Valerie key episode 3 & 4

KEYS 💐❤️
(Her Comeback…)

THEME: Revenge or Love? 🦋


WRITTEN BY: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




“What is this Director Xu? How come Dolly is playing the supporting role?!” Alecia demanded furiously.

Just yesterday, the casting was completed and she’d be playing the supporting role, along with Cherry Brooks, a popular movie star and she was so happy.

Acting along with Cherry meant fame and it has always been her dream. Cherry Brooks was her role model and she is just an upcoming actress. She was gonna blow overnight and then someone has to take it from her… Just like that?…

“Are you asking me that? The role got taken from you because you weren’t serious!” He said and Alecia creased her brows.

“How wasn’t I serious director Xu? We concluded this just yesterday. Why did it get changed today?” She asked.

“Because she knew what to do unlike some people. If that’s all you came to say, please leave my office.” Director Xu said, ignoring her presence.

“Seriously??” She asked but he didn’t reply.

Just then the door opened and Dolly walked in, dressed in a sèxy dress, it exposed a large amount of her br**st and her it stopped right under her @ss.

She was chewing a gum loudly as she walked closed to them.

“If it’s not the classless b*tch! What’s this church rat doing here director Xu?” She asked, as she went over to director Xu and sat on his thighs.

“Ion know baby. She’s just obstructing my sight. I missed you.” He said, burying his head in between her br**st which was in view, his hands rubbing her thighs as it slowly went under her dress.

Alecia just looked at them. She wasn’t shocked, she already suspected something like this was going on. But what disgust her the most was how she dates old men just for roles.

“Why are you still here?!” Director Xu suddenly asked.

“Get out!” He yelled and she gritted her teeth, clenching her fist.

“Maybe she wants to join. Come on b*tch, I don’t mind a threesome.” Dolly said, blowing bubble with her gum.

“F**k you two!!” She yelled before walking out, slamming the door harshly behind her.

They laughed.

As Alecia walked out of the office, she saw the whole place being arranged in preparation. The movie shoot was gonna be starting tomorrow.

She gnashed her teeth remembering her new role? She was given a minor role now, she was gonna be acting a three minutes scene in a three hour movie.

That’s what she has been acting since she got into this movie industry, six months now. It was really disappointing but she kept encouraging herself not to give up. Today, she was gonna make it big but sh*t!

It seems she keeps getting worst every single day. Was she that bad? Was acting really not her calling??

She thought.

“Hey Alecia, you’re here already. C’mon let’s read our script together.” A colleague said and she simply walked away not giving her an answer.

Her phone began ringing the moment she got out and she brought it out to see her younger sister calling.

She forced a smile on her face before picking up the call.

“Hey Alvira, what’s-”

“Alecia, mom is in the hospital!! She got another attack!” Her sister shouted from the other side in an alarming voice.



Valerie was done with her show and as she made her way back to her changing room, she had the paparazzi rushing after.

Her fans also running after her trying to get her autographs. Camera lights flashing on her face continuously. The whole place was crowdy with different screams flying around…

🗣️ Valerie Keys, you’re my role model!

🗣️ Smile for us Miss Valerie!

🗣️ An autograph please!

🗣️ I love you Valerie Keys!

🗣️ She’s so beautiful! My gawd!

She just kept a straight face as she made her way through the crowd, with her guards making way from her, preventing her wide fans from getting to her.

🗣️ I love you Valerie Keys!!

She was still walking when someone suddenly held her wrist and she stopped on her track.

She slowly to turned to see who it was and her gaze met with a young petite lady. Her face looks so familiar and she arched her brows trying to remember where she had seen her before.


“No!! please!! Let go of me! I swear I am saying the truth! She stole my baby from me! Alex is my son! My baby! Please let me in!!” Madison shouted in tears as the guards dragged her out of the company.

She had a big ugly scar on her face which she got from the fall from the cliff.

It was Evie’s company’s three year anniversary and she had brought Alex to the company.

Madison hearing this news had rushed there to claim her baby! She thought as there were so many crowd there, they’ll believe her story. But she was wrong.

The guards pushed her out and locked the gate and she quickly ran to the gate, banging it loudly while shouting.

“I swear I ain’t lying! Alex is my son! You can take my hair! My blood whatever… Do a DNA test and you’ll see I’m not lying! Please you all believe me! They planned it! Please! Alex!!!” She shouted and she banged the gate like she was already loosing her sanity.

“Please! Believe me! You’re a woman like me, you all have a daughter. Please I’m telling the truth-” Someone suddenly grabbed her arm, turning her roughly and the next thing that followed was a slàp from the girl who grabbed her.

Paisley, that was the girl’s name. The girl who slapped her. She was a díe hard fan of Evie and the president of her fanbase, very popular in all the social media platforms.

She was always looking out for Evie and she doesn’t tolerate anyone saying harsh things about Evie. She’s very toxic and everyone knows that.

It was as if Madison regained all her senses at that time, the slap made her went numb and she just stood still staring at nothing.

“How dare you say trash about Fashion Evie you cheap thing from the pit hole?!” She demanded hotly.

Fashion Evie was Evie’s celebrity name.

“If you are trying to gain fame, try it with other celebrities, not my Evie!!” She shouted, pushing her harshly and Madison fell to the ground, her tears didn’t stop flowing for once.


Valerie chuckled inwardly.

How can she forget her face. Evie’s lapdog.

“Please Valerie, can I have your autograph? I’m your biggest fan.” Paisley said and Valerie huffed.

Biggest fan indeed? What happened to Evie? And the audacity to call her by her name!

Valerie looked at her hand on her wrist.

“Let go.” Those two words were enough to send chills down anyone’s spine, coupled with her facial expression.

“Please-” Valerie shook her hand off hers roughly and she stared at her coldly.

“Don’t you ever! I repeat, do not ever touch my hands! I’m letting you go today, but the next time you try it-” She paused and turned, then she took two steps away and turned to her.

“You’ll regret ever knowing Valerie Keys! I don’t joke with my words. Beware.” She said, before cat walking away without turning back for once.

Paisley stood completely shock, but that didn’t stop other fans from running after her.

Valerie walked to her black SUV that was already waiting for her. One of the guard opened for her and she got in.

He closed the door and went over to the driver’s seat while the other got to the seat beside him and they took off immediately.

Some fans ran after her car while some stood there, still screaming.


Alecia rushed into the hospital and she met her sister and dad at the receptionist section.

“Alvira!” She called rushing to her.

Alvira turned to her, her face soaked in tears.

“What’s wrong Alvira?? Why are you crying?? Is mom alright??” She questioned worriedly.


“And the prodigal daughter arrives.” Her dad said and she took her gaze to him.


“Don’t you ever call me that! You lost the right to address me as you dad the very day you decided to choose your dreams over your family!” He shut her up, but still…


“I said don’t you ever call me that! Because of you, your mom is in this condition. Stealing the money she’s being saving for people just for your own selfishness! It gave her hypertension! Why did you hate us this much Alecia?? We already aren’t wealthy enough and you decided to steal from us, putting us in debt for the rest of our lives! And now your mom is fighting for her life!” He shouted at her and Alecia looked down with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry dad. I didn’t mean to do it. I thought my dreams would pay off. I thought I would make it big and get to pay back the money in triple folds-”

“Shut up! What silly dreams?! Why have you failed to understand that you’re failure itself?! Nothing good can ever come out of you!-”

“Dad!” Alvira shouted while Alecia sulked silently.

“I’m sorry dad.” She muttered.

“Sorry for your miserable life! Just know this, if anything should happen to your mom… If anything happens to your mom Alecia, You’re gonna regret it. I swear you’re gonna see the worst side of me.” He threatened coldly.

“Nonsense!” He yelled before walking out of the place.

“Alecia-” She ran out of the hospital before Alvira could say anything.

Alvira sighed, the people around were already murmuring amongst themselves.

Alecia kept crying as she ran out of the hospital.

Her dad was right. She was a failure! Nothing good ever comes out of her! Why was she even born in the first place?? She hated her life! She hated everything!

She didn’t know when she ran into the road, a car almost hit her but it stopped immediately.

She gasped in fear and the guy came out.

“Why are running into the road?? Do you wanna die??” He asked loudly and she ran away in tears, not saying a word.



Zhang’s estate is the biggest estate in Australia, owned by Giovanni Zhang. A freaking rich billionaire.

He had the world’s largest conglomerates, ranging from hotels to estates to technologies to automobiles to schools to fashion to entertainment… Every business corporation you could think of, he had it.

And you can imagine how wealthy he is. He’s got the three basic unit of life, money, fame and power.

They’re the most respected families in Australia and no one dares talks sh*t about them. They aren’t a nice people.

They’re very ruthless when it comes to personality more reasons while they’re being scared of.

If they offended you, it’s advisable you let them win than trying to fight back because they won’t only win, they also make sure they ruin your life for trying to ruin theirs.

They’re people who cherished their reputation more than their life.

That was why Madison Roberts case wasn’t a success when she tried to stand up for herself then.

They humiliated her in the most cruel way ever which led to her death.

Now moving to the Zhang’s mansion. It was heaven on earth. Paradise itself.

It just kept screaming money, the living room… Oh my gawd!

Various maids could be seeing running around with their different activities, more of them were at the dinning, setting the long table for dinner.

In no time, the table was filled with various quality dishes like a feast was being hosted in the house.

The maids outlined waiting for the Zhang’s to come down for dinner.

The doorbell rang that minute, and the maids in the living room rushed to get the door.

Standing at the doorstep was Evie Zhang, Leo Zhang and Jeffery Zhang looking breathtaking.

Evie was dressed in an expensive classic blue evening gown and her makeup made her look incredibly beautiful.

While Jeffery was carrying Leo in his arm. Leo is actually Alex, his name got changed the moment they took him away. He was smiling cutely and one could see he was a real replica of Jeffery.

Unlike the two who had a bright look, Jeffery’s aura wasn’t friendly at all, dark.

He wasn’t smiling at all. He just maintained a strict look on his face but yet he was astonishing handsome. His inky black neatly brushed and swept off his smooth face. His dark eyes piercing deeply into a soul. He had a pointed nose and a plump pink lips to admire.

The maids couldn’t help but drool senselessly.

“Glance at my husband and I’ll pluck out your eyes and feed it to the birds!” Evie blunted out venomously and the maids quickly tore their gaze away.

Jeffrey just rolled his eyes before walking in with Leo in his hand.

Evie followed behind, then the maids next.

“Oh my babies are here!” Tessa Zhang squealed rushing to them. She just got to the living room.

“Grandma!!” Leo squealed excitedly from Jeffrey’s hand and Jeffrey dropped him down and he ran to her.

Tessa squatted to his level and welcomed him into an embrace.

“My baby boy! Did you miss grandma that much?” She asked ruffling his black silky hair.

“Yes! I missed you so much!” He said in his cute baby voice and Tessa smiled.

“He’s been on my neck for days now, he really wants to see you, so I had to bring him here.” Evie chipped in and Tessa chuckled.


“So what’s going on here? Why is the house a bit noisy today?” June said climbing down the stairs.

She’s Evie’s sister. Actually, Giovanni and Tessa had only two children, Evie and June with Evie being the eldest.

June is a nineteen year old girl and a freshman. She’s a spoilt brat, loud mouthed and crazy.

“Teddy bear!” Leo suddenly squealed and her eyes widened seeing him.

“Wait, did Leo… Oh my gawd! Leo! Come to big sis!!!” She screamed and Leo quickly broke the hug and rushed to her.

She carried him in her hand, spinning him around as she hugged him tightly.

“You bighead! Why did you leave your teddy bear without telling her?!” She queried and he laughed.

“I didn’t leave my teddy bear at all. I was kidnapped. Mom and dad, kidnapped me.” He pouted.

“Really Leo? How can you say that about your parents?” Evie said and he looked at her.

“Didn’t you guys kidnap me? You took me to that boring house.” He muoed and June laughed at his cuteness.

She pulled his cheek fondly.

“I believe you my boy.” She said and he smiled.

“What a kid?” Evie muttered.

“Who do we have here?” Giovanni Zhang said, descending the stairs.

“Grandpa!!” He squealed.

“My big boy!” Giovanni said as he walked to them, he ruffled his hair and he giggled.

“I missed you.” He pouted.

“Grandpa missed you more.”

“Geez, what’s with the missing missing?” Evie asked.

“Mom, I want to stay for the weekend.” Leo suddenly said, making a cute puppy eyes.


“Do you need to take her permission? Of course, you’re not going anywhere.” Tessa said.

“Yes!!!” He screamed and June was forced to cover her ear.


“What?” Her mom asked and she smiled at the joy Leo brought to their home.

Being the only son of the family was a joy, he got the love from everyone. And she was glad she could make everyone this happy.

“Let’s go have dinner.” Tessa said instead and they began walking to the dining room.

“Wassup Jeffery? How’s the company?” Giovanni asked Jeffery as they walked to the dining room.

“Good.” He simply replied.


“So how did your show go Madi?” Derek asked as they had had their dinner.

Madi was the name he calls her, short form of Madison.

“Excellent. First step successfully achieved today.” She smirked and Derek smiled.

“I’m proud of you.” He said.

“I’m still waiting for her call.” She said.

“Did you give her your number?” He asked.

“No. But I’m definitely sure she’ll call.” She said, hopefully and Derek nodded.

“Okay… If she calls what are you gonna do?” He asked.

“I’ll decline what ever she has to offer if she calls.” She simply told him.

“She’s someone who thinks she can buy everyone with money, but I’ll tell her, her money can’t buy me.” She said and Derek nodded.

Just then her phone began ringing and she picked it up. The moment she saw it was an unsaved number calling, she smirked before swiping green and just like she had predicted inwardly, she was the one calling.

Evie Zhang!

“Hey Valerie Keys, it’s Evie Zhang here.” The proudness in her voice could be clearly detected.

“I know.” Valerie said simply.

“Huh? How did you know? I mean, do you have my number?” Evie asked from the other side.

“No… I just know.” Valerie replied and she could hear her sigh.

“Rush over why you called, time is one thing I value most in this life and I don’t waste it on meaningless things.”