Until I met you Episode 6

Episode 6
I blinked my eyes and gathered myself together. “Who are you?” He asked still sounding drun!k. I moved closer to him and hold him by his arm. “I nee-d to get you home first then I’ll explain later”I said pu-lling him. “Wait wait wait.”he said removing his arm. “I’m not really drun!k. I know what I’m doing. I can get home myself”he said. I was staring at him strangely. “Are you sure you’re ok?”I asked. He nodded his head and stood firmly. He started walking towards the entrance but he is not fully balanced. He staggered and walked off balance until he got out to where he packed his car. I was following him behind quietly.
He rested his head on the b©dy of his car.
I wonder how many bottles he took for him to get drun!klike this. He must be really depressed. I sighed and went closer to him. “Dave.”I called his name. He raised up his head and looked back. “Oh Jane is that you?”he asked. “I’m not Jane.”I said. I wanted to help him to the pas-s£nger’s seat so that I can drive but he took my hand and was looking straight into my eyes. My breath seized and my heart was racing very fast. “Why would you do that to me? I trusted you most but you betrayed me? Why?”he asked looking at me. I don’t know who this Jane is but I guess she must be his girlfriend. “I’m sorry. Let’s get into the car first.”I said taking him to the pas-s£nger’s seat. He got in and I used the seat belt on him. I went to sit down too and started the engine.
I helped him out of the car wra-pping his arm around my n£¢k and my other hand around his w@!st. I as-sisted him to the elevator and when we got to his ap@rtment, I st©pped at the doorstep. I don’t know his pin to unlock the door. “What’s your pas-sword?”I asked but no response. How am I gonna deal with this? I can’t just leave him outside here it’s dangerous. I tried a pin and it didn’t work. I tried another one and still same thing. “What can he use for his pas-sword?”I thought to myself. I tried his d@t£ of birth and it unlocked. I smiled to myself feeling relieved. I then as-sisted him in. “We are here”I said to him. He didn’t reply. Looks like he is dosing off alre-ady. “Where’s your room?”I asked shaking him. He didn’t reply again and I sighed feeling tired. “Why am I the on doing this? Well, I won’t get angry because you’re Dave”I said and was walking him in. I checked two doors before finally finding his room. We walked in and I as-sisted him get in be-d gently. My hand stuck behind him and he was slee-ping on it. I managed to re-move it gently and let out a great sigh. He is now slee-ping. I pu-ll-ed the blanket and was covering his b©dy. After covering it, I wanted to get up but he pu-ll-ed me back that I fell on him. I was resting my head on his che-st and he was wra-pping the other arm around me. I froze in shock with my heart beating so fast. I could persevere the strong odour of the alcohol on him. I raised up my head slowly and looked up at his face. He was closing his eyes but I could see traces of tears at the corner of his eyes. I re-moved his arm gently and got up. I knelt down before his be-d and was staring so closely at his face. “Everything must really be ha-rd for you”I said feeling bad. “I know you’re innocent. You can’t do things like that. If anyone didn’t trust you, I will surely do because I know you’re a good person. Your face is too innocent for those accusation. I believe you’ll rise up again and go back to your position.”I said looking at him. I stood up and adjusted the blanket well before setting out to leave. I took my phone leaving his own on the stood beside him.
I got to my room and went straight to be-d. I saw messages from Rachael alre-ady so I was cl!çk!ng to check on them.
Dave’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly and found out it’s morning alre-ady. I looked around wondering how I got home last night. My head was aching so badly as I managed to get up and sit on the edge of my be-d. How did I got home? Am sure I can’t drive yesterday talk less of getting home myself because I remembered I drank 8 bottles of alcohol. My tummy is not comfortable right now. I feel like throwing up. I stood up and went to the bathroom. I bent down and was vomiting in the WC then flu-shed it down after I was done. I feel dizzy and my head was spinning. I stood up and washed my face and mouth then looked up at myself in the mirror. I remembered what happened at Richa-rd ’s house yesterday and how I went to drink at a bar. I sighed and took a towel to clean up my face. I stood up and was heading to my room. I heard the sound of the door bell. It rings again and I stood up wondering who could be at the door. It can’t possible be Jane.
I went out of my room and walked to the door. The bell rings again and I opened the door. I saw the lady living next to me holding a nylon bag in her hand. “Good morning.”she said smiling. I didn’t reply before she got in and closed the door behind her. I was shocked and speechless. I quic-kly turned my back at her hoping she won’t recognise my face. “How could you ban-g into someone’s home like that without asking for permission? That’s so rude”I said not looking at her. “Permission? I brou-ght you home last night have you forgotten?”she said and I turned back to her. “What?”I asked looking at her. “Yes. You were so drun!kand can’t drive home all by yourself. The owner of the bar called me and I…”
“Who are you to do that for me?”I asked cutting her short. She looks surprised and was staring at me. “Why would you bring me home? It’s none of your business. Why do you guys like poke nosing on other people’s business? Are you ok now that you’ve seen my face? Are you the one s£nt to monitor my movements? This is me. You can now go on and spre-ad the fv¢king rumor on social medias about me. I’m sure you took enough pictures yesterday while I was drun!kso Why are you here this morning again? Were they not enough?”I asked her in anger.
She stares at me for a while before replying.”reall
y? But I’m not someone like that. I think you misun-derstand me. I really mean no harm and I didn’t take any picture of you. I’m sorry if I really got you mad by bringing you home. I’m de-eply sorry for not minding my business as you said. I’ll leave now after you accept this”she said stretching the nylon to me. “It’s some hangover pills. It’ll make you get better quic-kly”she said. She placed it on the stood beside and turned to leave. I looked at the nylon and sighed rolling my eyes. “Who are you?”I asked staring at her. She turned back slowly looking at me.”I’m your fan”she said staring at me. “Fan?”I repeated looking surprised. I don’t even think I can still have some fans left after all what’s going on with me? Could she be a spy or she’s truly my fan as she said? How am I going to believe this? What if she was s£nt too? I can’t trust people again because most of them end up betraying me. What if she is one of those people?.” I thought to myself staring at her.