Until I met you Episode 7

Episode 7
Writer: NICKY
“It’s ok if you don’t believe me. I un-derstand all what you’re going throu-gh right now but my intentions towards you are not bad ones. I can’t do anything to hurt you because I’m one of those fans who love seeing you happy”she said with a little smile. I was not able to say anything because I was short of words.
“Bye. I wish to see you again”she said and left shutting the door to my face. I moved back and sat gently on the couch hanging my head.
“I don’t want to fall victim again. I have a very flexible heart. I trust people easily and always end up been betrayed. I can’t let that happen again. Never! Even if she’s my fan, that doesn’t mean I can trust her because I have many of them who betrayed me too. I have to stay alone. I have to fight alone for what’s mine. I can’t stumble again. Enough of all this heartbreak. I have to fight back and clear my bad name.”I thought to myself ti-ght£ñing my fist.
Annabel’s POV
After work, I was leaving for home. I’ll have to take the taxi today because my car has a little fault.
When I got out, I met Josh by his car. “Goodbye miss Anna”he said smiling. “Oh goodbye”I replied.
I was walking to the bus st©p but a car st©pped beside me. “You didn’t bring your car today?”Josh asked looking at me. “Yes. It actually has little fault”I said. “Ok. Would you mind if I drop you off today then?”he asked. I first hesitated but he insisted so, I have no choice than to get in. I sat down using the seat belt then he continue driving. “I noticed you don’t look good today is there any problem?”he asked as I was staring blankly at the road. “That’s true.”I said not looking at him. “Oh. Can you share it with me?”he asked and I looked at him. He shrugged with a smile. “It’s nothing much. Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine”I said. “Ok. If you don’t wish to tell me.”he said.
“Uhmm. It’s about a friend if mine”I started.
“Well he is not really my friend because we are not that close.”I said with a little smile. Josh look at me then concentrated on the road. “What happened to her”he asked.
“It’s nothing bad. It’s just that he’s having a ha-rd time right now and I feel so hurt to see him that way. I wish to help him but he won’t trust me so I really don’t know what to do. That’s what has been on my mind since morning”I said pla-ying with my f!ngers.
“Really? Maybe he can’t trust you because you guys are not really close or maybe he had been betrayed a lot in the past.”josh said.
“Oh. I guess that’s it”I said. “Well it’s ok. If you really want him to trust you, you have to prove it to him.”he said.
“Prove? How?”I asked staring at him.
I got home one evening and was in my room preparing some food. Even since that day incident, I didn’t see Dave again and wonder if all is ok with him or could he have moved from his ap@rtment because of me? Or maybe he locks himself in all day because he doesn’t want to go out. I thought to myself.
After i’m done preparing the dishes, I served myself and put some in flask too.
I dressed myself properly and took the one in the flask heading out. “I hope he’ll accept it and welcome me this time”I said smiling. I got to Dave’s ap@rtment, and pressed the bell. No one answered and I pressed it again. I pressed it the third time before someone opened the door. I couldn’t see anyone at the door step and was wondering who opened the door. I walked in slowly with the flask behind me. Everywhere was dark and I wonder if someone is still home. Of course it’s a person that opened the door. I looked around the dark room walking slowly and when I looked back, I saw a dark figure behind me. “Oh my God!”I screamed out of fear dropping the flask on the door and followed it after. I looked down in fear closing my eyes afraid to look up again. I opened my eyes and the lights c@m£ on. I looked up and saw dave before me. He was wearing black all throu-gh and was even covering his head with a big hoodie. I breath out feeling relieved. “Why are you dressed like that? You almost kill me”I said looking at him. He sm-irked looking at me. I stood up adjusting my dress. “Will you st©p dressing like ghosts and st©p scaring people”I said looking at him. He had this confused look on his face. “Why are you here?”he asked.
“I c@m£ here because I was worried about you.
You never c@m£ out, I don’t know if you’re fine or not. I didn’t see you for couple of days now so I wonder what’s going on with you”I said sounding worried. I looked back at the flask on the floor and took it up. “I brou-ght some side dishes for you. I can at least still do this as a caring neighbor right?”I said smiling while stretching the flask to him. He stares at me blankly with an expression I couldn’t re-ad. He then sm-irked and rolled his eyes. “I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it because I’m a great cook. I can bring more if this….”
“What do you want from me?”he asked staring at me. What does he mean? Am I not suppose to do this too?”I thought to myself staring at him strangely.
“How funny. The more I look at you, the more suspicious you are. Is there something you want to get from me?”he asked looking straight into my eyes while moving closer. I was stepping back slowly too staring at him. “But you’re so br@ve. How dare you come into a guy’s house by this time of the night?”he asked moving closer. I was moving back until I got to the wall and couldn’t move any further again. I froze looking at him in the eyes when he st©pped before me. He placed his hands at both side of the wall looking straight into my eyes with a half smile. “Are you not scared of what might happen to you? Don’t you think that guy who you ba-rely know might be a dangerous guy truly?”he said. He t©uçhed my n£¢k softly moving hisl-ips to my ear. “What if he does something you didn’t expect him to?.”he asked. His h0t breath fanned against my skin and s£nt shiver to down my spine. I closed my eyes holding my fist ti-ghtly and let out a soft sigh. “What if he truly did what he was accused of and do the same to you too?”he asked and brushed hisl-ips softly against my collar bone.
“I believe you’re not that kind of person. I know you didn’t do it. I trust you.”I said. He moved from my ear and looked at my eyes.”Who are you to say you trust me? Do you even know me that much? You know nothing about me. You’re just a mare fan. What would you know about Dave?”he asked looking at me so closely. “St©p pla-ying ha-rd to get. You’re not that kind of person. St©p forcing yourself to act tough it doesn’t suit you at all. I saw it all throu-gh you. I trust and believe you’re not that kind of person even if no one does. I know you can’t”I said looking at him.
The expression on his face changed and he bec@m£ calm. He dropped his hands from the wall with his sparkling brown eyes boring into mine. I took a de-ep breaths staring at him too.
To be continued…