Until I met you episode 20

Episode 20
Writer: NICKY
Annabel’s POV
I took a day off work today because it’s dad’s birthday. I have to visit home because he’s having a p@rty. Just a little p@rty for workers and some special guest.
Rachael and I were in a sto-re checking out some cloths to wear for the p@rty.
“Anna how does this look?”she asked showing me a peach coral go-wn. “Hmm it’s good but looks childish to me”I said. “I think it’s cute”She made a dull face and put it back. “I think this will look good on you.”i said showing her a blue laced go-wn. She smiled and collected it from me. “Definitely my type”she said.
I haven’t seen the one I like until my eyes caught on a white flayed go-wn which has Pearl around the n£¢k. I took it smiling. “I’m taking this”I said facing Rachael. “Wow. It’s pretty”she said smiling.
We both left the sto-re after paying and we went to my car. When I got in, my phone was ringing and I took it with a smile after seeing the caller.
“Hello”I said.
“Hi. Where are you?”he asked. “I went out with Rachael. on my way home now”I said. “Ok. I’m not home too. I just left a meeting”he said.
“Ok. Will you come with me tonight?”I asked. He took a while before answering.
“Oh sorry we can’t go together. I’m going with Mr mark and some guests. We’ll meet when I get there ok?”he said. “Alright no problem. Take care”I said. “Bye love you”he said and I smiled. I wanted to say the sane but looked at Rachael who was staring at me the whole time. “Ok. Same”I said. “Same? Oh won’t you say you love me too”he asked and I smiled. “Of course I do. I love you more than anything”I said and Rachael g@sped covering her mouth. “Alright bye”he said and ended the call. I dropped my phone and Rachael coughed. “Did I just hear you wrong? Are you in a relationsh!pnow?”she asked looking at me. “Yes. Don’t you want me to d@t£ too?”I asked. “No that’s not it. I’m just surprised you love another guy and not dave. I wonder what’s going on. Who’s the guy? How do you guys meet hope he’s handsome?”she asked staring at me for reply.
I started the engine not replying. “Come on tell me”she said holding my hand.
“He’s Dave”I said and she rolled her eyes. She rested her head back on the seat pretending to be unconscious. “I’m serious”I said. She got up and faced me. “Dave? Are you fu-cking kidding me?”she screamed and I quic-kly blocked my ears to protect them. “Be serious. Are you guys really d@t!ng?”she asked again in surprise.
“Sure. I know you won’t believe but it’s the truth”I said. “Oh my God. I’m jealous. At last, you have that h0t dude to yourself? Wow. Tell me the charm you used. Come on tell me”she asked tea-singly and we both laughed out loud.
Regina’s POV
It’s 6pm, the compound was decorated and people have started coming in.
Everywhere looks beautiful in the big compound. I c@m£ out with Angelica after we’ve dressed. I wore a black stra-pless go-wn and silver heels. The go-wn was short revea-ling my l@ps but I love it because it brou-ght out my curves. Angelica wore a blue dinner go-wn and black heels. I put on a smiled as we walk out of our building to join the crowd.
On our way, I saw bunch of guys having talk and laughing but when they saw us, they were quietly staring at me. I walked with more pride ma-king them drool over me.
“She’s so S-xy”one of them said. I sp©tted dad welcoming some guest who just arrived and I walked up to him smiling. He saw me and smiled too. “Oh regina you look pretty tonight”he said smiling. “I have to be pretty because it’s my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday dad”I said smiling. I pe-ck his cheek and gave him a side hvg.
“Here’s one of my daughter Regina.”he introduced me to the guest. “Wow. she’s beautiful. Hello miss Regina”the man said and we shook hands. I sp©tted an handsome guy beside the man who was staring at me lvstfully. “This is Daniel my son.”the man introduced him to me. “Nice meeting you miss Regina”he said. I smiled as he stretched his hand for a shake. “Yes he’s the other guy I told you about. He’ll also be doing modeling for our company on the project.”dad said.
“Oh really. That’s great”I said with a smile.
“Anyway Mr Gideon, let me walk you to your seat thanks for coming”dad said and they left with him. I went back to Angelica and we were both leaving. “Who was the guy with your dad earlier?”she asked smiling. “He’s Daniel. Isn’t he cute?”I asked. “He’s so cool”Angelica said. “Yes he is. but not as Dave”I said.
Just as we were talking, I sp©tted Anabel and that her annoying old friend.
They saw us too but ignored.
I walked up to them and they both st©pped, looking at us. “Any problem?”Rachael asked staring bad at us.
I stared at them from head to toe and shook my head.
“Nice outfits for cheap little bit-ches like you”I said and Angelica bur-sted into laughter. “What?”Rachael said looking angry but Anna took her hand and pu-ll-ed her back.
She looks at me from head to toe smiling.
“Yes but what of you?”she asked staring at me.
“Whats with your slutty dress? This is a birthday p@rty and not a club. Can’t you still get that or you’re used to it because you spent most of your life clubbing and hunting for h0t guys?”she asked and Rachael started laughing clutching her tummy. “What?”I got so angry staring at her. I feel like hitting her but I don’t want to cause a scene. “How dare you guys….”angelica st©pped when Rachael moved closer shooting daggers with her eyes.
“Oh. What of you that doesn’t go clubbing? What do you gain in s£dûç!ng guys? you this cheap bit-ch!. How many guys have you s£dûç£d your whole life?
You did same thing back in high school, college and even now? You always get attentions of guy’s I’m suppose to have? What are you? Are you even prettier than I?”I screamed at her angrily catching few peoples attention. She smiled and moved closer to me. “Oh you think I s£dûç£d them all? Hell no. You think because your face look pretty you can get any guy you want? Come on babe not every guy is as dumb as you. What’s the excess of outer beauty with a dark empty br@in. Out of all the guys that have chasing after you,which of them had serious relationsh!pwith you? They won’t because you’re a cheap slut. They get into be-d with you and end up dumping your as-s off later.”she said staring at me badly and I couldn’t hold in my anger anymore. “It’s ok Anna let’s just go”Rachael said holding her away from me.”Say that again you this bit-ch!”i screamed raising my hand to sl@p her but sp©tted dave and I brou-ght it back down still feeling angry.
“Anna”he called walking up to us. Rachael moved back as we were all looking at him as he approached with a smile. He got to us and he greeted in his soft voice. “Hello guys”he said with a smile. I stare at him not replying.
“Uhm… Sorry to interrupt you guys. I guess you were having fun.”he said. Annabel look at me badly and sm-irked. “Sorry honey you must have waited long”she said smiling at him. “No I just got here.”he replied. “Let’s go”she said and they were both heading to another direction with a smile on Dave’s face as he talk to her. I clenched my teeth in anger staring at them as they left. Racheal looks at me and smiled mockingly. “Bye losers”she said raising her middle f!nger at us and was also leaving. I threw my phone ha-rd on the floor in anger and it dismantled. “Oh my Goodness!” angelica said in shock. “I’m going to kill you annabel. You won’t get away with this I swear. I’ll not gonna let it slide this time around”I said with my blood boiling in anger.
To be continued