Valerie key episode 5 & 6

KEYS 💐❤️
(Her Comeback…)

THEME: Revenge or Love? 🦋


WRITTEN BY: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



“Meaningless thing?? Did- did you just call me meaningless thing?” Evie asked and Valerie smirked.

“I was only telling you, I didn’t say you are. You can be if you choose to.” She said.

“Seriously??… It’s strange how I’m not getting angry at you.” Evie told her and a cranky smile formed on her face.

“Why did you call Mrs Evie Zhang??” She asked instead, ignoring what she said.

“Let’s meet tomorrow, I’ll send you the location. You should be there before 12pm.” She instructed.

“What makes you think I’ll come?”

“You’ll come for sure. I know your type of people. I’ll meet you tomorrow. Bye Valerie Keys.” She said and ended the call.

She slowly brought down the phone from her ear, staring into space.

“What did she say?” Derek asked.


They were done with dinner and Leo went with his grandma. June could be seen laying on her bed, scrolling through her phone.

She had her books placed in front of her, all opened but she wasn’t reading any of it, just pressing her phone.

Suddenly she sat up on the bed still staring at her phone. “What! Paisley??” She bursted into a uncontrollable laughter.

“My gawd! This is so funny! Suits her right.” She laughed, reading the comments.

💬 I thought Paisley is the president if Evie’s fan base?

💬 Same here. She’s a two-faced b*tch, switching from sides to sides.

💬 I love what Valerie did to her anyway, she’s always feeling too important in the media.

💬 A pompous brat.

💬 You needed to see the look on her face when Valerie turned her down. I could kîll for it.

“Pity my baby a little bit, please.” She laughed, considering the fact that no celebrity ever turned down Paisley, it was a big shame to her.

Just then her phone rang. She picked up immediately she saw the caller ID.

“Hey baby girl, I was just about to call you. You’re trending boo boo.” She said with a chuckle. The sarcasm in her voice could be clearly noted.

“F**k you b*tch! Is that all you have to say! She f**king humiliated me!” Paisley shouted from the other side.

“I know. It hurts seriously. But still, it suits you well for ditching my sister.” June said.

“C’mon. Evie remains my fave. I was only fascinated about her performance. She’s a new cat in the industry and she’s already acting this way. I was only helping her career! Does she knows what it means to have Paisley as your fan? She should ask around! I hate her already for what she did! She’ll regret it!” She vented loudly over the phone.

“New cat indeed. Calm down babes. I know you’re heartbroken right now, but it suits you right.” June chuckled.

“Seriously?? Wait, whose side are you on? Mine or hers?” Paisley asked.

“Yunno you’re my baby, but I’m very honest, so the side of truth.”

“F**k you! Just let me get there!” Paisley said.

“Wait, don’t tell you’re driving right now?” June asked.

“I’m telling you that.”

“Seriously?? Did you check the time at all?” June asked.

“It’s just 8pm. No big deal.” Paisley shrugged.


“I’m almost at your house, so wait for me.” Paisley said.


June said as she got down the bed and started walking out of the room.

She already hung up the call.

She walked into the kitchen, with the maids around greeting her but she didn’t reply.

She was wearing just a crop top and a bumshort. She got herself a glass and a juice, after which she poured a good quantity into the glass.

She took the glass and left with it, walking out of the house. The moment she opened the door she almost passed out at the hottie in front of her.

Her breath seized as she stared at him… The glass fell from her hand… He was just too handsome to handle. His beautiful eyes. His sèxy lips… His body statue, hot!

Her knees were slowly giving away, thanks to the door she was holding for support.

“Miss.” He flicked his fingers on her face jolting her back to earth.

“You’re handsome.” She said and he simply smiled, like he was used to hearing that.

“Your order.” He said instead handing the package to her.

She slowly took it, her eyes not leaving him.

“I’ll leave now.” He said and she nodded.

“Sure.” She muttered and he turned around and began walking to his bike.

He got on it and drove off, June’s eyes remained on him till left her sight.

Her hands slowly went to chest, it was beating faster than normal.

“Did… I just fall in love??”

“Babe!” Someone shouted but she didn’t even look up to the person, she was still staring at the direction the guy took.

Paisley arched her brows and looked at the gate and back at her.

“Are you alright?”

“Paisley- I… I think I just fell in love… I saw my prince charming just now.” She said and Paisley chuckled.

“Are you crazy?”

“Yes. I’m crazy for him. I can’t wait to see him again.” She said absentmindedly.

“Did you get his number?”



A small home for an average family of three. Family pictures hanging around the living room.

Well furnished and properly arranged.

A middle aged woman could be seen cooking in the kitchen, the way the house was built, one could see who is in the kitchen from the living room.

A middle aged man, probably her husband was seated on the couch in the living room reading a newspaper.

The door suddenly opened and the delivery guy walked in.

“Fawn!, You’re home. I made your favorite dish. Come here.” The woman said, dabbing her hand on a hanky.

Fawn didn’t act like he was the one been talked to. He disregarded their presence, walking to his room.

“Come back here young man. You don’t dare walk out on us!” His dad said behind him and he turned to him.

“Really? Why shouldn’t I?” He asked.

“We’re your parents-”

“F**k parents! I don’t remember having one. I lost them the very day I lost my sister.” He said seriously.


“You still won’t forget that incident… Well I’m not guilty for what happened to your sister, she deserved it. We warned her not to marry that Theo guy but she didn’t listen. She was foolishly in love with him that she even went as far as breaking ties with us.” Mr Roberts said.


“Can you hear yourself speak?? You know how foolish love tends to make someone be and when Madison finally realized herself, you turned your back on her! She begged for your support only, not like you had anything else to offer but you turned your back on her! How disheartening of you. I’m disgusted to call you my dad-”

“Don’t you dare talk to your dad like that!” His dad shouted standing on his feet.

“What will you do Albert Roberts? What?? Disown me? I’ll be glad if you do so.” He said to his face.

“Fawn!” Aurora, his mom shouted.

“You two stay off my path! Just because I stay in this house with you two doesn’t mean we would exchange words.” He told them before walking to his room, not after glaring hatefully at Albert.

He slammed the door harshly behind him.


“You can see the son you gave birth to? You see the animal of a son you gave me?” He asked and Aurora sighed.

“Albert-” He hissed before walking to his own room.

Fawn laid on his small bed staring at Madison’s pic. A tear drop from his eyes.


“Fawn my baby. They took my baby from me.” Madison cried hugging him tightly.

He was the younger one but one would think he was the eldest.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get back your child for you.” He assured and she broke the hug.

“How could Theo do this to me?? I loved him but he betrayed me.” He cupped her cheek.

She had a big scar on her face, she got it from the fall and she looked ugly with it.

“Tell mom and dad to forgive me. I was foolish to have believed Theo and not them.” She cried.

“It’s okay.”

“No one believes me Theo, it hurts. Why is life treating me this way?” She questioned rhetorically.

“C’mon Madison, it all will be fine. Bad thing happens to good people. I’m sure you’ll conquer this. I promise to always be there for you Madison. I’ll make sure you get the justice you deserved.” He told her and she nodded in tears.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfil my promise which made you committed suc!de. I’m sorry.”

His jaw shook and his adam apple going up and down, tears slowly trailing down his cheek.


The biggest fashion design industry in Australia and among the top ten biggest in the whole world.

It is owned by Evie Zhang, aka Fashion Evie.

A shiny black Ferrari drove into the tall magnificent building which stood gallantly.

It was accompanied by a white flashy SUV.

The guards from the white SUV came down and went to open the door of the black Ferrari.

A long slender leg came into view, wearing a red high heels.

The person came out and it was Valerie Keys. Her beauty was radiating.

She was wearing a black gown which had a strap on the neck, the whole of her back was in view.

One of things she was blessed with was smooth and radiant skin which she never gets tired of flaunting.

Her gown stopped right on her thigh.

She flipped her hair backwards. With head up and shoulder high, she cat walked majestically into the company with her guard following her behind.

🗣️ Oh my gawd!

🗣️ It’s Valerie Keys!

🗣️ My role model!

🗣️ She’s so hot!

🗣️ Her walking step for me!

🗣️ Her curve is mad!

The staff talked amongst themselves as she walked in.

She got to the secretary who smiled immediately she saw her.

“You finally came. Boss has been waiting for you, she wanted to-”

“Her office!” Valerie cut off harshly.

“Oh… This way.” And she led her to it.

Valerie got to her office to meet Evie sitting on her swivel chair, she had her back on her.

“You’re thirty minutes late.” Evie said.

“Should I go back?” Valerie asked instead.


“Why did you call me here?” She asked, sitting down without being told to do so.

Evie just stared speechlessly. If weird was a person.

“I’m not good at twisting words so I’ll go straight to the point. I want you to be our brand ambassador.” Evie proposed and Valerie smirked inwardly.

Just what she wanted.

“Hmmm.” She mumbled.

“You’ll get alot of benefit trust me. I’m not usually fascinated about people. Ion what force keeps compelling me to you.

“It’s karma baby.” Valerie said inwardly.

“I feel you’re that person I’ve been looking for for long now. And I’ll be happy if you sign with us.” Evie said and Valerie smirked.

“That’s good.” She said.

“So is that a yes?” She asked and Valerie shrugged.

“I just love you. You’re my type. So, how about friends?” Evie asked and Valerie just stared at her.


Leroy Weds Glenys (Lenys.)

It was a cheerful day for the Minister Hewitt’s family and the senator Chen’s family.

They’re children are both getting married. It was a happy day.

Dignitaries were invited, sophisticated guests… They were all arriving for the wedding.

Everyone has a excited smile on their face.

But amidst this smiling faces, something seemed not suiting at all.

It was almost time for the bride to walk down the aisle but the groom wasn’t yet on the alter.

Was the bride gonna wait for the groom.

The relatives had already started exchanging eye contacts amongst themselves and the best man knowing better, quickly left to get him.

Meanwhile, Alecia was done with the wedding decoration and decided to use the restroom, she was the event planner.

Yeah, apart from being an upcoming actress, she’s also an event planner and that’s how she manage to get money to settle some of her expenses.

She quickly located one and went into it but she gasped when she saw a male in it, not just any male, the groom.

She quickly rushed out and checked if she had gotten into the wrong toilet but hell no! She was in the right place.

‘What was he doing in the ladies??’ She thought as she got back into it.

“Someone finally walked in.” He muttered but she didn’t hear him.

“Excuse me. I think you’re in the wrong restroom. This is the ladies. The gents is over there.” She pointed at the opposite door.

“I know.” He said and she furrowed her brows.

“What then are you doing here?” She asked but he didn’t reply.

“You should be at the altar right now. Everyone is waiting for you.” She informed him and he looked up at her for the first time.

He had his gaze down all this while. A low gasp escaped her mouth as her eyes met that of his.

‘Holy molly rattlesnake! TF! A demi god!’ She screamed in her head, her legs stuck on the ground and her eyes remained glued to his.

If perfection was a human then it should be him.

His inky black hair which was neatly brushed and combed to a side in that it had a side parting and some of it fell on his face.

His pale white face and his pointed nose. His mouth curled in a smirk making him look more handsome.

He wasn’t wearing his blazer anymore, he was only on his white sleeve and he had the first two buttons undid, his biceps and sèxy abs was visible.

She didn’t know a saliva was dropping down her lips as she drooled till he held her jaw and closed her mouth.

She blinked, still staring.

How can someone be this handsome?

“Let me know when you’re done drooling.” He said simply, and she gulped down.

“Actually… I… I didn’t mean to- f**k! Are you a human?” She asked, batting her lashes slowly.

She was obviously still lost in her reverie.

Leroy chuckled and slowly his facial expression turned cold, every trace of smile disappeared at once.

But she still didn’t notice that.

“Marry me!” Came his next word in a stern voice. The seriousness in his eyes could be seen clearly.

Alecia smiled sheepishly gazing directly into his eyes.

‘Do fairytale also happen in real life?? Did he just-‘

“Yes!!!” She quickly shouted with a broad smile and her eyes widened almost immediately, realizing what she just blurted out.

“Wait… What?!”