Vamp blood Episode 7 to 9

[ Guardian angel 😇 Spoilt br@t 😒.]
Written ✍ by SUMMER GOLD👑👑
Episode Seven 💗💗
Luna 🌹🌹
We got to the house and I was surprised, the house is magnificent, so amazing.
A guard open the car for us and we c@m£ out, I followed the president as he enter the house. The sitting room is big enough to become a whole house.
Alot of maids were running up and down, they all bow as the president c@m£ in.
” sit down ” he said and I sat down, he told one of the maids to call yuju, I guess it’s his daughter.
A girl c@m£ down the stairs, she look very beautiful, just like Rush.
” hello daddy ” she hvgged her father
” baby ” Mr president replied
” who is she? ” she asked pointing at me.
” She will be staying here from now, I want you to treat her as your sister ” he said
” trust me daddy, I will ” she said and smiled
” am going to give you some cash, take her out and let her buy alot of clothes ” he said and I was surprised
” Thank you Mr president ” I said
” you can call me dad instead ” he said
” okay dad ” I said and he went upstairs.
The girl moved closer to me, she’s a bit taller than me,
” Am yuju ” she said and move her hand closer for a shake, I took her hand
” Luna ” I said
” you look so beautiful ” she said and I smiled
” same as you ” I said
” let me show you your room so that we can get re-ady for the shopping ” she said and held my hand.
We got to a door and she opened it, the room is awesomely big, the be-d is a king size. It’s so soft, I sat down on it.
” my room is the one beside you and Rush room is the one opposite yours ” she said, talking about Rush, I’ve not seen him yet.
” okay ” I replied
” I want to get dress, give me two minutes ” she said
” I will be waiting ” I said and she went out of my room.
I went downstairs, I started walking round the house, I heard a step behind me.
” who are you and why are you here ” Rush asked
” Uhmm,,, am Luna ” I said and smiled
” I don’t care about your name, what are you doing here ” he asked again
” Luna is staying with us from now, dad brou-ght her home ” Yuju said.
Rush look at me and walk away, I breath out. This guy is scary
” Am sorry, my brother is a little bit ha-rd ” she said and I nodded
” let’s go ” she held my hand and we entered the car, the driver drove off to the shopping mall 🛍.
Rush 🌹🌹
Why the hell will daddy bring someone to this house without telling me? I went to his room, he seems busy but I don’t mind.
” Son, what are you doing here ” he asked, I sat down on chair
” why did you bring that girl here dad ” I asked
” Dont worry son, Luna is a good girl ” he said
” I don’t like her ” I said
” you will soon get used to her, son ” he said
” never ” I said and he smiled
” we shall see ” he tea-sed, I un-derstand what he meant by that
” that’s never gonna happen ” I said and get out of the room.
I went to my room and took my phone, I and my best friend, Stephen and Frank started video chatting . They are the only one who is close to me, but they are out of the country.
” you don’t look happy ” Francis said
” Dad brou-ght a strange girl home, I don’t like her ” I said
” is she ugly? ” Stephen asked
” I don’t have time to observe her ” I said and they laughed
” guess what ” They said
” What is it? ” I asked
” we are back to Korea ” they said and I smiled
” Are you guys kidding me? ” I asked in disbelief
” We are coming to school tomorrow, ” Stephen said
” I will be glad to have you back, this place is boring without you ” I said
” don’t worry we are coming tomorrow ” they said
Luna 🌹🌹
Am really tired right now, Yuju is a really fashionable type, she almost bought the whole boutique shop.
Different clothes and shoes, I smiled
I look down at the shopping bags on the floor, I really have to arrange everything in the wardrobe.
After some minutes, I am done.
My door opened and a maid c@m£ in
” it’s time for dinner mam ” she said and I nodded
” I will be there in a jiffy ” I said,
I got downstairs and met them sitting on the dinning table, I joined them.
” You look tired, are you okay? ” dad asked
” yea ” I looked at Yuju and she giggle
” Yuju, did you buy the whole shop again? ” dad asked
” almost ” yuju replied and we laughed
I guess her dad know what she can do after all, I look at Rush, he’s expressionless. This guy is something else.
After dinner, I was unable to sleep so I went to sit beside the swimming pool, it’s really cool. My legs are inside and I enjoy the coldness of the water.
I walk into the kitchen when I left the pool, I nee-d to drink water. I was about heading out when Rush c@m£ in, his eyes bec@m£ wi-de-ned.
Am really scared, what do I do right now, we continue starring at each other until he walked away.
I breath out and ran into my room,
Episode Eight 👗👗
Luna 🌹🌹
I was woke up by the alarm, I ran into the bathroom and had a warm bath. I put on my uniform which contain a white long sleeve shi-t and a brown high w@!st short Sk-irt. I put on a white snickers and pack my hair in a ponytail weave, no makeup. I don’t nee-d it, am pretty naturally, think am good to go.
I carried my brown designer bag and headed downstairs.
I got downstairs and met the family alre-ady eating
” morning sir ” I greeted
” dad ” he corrected and I nodded, I heard Rush scoffs. Yuju smiled at me and I also returned the smile 😊.
We continue eating in silence, after that, the maid tos pack the dishes.
” You will go with Yuju from now, ” dad said, even though it’s weird to call him that.
” Okay dad ” I said and yuju win-ked at me, she’s so nice after all
We all went out and Rush gave Yuju a pe-ck before leaving, I g@sped. I never knew he love his sister that much, he’s not cold to her like others.
” come on let’s leave ” yuju held my hand and we entered the red Benz.
We got to school and step out of the car, the students were staring at us, I wonder why. Then as we move closer, I heard whispers.
👥 Wow, they are so pretty
👥 who is the other girl?
👥 Are they sisters?, they look alike
👥 yuju is so cute, but who is the other girl?
Yuju chuckle and waved at them while I keep a straight face,
” go on to your clas-s sis ” she said and t©uçhed my hair
I smiled as she t©uçh my cheek, she went into her clas-s.
I entered the clas-s and sat down, I searched for Rush but could not find him. I nee-d to ask his sister for his birthday, when he turn 17, my work will begin fully.
I sigh loudly
” morning angel, you look so pretty ” Anthony said and I smiled
” thank you ” I said
” I guess you c@m£ earlier today ” Solji said and hvg me
” so Why are you late? ” I asked
She sat down and sigh
” hey Anthony, “she waved,
” Hi ” he said and smiled
” I asked you a question Sol ” I said looking impatient
” Mom is going on a trip, so I help her with some stuffs, am fv¢king tired ” she said
” sorry ” was all I said
Suddenly, we heard students screaming 😱
” what is going on? ” I asked
” no idea ” Solji replied
We went outside and I saw Rush and two other boys, they look so h0t. I thought he doesn’t have a friend. Solji suddenly scream along with other student.
” st©p it, you almost break my ear drum ” I shouted at her
” Stephen and Francis are back ” she screamed
I went back into the clas-s, I can’t believe they are shouting just because of those boys. I hissed.
” Are you angry? ” Anthony asked and I laughed
” it’s annoying ” I said and he smiled.
They finally c@m£ into the clas-s and I saw the girls blu-shing, madness, I said inwardly.
I look at the two boys, they are cute though, but that doesn’t matter amyway.
” Hey pretty ” Someone said and I looked up, am surprised to see one of the two boys.
” Hi ” I replied without any expression
He smiled and walk to his seat
” Did Francis just talk to you? ” Solji asked
” What’s the big deal? ” I asked
” this is the first time he will ever talk to a girl ” she said
” what?, how is that possible ” I was surprised
” I don’t know, but you are lucky ” she said
” I guess I am ” I replied
The teacher c@m£ in and started teaching, we had two more clas-ses and it time for lunch.
I Anthony and Solji went to the cafeteria together, we got our food and started eating.
Wendy 🌹🌹
” I hate her ” I said to my friends
” did you see the way Francis was looking at her in the clas-s? Like he’s crushing ” Clara said
” He even spoke to her ” Divan added
” I just hate to see her around ” I said
We went to the cafeteria and I saw Luna or whatever she’s called with Anthony and Solji, I can’t believe Solji is ma-king friends with her.
I’ve always begged her to be my friend, because she’s clas-sic. She always look nice, of course I make friends with people who look beautiful.
But I don’t know why my heart choose to hate Luna, we move closer to them.
” Hey there Solji and Anthony ” I said with a sm-irk
” Hi Wendy ” Anthony said and Clara started blu-shing 😊, yeah she have a very ha-rd crush on Anthony.
” See who we’ve got here ” I said, Luna faced me
” Wendy st©p it ” Solji said
” and who are you to tell me what to do, you alre-ady turned me down ans choose her over me. So stay away from me, am here for her not you ” I said and she sigh
” what do you want ” Luna asked
” Not yet, I will tell you what I want later ” I sm-irk 😏
” let’s leave ” I said and we left
We sat on our usual table and started eating, Clara continue stealing a gaze from Anthony.
” can you st©p staring at him? It’s annoying ” I said
” I really love him a lot, but he doesn’t even care ” she said with a sad face
” why don’t you just talk to him first, am getting tired of you staring at him all day ” I said and Divan smiled
” I think I will do that ” she said
Rush 🌹🌹
” The girl is h0t, I wonder why you hate her ” Francis said
” I don’t care ” I said uninterested
” then I can have her ” Francis said and sm-irk
” still don’t care ” I said
” you are annoying ” Stephen said and walk out of the school libr@ry
” I support him ” Francis said and followed Stephen
What is wrong with them? I stood up and was about leaving the room when Luna or whatever c@m£ in, she stood still.
What?, is she scared of me? I sm-irk inwardly
I continue walking out
” Hi Rush ” she said with a smile 😊
” Hi ” I said shortly and went out.
i saw Yuju laughing with her so called b©yfri£nd, I wonder why she choose that guy of all people. Anyway, as long as she’s happy.
I walk to the clas-s and decided to ignore Francis and Stephen, I sat down and the teacher c@m£ in immediately.
I checked Luna on her seat but could not find her, what is she doing in the libr@ry? She’s supposed to have a clas-s, her friend look worried.
I have to check on her, I stood up and walk out of the clas-s without asking for the teacher excuse. I don’t nee-d it though, but why do I care?
I decided to go back to the clas-s, but something told me to go
I entered the libr@ry and saw her alre-ady coming out with Anthony, what the fv¢k. I regret ever coming in the first place, I stare at them.
Luna seem shock to see me, I went out back to the clas-s, I’m so stupid to even think of checking on her.
We had two more clas-ses and I went home, Alone as usual, I know Stephen and Francis will soon come back to their s-en-se
Episode Nine 💟💟
Luna 🌹🌹
I have to know about Rush 17th birthday, but how can I even ask him when he’s so cold.
Yuju and I got home, she continue talking about school today. I was not even interested,
I sat down in the sitting room watching a movie, but my mind is somewhere else. I sigh, just then yuju c@m£ down smiling ha-rd ly.
I guess I have to ask yuju, he’s her brother though,
” Luna!! ” she shouted my name and sat down beside me immediately
” what is going on? ” I asked looking concerned
” It’s Rush birthday next week, he’s turning seventeen ” She said and I g@sped
” what? ” I wi-den my eye
” what’s wrong?, why are you shocked ” she asked
” oh, it’s nothing, just surprised ” I said and smiled
This is happening too fast, next week?, we’ve not even start talking to each other. God, help me. I sigh loudly
” So, dad is gonna celebr@te it as usual ” she grinned and I bec@m£ uncomfortable with it, what if people find out about him?
” oh ” was all I said
I excused myself and went to my room, this is not happening. i suddenly coll@pse on the be-d, what do I do?
Rush 🌹🌹
Next week is my birthday, I smiled but something keep on telling me that something is wrong with me.
Lately, I’ve been having sleepless nights. Sometimes I think am gonna disappear, strange things keep on happening.
Tonight is not different either, am still awake when its almost 1:00 am, I went downstairs and decided to watch some movie, I heard footsteps and I looked back and saw Luna.
I faced the TV back and ignored her pres£nce,
” Hey Rush” she called and I sigh, why did she talk?
” What do you want this time ” I asked without looking at her
” can I seat with you? ” she asked, I faced her with a surprise look
” seat with who? ” I asked but she ignored me and sat down beside me.
She continue starring without talking, I bec@m£ uncomfortable with her.
” are you going to stare at me until I leave? ” I asked
” ummm, I heard next week is your birthday ” she said
” Yes ” I replied shortly
” oh,,, okay ” she said
I faced her and discover that she’s lost in thought, I think something is wrong with her. Is she having a sleepless night also?
” are you okay? ” I asked
” Yeah, am okay ” she said and stood up immediately
” goodnight ” she said and went upstairs.
” what is happening? ” I thought
Yuju 🌹🌹
I knew something is going on, Rush has been acting strangely recently. Same with Luna, what is happening with them?
I sigh, I think I have to find out as soon as possible.
” Yuju, come on you are lost ” JeA said and snapped me out of my thought
” Am sorry ” I said
The teacher c@m£ in and lesson started, I keep on thinking about what to do.
We had two more lessons and school ends, , I ran out of the clas-s and went home with Luna
We got home and I ran into rush room, he la-id on the be-d starring at the window, he faced me when he find out that am inside.
He smiled, I expected him to pe-ck me as usual but he did not.
” Are you okay? ” I asked
” what do you mean ” he asked
” Am just concerned, I think you are not fine. I’ve noticed that you changed alot ” I said and he kept quiet
I knew it, something is wrong with my brother, I sat down on the be-d and he also sat up rightly
” you can confide in me, am your sister remember ” I said and he managed to smile.
” Yuju, I think something is wrong with me ” he started
” what is it? ” I asked almost immediately
” Everything about me is changed, sometimes,,,,,,,,,,,,, I see myself becoming invisible ” he said
I stood up immediately and my eye caught his hair, they alre-ady turned gray.
” Rush, did you dye your hair? ” I asked
” no ” he replied
” your hair ” I said and he walked toward the mirror and sigh
” something strange is happening ” he said
I ran into my room,, what the fv¢k is happening to my brother? I started weeping, until I sle-pt off.
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