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Unwanted twins batch 5

( We don’t need a female child)
By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)
Episode 21
Writer p.o.v
You personally should please endure with me. I will pay you guys salaries as soon as my company raise again.
Oh we don’t need the money again we can’t work with you again because you are too harsh.
Moreover have you heard of N and D company they are recruiting more staff and they say the c.e.o is very nice unlike some people.
So you guys mean am not nice we never say that but we don’t blame you because that’s how you treat your family.
Did you watch the news your husband is planning to marry one miss silver and you’re here lying to the world that you’re still s£nator cole wife.
Enough o have heard enough from you guys. So you guys should please leave my office right now Clara said angrily.
How can silver do this to me Hun I will need to visit silver am sure this rumors aren’t true she said and set to go.
Dora I will missed you Nora said. Sis is just for a weekend please take care of yourself for me don’t stress yourself Dora said.
Alright sis and I will also missed my baby Lana Dora said. Leo will take you to the airport hurry up you don’t want to keep him waiting Nora said and peck her on the cheek.
Madam silver went to get something at the mall. Hi my darling she called Dora. Mum how are you doing Dora asked. am doing great.
My baby is now a big girl madam silver said smiling anyway how’s your trip madam silver asked. It fine but am tired I need to rest so I can wake up early tommorow she said. Alright baby take care of yourself.
Dorathy p o.v
Leo drive me to the airport he has really changed to me though only me not other people. And he is now close to me. And I don’t like the clos£ness at all.
He even hug and peck me when he drive me to the airport. O don’t want anything that will makes sis feel bad she has done a lot for me.
Dora meet my lawyer Frank. Frank this is dora my kid sis she said. Hi Frank brought his hand for handshake.
Nora are sure you have think about this well you’re signing all your properties to her what!!!!! I don’t get you I said. Dora just calm down and sign this papers.
How will you tell me to calm down this are your properties for crying out loud. Dora there’s something I will like to tell you but not now I will tell you when the time comes.
But right now the only thing you can do to makes me happy is to sign those papers she said.. but…… No but Dora fo this for me.
End of flashback
I don’t know what is bothering her and it affecting me. Am at Spain now.
Hi Gabrielle you have forgotten your bestie since you left for Spain am sorry I can never forget you is just that am always busy is not easy to be C.e.o she said. Anyway I called to inform you that am in Spain I said.
Oh my God you don’t mean it were are you right now she asked happily. Chillax babe I want to relax we will see tomorrow I said and cut the call without waiting for her replied.
Writer p.o.v
Madam silver was about entering her car silver Mrs Clara called. Oh Clara nice meeting you how have you been madam silver asked.
Silver is the rumour true that you are dating my husband. Hmm Clara’s not what you think. Then make me understand am sorry is the only thing that comes out of madam silver mouth.
How dare you silver am sure you seduce him cause I Know Cole he can never stoop so low to date someone like you. You aren’t is cl@ss silver.
You’re shameless silver your friend husband. Oh it now that you knew am shameless when you collected him from me then what are you.
Aren’t you shameless too answer me. I have always been the gentle one but I won’t take any insult from you again read my l!ps. If you know what is good for you stay away from my husband to be cause am engaged to him.
And you aren’t his wife anymore. And the last thing I know about your plans if anything happens to Dora you will pay dearly for it madam silver said and enter her car. Clara was surprised silver has never talk back at her not even when she collecting Cole from her then.
Leo p o.v
You guys are just bunch of fools how can you tell me you don’t know how money Missed in the company account.
Those p a I employ after Dora are nothing but incompetent fools. Are you sure you go to school at all. I asked my new p.a am sorry sir she said.
Just get out I yelled if not for Nora I will have back her but I promise Nora that I won’t sack her. I don’t even know what is making me angry maybe is because Dora isn’t working with me again or because she just travel there’s something about her that I like.
Episode 22
Writer p.o.v
Dora dressed up in a suit trouser and a jacket and left the upper button open.nshe got into her car and leave for were the meeting will hold.
See who we have here Gabrielle said and Dora was surprised to see her what are you doing here Dora asked.
You don’t even have manners am sure my brother has influence you with his bad character Gabrielle said.
You’re not serious why don’t you greet me first Dora said.
Nice seeing you here Gabrielle said and hug her. You haven’t answered my question what are you doing here dorathy said. We are here for the same purpose Gabrielle said smiling.
My boss will be here in 5 minutes time the unknown billionaire secretary said. Alright the ladies chorus they are not the only one waiting for him.
The unknown billionaire walk into the Hall majestically and sat on his seat. Welcome guys he said and went ahead to why they’re there.
Miss dora and miss Gabrielle please wait after the meeting he said.
The Cole mansion
Madam silver sat with s£nator cole in the living they’re gisting and laughing about there highschool days.
Sir a woman is outside she said she wants to see you. The new security said. What did she say her name is, Clara sir he said.
Let her in s£nator cole said. You mean Clara should come in madam silver asked. Relax dear.
Clara walked in dressed like a slut she planned to seduce Cole. So how may I help you s£nator Cole asked.
Hmm am here to see you Clara said. Am here. She face silver and said can you please excuse us Clara said.
Clara you never seize to amaze me you mean I should excuse you in my husband house madam silver asked. Clara scoff and muttered we shall see it clear enough for silver to hear.
Cole am very sorry I have realized my mistakes am ready to be a good mother to Dora and a good wife to you am very sure this bitch here forced you to date her because you love me.
Clara are you here to beg for forgiveness or you’re here for insult s£nator cole asked her. Am Sorry I can do anything to makes you see I have change she said.
Are you sure you can do anything s£nator cole asked. Clara was happy and give silver the look of I told you. Yes my love she replied.
I don’t wanna see your face around me, my children or my wife again s£nator cole said and Clara was shocked. Clara used the door madam silver said smiling.
Dora and Gabrielle is waiting for the unknown billionaire in the reception. Ma the boss said you should some in the receptionist said and they went in how are you doing Dora he asked.
Who are you and how did you know my name she asked surprised.
Dan remove his face mask and Dora was shocked no no no this is not Dan Dan is dead she said standing up.
Dora calm down Gabrielle said. What Gabrielle aren’t you shocked. Am not shocked cause I found out he is alive last week but he asked me not to tell you.
Dora am sorry I did it for you I never die and dad knew about it but he don’t know were I am he only knew am alive Dan said moving closer to hug her.
How come you are this rich Dora asked when they dis£ngage from the hug it a long story then make it short Dora said.
Nora has been calling dorathy Line but she’s not picking and he is afraid maybe something happens to her she thought and call Gabrielle.
She told me she’s also going to meet the billionaire. Hello dear hi Nora Gabrielle said is Dora there she asked.
yes she’s here the billionaire is her twin brother she said what how come Nora said.she will gist you when she comes back.
Okay can you do me a favor Nora asked Gabrielle anything for you she said. Can you please snap Dora and his twin brother when they hug and s£nd it to your brother she said.
What did you want to use that for Gabrielle asked. You know I can’t hurt them just do that for me she pledge fine she said.
Leo p.o.v
Am in the living room Nora keep talking on how we make a perfect couple if I marry Dora.
I don’t understand her this days, she’s talking like she’s trying to matchmake me and Dora together and she’s succeeding. I don’t even understand myself again.
I have been calling Dora for the past one hour now and she’s not picking I don’t know what is wrong with her. A message enter my watsapp by an unknown number.
I click on it and saw Dora hugging a guy in it what I shouted is just like they put a knife on my chest.
As in I have seen Nora hugging so many guys but I have never felt like this before.
Babe what’s wrong Nora asked and I quickly compose myself is nothing I said smiling are you sure it’s nothing Nora asked smiling at me. Yes am sure I said. I pray I don’t meet this motherfv¢ker that hug her.
Dorathy p.o.v
So tell me how you get this rich I said am very happy right now.
Fine when I left for home…………
Episode 23
Dorathy p.o.v
So am listening how did you get this rich I asked. I told Dad about my plans and he disagree. After more pledge he agree.
Yes he agree on a condition that I will stay with him there so I agree even though I knew I can’t stay with him.
So I told Dad I will be going back to America which he agree. So I took the next flight to Germany instead of America.
On my way to the hotel some guys Rob me and collect all my things which makes me stranded. I don’t have money to Lodge again and no phone to make call and is dark.
I was moving around when I saw a group of boys trying to beat an old man, I don’t even know how to rescue him because if I move closer to them.
Those guys are touch looking. Thank God police station is not far from there, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the police station.
I rescue the old man with the help of the police. Thank you my son the man said. Sir were is your house let me take you there I said.
Down the town he said and I took him there. It a small hut and I beg the man to let me stay for a main time.
The cut the long story short, I started staying with her and work to feed the both of us.
The man called me one day that he is a very rich man but he ran from his place because his family members try to kill him because they knew he don’t have a child.
If they killed him they will inherit all his properties. That’s why the man run with the help of his lawyer.
He called his lawyer and will all his properties to me. He said the lawyer should tell his family that he is died and sold his properties.
That’s how I got rich he said. Wow that’s nice so where’s the man I asked him.
He is staying with me. Did is family later disturb you. Yes but they’re all in prison he said. Wow. I heard you matchmake dad and madam silver together.
Yes I did and am very sorry I said. You don’t have to be sorry we know madam silver is a very good woman that we wish she’s our mother he said and I smile.
Leo p.o.v
What about the thing I asked you to find out for me I asked my private investigator. Yeah I have found out he is Dan the young billionaire so he’s richer than me I asked.
Yeah he’s he said. what relationship did he have with Dora I asked I have not found out about that. But I discovered he is your sister boyfriend he said.
Oh my sister how come have she moved on so that motherfv¢ker is cheating on my sister.
Writer p.o.v
Dan and Dora came back together and they went to there father’s house. Hey mum Dora said and hug madam silver. So it’s true Dan said and madam silver was so to see Dan.
Dan I thought you are dead madam silver said. Am not here for you Dan said. So dad it true that you are going out with your ex wife friend.
Am very ashamed of you Dan said climbing the stair case. Dan is that how to greet your father s£nator cole asked. Am sorry madam silver said crying.
Oh I don’t mean to hurt you am just kidding Dan said coming down to hug her. Dad am sorry how have you been he said.
You mean you’re not angry madam silver asked Dan why will I you’re a very good woman you’re always there for me and my sister so tell me why I should be angry he said smiling at her.
But am confused I thought you are dead madam silver said. Nope mum am not dead I did that thinking mum will change toward Dora but it a pity she didn’t.
Mum dad I need to go my sister will be waiting for me Dora said. Am jealous madam silver said smiling. Don’t worry I will come here tommorow she said.
Leo mansion
Dora get down from the car and was surprised to see leo standing outside with his hand on his trouser pocket. Hi Dora said and leo engulfed her in a tight hug.
And klzz her on the l!p Dora pushed Leo immediately and he land on the floor. Am sorry leo mattered that’s too harsh Nora said from behind.
Hmm sis am sure you don’t see what he just did Dora asked shocked I saw everything he is just trying to greet you.
Dora was shocked and speechless trying to klzz me is part of greetings she asked and Nora smile at her come in I have missed you and I have a story to tell you.
Episode 24
Writer POV
Am sorry l don’t know what come over me leo said to nora it nothing baby I understand you’re only greeting her Nora said. Leo was ashamed of hiself he took his car key and went out.
Sis what story did you want to tell me cause am very curious to hear Dora a story about a girl that thinks the world revolves around her.
Her parents spoilt her with many things money can buy just because she’s there only child.
I hope you are listening I want you to listen attentively Nora said. Yes sis continue Dora said.
are parents really pampered her. She doesn’t know what is right and wrong and goes and and comes back anytime she wants.
Nora stop and look if Dora is listening. Contact sis Dora said. She always drink smoke and party cause know one to caution her
But everything stop when I parents died. She discover she’s blood cancer 2 days after the death of her parents due to the alcohol and drugs she takes. So did the doctor treat the cancer Dora asked. Oh it’s too late she has only 2 years to Leave Dora said and smile out tears.
But sis am sure you aren’t the one why are you crying did it happen to one of your families Dora asked. You see Dora leo is a very nice guy we have been together since and I knew him well I will what you to give him a chance cause I see he loves you Nora said ignoring her question.
I don’t get you I should give Leo a chance what about you she asked.
What if I tell you am the lady in my story Nora said. No way God forbid it can’t be you Dora said. It me my dear but I don’t want you to pity me I only have few days left.
And I wants to make sure Leo and Lana is in good hands. Dora can you do this for me Nora said crying. No sis am sure nothing will happen to you.
You will be the one to take care of them yourself have you tried other hospital Dora said crying with Nora.
Trust me I have tried almost all the hospital in this world and they keep saying the same thing Nora said.
I just want to believe you’re joking leo said from behind.
Is true Leo I just don’t want you to pity or feel sorry for me that’s why I don’t tell you am very sorry Nora said and started coughing out blood again no Dora shouted help me carry her she said and Leo Carry to the car and they heard to the hospital.
Madam Clara p.o.v
I lost everything, I lost my husband my children even my company and am left with nothing. Am sure some people will be thinking I am not Dora mother.
I gave birth to her she’s my daughter. The things I am afraid of finally happens to me oh good were will I start from.
Will I start to look for job at this age. Good just forgive me and give me another opportunity i promise o won’t misuse it.
Dorathy p.o.v
Doctor I yelled as we get to the hospital. No she can’t die my helper can’t die just like that. You people should fv¢king treat her and nothing should happen to her I said and they take her in.
Shortly after the doctor came out. Doctor how’s my sister I asked. She’s okay are you her only family he said and Leo move closer to us. What happen to her Leo asked.
Oh Mr Leo nice meeting you the doctors said. Please meet me in my office the doctor said. Can I come with him I asked the doctor sure you’re free he said.
Mr leo am sorry miss Nora condition is very critical but we have place her on supportive machine but am afraid she can’t make it 2days from now she’s gone he said.
No you guys should do anything that can heal her. Just tell me any amount you need and I will give you I said.
Miss we are sorry we can’t do anything she’s also aware. You can see her 30 minutes from now he said. Please you can take your leave the doctors said.
Sis how are you I asked her holding her hand. As you can see am fine she said smiling.
You’re a very strong woman sis and am sure you are not fine I said crying. Dora stop crying cause if you do I will also cry and did you want that she asked me. No I said crying my tears with the back of my hand.
Dora I need you to promise me something she said.
Anything for you sis. Promise me you won’t let Lana feel like she doesn’t have a daughter.
Promise me you won’t let her know you aren’t her mother and lastly promise me you’ll never leave Leo he said and am speechless. That Leo part makes me speechless.
Episode 25
Writer POV
Will you do that for me Dora Nora asked. But sis Dora tried to talk no but my dear am sure you don’t want me to be sad Hun Nora said.
Okay sis I will do all for you just get well soon she said. You and I knew I won’t make it.
And I don’t want you guys to feel bad about it she said. No sis stop saying that you will surely make it Dora said.
Meanwhile Leo what at a corner in the ward deeply in thought. Dora go and bring Lana for me Nora said. And Dora rushed to the house still crying to get Lana.
Leo came to sat down near Nora. Nora he called, yes she replied feeling guilty. Why did you do this to me Nora why did you keep something like this from me he asked her.
Am very sorry I just don’t want you to feel sorry for me she said. why don’t you go for operation when you discover he asked.
I went but is too late she said crying. Nora stop crying you’re really a strong woman he said.
Sis am back Dora said giving Lana to Dora. Dora I want you to teach her in the way of God.
If my parents have taught me well my life won’t end like this. You see God that said we shouldn’t steal he knows what he’s saying.
Let me asked you a question can you still from God. No it’s because of ourselves. My parents taught they’re making me happy then they don’t know they’re destroying my life.
God said we shouldn’t drink and smoke. It doesn’t affect God but us if my parents have teach me in the ways of God I won’t end up like this she said crying. Sister stop crying if you cry I will also cry.
2days later
Cole mansion
Baby I have been calling Dora for the past two days and she’s not picking. Am worried madam silver said worriedly.
You don’t have to be worried she’s not a kid s£nator cole said. No I have too she’s still my baby madam silver said. Then go and asked Dan about it s£nator Cole said.
Madam silver knock on Dan door she heard a faint come in and went in. Mum hope no prob Dan asked operating his system.
Hmm am bothered have been calling Dora for the past two days and she’s not picking have you called her she asked. Hmm she’s fine I called my girlfriend yesterday and she told me her sister is about to die. What nora!!!!!!
Madam silver exclaims. Are you joking madam silver asked. No mum I mean it am not joking she said. You mean you aren’t joking what happen to her then. She’s suffering from blood cancer. Oh poor girl madam silver said.
Can you please take me to the hospital she asked. Anything for you Dan said and get down from the bed.
Doctor she’s breathing fast Dora run to the doctor office to tell him about the new development. She hasn’t gone back to the house for the past three days now.
The doctor enter the ward and did so checkup on Nora. He shaked his head and cover her well with the duvet.
Doctor what happen to her leo asked. Am sorry but we lost her. Nooooooooooooo Dora shouted she’s not dead check her well Dora shouted.
Miss you and I know she won’t make it. No you guys of bunch of incompetent fools. How could you allow her to die she kept yelling.


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