Until I met you Episode 4

Episode 4 Writer: NICKY
The manager left after the introduction and we were left alone in the kitchen. “Thanks for the other day”I said. “You’re welcome miss Anna”he replied with a friendly smile. “You must be a great cook”I said looking at him. “Not that good. I guess you’re great too”he said and I almost blus-h. “When other chefs get in, we’ll do a proper introduction”I said. “Ok ma’am”he said. “What can i help you with for now?”he asked looking at me as I dice the lettuce. “You can watch me for now”I said. “Am not comfortable watching other work”He said and went to wash his hand then joined me in preparing other things too. I smiled at his nice attitude. I think he’s not bad. I thought to myself smiling.
When I got home after work, I was heading up to my ap@rtment. I pressed on the elevator and got in when it opens. Someone c@m£ in after me too and the door closed. I pressed my floor but the guy beside me didn’t press any bu-tton. I looked at him wondering why. He was dressed in a blue jeans and black shi-t. He had a faze cap on and was covering his face with a black half mask which was covering his mouth and nose only. I wonder who he is. Could he be following me? Why is he not pressing any floor? I thought to myself in fear. I cleared my throat and folded my arms. When it got to the sixth floor, the door opened and I walked out. I was holding my phone ti-ghtly against my che-st when I noticed he c@m£ out too. I kept walking fast and I had the feeling he was doing this same. I bec@m£ so scared that I don’t know what to do. Why is he following me? I hope he’s not here to kidnap me. What should I do? Should I scream or call the cops? I thought to myself. When I almost got to my entrance, I st©pped to face him but he walked pas-s me and went to an entrance. He pressed his security pins and unlocked the door. I breath out feeling relieved. So, he’s the new neighbor. Why is he dressed like that? Oh my God. Thank God I didn’t call the police yet. I went in too closing the door behind me. I took a drink from the fridge and went on into my room. I sat down on the sofa looking around. My wall is full of Dave’s wallpaper and I don’t think am removing it soon. I took my phone and started surfing the internet.
I saw an article saying Dave was signed out from his industry because of what happen. Does this mean he won’t go on stage again? I won’t get to see the amazing Dave perform again? Oh no. Why? I thought to myself feeling hurt.
“He must be feeling so heartbroken right now.”I said. I stood up and walked to the wall. I looked up at the big wallpaper that has his pics on it. He was smiling so brightly in the picture holding a beautiful rose flower in his hand. I love seeing the pics that was why I put it opposite to my be-d. I t©uçhed the wallpaper smiling but still not happy. “How I wish I can get to meet you again”I said looking at it. I rested my head on the wall shutting my eyes. “It must be really ha-rd for you right now. I wish to help but I don’t know how”I said and sighed.
Dave’s POV
I got into the living room and re-moved the mask and faze cap. I sat on the couch wiping my face down. Michael resigned been my manager because there’s nothing he can do with me again when everything turn worst. I chose to live all alone now because I have to work on things on my own. I must find out the person that framed me and want to know why. I want to reinstate my name even tho everything won’t be as before. I must clear my name. My phone started ringing and I picked the call. “Hello Jane”I said pretending to be ok. “Hy. How are you?”she asked. “Am good. Just getting home”I said. “Ok. I called to confirm. plea-se be fine ok”she said and I smiled nodding my head. “Don’t worry. I’m ok”I said. “I love you. Good night”she said. “Ok. Love you too”I said and she hang up. I dropped the phone and wiped down my face. Jane is my girlfriend. We’ve been d@t!ngfor two years now. I love her so much and I believe she love me too. She makes me smile when I’m down. like how things are now.
I got up from the couch and went to my room.
The following morning, I decided to visit Richa-rd because we have somewhere we are going together. Richa-rd is a ra-pper and a model too. We are friends right from beginning. We started together which made us best of friends. He really felt bad too about the incident that happened to me.
After dressing up, I used the mask and faze cap again so that people won’t recognise me when I get out.
I got out and was heading to the elevator. As I was trying to dial Richa-rd s number, I bu-mped into someone and that made my phone fell down including hers too and her bag. “Am so sorry”she said bowing her head. She was avoiding eye contact with me and quic-kly took her bag and phone then walked on in hurry. I took my phone and sli-pped it into my pocket. I think I don’t nee-d to call him because he knows I’ll be coming anyway. I got to the elevator and met the lady again. She was acting impatient and unsettle and I wonder why. Few seconds later, she looks up at me smiling. “Hy. You’re the new neighbor right?”she asked and laughed. I didn’t reply then she scratched the back of her n£¢k. “Ok. Anyway am anna….”the elevator opened and I walked out not minding her. “How rude”I think I heard her say that before coming out too.
I walked to the garage and unlocked my car with remote before getting there. I opened the door and got in then drives out of the compound.
Soon, I was at Richa-rd ’s place. I went into the living room but found no one there. I saw a familiar bag on the couch and I guess it’s Jane’s own immediately. “Why’s she here?”i said in confusion then I headed to Richa-rd ’s room to check him. When I got to the entrance, I heard some strange sounds. “Could it be….”I didn’t finish before opening the door. The scene I saw, made my eyes we-t. I was dumbfounded at the sight. Tears dropped from my eyes without me even noticing.
Is this a dream?
To be continued…