Until I met you episode 15

Episode 15
Writer: NICKY
We got in and she closed the door. I was so surprised by her act.
She was still wra-pping her hands around my w@!st.
“I think she left”she said.
“Ok. Let me go then”I said and she quic-kly moved back. “Uhm. Sorry”she said with a little smile. “Why not go into acting?”I asked looking at her. “Me? Why?”she asked. “You’re so good at it. I was surprised but thanks for saving me”I said and she smiled. “It’s ok. I guess she’s Jane?”she asked. “Yes. Anyway can you explain what we did last night that made you so tired cause I’m confused”I asked tea-singly. “What? Uhm… That’s just…”she stammered. I smiled drawing her cheek pla-yfully. “Just kidding. You’re so cute”I said smiling. She look at me and smiled too.
“What’s your plan this evening?”I asked. “Nothing”she replied. “Oh ok. How about we eat dinner together?”I requested. “Dinner? Ok”she replied. “Ok. I’ll be waiting by 6pm”I said and she agreed.
I think this is like asking her on a d@t£ indirectly.
Annabel’s POV
“Ok”I said. “I’ll take my leave now. Take care”I said and was leaving. “Ok bye”he said and I left.
I got to my room and jumped on the be-d facing up. “You’re so cute”I remembered what he said and smiled burying my face in pillow.
“I think he’s cuter”I thought to myself smiling. I took my phone and was browsing the internet. I uploaded a video yesterday night. It was about Dave’s issue.
While I was with the tattoo guy, I made sure he took so much drink and started asking him questions. I set my phone c@m£ra on the table before him and it was recording him as he talk.
We got into the room and we not sat down. “You’re such a beauty. Can’t wait to have you tonight”he said. I was irritated but tried putting on a fake smile. “Would you like some drink?”I asked and he quic-kly agreed. I poured some in the cu-p and he drank it. I was stro-king his back and tou-ching him s£dûçt!velywhile pouring more for him to drink. When he almost finish the whole bottle and I noticed he wasn’t in his right s-en-se again, I began with my questions. “Uhm. I’m curious about something”I said. “Come on baby. Ask me anything. I’m here to answer you.”he said.
“Ok. I heard Dave c@m£ to this club last month. After that, something happened, about him trying to r@p£ a lady. I wonder if that j£rk really did it”I said. He looks at me for a while and I was scared he caught on I was trying to use him. He bur-sted into laughter and I got more confused.
“That j£rk? Oh yeah he c@m£ to this club last month.”he said and I smilies nodding my head. “I guess you saw him then?”I asked and t©uçhed his l@ps se-ductively. My back was turned to the c@m£ra so it won’t capture my face.
“Uhm. Let me tell you a secret since you’re mine from now on”he said moving closer. “Yes of course I’m yours. Tell me anything I’m listening”I said smiling.
“Actually that night he c@m£ with his manager, he didn’t f0rç£ to r@p£ any lady. It was all a planed work. The idiot was put on drugs and dragged into the room. I actually brou-ght him myself”he said. “Oh my God! You mean you guys framed him?”I asked in surprise. “Yes. You haven’t hear anything. The worst p@rt is…”he st©pped and took a sip from the wine cu-p. “What’s that?”I asked feeling so curious. “His friends paid us to do it.”he said. “Which of them? Do you know him?”I asked impatiently. He st©pped and was staring at me suspiciously. “Why are you so interested?”he asked and I smiled nervously. “Sorry honey. I’m just wondering”I said tou-ching his cheek. He smiled and nodded his head. “Well it’s Richa-rd . The popular Richa-rd known as his best friend and his manager.”he finally said and my jaw dropped. I tried heard to hide the shocked expression on my face. “What a pity. So Dave is really innocent?”I asked and he nodded his head yawning. “Oh sorry. You must be feeling sleepy alre-ady”I said holding his arm. “No we have to do it before I sleep he said tou-ching my b©dy and about to push me to the be-d. “Hold on honey. Let me take my shower first. I’ve been sweating from the dance earlier. Give me just 5mins I’ll be back ok”I said and pe-cked him. “Ok baby. Don’t stay long”he said and I left for the bathroom.
I waited In there for long and went back to the room. I found him very fast asleep and I took my phone and saved the video smiling to myself.
Back to pres£nt…
I uploaded the video record on internet last night after cutting out some p@rts. It’s has millions views and thousands comments. I re-ad the comments with a smile on my face. “I think everything would be over soon.”I said smiling.
When it’s almost 6pm, I got dressed and quic-kly went down to Dave. I got to him and we both hop in.
I checked the internet and saw the news about Richa-rd and Michael been arrested by the police. thanks to the help of my dad. I asked him for help last night about it. He told me the police arrested the tattoo guy and was tortured to confess. He confessed mentioning Richa-rd and Michael’s name and they were both arrested immediately this afternoon. I wonder how Dave didn’t see anything about the news. Anyway I planned to make it a surprise for him. I thought to myself smiling. “Why are you so happy?”he asked staring at me. “It’s nothing. You look good this evening”I complimented and he smiled. “Thanks”He said and plugged his phone with the car charger. “Your phone is off?”I asked.
“Yeah. I actually misplaced it somewhere in my room this morning and just found it this evening after a long search.”he said. “Oh. That’s good”i said. “What?”he asked and I quic-kly realized what I said. “Oh I mean. It’s good you found it”I said changing it. He smiled nodding his head.
Soon, we got to the restaurant and he packed his car at the garage. We got got down and he took his mask and wanted to put it on but I shook my head negatively and took it from him. “You don’t have to do that anymore”I said and he was confused. “Why?”he asked and his phone started ringing. He took it and went to answer the call. After he was done he c@m£ back with a more confused look. “What have you done behind me?”he asked. I smiled looking at him. “I guess you didn’t see the video yet?”I asked. “Which video?”he asked confusingly.
Dave’s POV
I was shocked when Mr mark, the president of my entertainment company called me to come and see him tomorrow. He apologized for not trusting me and also told me Richa-rd has been arrested by police today. I just don’t know what’s going on right now cause I’m confused. “plea-se tell me. What’s going on?”I asked and she showed me the video on her phone. “Sorry for not Informing you about this one earlier.”she said. I was so shocked after watching the video. How could Richa-rd and Michael do this?
I looked around and saw people has gathered around us. They were murmuring and snapping pictures with their phones and that was because I revealed my face in public after a very long time.
“It’s Dave.” “I heard Richa-rd framed him” “oh my God. That’s too bad” “I’ve missed him”
“Who’s that lady with him?” I heard them saying this and that. Soon, the reporters c@m£ out of nowhere and surrounded us just as if they’ve been monitoring me before. Flashlights and sound of the c@m£ras filled the air. I couldn’t here all what they’re asking because my mind was not there.
I looked up at Anna who was smiling happily and I sighed. “I don’t know what to say right now Anna.”I said looking at her. I was short of words cause she did just more than try for me. I owe her a bigger time.
“You paid for it tonight. We are having a dinner together. That’s more than enough for me cause I only imagine and does that in my dreams. now you made it turn to reality for me”she said. I shook my head staring at her. I just don’t know what to do to her right now. My heart and mind want to hvg her so badly cause I can’t really express how happy I am. “What’s wrong?”she asked and it was then I noticed tears was on my face. She moved closer and t©uçhed my face to wipe it off but I took her hand and pu-ll-ed her into a ti-ght hvg smiling.
To be continued…