Until I met you episode 27

Episode 27
Writer: NICKY
He st©pped before me and was staring at both of us strangely. “Whats going on with you guys?”he asked staring at me. “I heard you saying she should stay away from me. What’s wrong with me? I mean what were you guys talking about?”he asked again in confusion. I guess he didn’t listen from the start.
“I don’t know why she’s treating be this way but I think it’s getting way too much. If you’re angry at least st©p venting it on others. She has been this way since”Regina said acting innocent. I was surprised by her acting that I was totally speechless. Regina is so cunning and smart when it comes to lies.
“What? Are you kidding me?”I asked in anger. “You want to hit me again?”she asked and Dave was more confused.
She turned to dave pretending to be hurt. “I don’t know she can even go to the extent of sl@pping me just because she want me away from you. I mean is it bad for girls to talk to you now that she’s your girlfriend? I think this is unfair”Regina said facing dave. She look at me for the last time and walked away leaving us behind.
I stood there totally speechless and shocked. I think she’s a pro. How could she come up with such fat lie? I can’t believe my ears. I looked at dave and he stared down in disappointment. “Why would you do that?”he asked not looking at me and I sighed. “What? So you can believe I really did that? Do you think…”
“I heard you yelling on her. How could you hit her too? You went too far. Is it true you don’t want to see ladies around me? Do you threaten them after?. I think you’ve changed a lot from whom I know”he said and I was staring at him in disappointment too. “Why would you side with her? Why would you believe what that bit-ch said instead of mine? So I’m right? You’re interested in my sister? You guys have things together? You’ve also changed from the dave I know like seriously”I said almost in tears. “What? How could you say that”he asked staring at me in confusion.
“I thought you at least is better from the rest but I think you’re worst. You guys are all the same. I hate you all!”I said and broke into tears. He wanted to come closer but I walked out on him and quic-kly went on to my room closing the door. I sat on the floor crying silently because I was really heartbroken.
“Annabel plea-se open the door. plea-se st©p all this and open the door. I’m sorry for getting mad at you plea-se. I’m very sorry Anna open the door”dave said hitting the door ha-rd .
Dave’s POV
I had been standing by her door for more than an hour now and she still refused to open it. I wonder what’s going on.
What does she mean by interested in her sister? Did I say to much to her? Does that really made her say that?
But I have to see her at least so we can sort things out. Seeing her cry made my heart aches really bad and I feel guilty for no reason.
I left her door in sadness and went on to my room too. The rest of the guys were still hanging outside having fun. I picked my phone and called Annabel but she refused to pick up. I messages her. She didn’t open it talk less of re-ading.
Maybe I shouldn’t have say anything earlier or maybe I should have sided with her even if she was wrong.
I got so sad and depressed that I was think about a lot of things. Or should I apologise to Regina and ask her for help instead? I just don’t know what to do.
The following day, we were all preparing to go back as we’ve completed the shoots.
Everyone was in the compound with their bags. Some where chatting and laughing while some were with their phones operating it. I was looking around for Anna but I didn’t see her anywhere. Where could she be? I thought to myself looking around.
I dropped my bag and decided to go check her in her room. On my way I met Regina. I quic-kly rushed to her to ask if she has seen Anna. “Hy.”I said and she replied.
“Have you seen you annabel this morning?”I asked. “No. I haven’t.”she replied. “Oh ok”I said. I think I can use the opportunity to apologise to her.
“I’m sorry about what happened last night. I’m really sorry on behalf annabel’s”I said. “It’s ok. I’m fine I was just surprised by her attitude”she said. “It’s unlike her. I think something wasn’t right yesterday. I’m de-eply sorry”I said. “Alright apology accepted.”she said and I smiled. “Thank you.”I said. “Ok”
“But I’m curious about something”I said. “What’s that?”she replied staring at me. “Did annabel truly hit you?”I asked. “Why? You think I lied?”she asked. “Noo no. That’s not what I meant. I was only wondering. sorry if I offend you”I said smiling and she smiled too. “Anyway thanks for the other night too.”she said smiling. “It’s ok. It’s nothing to thank me about”I said with a little smile. I look forward and saw annabel waking towards us with her bag. She isn’t looking good at all. She st©pped when she saw us. She then rolled her eyes and was leaving. “Anna…”I called her name but she walked pas-s me without looking at my side.
“I’m sorry I have to go”I said to Regina but she pu-ll-ed me back holding my hand. I stare at her in confusion and she was staring at me too. “I’m sorry I think she’ll get more angry if you go now”she said and I turned back staring at her as she left.
Annabel’s POV
I saw them together smiling. Looks like they are having fun. I must be right. Dave is no different from other guys in my past. He doesn’t care if I’m ok or not. He was busy having fun with Regina instead after all what happened. He have no conscience at all.
I dropped my bag and sat on a chair among the guys. “Hey”Daniel greeted and sat beside me. “Hy”I replied with a fake smile. “Oww. What’s wrong? Your face is not looking good today? Is anything the problem?”he asked. “It’s nothing I’m fine. Just a bit sick”I said. “Really? Should we go to the hospital? How are you feeling now?”he asked looking concern. I smiled and shook my head. “It’s nothing big. I’ll be fine soon”I said. “Ok. He replied. My phone started ringing and I got up to pick it.”plea-se can you watch over my bag? I’ll be back soon”I said to him and he agreed. I excused myself to answer dad’s call.
He asked if everything was fine with me especially with Regina and I have to tell him yes. We talk for some time before he hang up. Someone c@m£ beside me and I faced them.
I saw it’s Regina and I was leaving quietly until she said something. “Are you feeling ok?”she asked. “You must be in shock. Did you cry all night? Cause I know that’s how you do all the time”she said. I turned to her feeling annoyed alre-ady. “Do you enjoy to see me cry? How long would you go with all this you’ve been doing to me?”I asked. “How long?”she asked and smiled. “Well I don’t know. I just love doing this because I hate you smiling”she said in her evil voice. “Oh you must have hated me so much to that extent. I know you don’t love dave. You were only trying to pl@yalong like pla-ying him as you use to do to other guys but plea-se not with him. Let him go and don’t hurt his feelings. I’m begging you to st©p all this you’re doing all the name of you don’t want to see me smile”I said staring at her. “How do you know I don’t love him? Are you the owner of my heart?”she asked and I sighed. “I know you were planning to dump him later just like you do to every guy you meet. I’m warning you. Don’t you dare hurt dave. He’s not a person I can see been hurt even though he hurt me. I still love him. I’ll beg you to st©p whatever’s on your mind and leave my dave alone”I said almost yelling on her. “Your dave?”she asked.
“Didn’t you s£dûç£him in the first place? He’s not yours. I got my eyes on him first. He saw me first but I don’t know how you did it to make him fall for you. But now, I’m as-suring you I won’t let him go this time”she said and I felt more angrier. Ok I was trying to be cool but I think this won’t work.
“How many days do you wanna go with him before dumping him?”I asked staring at her. “What do you take me for? How dare you say that to me?”she asked in anger. “That’s you Regina. You’re just like a gum. Sticking around from one guy to another. This is so bad of you. I wonder if you’re not HIV positive alre-ady cause I can’t count how many guys you’ve d@t£d your whole life”I said and she wanted to sl@p me. I took her hand and pushed her away from me. “Was that hurtful?”I asked with a smile. “I think it’s the truth”I said and smiled again and she was staring at me angrily. I turned to leave but she c@m£ at me and pu-ll-ed my hair ha-rd . “You think you can get away this time?”she asked in anger. I pu-ll-ed her hair too and the fight started. She pushed me to the edge of the pool and before I could f0rç£ myself back, she pushed me in with full f0rç£. I fell de-ep in the pool and was di-ving to come up but I couldn’t.
I began to lost my breath and my b©dy was unable to move.
She did it intentionally because she knows that I can’t swim and have bad memories about it. My breath seized and I couldn’t move any p@rt of my b©dy anymore. My eyes were shutting slowly.
I noticed a great splash and someone was swimming towards me but I couldn’t see. My eyes closed and I bec@m£ unconscious.
To be continued