Until I met you episode 10

Episode: 10
Writer: NICKY
Annabel’s POV
I got into my room and threw myself ha-rd on the sofa in embarras-sment. “Why did I end up saying that? No. I shouldn’t have”I said kicking my feet r0ûghly.
After a while, I st©pped and stayed calm. I looked up at the wallpaper before me and covered my face again. Looks like he’s smiling at me for real.”Don’t look at me like that. I also know I’m a fool”I said. A mas-sage notification c@m£ on my phone and I jumped to check it.
“Goodnight” a message from Dave.
“What? He texted good night to me? Why?”I asked myself looking at my phone. Then the image form in my head. “Goodnight”he said smiling brightly at me. I shook my head to snap out of it. “I must be crazy.” I said hitting my head. I fell back to the be-d staring at the message with my phone close to my face.
Two days later, I went out to get some foodstuffs. This time, I paid more attention to my purse in case someone re-move it again like the other time.
I was heading in when a guy bu-mped into me. “I’m sorry”he said said and was leaving. I was going inside too but then remembered how it happened the other time. I checked myself and my wallet was gone. I quic-kly turn back and saw the guy moving so fast. He looked back too and our eyes met. I frowned my face know he took my purse. Immediately he saw this, he started running. I tied my hair back in ponytail and started running after him. I chased after him for like 3minutes without catching up with him. “St©p right now!. If I catch you, you’re dead”I screamed still running after him. When I almost got him, someone put their leg on the road and he missed a step. he flew up then landed on the floor. He was gro-an ing in pain trying to get up. I looked at the person that helped me but he was having a mask on. I quic-kly jumped on the thief when he wanted to run again. I twisted his arm and place it on his back sitting on him. He screamed in pain hitting his palm on the floor. I re-moved my purse from his pocket and kept it. I then re-moved my shoe and started hitting his head. “You this jobless thing. You’re dead today.”I said hitting his head ha-rd . Soon I heard the siren and looked up. The police are here. I got up and took him up not re-leasing him. I wanted to hit him with my shoe again but someone held my hand from behind. He re-moved the mask and I was shocked to see him. “You can take him”he said to the cops and they took the thief in after putting handcuff on him.
“What are you doing here?”I asked staring at Dave who was still holding me. He looked down at my leg and I felt embarras-sed. “Are you not going to put on your shoe?”he asked. I dropped it and quic-kly put it on. I then got up and faced him again.
“I was surprise to see you here. Did you call the police?”I asked and he nodded his head. “I can’t watch a girl kill someone right in front of me”he said and I got embarras-sed. “Why are you here anyway?”I asked. “I was actually waiting here for a friend”he said. “Oh. I c@m£ to get some foodstuffs at a sto-re down there”I said.
“You’re stronger than I think”he said and I smiled shyly.
You think I would act that way if I knew he was the guy standing there since? How embarras-sing. I thought to myself. “Bye. See you later”he said with a smile and his de-ep dimples formed on both cheeks. “Bye”I said and was leaving to go back to the sto-re which was not far from there.
A guy c@m£ around and they both went into the car. I was thinking all sort of things on my way back. Did I overreact? Would he think I’m a mean girl or would he think I’m a gangster? I shouldn’t have act up earlier”I thought to myself feeling bad.
I was sitting in the living with Rachael watching Harry Potter together because she has been disturbing to watch the movie again. This is ma-king it the 5th times we are watching the movie. I wonder if she doesn’t get tired of it.
I wasn’t really concentrating because I was surfing the internet.
“I think something is strange with you these days”Rachael said. “What’s that?”I asked not looking at her. “You don’t mention anything about Dave like you used to before. Are you over him alre-ady?”she asked and I raised up my head. “Uh… Uhm…that’s true. It’s not that I don’t talk about him again. It’s just that I think I nee-d to give it some rest or what do you think?”I said smiling nervously. “Wow. Unbelievable!”she said in surprise and I smiled nodding my head. I can’t tell her anything yet. But she’s going to act up once she find out. I just hope she won’t get mad too much.
My phone started ringing and I took it thinking it’s Dave but it was an unknown number. I answered it and placed it to my ear. “Hello miss Anna”a familiar voice said. “Hello”I said.
“I called just to tell you Mr matins is really sick and he was admitted today. I think I should tell you because you’re his daughter”Mr Raymond said on phone. “My dad?. What’s wrong? What happened? Hope he’s fine?”I asked getting off the couch. Rachael got up too and was staring at me confused. “Ok. I’ll be there right now.”I said and cut off the call. “What’s wrong? Is he ok?”rachael asked. “I don’t know too. I think I nee-d to get home right now”I said. “But it’s late”she said checking the time. I looked at my wristwatch and saw it almost 9pm. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine”I said and went inside to change. A call c@m£ in again and I checked it and it was madam Lisa. I don’t want to pick it at first but took it to hear what she have to say.
“Hello”she said and I replied.
“Mr Raymond told me he called and told you about your dad’s health.”she said. “Yes. He did”I replied.
“Don’t worry about coming home. I’ll take good care of him ok?. Don’t bother to show up. Just be as you used to up till this moment don’t ever think of coming home”she said.
There she goes again, threatening me. The same way she did until I left home for her and her useless daughter.
“Why would you tell me that? He is my father too. It’s my right to look after him”I said confidently.
“Oh. You talk back now? You’ve grown a lot I guess. So it’s now you know he’s your responsibility too? When you left home, you didn’t think of that?”she asked harshly.
“What’s your business with how I live my life? You can’t tell me whether I’m to visit my dad or not. It’s not your right to say that. Just mind your business and leave me alone ok?”I said and cut off the call then took my car key and headed out.
To be continued…