearly cause of the dark eyeglasses he’s wearing.


Eric’s pov

I held the girl’s arm, and I felt a new feeling. I shook it off and turned to her.

“How much for a night? ” I asked staring at her ass.

She look so sexy, when I say sexy. I mean S.E.X.Y.

But she’s ugly arrghh, anyway am gonna bang her life out tonight.

“Actually, am going home maybe next time ” She replied and I arched my brow.

“Excuse me? I don’t care! Fine I will pay you 3 million for tonight ” I answered harshly.

I must get her all cost, no matter where she go. Am gonna find her and sleep with her. I know she’s a prostitute but it like I need more than her body alone.


Kate’s pov

Gosh! This guy is proving stubborn. I can’t just lose my virginity to this arrogant jerk here.

I could tell he really want to sleep with me and he may really take it hard on me if I don’t agree.

Arrhhh! What should I do? Haven’t I put myself into trouble?
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