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Unwanted twins finale

( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 26
Writer POV
Nooooooooooooo she can’t just die like that Dora shouted. She keep destroying Everything in the ward.
Miss you’re destroying our things one of the nurse that came to pack Nora coups said. Just shut up is this things more important than my sister you guys should just wake her up she yelled.
Lana cry makes her come back to her senses. She carry Lana and shake her head.
Two months later.
Dora don’t you think is high time you moved on with your normal life. All you have been doing is to cry take care of Lana and visit her grave leo said.
You don’t Know how I feel Dora said. I knew how you feel the lady in question is my fiance. Did you know how it feels to lose your helper Dora asked.
Hmm Dora let me tell you the story that makes me cold maybe you will stop crying leo said.
There’s once a happy family. Yeah happy family they have everything in terms of riches and they have two lovely kids that’s Gabrielle and I. But everything changed when my father best friend killed my parents.
Yeah he killed them because of money the worst part is he killed them in my presence. He raped my mum in the present of my dad and I. Gabrielle was a lil kid then she didn’t know anything.
He killed them and take over all the things my parents work for and we are left to feed ourselves. I drop out of highschool just because there’s no money.
So I started singing in my street to make money so I can feed Gabrielle. God smile at me through singing and I make it. So what happen to your father friend after Nora asked. Oh that one he is dead leo said.
What killed him Dora asked. I go back to arrest him after I make it cause I have enough evidence against him and the court find him guilty they sentence him to death by hanging.
Am sure our parents will be happy with us wherever they’re. And am sure Nora won’t be happy that you are like this you need to move on as I have moved on leo said.
So you mean sis won’t be happy with me like this she asked. Yes she will only be happy if you moved on the companies need you Dora he said and hug her.
Madam Clara resident.
What silver getting married to Cole
This can’t be happening. i have finally lost everything I lost my daughter and my husband to her. To eat two times a day is now difficult to me she said crying.
Ma the new company that just opened down the street need cleaner am thinking if you can employ one of my neighbors said. Oh thank you give me the address she said and get up ready to go get a job.
Dora get down from her car with Lana in her hand welcome mat her staffs greet her. How are you guys doing she asked. We are doing well we are happy to have you back they said.
Dora enter the office and drop Lana on the baby sitter. She is 8months now so she can sit.
Dorathy P O V
Were will I start from I sign there are many files here that need to be attend to I need personal assistant. That reminds me what about the cleaner I asked them to find.
Hello I called my secretary what about the cleaner I asked you guys to get I asked. I am about to call you she’s here she said. Ok bring her in I said.
What I shouted you guys won’t believe who’s here my mother. What are you doing here and who let you in I asked
I should be asking you that she said are you a nanny she said looking at Nora. Woman respect your self you can’t come into my office and be speaking trash. By the way what are you doing here I asked.
Are you the boss I came to meet she asked. As you can see I said rolling my office chair and that’s my daughter. How come she asked you don’t have the right to question me madam.
What are you doing here am the new cleaner she said. Oh I see I said but sorry to disappoint you ma there’s no vacancy I said.
No Dora you can’t do this to me she said. Not Dora madam is not easy to be a C.E.O I said cutting her off. ok madam please I really need this work and my life depend on it she said.
You need this work right I asked and she nod am not that wicked but I will like you to tell me why you hate me or aren’t you my mother I asked. Fine I never hate you the thing is…………
Episode 27
Writer POV
The thing is Clara said and look at Dora face. Continue am listening Dora said. Hmm pls can I sit down she asked.
Oh my bad have your seat Dora said. When I was young I use to stay with my aunty.
So her husband loves there daughter more than his wife. My Aunty always complain about it but the husband turn deaf ear to it. The husband and his daughter does almost everything together. They bath together and eat together that he forget he has a wife.
So one day I came back home and found my aunty daughter and her husband on the same bed kissing. I told my aunty she got angry and fight her husband. Her husband sent us parking that night. That’s why I hate a female child I don’t want my child to take my husband love from me she said crying.
bravo what a lane excuse. Dora said. Am very sorry my daughter she said crying. So you knew am your daughter now.
The funniest thing is you don’t want me to take your husband away right? But someone else has taken him away from you what will you do about that she asked.
I can’t do anything cause I have lost everything to silver she said.
Dan banged into dora office. Were are your manners Dora asked but he ignore her and went ahead to play with Lana. Hey beautiful did you Miss me he said to Lana.
Clara looks towards Dan direction.
What!!!!!! ghost Clara shouted and that is when Dan notice someone is inside the office with dora.
What’s she doing here Dan asked Dora. She came for cleaning work Dora replied him. Oh good morning Mrs Clara he said.
Just tell me this is not Dan Clara said shaking. Mum relax Dan is not dead Dora said. How come Clara asked. And Dora explained everything to her.
I did all that for you to change but you don’t change. Let me tell you something your Dan is dead a long time ago he said.
Am sorry Clara said. Mrs Clara I have so many work on my table. About the work I can’t employ you dora said.
Please am sorry I really need this work she said going on her knees.
and I never said I won’t help you just get up. You know I can’t pay evil with evil so I will give you 500 dollars now. You should go and come back tommorow I have a surprise for you Dora said. Thank you Clara said.
Dan am sorry Clara said moving closer to Dan. Look madam you don’t offend me the thing is I am not your son anymore just leave Dan said.
Dan calm down Dora said. Mum go and come back tomorrow I will talk to him Dora said. Thank you she said and went out.
Why did you give her money and what surprise are you planning for her Dan asked.
Dan you have to forgive her she’s still our mum. Forgive her cause I have forgiven her a long time ago. If she has treat me well then I won’t have got to this level I am today.
Take a look at me I don’t depend on anybody. Look at you, you’re rich did you think you’ll be this rich if you don’t do what you did for me. Everything happens for a reason Dora said. About the surprised I will open a mall for her.
No matter what she does she’s still our mother. So I want you to help her with anything you have Dora said. Fine I will think about it Dan said.
Senator cole mansion
What’s the celebration all about senator cole asked madam silver. Guess what, madam silver said. Silver you Know am not good at guessing just go straight to the point senator cole said.
Remember I told you am feeling one kind last week. Yes and I asked you to visit the doctor senator cole replied.
Yeah the doctor said am two weeks pregnant. Wow you don’t mean it. Did you think am joking madam silver said stretching the result for him read. Wow this calls for celebration senator cole said.
Yes I need to inform Dora and Dan first silver said
Episode 28
Writer POV
Hello darling madam silver said. Mum how are you doing today hope you are fine Dora asked.
Yes my love I have a surprise for you can you please come to the house and one more thing help me call Dan and inform him I have been calling him since but his number is not good through madam silver said. Oh you sound happy am sure it will be a good news Dora said.
Just come and see for yourself and make sure you come with my granddaughter madam silver said and end the call.
Dorathy p.o.v
Mum sounds happy on the phone it must surely be a good news and I need to talk to them before I better use this opportunity.
Hey girlfriend I called Gabrielle.
How are you doing bestie she replied.
You totally forget your bestie I said hmm am sorry it work.
Work or Dan I asked.
Hmmm the two she replied silly girl. Is Dan there with you I asked her. Yeah he’s inside the bathroom any problem she asked.
Tell him mum and dad want us in the house I said. Okay can I come along she asked. You’re free bye I want to attend to my baby I said.
Hmm Leo I called out. Am going to my parents house with Lana I said. Oh but is getting late he replied. Don’t worry we will be fine I replied him.
I will drop you off then he said. No don’t bother yourself we will be fine I said. Let me bother he said and took his car key from the table. Shall we he asked and I follow suit with Lana.
Senator cole mansion
Aww my babies are here madam silver said happily. How are you doing Dora she asked am doing fine.
You even came with your husband she said and I playfully glare at her. He is not my husband I said. So what is the good news all about Dan asked her.
You won’t believe it she said bringing out a paper from her bag. And hand it over to Dan. Wow this is great Dan said giving me the paper to read.
You mean you are pregnant I said happily. Congratulations mum am very happy for you I said and hug her. Hmm so dad when are you two getting married I said. Yeah Dora is right when are you getting married Dan said.
I think next month senator cole said. You mean we’re getting married next month mum said jumping on dad yes dear did you have any problem with that dad said smiling.
Mrs Clara p.o.v
See were my attitude took me too Dora is really a good child. I don’t deserve her love. All thanks to Dora and Dan am leaving better but they don’t treat me the way they treat silver.
Is my fault anyway and silver deserve it be happy to. I heard she’s pregnant am happy for her. But am not happy it’s Cole that got her pregnant.
Writer POV
Dora am thinking maybe you can go out with me tommorow leo said. To were Dora asked. Just like going out with you leo said. Can I come with Lana she asked.
No just me and you he replied. Am sorry I can’t come with you Dora said. Fine you can come with Lana leo said.
Episode 29
Writer POV
Dora bath Lana and dressed her up so she can get there on time. Leo has left before them. I wonder where he is talking me to Dora said.
Baby are you ready she said to Lana and she giggled. She carried her and drop her at the back sit of the car she enter the driver sit and zoom off. She doesn’t want to go with a driver.
She got to the place and discover a concert was going on. Oh I totally forget leo is a musician.
But his he performing here she said and got inside. Immediately on of leo guys saw her. They took her to the VIP section. Welcome ma they greeted her.
Many artist came out to perform and they perform well but people aren’t satisfied. We want Leo they keep shouting. Ohh have forgotten he is a super star Dora said smiling.
But why did he asked me to come here. The M.C makes announcement, everybody listen the next artist is our superstar Leo he said and everyone start to jubilate.
He came out to and started searching with his eyes and they land on Dora . He smiled and wave at her.
Did leo just wave at her who is she, she’s lucky cause Leo doesn’t smile at people except Nora I wish am in her shoe the crazy fans keep murmuring.
Hi everyone leo said and the ladies started jubilating did he just hi us.
Leo sat down with his guitar in his hand this music is dedicated to someone special to me he said.
Since I set my eyes on you
My life hasn’t been the same
I pretend as if I don’t care but I really care about you
It crazy cause you really changed me completely without trying.
I really wanna tell you how I feel towards you but am afraid to tell you
But am afraid cause I don’t know if you love me
I wanna grow old with you, I want you to be the mother of my children.
If you allow me..
We can make this love a wonderful one.
Maybe me and you can do this love things but am afraid cause if you turn me down I can kill myself.
He finish the song and people started cheering him. The emotional ones are already crying.
Leo stand up on his seat and walked towards Dora.
When he gets to Dora front he go down on one knees and brought out a ring from his pocket. Dora please can you do me a favor of being my wife forever.
People started cheering Dora to accept. Dora was surprised and shocked at the same time.
Is the music for me his he proposing to me right now. Many thought kept ringing on her mind.
Madam silver was at the sitting room watching the news cause leo is one of his favorite.
At last she said happily. Honey come and see my daughter she shouted happily and senator cole ran down with just a short.
Wow say yes already senator cole shouted. Madam silver was afraid I pray Dora doesn’t turn this guy down.
Mrs Clara was in her sitting room also watching the show. Just say yes already you deserve to be happy. She shouted as if she’s there.
Dora look at the crowd cheering her up. If won’t be a good thing if I reject him. But am I doing the right thing if I accept him. She then remembered Nora words.
Let me do this for sis She said. and said yes Leo slide the ring happily.
That’s my girlfriend Gabrielle shouted happily from the crowd.
Final episode and epilogue
Writer POV
Yes I will marry you Dora said and Leo slide the ring to her finger happily. Thanks I love you and I promise to be always there for you he said and hug her.
Dora come out from the concert with leo carrying Lana she was surprised to see her family waiting for her outside.
Aww congrats my baby senator cole said and hug her. Thanks Dad Dora replied.
Happy for you Mrs Clara said and also hug her. My baby will be a wife soon madam silver said and hug her congratulations baby. Thanks leo senator cole said and Pat his back. Welcome sir he said.
You can simply use the word dad cause you will be my son in law soon senator cole said.
Attention everyone Dan said.
Since leo have proposed to my sister let me use this medium to propose to the love of my life he said going on one knees wow Dora said.
Gabrielle you have been the best girlfriend every man will pray for. You have always been there for I and my sister. You sacrifice alot for Dora you’re truly a good friend.
Have been looking for a better opportunity to propose to you but I never seen. So Gabrielle will you marry me Dan said.
Awww someone should wake me up or pour me water this is a dream Gabrielle said.
I will marry you if I don’t marry you who will I marry Gabrielle said. Dora scoff what a drama queen. Gabrielle hit her playfully you’re jealous of my boyfriend no fiance and Dora showed her, her ring my fiance is more romantic than yours.
Senator cole and madam silver marriage
Did you Cole accept silver as your lawful wife till death do you apart the priest asked. Yes I do senator cole replied.
Did you silver accept Cole as your lawful husband till death do you apart the priest asked silver. I do she answered happily. You may now kiss the bride.
Congratulations silver Mrs Clara said and gave silver a gift.
Madam silver was shocked. You gave me this she asked. Common let the by gone be by gone. You deserve to be happy Clara said and hug her.
Ohh mummy you came Dora asked. Yeah is there a problem with that Clara asked smiling. No mum am just happy you came she said.
Dorathy p.o.v
4 years later
Hey Lana come back here I shouted this daughter of mine is very stubborn. Mum junior don’t wants to come to you,
she wants to stay with big sister she said beating her chest. She’s too full of herself just like her father.
Did you just say am stubborn leo said tickling me. Just stop you’re not stubborn. Let go in for what I asked him you no be said scratching his head just say it I said.
Some cars drove into the compound.
Wow see who we have here I said smiling.
Mum, madam silver, dad and Dan and his pregnant wife. What are you guys doing here I asked them. Are you not happy to see us they asked.
We are totally happy Lana said hugging them one after the other.
I came to carry my grandchildren madam silver said. No way we are sharing them am going with Lana and you’re going with junior mum said.
As far as. Going with one of them it okay by me madam silver said. Less I forget madam silver gave birth to little Dan and he is very stubborn.
Let go in I said.
Mum as been the best mum one could asked for and madam silver as been the bestest. With my lovely husband by my side. May the soul of sis Nora rest in peace.
And may my father soul rest in peace I really missed that man this is from the authoress.
What else will I asked for.
The end


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