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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Vamp blood Episode 7 to 9

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[ Guardian angel 😇 Spoilt brat 😒.]

Written ✍ by SUMMER GOLD👑👑

Episode Seven 💗💗




Luna 🌹🌹
We got to the house and I was surprised, the house is magnificent, so amazing.

A guard open the car for us and we came out, I followed the president as he enter the house. The sitting room is big enough to become a whole house.

Alot of maids were running up and down, they all bow as the president came in.

” sit down ” he said and I sat down, he told one of the maids to call yuju, I guess it’s his daughter.

A girl came down the stairs, she look very beautiful, just like Rush.

” hello daddy ” she hugged her father
” baby ” Mr president replied
” who is she? ” she asked pointing at me.

” She will be staying here from now, I want you to treat her as your sister ” he said
” trust me daddy, I will ” she said and smiled
” am going to give you some cash, take her out and let her buy alot of clothes ” he said and I was surprised

” Thank you Mr president ” I said
” you can call me dad instead ” he said
” okay dad ”

I said and he went upstairs.

The girl moved closer to me, she’s a bit taller than me,

” Am yuju ” she said and move her hand closer for a shake, I took her hand
” Luna ” I said
” you look so beautiful ” she said and I smiled
” same as you ” I said

” let me show you your room so that we can get ready for the shopping ” she said and held my hand.

We got to a door and she opened it, the room is awesomely big, the bed is a king size. It’s so soft, I sat down on it.

” my room is the one beside you and Rush room is the one opposite yours ” she said, talking about Rush, I’ve not seen him yet.
” okay ” I replied
” I want to get dress, give me two minutes ” she said
” I will be waiting ” I said and she went out of my room.

I went downstairs, I started walking round the house, I heard a step behind me.

” who are you and why are you here ” Rush asked
” Uhmm,,, am Luna ” I said and smiled
” I don’t care about your name, what are you doing here ” he asked again

” Luna is staying with us from now, dad brought her home ” Yuju said.

Rush look at me and walk away, I breath out. This guy is scary

” Am sorry, my brother is a little bit

hard ” she said and I nodded
” let’s go ” she held my hand and we entered the car, the driver drove off to the shopping mall 🛍.

Rush 🌹🌹
Why the hell will daddy bring someone to this house without telling me? I went to his room, he seems busy but I don’t mind.

” Son, what are you doing here ” he asked, I sat down on chair
” why did you bring that girl here dad ” I asked
” Dont worry son, Luna is a good girl ” he said
” I don’t like her ” I said

” you will soon get used to her, son ” he said
” never ” I said and he smiled
” we shall see ” he teased, I understand what he meant by that

” that’s never gonna happen ” I said and get out of the room.

I went to my room and took my phone, I and my best friend, Stephen and Frank started video chatting . They are the only one who is close to me, but they are out of the country.

” you don’t look happy ” Francis said
” Dad brought a strange girl home, I don’t like her ” I said
” is she ugly? ” Stephen asked

” I don’t have time to observe her ” I said and they laughed
” guess what ” They said
” What is it? ” I asked
” we are back to Korea ” they said and I smiled

” Are you guys kidding me? ” I asked in disbelief
” We are coming to school tomorrow, ” Stephen said
” I will be glad to have you back, this place is boring without you ” I said

” don’t worry we are coming tomorrow ” they said

Luna 🌹🌹
Am really tired right now, Yuju is a really fashionable type, she almost bought the whole boutique shop.

Different clothes and shoes, I smiled

I look down at the shopping bags on the floor, I really have to arrange everything in the wardrobe.

After some minutes, I am done.

My door opened and a maid came in

” it’s time for dinner mam ” she said and I nodded
” I will be there in a jiffy ” I said,

I got downstairs and met them sitting on the dinning table, I joined them.

” You look tired, are you okay? ” dad asked
” yea ” I looked at Yuju and she giggle
” Yuju, did you buy the whole shop again? ” dad asked
” almost ” yuju replied and we laughed

I guess her dad know what she can do after all, I look at Rush, he’s expressionless. This guy is something else.

After dinner, I was unable to sleep so I went to sit beside the swimming pool, it’s really cool. My legs are inside and I enjoy the coldness of the water.

I walk into the kitchen when I left the pool, I need to drink water. I was about heading out when Rush came in, his eyes became widened.

Am really scared, what do I do right now, we continue starring at each other until he walked away.

I breath out and ran into my room,


Episode Eight 👗👗



Luna 🌹🌹
I was woke up by the alarm, I ran into the bathroom and had a warm bath. I put on my uniform which contain a white long sleeve shirt and a brown high waist short skirt. I put on a white snickers and pack my hair in a ponytail weave, no makeup. I don’t need it, am pretty naturally, think am good to go.

I carried my brown designer bag and headed downstairs.

I got downstairs and met the family already eating

” morning sir ” I greeted
” dad ” he corrected and I nodded, I heard Rush scoffs. Yuju smiled at me and I also returned the smile 😊.

We continue eating in silence, after that, the maid tos pack the dishes.

” You will go with Yuju from now, ” dad said, even though it’s weird to call him that.
” Okay dad ” I said and yuju winked at me, she’s so nice after all

We all went out and Rush gave Yuju a peck before leaving, I gasped. I never knew he love his sister that much, he’s not cold to her like others.

” come on let’s leave ” yuju held my hand and we entered the red Benz.

We got to school and step out of the car, the students were staring at us, I wonder why. Then as we move closer, I heard whispers.

👥 Wow, they are so pretty

👥 who is the other girl?

👥 Are they sisters?, they look alike

👥 yuju is so cute, but who is the other girl?

Yuju chuckle and waved at them while I keep a straight face,

” go on to your class sis ” she said and touched my hair

I smiled as she touch my cheek, she went into her class.

I entered the class and sat down, I searched for Rush but could not find him. I need to ask his sister for his birthday, when he turn 17, my work will begin fully.

I sigh loudly

” morning angel, you look so pretty ” Anthony said and I smiled
” thank you ” I said

” I guess you came earlier today ” Solji said and hug me
” so Why are you late? ” I asked

She sat down and sigh

” hey Anthony, “she waved,
” Hi ” he said and smiled

” I asked you a question Sol ” I said looking impatient
” Mom is going on a trip, so I help her with some stuffs, am fucking tired ” she said

” sorry ” was all I said

Suddenly, we heard students screaming 😱

” what is going on? ” I asked
” no idea ” Solji replied

We went outside and I saw Rush and two other boys, they look so hot. I thought he doesn’t have a friend. Solji suddenly scream along with other student.

” stop it, you almost break my ear drum ” I shouted at her
” Stephen and Francis are back ” she screamed

I went back into the class, I can’t believe they are shouting just because of those boys. I hissed.

” Are you angry? ” Anthony asked and I laughed
” it’s annoying ” I said and he smiled.

They finally came into the class and I saw the girls blushing, madness, I said inwardly.

I look at the two boys, they are cute though, but that doesn’t matter amyway.

” Hey pretty ” Someone said and I looked up, am surprised to see one of the two boys.
” Hi ” I replied without any expression

He smiled and walk to his seat

” Did Francis just talk to you? ” Solji asked
” What’s the big deal? ” I asked

” this is the first time he will ever talk to a girl ” she said
” what?, how is that possible ” I was surprised

” I don’t know, but you are lucky ” she said
” I guess I am ” I replied

The teacher came in and started teaching, we had two more classes and it time for lunch.

I Anthony and Solji went to the cafeteria together, we got our food and started eating.

Wendy 🌹🌹
” I hate her ” I said to my friends
” did you see the way Francis was looking at her in the class? Like he’s crushing ” Clara said

” He even spoke to her ” Divan added
” I just hate to see her around ” I said

We went to the cafeteria and I saw Luna or whatever she’s called with Anthony and Solji, I can’t believe Solji is making friends with her.

I’ve always begged her to be my friend, because she’s classic. She always look nice, of course I make friends with people who look beautiful.

But I don’t know why my heart choose to hate Luna, we move closer to them.

” Hey there Solji and Anthony ” I said with a smirk
” Hi Wendy ” Anthony said and Clara started blushing 😊, yeah she have a very hard crush on Anthony.

” See who we’ve got here ” I said, Luna faced me
” Wendy stop it ” Solji said

” and who are you to tell me what to do, you already turned me down ans choose her over me. So stay away from me, am here for her not you ” I said and she sigh

” what do you want ” Luna asked
” Not yet, I will tell you what I want later ” I smirk 😏

” let’s leave ” I said and we left

We sat on our usual table and started eating, Clara continue stealing a gaze from Anthony.

” can you stop staring at him? It’s annoying ” I said
” I really love him a lot, but he doesn’t even care ” she said with a sad face

” why don’t you just talk to him first, am getting tired of you staring at him all day ” I said and Divan smiled
” I think I will do that ” she said

Rush 🌹🌹
” The girl is hot, I wonder why you hate her ” Francis said
” I don’t care ” I said uninterested

” then I can have her ” Francis said and smirk
” still don’t care ” I said

” you are annoying ” Stephen said and walk out of the school library
” I support him ” Francis said and followed Stephen

What is wrong with them? I stood up and was about leaving the room when Luna or whatever came in, she stood still.

What?, is she scared of me? I smirk inwardly

I continue walking out

” Hi Rush ” she said with a smile 😊
” Hi ” I said shortly and went out.

i saw Yuju laughing with her so called boyfriend, I wonder why she choose that guy of all people. Anyway, as long as she’s happy.

I walk to the class and decided to ignore Francis and Stephen, I sat down and the teacher came in immediately.

I checked Luna on her seat but could not find her, what is she doing in the library? She’s supposed to have a class, her friend look worried.

I have to check on her, I stood up and walk out of the class without asking for the teacher excuse. I don’t need it though, but why do I care?

I decided to go back to the class, but something told me to go

I entered the library and saw her already coming out with Anthony, what the fuck. I regret ever coming in the first place, I stare at them.

Luna seem shock to see me, I went out back to the class, I’m so stupid to even think of checking on her.

We had two more classes and I went home, Alone as usual, I know Stephen and Francis will soon come back to their sense


Episode Nine 💟💟


Luna 🌹🌹
I have to know about Rush 17th birthday, but how can I even ask him when he’s so cold.

Yuju and I got home, she continue talking about school today. I was not even interested,

I sat down in the sitting room watching a movie, but my mind is somewhere else. I sigh, just then yuju came down smiling hardly.

I guess I have to ask yuju, he’s her brother though,

” Luna!! ” she shouted my name and sat down beside me immediately
” what is going on? ” I asked looking concerned

” It’s Rush birthday next week, he’s turning seventeen ” She said and I gasped
” what? ” I widen my eye

” what’s wrong?, why are you shocked ” she asked
” oh, it’s nothing, just surprised ” I said and smiled

This is happening too fast, next week?, we’ve not even start talking to each other. God, help me. I sigh loudly

” So, dad is gonna celebrate it as usual ” she grinned and I became uncomfortable with it, what if people find out about him?
” oh ” was all I said

I excused myself and went to my room, this is not happening. i suddenly collapse on the bed, what do I do?

Rush 🌹🌹
Next week is my birthday, I smiled but something keep on telling me that something is wrong with me.

Lately, I’ve been having sleepless nights. Sometimes I think am gonna disappear, strange things keep on happening.

Tonight is not different either, am still awake when its almost 1:00 am, I went downstairs and decided to watch some movie, I heard footsteps and I looked back and saw Luna.

I faced the TV back and ignored her presence,

” Hey Rush” she called and I sigh, why did she talk?
” What do you want this time ” I asked without looking at her

” can I seat with you? ” she asked, I faced her with a surprise look
” seat with who? ” I asked but she ignored me and sat down beside me.

She continue starring without talking, I became uncomfortable with her.

” are you going to stare at me until I leave? ” I asked
” ummm, I heard next week is your birthday ” she said

” Yes ” I replied shortly
” oh,,, okay ” she said

I faced her and discover that she’s lost in thought, I think something is wrong with her. Is she having a sleepless night also?

” are you okay? ” I asked
” Yeah, am okay ” she said and stood up immediately

” goodnight ” she said and went upstairs.
” what is happening? ” I thought

Yuju 🌹🌹
I knew something is going on, Rush has been acting strangely recently. Same with Luna, what is happening with them?

I sigh, I think I have to find out as soon as possible.

” Yuju, come on you are lost ” JeA said and snapped me out of my thought
” Am sorry ” I said

The teacher came in and lesson started, I keep on thinking about what to do.

We had two more lessons and school ends, , I ran out of the class and went home with Luna

We got home and I ran into rush room, he laid on the bed starring at the window, he faced me when he find out that am inside.

He smiled, I expected him to peck me as usual but he did not.

” Are you okay? ” I asked
” what do you mean ” he asked

” Am just concerned, I think you are not fine. I’ve noticed that you changed alot ” I said and he kept quiet

I knew it, something is wrong with my brother, I sat down on the bed and he also sat up rightly

” you can confide in me, am your sister remember ” I said and he managed to smile.

” Yuju, I think something is wrong with me ” he started
” what is it? ” I asked almost immediately

” Everything about me is changed, sometimes,,,,,,,,,,,,, I see myself becoming invisible ” he said

I stood up immediately and my eye caught his hair, they already turned gray.

” Rush, did you dye your hair? ” I asked
” no ” he replied

” your hair ” I said and he walked toward the mirror and sigh
” something strange is happening ” he said

I ran into my room,, what the fuck is happening to my brother? I started weeping, until I slept off.



TBC 💟💟

Yeeee 😂, I can’t wait for that birthday, who is going with me 💃💃. Rice is available oo 😋😋

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