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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Vamp blood Episode 14 to 16

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Written ✍ by Summer Gold 👑👑

Episode Fourteen ❤❤


💛 Rush 💛

School ends and I walk out of the class with Raina, Micheal and Stephen rushed out of the class like someone being chased.

My eye caught with Anthony and Luna and I remembered what Luna said to me,, is she serious? I really need her right now, why will she ignore me like this?

” Rush, you are lost ” Raina tap me and that’s when I came back to reality

” Am sorry, ” I said and sigh.

” Why are you starring at her? ” she asked but I kept quiet

” Do you like her? ” she asked again

” What? Of course not, I don’t ” I said

” Better, coz I hate that girl, I just can’t stand her ” she said

” Let’s go home ” I said and hold her,

I got home and was surprised to see Yuju alone without Luna, what’s happening?

” Hi ” I greeted her

” Rush? ” she run to me looking happy

” Where is Luna? ” I asked

” Actually, we were coming home together. But she Suddernly said she have to take care of something ” she said and I feel something

” Where? ” I asked

” I don’t have an idea, but ” she did not finish her

statement when I ran out of the house.

What is going on? Where can she be? Is she okay?

Different things run through my mind

🎈 Luna 🎈

I and Wendy were on our way home when I felt some Vampires around, I asked the driver to stop.

I came out of the car and asked them to leave,

I walked deeper into the forest and suddenly four vampires appeared to me, they are dark ones. Looking wicked with blood all over their body.

” What do you guys want? ” I asked

” Rush ” they screamed and I became scared

” For what? ” I asked

” We want him among us” they said

They are planning to make him bad, no I won’t let them do that to him

” I’m his guardian, I will never allow you to do that ” I shouted

They started moving closer to me,,, I pointed my hand at them and stopped them with my power.

They stopped immediately

” I am telling you, don’t come closer to me! ” I shouted at them

” Luna!!! ” I heard my name

The voice is like Rush voice, wait don’t tell me Rush is here.

I faced the vampires, they look hungry and badly in need of blood, am sure they will bite Rush. And if they bite him, their blood will make him bad.

Rush finally got to where I am, he saw the vampires and stand beside me.

” What is going on here ” he asked me silently

” Why are you here you fool ” I said angrily

” Caml

down, am here to help ” he said

I sigh and we faced the vampires,

Suddernly they appeared at our back and almost deep their fingers into Rush flesh, but I was too fast.

I stopped them with my power again

I don’t have power to hurt, I only have power to save. This is going to be difficult,,,,,

They attacked Rush, he tried to fight back but they are too strong for him. He doesn’t even know how to use his powers yet

” Rush, let’s run ” I said and he nodded

We started running and the vampires followed us, soon they started using their sting power,

We dodge them and continue running

I sighted one of the stings coming to Rush, I tried using my power to stop it but it was too late, so I pushed Rush away and it Sting me instead.

” Ouch ” I shouted in pain

” What’s wrong? ” Rush stopped and asked immediately

” it’s nothing, let’s run ” I held his hand and we continue running until we get to the main road

Thank God rush brought his car, we entered and he drove off

I feel my power leaving my body,, I became weak immediately.

We got home and I went straight to my room,, am glad that I’m able to save Rush from those wicked Vampires.


Episode Fifteen ❤❤


😘 Lana 😘

I woke up the next day feeling the worst weakness all over my body, gosh what is happening to me?

I got dressed and went downstairs

” Morning dad ” I greeted

” Morning angel, what happened to your face? It’s dull ” he said and I smiled

” Am fine ” I said

” Are you sure? ” he asked looking concerned

” Am fine, I need to leave ” I said

” You won’t eat breakfast? ” yuju asked

” I’m not hungry ” I said and walk out of the house

I entered the car and the driver drove off


” Hey Lana, are you sick? ” Anthony asked

” Of course not, am fine ” I said and managed to smile

” Come on, you can’t lie to me ” he said and checked my temperature

” Am fine ” I said and laid my head on the locker

I guess am becoming powerless, I may disappear soon

😒 Anthony 😒

Am sure something is wrong with her, did Rush do anything to her? He better not,

I looked up and saw Rush coming, I went out of the class and walk to him

” what do you want this time ” he asked looking at me

” come with me ” I said and he followed me to the school garden

” what are we doing here? ” he asked

” what have you done to Luna? ” I asked angrily

” What do you mean? ” he asked

” are you kidding me? Don’t you notice that she changed? She’s looking sick ” I shouted at him

” Calm down, I don’t know what you are talking about ” he said

” If I find out that this is all your fault, you are dead ” I said and left him looking confused

I promise you Rush, I will kill you if I find out that you hurt Luna

💞 Rush 💞

Gosh, what is happening to her? I started walking back to the class

” Baby ” Raina called

” Hi ” I said shortly

” what’s happening? You don’t sound good ” she said

” Am fine ” I said and continue walking

” Talk to Me Rush ” she said

” Am fine, I just wanna be alone ” I said and walked alone to the class

I sat down on my locker and sighted her sleeping, she have never done that before. What is going on?

The teacher entered the class

” Morning students ” he greeted

” morning sir ” class responded

He started teaching, Luna is still sleeping

Anthony keep on checking her temperature making me feel bad

” What happened to Luna? ” The teacher asked

” No idea sir ” Anthony said since they are seating next to each other

” Wake her up ” he said

Luna woke up and stand up immediately

” Why don’t you go to the sick bay? ” the teacher said and she nodded

She started walking out of the class,, but suddenly fainted

I gasped

” Luna!! ” Anthony shouted and carried her immediately

I tried to help

” don’t you dare touch her ” he shouted and carried her away

The students look really confused,,,

” Is she sick or something? ” Raina asked

” Shut up ” I said and walked out of the class


Episode Sixteen ❤❤


😍 Lana 😍

I woke up and find myself in the school clinic, how did I get here?

I sat down and felt someone beside me, Anthony?

” Anthony ” I shaked him

” You are awake ” he said

” Yea, am sorry if,,,,, ”

” It’s okay, but why don’t you tell my president that you are sick? ” he asked

You can’t understand Anthony

” I will tell Him,, lets go back to class ” I said

” Are you okay now? ” he asked and checked my temperature

” Am fine Anthony ” I said and hugged him

We got to the class and everyone faced us, gosh I hate attention

” Luna, are you okay now? ” the students run to me immediately

” Am fine ” I said and smiled at them

” Luna ” Rush came to me

” I want to be alone, please ” I said and faced Anthony

” Luna am talking to you ” he said

” Leave her alone you bastard ” Anthony shouted

I sigh, this is getting out of hand

” Anthony stop it please ” I said silently

He sat down beside me, I faced Rush and he scoff.

You don’t understand anything Rush, you don’t

💋 Rush 💋

I moved to her and pull her up
“What are you doing? ” she asked and try to release herself from my grip

” come with me ” I said and started walking out of the class still holding her hand

” Rush leave me alone ” she shouted

” Shut up ” I said

We got to the school garden and I release her

” what are we doing here ” she asked

” tell me what the fuck is wrong with you ” I shouted at her

” it’s none of your damn business ” she shouted back

” Are you kidding me? I know something is wrong with you ” I said and hold her hand

” let go off me!! ” she pushed me away from her

” leave her alone ” Anthony appeared behind her

” can you just stay away from this? It’s not your headache ” I said angrily

” What if I don’t? ” he asked and moved closer to me

” then I won’t have a choice than to chop off your heart you idiot ” I said and he punched me in the face

My anger rose immediately, I faced Anthony with an angry look

😍 Luna 😍

Gosh, what do I do? Rush is angry already, what can I do

I run to him and Kissed him, that’s the only thing I can think of right now, I felt calmness in him and I moved back from him

I turned to face Anthony but he already left

” What did you just,,,, ”

” Just forget it, it’s nothing ” I said and started leaving when he pull me back and kissed me again

I struggled with him to leave me alone, but I later reciprocate and Kissed him in return.

He finally left me and I ran into the class, gosh what have I done?

I searched for Anthony but he’s not in the class, I know he’s mad at me. But I really need to see him right now.



TBC 😍😍😍

I smell trouble ooo, what if Anthony is in love with Luna? 💃

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