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July 24, 2021


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Unwanted fiance episode 9 & 10

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🌜(just one night with him changed everything)🌛


🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥




“Get lost” the words kept on ringing in my head as I stood watching her leave.

Four years away from us have gotten her tongue to be more vengeful

But who wouldn’t act the way she did, None of us were on her side and I too had behaved bad with her.

I did what Grace asked me to do, She made me say things I never meant to Dora,though I didnt want to do it, I just had to and I had hurt Dora with my words.

And then she had asked for my help to make Dora leave and I also supported her only for her to call off the wedding right on the wedding day.

I had felt so foolish when I just stood by the altar waiting for her to appear and nothing.

I had gotten so angry and had drank so many bottles, The only person I could blame for all of it was Dora.

If only I had known that the push would have made her lose our child ,I would never have hurt her.

I had been feeling so very angry and hurt because Grace left me and its all thanks to her.

But when I woke up the next day, I thought about it and realised that grace Is someone who can only love herself and no one else.

And because I found her very prettier than Dora, I went for her not knowing that I went for a wrong choice.

I was thinking of going to apologise to Dora when her granny came telling me how she lost our baby.

I felt so very guilty and when I went with her to the hospital, it was not to find her there again.

Feeling so very guilty about what happened, I went away.

To start all over but Not once did I ever forget Dora and our lost child.

It was just a month ago that I saw her again in New York.

I had gone there for a business conference and there she was all smart in her suit and she looked more beautiful.

I was suppose to be the speaker on that day but because she was there, I let them make someone else the speaker while I watched Dora from a distance.

As soon as I got back home, I made sure I had someone tailing her, telling me of her every move and he did Informed me of every little thing she did.

Then a day came and I knew that I just have to get Dora.

So then I decided to use the money her parents owed me against them.

First they had to bring Dora home and then make her marry me, That was the deal I had with them.

I had thought that it would work out perfectly but it still didnt.

Dora hadn’t been fallen for it, on the contrary she despised all of us but that wont last for long.

If she wants it the hard way, so be it but I wont let her leave like that.

After all its all due to her that all this started in the first place and just as it has started, She must finish it, I thought

“I told you guys right? We shouldn’t tell her yet but you just wont listen” her granny said behind me

“If we didnt tell her now, She would have left again and that is something that I dont want”I said

“I dont get it Michael,Why chose to be in Dora life now that she is happy, Why chose to destroy the little happiness she has built for herself” Her granny asked

“Am not ruining anything, I just think its time she pays me back for what she did in the past, its time I start collecting from Dora ” I said

“What if she is not willing to give you” Grace asked

“First I will make sure I take every last dime youve all got and still, I will have her, Cause whether she likes it or not, She is mine,Start thinking of ways to make her stay or I will put my plan In action and I mean It” I said and left them.all standing there.


“The nerve of the creep” how dare him say that he wants me not after what he did and said to me in the past.

My family had lied about missing me and wanting me back.

They only wanted me to come to be here,so that creep of a guy can get his wish with me

Well then they can think again, cause I wont let them come close to me anymore.

To also know that granny went along and helped them in all this got me feeling so very angry

She knew what I went through with Michael and yet she let them lure me back here for him.

Just remembering what I did in the past to get his attention and also his love made me feel worthless.

I left the clothes I was packing and went to stand by the window.

“There is no way that I will ever love you”

“I hate you” Those were the words he said to me.

They kept on running through my head and it had always hurt, To know that the person you love with all your heart hate you, Is not something good.

Just then my phone rang and I went to pick it

“This is from the airport Miss, We are calling to inform you that all flight to New York today would be cancelled”

“But why , I need to be in New York today” I said

“We’ve been told that the weather condition is really bad and so we have cancelled it, By tomorrow you would be able to leave, We are so sorry for the inconvenience Miss” She said and then switched off the phone. Hi Ishmael on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories.

Now I have to stay here for a whole day again.

I will just have to tolerate it as soon as the sun rises tomorrow, I will leave.


I was in the suite dealing with some work that I took along when my phone beeped for a message

“My love am In front of your hotel,come meet me there”

How come Liam is here and he didnt tell me anything.

Picking up my jacket, I took the lift downstairs,As soon as I got outside, I didnt see him but instead I saw Michael standing in front of his car starring at me.

“Why are you here?” I yelled at him angrily

“Check your phone” He said and I starred at it

But It was only Liam message I saw there.

“Look I dont have time for your jokes, My fiance is somewhere here so just leave” I said

“Oh really? Where is he then ?” He asked

I took my phone and called his number only for the phone in Michael hands to ring.

“That is Liam phone , what are you doing with it” I asked

“He gave it to me himself”

“What do you mean He gave it to you! Liam is at New York”

“Wrong, Right now as we speak your fiance is at your parents house introducing himself, He thinks your there and when we told him that you were here,I offered to come pick you up, so shall we! Your fiance is waiting, We dont want to keep him waiting” He said

I didnt want to go back to that house, didnt want to see anyone of them but I had no choice, I just have to go for Liam sake.

“Common My love we will be late” He said smiling at me

“Am not your love and make sure you delete that trashy message,it sickens me” I said

“But it made you come downstairs in a flash”

“That was because I thought it was my fiance not some unwanted person that I dont ever want to see again” I said

“Well am afraid to say but you will be seeing me more frequently okay, Now get in the car” He said and reluctantly i got into the car.

Why did Liam have to go to my house, He could have just called me.




🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛


🔥(My Forbidden desire for him)🔥


Chapter 10✌✌✌


I sat in the car beside Him, wondering if what he just told me was the truth.

Could he be lying, I thought as I starred at him

“He is at the house, I wouldnt have come to see you if I was lying” He said suddenly and I starred at him

Is he reading my mind?I thought

“I know what your thinking,We were once close friends” He said again

“Dont talk to me, If am right here with you,Its only because Of Liam, He should have just listened to me,He shouldn’t have come” I said fiercely

“And miss the chance of seeing his In-laws”

“I wasn’t talking to you, Mind your business” I said

“Apart from being more beautiful on your return,Youve now gotten a sharp tongue, Liam influence right ?” He asked smiling at me

Once upon a time, I would have melted with just seeing him smile at me but now I only feel angry.

“Just mind your business” I said

“Fine” He replied and through the rest of the ride home,He didnt say a thing.

As soon as we got to the house, I saw Liam outside, Along with granny, My parents and Grace.

He was chatting happily with them and Am sure that they havent told him yet what happened.

I got out of the car and calling out his name,I ran towards him.

He welcomed me into his arms by giving me a tight hug

“Why did you come,I thought I told you not to come” I Said

“I had to, You were so sad about the news of your granny but It turns out that she Is perfectly okay” He said starring at granny who gave us a huge smile.

“Granny lied to make me come back home, I got here only to see her still looking good and perfect” I said starring at her.

“Am sorry My dear,I just had to lie okay,If I didnt you wouldnt have come back home” She said pleadingly

“Its Okay Mrs Belmont, Dora and I understand”Liam said curving an arm around me.

Unknown to us,Michael stood behind us looking at us.

“Oh Mr Blake, Thank you for picking my fiancee up ” Liam said starring at Michael

“Its no problem , I Wanted her to be with you” He said starring at me.

All this is making me feel agitated, They only want me back Because Michael has suddenly demand for me, I dont want Liam finding out about it.

“Why dont we all go Inside” My mom said

“Am sorry But Liam and I will be leaving soon,I still need to go back to the hotel to pack,So its best that you do the same My love” I said

“But I just got here and I want to get to know my future In- Laws ” He said

“We can do that some other time,we have a lot of work to finish” I said

“Work that can be postponed” He said


“You heard your fiance right ? He doesnt want to go, Think of your stay here as an holiday, Right ?” Michael asked starring at me

“Mr Blake is right love, This would be like an holiday for us”he Said

“My dear please stay, We would like to know more about Liam” My mother said

Lies! Just a while back,They were telling me to be with Michael, Not caring if I had a fiancé.

“Shall we my love” Liam asked taking hold of my hand

“I still have to ……….”

“If your worried about your things, You shouldn’t , As of Now, My guards are bringing it” Michael said

“So Thats settled love,Lets go” Liam said pulling me in.

A while later, I stood by the window of the guest room given to Liam.

He was getting ready for dinner with my family tonight.

If it were up to me, I wouldnt be here, I would be at New York, Enjoying the little peace and tranquility that I have there.

I just hope that nothing happen during this dinner thing

And they better not mention anything to liam, I thought holding the window rail

Just then a hand came over mine, holding it

” Stop worrying okay, I wont disappoint you at the dinner tonight” He said

“Its not that, I just dont want us to be here” I said

“Why? This is your parents house and I would like to know more about them ” He said

“You can get to know them some other time”

“But I want to know them now, Look its time you forget whatever happened in the past, Try to be happy with them, from what have heard them say throughout today, They love you a lot” He said turning me to look at him

If they really love me, They wont even let Michael come close to me I thought.

” Dont worry everything would be okay” He said as he pulled me to him.


” Tell us more about your love story” Dora granny asked and the so willing fiance started with another pile of story.

So boring , I thought as I stared at Dora who was just pushing food around her plate.

She would love not to be here but its a pity, Because I wont allow that to happen.

She suddenly stare up at me and I smiled at her only to receive an angry glare.

She really has changed, Why wouldnt she change, After all I had hurt her, Made her the bitter lady who she has become now.

She always had a smile on her face, A sweet beautiful smile, Though I hadnt noticed it as a beautiful smile, I was so besotted by Grace that I never thought Dora could feel something for me.

I wanted to end things In a peaceful way but Grace had forced me to say those things to her and having no choice, I did as she told me.

Yes I was angry, Angry that she had done something that separated me from her sister and I had lashed out at her and had also supported grace on sending her out of the house.

And all for nothing ,Grace still left me standing at the altar, Something have never forgiven her for.

“Right love” Liam said as he took hold of her hand

Seeing their linked hands got me feeling so angry.

” Yes” She answered lightly and Liam did the unthinkable, He kissed her right in front of me.

I could feel the rest starring at me, I got up and stared down at them.

” Mind if I have a few words with you Dora” I said and she starred up at me

” Am still eating ” she said

” Just go with him, Maybe he has something important to tell you” Her fiance said

“But …….”

“Just go, I will be fine with your parents”He said and I smiled gently.

He is pushing her right into my arms , I thought as I escorted her out to the balcony

” this had better be important” she said as she stood at the other side

” It is very very Important ” I said and walked to her pulling her to me

” what are you doing?let me go”she said trying to free herself from me

” I dont like liam touching you, I dont like it at all”I said and kissed her.



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