Until I met you episode 24

Episode 24
Writer: NICKY
Annabel’s POV
I have woken up but my eyes are still closed. I sniffed my nose perceiving the lovely familiar saint. I felt someone k!ssmy forehead and I opened my eyes slowly to see dave beside me smiling. I smiled stretching my b©dy and hvgged him.
“How long have you been staring at me?”I asked andhe smiled. “For a very long time”he replied. “That’s embarras-sing. Did I snore?”I asked and he smiled again staring at me. “Hmm. I think you did”he said and laughed. How embarras-sing. I took the be-d cover and threw it over my face. My phone started ringing and I took the cover off to pick it.
But it was a strange number. I picked it and took it to my ear waiting for the person to talk. “Hello”the voice said and I recognised it immediately.
“Hello”I said waiting to hear what she have to say.
“Why are you picking his phone instead?”Regina asked and I checked the phone I was holding. I looked at dave who was staring at me confused because I took his phone. “Oh why are you calling someone else’s b©yfri£ndearly in the morning? What is it you want to say badly? How did you even get his contact?”I asked and dave got up moving closer to me. “Who is it?”he asked in a low tone. “Why does that have to do with you? Give the phone back to the owner. I don’t have any business with you”she said. “I don’t have to. Don’t ever call him again ok? I don’t care what you have to say as I’ll block your number right now”I said and hang up.
I looked at dave and dropped the phone on the sofa. He took his phone and checked the caller then looked back at me. “Why did you pick my call?”he asked. “Oh sorry. I thought it was my phone ringing but I was wrong.”I said. “But still you should have handed it over when you find out. Who is it?”he asked and kept mute.
Regina’s POV
She ended the call and I bec@m£ more angrier. I took his contact from dad’s office yesterday and decided to call him and say hi this morning because I heard he’ll be doing the modeling too so I want to use the chance to start a chat with him but annabel ruined it all.
“Well this is the perfect time for me as she won’t be coming with him this time around. Everything is working my way. He’ll end up been mine at last because I know how to handle it. I’m Regina. No man has ever reject me before no matter how strict he is. See you soon dave”I said smiling to myself.
Annabel’s POV
It’s finally the day dave will be going for the trip.
I was in his room as he pack few things in his bag but wasn’t happy. I was thinking of so many things and feeling bad I won’t be going.
After he was done packing and was about leaving, he look at me and sighed. “You’ve been like that since. Not saying anything but watch me pack. Is there something wrong?”he asked staring at me. “Nothing. I’m just going to miss you”I said not looking at him. “Well I’ll miss you too but I have to go”he said smiling. He k!$$£d my cheek and was leaving his room holding my hand.
I saw him to the compound until he got into his car and dropped his bag. He looked back at me again for the last time and I feel like holding him back not to go. He hvgged me smiling “be good. It’s just three days not three years ok. It won’t take long”he said. I know it’s three days. In fact, I’m not sad because he’s leaving but that was because of another thing.
He re-leased me from the hvg and went to his car waving at me. “Bye”he said and I waved my hand too putting on a fake smile.
Regina’s POV
Angelica and I left home together after packing for the trip. I was driving to the airport with her to meet others waiting for us. “I noticed you’re so happy today. Is there something going on?”Angelica asked as I drive with a smile. “Nothing. I’m just happy. Isn’t it good to be happy?”I asked and she smiled. “I know it is but I think yourl-ips might split ap@rt with the way you are smiling so much”she said and I giggled.
Soon we got to the airport and was walking to meet others. We got there and exchange plea-santries. I saw Daniel smiling brightly at me but I was looking around for another person. You guys should know who it is. “He’s not here yet”I thought to myself.
“You look pretty today miss regina”Daniel commented and I smiled. “Thanks”I said.
As I was waiting eagerly to see dave, I sp©tted him coming from afar and my smile brightened the more. He looks like an angel who just descended from heaven. I couldn’t see anyone else in the airport except him. I was lost in my own fantasy staring at him. He got to us having a smile on. “Good morning”he greeted and they were responding and welcoming him specially. Who won’t treat Dave specially when his look and personality is so special. s£xiness overload. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he smiles and shook hands with few people. Even some people around the airport were staring at him nonst©p. “Hello”I greeted stretching my hand for a shake. “Hy. Miss regina?”he asked and I nodded my head smiling. He remembered my name.”You look so good”I commented and he smiled. “Oh you’re beautiful too”he said smiling and my heart flutters.
He stood right next to me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him every seconds plus the lovely scent coming from him. He smells just so good. How can a man be this perfect? Face, b©dy, voice everything is just out of this world. Can’t wait to make him mine at the end.”I thought to myself staring at him.
I looked forward and sp©tted Mr Raymond coming with two other ladies. I don’t know the lady by the right but who the hell am I seeing right now?
“Why is annabel here? Dad told me she won’t be coming. Why did she show up all of a sudden?”I thought to staring at her in shock. They got to us and she had a smile on greeting everyone.
“Hy”she said to me smiling after greeting others and we were having a stare competition.
To be continued