Untamed Libr@rian episode 9

Untamed Libr@rian episode 9
“Hey Clara we’re getting late”. Alan shouted to Clara in the bathroom as he re-made his
tie. “I’m sorry I just have to put the contact lenses right” she answered as she c@m£ out of the
bathroom. “Wow! You’re looking h0t. If not that we’re expected in the next minute, I would
have had you flat out on your back like right now.” Alan said as he looked at Clara hungrily in
her sea-green c0cktail dress. “I knew that dress would be a bomb now all it reamins to
complete this fabulous dressing is this.” He said as he took out the pearl n£¢klace and clasped
it on her n£¢k. Clara g@sped “it’s too much Alan, I might lost it. It even has matching earrings
to go with it!. Oh now I’ll have to walk carefully not to let it get lost” Alan laughed ha-rd and
k!$$£d her fully on the mouth. “Don’t fret Clara you can’t lost it and even if you do it’s
insured” she sighed “thank you, let’s get going”. They got to the house to see that the
anniversary p@rty is alre-ady in full swing. The ball room was alre-ady filled with people in their
best dresses and champagne with caviar going around. They went to greet the happy couple
“hey mother,you’re looking beautiful tonight” Alan greeted as he k!$$£d his mother on the
cheek then he moved to his father to give him a big hvg “happy anniversary” “thank you son”
his father replied as he smiled from ear to ear. Clara to hvgged the couple and got hvgged in
return. “We’re glad you’re here Clara” Mary said. Alan and Clara went to mingle with the rest
of the guests ,they danced when they mood strikes and drank champagne when they feel
like. “You know you’re the most beautiful woman here tonight don’t you?” Alan whispered
into Clara’s ear as they danced to a slow music. “Don’t patronise me Alan, I know I’m pretty
but there are way much beautiful women here” “well, in my eyes you’re the most beautiful in
here” he nuzzled her n£¢k and they continued dancing in silence until the music finished.
“Hey alan!” Some-one called at him “I’m coming, mingle I’ll come and find you.” He said to
Clara and went to answer the person that was calling him. Clara used the opportunity to go to
the rest room, as she was coming out of the toilet to wash her hands she was wayla-id by gina
“I see you followed Alan to this p@rty like a love-sick puppy. You are never going to get
anything from him but se-x,he is not going to marry you. Why, because you are way below his
clas-s and his family won’t accept you as his wife.” She said with venom. “Do you think it is
now you he is going to marry? You mean-faced good for nothing bimbo? Get a life and st©p
being daddy’s little girl.” Clara sh0t back. Gina laughed with malice “yea daddy’s little girl
with money. Do you think Alan would go for you when my parents are friends with his
parents and I heard my dad discussing it that I’m going to get engaged to Alan to merge the
two companies. Oh and stay away from Alan.” Gina dropped the last b!ow and walked away
feeling satisfied with herself. Clara stood dumb-founded with the things Gina said “oh no no
no!! It can’t be true! She is just trying to hurt me.” She tried in re-as-suring herself. She
regained her composure and went out of the restroom. She tried and search for Alan with her
eyes and saw him with his parents laughing and talking with Gina and her parents, She
winced and broke down inside. She turned away and went out to get a cab to go home. Alan
searched frantically for Clara amongst the people in the room but he couldn’t find her, he
tried calling her cell phone but she wasn’t picking. He later found out from the staffs outside
that she was seen entering a cab. He sighed in relief then went back inside to say goodbye to
his parents. He drove to Clara’s house and knocked on her door when she wasn’t answering
he used the key Clara gave him and entered the house. He went straight to her be-droom and
saw her asleep with her eyes we-t aand wondered why she was crying. He pu-ll-ed off his
clothes and got in beside her, his movements caused Clara to open her eyes “oh you’re
back,sorry for leaving the p@rty so early I had a pounding headache.” She sniffed back the
remaining tears and sat up. “Why are you crying?” “Crying? Oh no it was the headache that
made me to cry, it was too much for me but I’ve used aspirin” she lied. Alan s-en-sed that she
was lieing but decided not to press the issue. “Come here let me hold you until you sleep off.”
Alan offered. Later, it was Alan that sle-pt off first with Clara crying more and wishing that
Gina hasn’t spoiled her mood with the doubts she planted in her mind.