Unwanted fiance episode 15 & 16

🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden de-sire for him)🔥
“What ru-bbish are you saying? Am not going to marry you” I yelled at him
“You will,By marrying you will be the only way to keep you with me” He said
Suddenly my anger erupt ” St©p this car,Am not marrying you!”I yelled at him again
He took his l@pt©p and switched it on and then he pas-sed it to me
“What’s this?”
“Watch what’s in that l@pt©p” He said and I did
In it was a video of my dad going into Michael office,I saw him going throu-gh his desk and cu-pboards,Searching for something.
And when he finally found a key ,He used it to open a safe, taking all the money in it
And it was then that I remembered that he had given me some Money,Could the money be the one he stole from Michael. I can still remember when he walked in,holding the Money.
I was packing my suitcase when he walked into the room
I didn’t want anyone seeing me cause I knew that they would try to st©p me,That was why I wrote a letter but it seemed like my dad has caught me.
“Your leaving?” He asked gently
“Yes,I can’t stay here,I now have a life somewhere else” I said
“Dora I…..”
“Don’t try to st©p me dad, No matter what,I will leave” I said
“And am not going to st©p you” he said as he took out a envelope full of money and then he gave it to me
“I was never a father to you Dora,I s£nt you off without trying to defend or fight for you,Am sorry Dora” He said
“Its okay Dad,Its all in the past now” I said
“Am glad that I got the chance to ask for your forgiveness, Now leave,Its not fair that you have to pay for my mistakes, Use this money to go somewhere far, Start a new life and once you feel up to it,Come back to greet us” He said
Feeling so overwhelmed I hvgged him ” Thanks papa” I said and gave him a k!sson the cheek
I went back to packing my things and then a thought c@m£ to mind
“Dad where did you get this money?”
“I borrowed it from a friend,Don’t worry about it” He said and I smiled at him
I should have known that he had stolen it, I should have probe-d further
“I wonder what will happen if I take that footage to the police station” Michael said and I c@m£ back to reality
“Would you really s£nd my dad to jail?” I asked
“I really don’t want to but if that would make you cooperate then so be it” He said
“So If I marry you,My dad would not be s£nt to jail right?” I asked
“Your a very smart girl” He said
“What if I told you that I have the money with me, That money he stole was meant for me” I said
“I won’t take it from you,I would rather have you instead of the money” He said taking the l@pt©p from me
“Even if you report this, The money is with me” I said again
“Yes its with you but its in your luggage right? And my guards are with your luggage,With just one phone call they could hide the money somewhere and your father will be behind bars until I say so”
“So tell me my love, Will you come with me to the court and let’s get married or we turn this car around and head to the police station” He asked
“Start a new life and once you feel up to it,come back to greet us”
I sat still remembering my dad words, if I accept,Dad wont go to jail and If refuse dad would go to jail
And he might spend a whole lot of time there,He is just in his mid sixties, Something might happen to him in jail and If that happen,I won’t be able to bear it.
“You win Michael, I will marry you” I said
While the car kept going, I sat starring at Dora who hadn’t say anything for a while now
Yes, she have agree to marry me,I should be feeling triumphant But instead I felt like a big j£rk
I had planned on wooing her But her sudden decision to leave made me act this way
Doesn’t she see how much I love and want her in my life
Not a lot of people would go throu-gh such lengths
Ever since she had said that she would marry me,She hasn’t say anything
I took her hand in mine and she stared at me
“Dora I ……”
“Let’s not talk about anything Michael, let’s just do this before I decide to change my mind” She said withdrawing her hand from mine.
The car st©pped and we both got out and went into the court
“Am curious Michael,How did you prepare all this? ” she asked
“Its a secret that am not re-ady to tell you” I said and she nodded
I couldn’t tell her that her granny had provided me with everything I nee-d.
“Make my Dora happy,That’s all I ask for”
That was what her Granny said as she gave me Dora papers
“I promise to make you happy Dora” I whispered to myself
A while later we stood in front of the judge, Exchanging our vows and rings
“By the power Infested in me I now pronounce you as man and wife, You may k!ssyour bride” The judge said
I moved towards Dora and she moved her face, Turning her cheeks towards me instead
I held her chin and turned her to stare at me
“Your my wife now, I have a right to k!ssyou” I said and before she could move again
I k!$$£d her holding her still in my arms.
She tried pu-lling away but I pu-ll-ed her close
“Let go of me” She Whispered at me
“Get use to this Dora, You are mine now,Only mine” I said as I tool her hand in mine
“Shall we?” I said and together we left the court
Now that she is my wife,I plan on ma-king her love me As much As I love her.
I walked into the ap@rtment and I wouldn’t deny that I liked the decorations
At least he hadn’t taken me back to my parents house, Saying we would be living there as one, if he dared that, I would have killed him
I didn’t want anyone to know that we are married, At least for the main time
I sat on the chair while he went to the mini bar to pour himself some drink
“Would you like to drink some” He asked
“No, Am not in the mood to drink” I said
“That’s fine with me, A bride should be well sober before her wedding night” He said
“What do you mean by that?”
“We just got married right? What happens after getting married?”
“Your crazy if you think that I would sleep with you” I said getting up
” But your my wife now and I see no reason why we shouldn’t ”
“You want a reason right? Well I will give you one”
“I hate you Michael,You’ve brou-ght nothing but pain into my life,Because of the darn love I felt for you,I had done things,Stupid things just to win your heart and In exchange I had gotten your hate and I had suffered,For the death of my child and also for loving a forbidden man”
“Since its been four years,I had told myself that the pain is no longer there,That if I saw you I wouldn’t feel hurt but no I still felt it and it still hurt so much Michael”
“You never even apologise, You just barge into my life,Taking away the man that have ever loved me”
“Yes am married to you Michael and that is only because you threatened me with my father, Me being your wife will be the only thing you get from me Michael, I will never love or sleep with a man I hate so much, I hate you Michael, So very much” I said angrily
🌜(just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden de-sire for him)🔥
Chapter 16✌✌✌
“I hate you so very much” I kept on saying as the tears blurred my eyes
I sat back on the chair crying helplessly, What is wrong with me? I had promised myself that I wouldn’t let him see me cry, I wouldn’t let him see that I was still hurting from the past event
And now here I am crying like a darn baby, I thought as the tears kept coming
I felt him sitting beside me on the chair and when he tried to t©uçh me,I moved away
“Don’t t©uçh me Michael,your t©uçh is the last thing I nee-d right now” I said as I wiped off my tears
“One thing you never realised was that I suffered too Melanie,I suffered for what happen four years ago” He said and I gave him a stare
“You! Suffered? Don’t make me laugh Michael” I said
“The child you lost wasn’t yours alone Melanie, I suffered and blame myself each day for you losing your child,If only I hadn’t pushed you ,If only I stayed a little while longer, I would have known that something was wrong and I would have helped, each night I get tormented by those thoughts and I also realised that if I had never set my eyes on Grace,I would have fallen for you and we might have been living happily now”
“For the past four years,I only thought of you, I blamed myself each time because I ruined your life, when the pain was too much,I got someone searching for you and that was three years ago Dora”
“I knew where you were,What you were doing,I knew everything but I never had the courage to go to you,So I watched over you from afar” He said
This revelation of his surprised me,I had thought that they only searched for me recently and that they had called me home,lying with granny death,Michael had also made me think so too
I would never have thought that he would have searched for me ahead or that he had been watching over me
“How did you watched over me from afar?” I asked
“Its not worth telling now, It’s all in the past” He said
“I want to know Michael, tell me ” I implored him
“Fine, The scholarsh!pyou received at school,I made everything happened,Seeing you work tirelessly each day made me feel more guilty and you wouldn’t call home for help, So I c@m£ up with the scholarsh!pidea”
“So you were the one that payed for my college fee till I graduated” I asked feeling so shocked
“Up to the last year, when you finished school,I tried helping you with getting a job but you had found one yourself,I searched about the company you work for and made sure they were clients coming your way”
I can believe that because at a time, we had a lot of customers that I ha-rd ly had time to rest.
He knelt in front of me and starred at me
“I was always looking out for Dora, I never had the courage to come to you myself,To face you,I knew you nee-ded time to heal,To forget everything and live your life once again”
“When you started going out with Liam,I thought youve moved on and yes I felt so jealous, So very jealous, There is saying that says that ‘ you don’t know what you have until you lose it’ That was what happened to me”
“I let you leave,Made myself believe that I love your sister and I chose her over you, Something I regret so much” He said
Never have Michael poured out his heart to someone,even when we were friends four years ago
He had always kept things hidden from me,Had always kept things to himself.
Seeing him this way for the first time really shocked me
“And have been a selfish bastard towards you Dora,I made them lie to you,I threatened you with your father and I f0rç£d you into a marriage you don’t want”
“I regret everything but not the marriage p@rt, I got married to you because I don’t want to lose you for a second time And yes have been an arrogant bastard, I never apologised to you,So now am on my knees imploring you to forgive me ”
“Forgive me Dora” He said holding my hand
I felt so confused,If I forgive him It would mean that we could be friends and he would want to use that opportunity to get close to me and that is what am afraid of
I don’t want to be close to him,I don’t want to have those feelings I had for him before,I don’t want to love him again
And If I certainly don’t want all those things,I have to keep him away or I might end up falling again for him
Have been hurt once,I won’t be able to tolerate it if I was hurt again by him.
I stood up and went to stand by the window
“To forgive you would be giving you a chance to my life once again and that is something I don’t want, Let’s just end this Michael,We get a divorce and go our separate ways” I said
“No Dora,I won’t let that happen,I won’t let you go back to Liam,Never” he said
For the past hour now,Have not really thought of Liam,I don’t even feel hurt about him anymore
“Its the best thing for……”
“Don’t you say its the best for us,I know what is best for me and that is having you in my life and If I have to use the rest of my proving that to you, Then I will” He said with fierce determination
“Michael t……”
“You must be tired,Go upstairs and rest” He said turning away
Just then the doorbell rang,He went to it and I heard the surprise in his voice when he called out the name of the person
“Mom,what on earth are you doing here?” He asked
“To see you and I brou-ght with me Lucy,She has been wanting to see you” His mom said
“You should have called me mom and you shouldn’t have brou-ght Lucy,I know the real reason why she c@m£ with you and am asking you to st©p right now”
“Am now married” I heard him say
“Your what? To who? When did this happen?” She asked
“Come In,She is inside” He said opening the door and two women walked in
I had only met Michael mother once And that had been four years ago
I wonder if she would still remember me
“Is she your wife” His mom asked while Lucy starred at me
Michael c@m£ over to me and pu-ll-ed me to him
“Yes she is” He Answered
I saw her stare at me in horror
“Isn’t she Dora, the same Dora that Ruined your marriage with her sister?” His mom said
“I can’t believe this! This family has brou-ght nothing but trouble for us,Don’t you remember the humiliation we faced the day her sister left you on the altar,How foolish can you be?” She said angrily
“I am foolish. Because I love this lady here,Whatever has happen in the past let it stay there mom,Now plea-se leave,My wife and I have our wedding night to complete” He said
“You married her today! And you never bothered to tell me or your dad” She asked
“Am a grown up now,I do what I want with my life, I chose Dora to be my bride and that is final,Leave mom,I won’t show you out cause as have said my wife and I nee-d to complete our wedding night, You know where the door is ” He said turning to me and before I knew what he was about to do it was too late to st©p him
He carried me in his arms and went up the stairs
Was he really going to sleep with me? I thought as he walked me into a room
“Relax,I won’t be having our wedding night tonight, Our wedding night will happen once you’ve fully trust me and your re-ady to give your heart to me again” He said as he set me on my feet still holding unto me
“That won’t happen Michael, What just happen with your mother just prove that we can’t be,So let’s end this while we can” I said and moved away from him.
“We are not ending anything and our wedding night will surely come because you will learn to trust and love me, I will make sure I succeed in that” He said pu-lling me again
“There is just no reasoning with you Michael, Just leave” I said as I tried to pu-ll away
“I will but first tell me this,Have you sle-pt with Liam yet”
“What sort of question is that?” I said
“Just wanted to confirm something?” He said
“Its none of your business, So don’t ask me” I said
I didn’t want him to know that ap@rt from him they have been no one else who have seen me n-ked
If he knows that, He will see it as some sort of chance and he would want to use it as a chance to get close to me.
“He hasn’t t©uçhed you then,Liam has been the only man in your life and if you haven’t sle-pt with him,It only means that have been the only one right?”
“I told you its none of your business, I said moving away and he smiled
” Am Glad that have been the only one Dora, I will make this marriage work,It is a promise that I make to you” He said
“You real ……….” I couldn’t finish my word be cause he k!$$£d me lightly on thel-ips
“I love you” He said and walked out of the room.