Until I met you episode 18

Episode 18
Writer: NICKY
Regina c@m£ forward dressing her hair properly. “Good morning dad”she greeted with a smile. What a joke. Why’s she acting calm all of a sudden? I thought to myself looking at her badly.
“Morning Regina. What’s the problem? I’ve been hearing noises inside. Were you guys fighting?”he asked.
“No dad. It was just a little misun-derstanding. Isn’t it ?”she asked smiling at me. I rolled my eyes feeling irritated. “Uh”I replied looking at dad. “Alright. Sorry this are my daughters. Regina and Annabel”dad said to the guests smiling.
“Wow, they are both so beautiful”the man beside dave said and my eyes never leaves dave.
“Thanks so much for coming. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”dad said and shook hands with them. They were leaving but dave and I keep looking at each other until he was out of sight. “Both of you should come inside”dad said and went in ahead of us. “So you were trying to s£dûç£Dave with the way you were staring at him?”regina asked looking at me. “Will you mind your business or you want me to pu-ll out your hair?”I asked staring ha-rd at her. I walked pas-s her and went to dad’s office.
Dave’s POV
Mr mark and I got into the car and the driver was driving us back to office.
I was surprised to know Anna is the daughter of Mr matins. Why is she living alone and not living with her parents? I can see she’s not married yet. Is there something wrong?.
I got home late at night and was walking down the pas-sage, I heard footsteps behind me and I st©pped. I looked back but couldn’t see anyone. I continue walking and again I heard footsteps. I st©pped and turned around. Looks like someone is following me.
Annabel’s POV
When I got down from my car, I saw dave just going in and I st©pped. I took the next elevator after he is gone.
I c@m£ out and was walking down the pas-sage. I saw him and st©pped. I quic-kly went to hide beside a wall looking at him. He st©pped too and was looking around.
He continue walking and I c@m£ out walking slowly behind him. When he st©pped, I hide again. I closed my eyes with my heart beating fast but why am I doing all this? Did I do something wrong? Why am I avoiding him?”I thought to myself and opened my eyes. “Let’s just face him and clear this once and for all”I thought to myself and wanted to step out. I took a step and found him right in front of me. I was startled by his sudden appearance that I fell ha-rd on my kneels. “Ouch my leg”I yelp feeling pain on my left kneel. “Annabel?”he called my name. He bent down in front of me and I raised up my head. I felt so stupid and embarras-sed. “Are you ok?”he asked tou-ching my shoulder. “Uhm… Yeah.. I am”I said with a little smile and wanted to get up but fell back on my kneels. “Ouch!”I screamed in pain. He sighed and got up. “Why were you sneaking around in the first place?”he asked looking down at me. “I’m… Not”I said in a low tone. “Ok. Why are you avoiding me then?”he asked and I was quiet. “I can’t get it. You changed towards me after the…”he st©pped and was staring at me but my mind was begging him to shut up alre-ady. “It’s ok. Don’t worry”he said. He turned and bent down before me. “Get on my back”he said. I got surprised and was staring at him. “You can’t walk with that leg get on and let me help you”he said. “Uhm. It’s ok. I can just manage”I said. “By crawling or by hopping? Like seriously. Will st©p being stubborn and get on?”he asked looking back at me. I moved closer and wra-pped my arm around his shoulder. He lifted me up and I g@sp.
He walks slowly and there was a total silence between us. I thought he would bring anything up about the k!ssagain but he wasn’t saying anything till we got to my door. “You can just drop…”
“Your pas-sword”he said and I kept shut.
I input the pas-sword and the door was opened. He took me in dropped me on the couch. He turned to me not saying anything. “Take care. Goodnight”he said and was leaving.
I turned back and watched him until he got to the the door and opened it.
I sighed feeling bad. “What’s this? After k!ss!ngme, he’s now acting all cold? Did I made him angry? I shouldn’t have avoid him in the first place”I thought to myself.
I t©uçhed my kneels and pressed down on it softly. “Ouch. That really hurts badly”I said.
I looked back to see if he’s gone but he closed the door and got back in.
He walked up to me and st©pped right before me. “You’re just ma-king me so worried about you”he said looking at me. “I..I’m sorry”I said not looking at him. “Do you have some ice block?”he asked. “Yes in the refrigerator. What will you use that for?”I asked but he ignored me and went straight to the refrigerator. He brou-ght some iced block in a bowl and c@m£ back to me.
“Erm… I’ll nee-d a napkin or towel”he said. “Oh. It’s in my room.”
“Oh. I see you can’t get up to bring it and I think it’s not proper if I go get it myself”he said. “It’s ok. You can go into my room. Just the first door by left side over there”I said pointing at the my room. “You’ll see the napkin on the shelf”I said.
Dave’s POV
“Ok. I’ll be right back”I said and was heading there. I got to the door and opened it. I looked around walking in.
“Oh my God!”I said looking around the room. Her room was prettily designed but I was so surprised when I saw my posters and stickers everywhere on the wall. I moved closer to the wall and was looking at each pictures. This is incredible. I never imagined someone in somewhere can be this add!çted to me. I mean a real die ha-rd fan. I smiled looking around. I heard stumbles and sound and I looked back. The door flung open and I saw annabel staring at me with a blank expression. She has one leg up and the other feet on the ground which mean she hopped on one leg before getting here. I wanted to laugh but controlled it and ended up smiling. “Oh no! You can’t see them.”she screamed and that scared me. I wanted to look back at those wallpapers again but she quic-kly walked to me not balanced. She missed a step and wanted to fall but I caught her and drew her to my b©dy resting my back on the wall.
She covered my eyes with both hands and was p@n-ting heavily. I laughed out loud cause I couldn’t hold on any longer.
“It’s ok re-move you hand. I saw it all alre-ady”I said. She re-moved her hand and was staring at me badly. I looked at her and smiled. “You’re amusing”I said but she bite herl-ips not looking at me probably too embarras-sed. I t©uçhed her face and re-moved some hair covering it. “How long has it been?”I asked. “What?”she asked. “How long have you been crushing on me?”I asked staring at her. She was quiet not replying and I smiled.
“Uhm. Well…”
“St©p. Don’t dare say anything again. Fine I’ve been crushing on you for a very long time. Even when I know I might not get the chance to meet you personally. I dream about you every night even if you don’t know I existed. I just like you and can’t st©p doing that everyday. Some times, I think I’m stupid for doing that because I know you can’t d@t£ a girl like me even if we finally meet.
When I first met you and get the chance to talk to you, I was the most happiest girl on earth because it’s like a dream come true for me. And when you k!$$£d me…”she st©pped sounding hurt.
“What of now?”I asked staring at her. She was quiet but staring de-ep into my eyes. “Do you still like me. Are the feelings still intact?”I asked.
She sobbe-d and nodded her head. “I do”she said looking down with her voice shaking. I sighed and brou-ght her shin up with my hand. “I’m sorry I took long before confessing but I like you too”I said and she seemed so surprised. “St©p fooling around”she said smiling and a tear drop from her eye. “I’m not.”I said.
I lifted her face up looking into her eyes while tears streamed down her cheeks. “Will you give me the chance to love you?”I asked staring at her. She sobbe-d nodding her head. “Thank you” I wiped the tears with my f!nger and smiled. I lean in and planted a soft k!sson her forehead then looked back at her face. “You’re ugly when you cry but I still love you”I said and she smiled still in tears. I pu-ll-ed closer to me and hvgged her ti-ghtly stro-king her hair.
To be continued