Untamed Libr@rian episode 8

Untamed Libr@rian episode 8
The town had been decorated with ribbons and celebr@tion everywhere with smiles and
laughter all around because it was labour day. Clara and Alan got to the kevlar mansion in
time for the annual picnic. hvgs and k!sses were exchanged and Clara was introduced to
Alan’s brother james who looked like all the kevlar men but he looked menancing than Alan.
Clara and James greeted each other then Clara was taken away by Alan to get a seat before it
was fully occu-pied. In a corner, Alan’s father was handling the grill with some of his friends,
he waved and grinned at their direction. “Let me go and see if father nee-ds some help with
the grilling I won’t be long” Alan said then he left her. Natalia was chasing her two years old
son about when she saw Clara sitting all alone. She carried Tommy and went to sit beside
Clara, “hey you,enjoying yourself?” “Oh hi Natalia, yes I am, is this your son? He is so cute”
Clara said as she made baby noises at Tommy. “Yes,this little tyrant here is Tommy.Tommy
say hello to Clara.” Tommy smiled and said hello. He got down from his mother’s l@p and
moved to Clara,”up up”. Clara carried him up and bounced him about which made him laugh
loud. Alan looked at Clara and saw her pla-ying with Tommy and he smiled affectionately then
he imagined Clara getting pregnant with his baby and realised that he has fallen de-eply in
love with Clara. He was shocked at first then when it settled de-ep in his mind he saw that he
couldn’t live without her. “Great just great!.” He mumbled to himself. He walked over to
where they sat and sat down smiling at them. “Hey big brother.” “Hey small sister.” He
grinned at her then Tommy saw Alan and grinned at Alan “hey tommy boy, I see you are
comfortable where you are and don’t want to jump at me.” Alan said as he put his arms at
the back of Clara’s chair. He looked at Clara and said “are you supposed to be cudd-ling
another man when your man is here leaving him on his own uhn? Tommy boy you nee-d to go
to your mother so that my woman can cudd-leme too you’re poaching.” Clara and Natalia
laughed with Natalia saying “tommy come to mama and leave these two love-birds alone.”
“Nooo clawa clawa” tommy cried out. Clara laughed and k!$$£d tommy in the cheek. “You
see? He doesn’t want to leave my woman.” Alan feigned anger “hey tommy boy if you don’t
leave my woman alone,I won’t buy you that toy train you wanted.” Tommy ignored his uncle
Alan knowing that his uncle was joking and snuggled de-ep in Clara’s arms. “Hey leave the
dear boy alone,I like him where he is” Clara said to Alan. “Since tommy is comfortable, I’ll
leave him with you Clara and go and as-sist mother even though I know she won’t nee-d any
help.” Natalia win-ked at them and left the table to where her mother was. “They look good
together don’t they?” Mary kevlar asked Natalia as they watched Clara and Alan pl@ywith
Tommy. Mary wiped a tear in her eye as she watched them and wished for them to get
married quic-kly so that they would give her more grandchildren. Her plans were alre-ady
yielding results but she nee-ded them to speed it up. Clara watched Alan as he pla-yed with
his nephew and wished to carry his baby in her arms. She shook her head to clear the
thinking and said to herself ‘Don’t spoil it Clara, you don’t know where this is going so don’t
yet wish for things that won’t happen’. “Awwn he is asleep” Clara said a while later as they
were eating, Alan looked at Tommy as he sle-pt peacefully in Clara’s arms and said “he sure
looks comfy why don’t you let me take him in so that you won’t stress your arms.” “Why
don’t we go together,I’ll carry him while you show me the way”. They both went into the
house with Clara carrying Tommy, they st©pped at the nursery and Clara placed tommy inside
the crib and dropped a k!sson his fore-head as she turned to face Alan,She was st©pped by a
k!ssfrom Alan “why did you k!ssme? I’m nt complaining I’m just curious” she asked. “You
amaze me that’s why” she blu-shed and she k!$$£d him again. “Let’s get going or else we won’t
get out of this room”. As they got outside Natalia c@m£ to them “where is tommy?” “He fell
asleep and we took him to the nursery” Alan answered. “Oh thank you guys let me go and
check on him”. Mary waved Clara and Alan over and said “since you both are not doing
anything come and as-sist in replenishing all the foods that is almost finished. They got to
work and didn’t rest until they finished their tasks. They joined the rest of the people in the
festivities and danced together till they dropped.
“Today was fun,thank you Alan for taking me with you.” Clara said as Alan dropped her at
her house. “Who else would I take if not you?” He grinned at her. “Aren’t you coming in?”
“Oh I’ll be back I just have to go back to see to help with the cleaning” “oh ok I’ve given you a
key haven’t I?” “Yea you have, don’t worry Clara I won’t be long” then he k!$$£d her and left.
When he c@m£ back, he saw that she was alre-ady asleep and smiled fondly at her. He pu-ll-ed
off his clothes and got into the be-d beside her, Clara opened her eyes and smiled at him
before they knew it, they were p@n-ting to get their breathes back and their hearts in the
normal pace. They sle-pt de-eply with their b©dy joined together.
Clara was planning the schedule of the book club when Gina c@m£ into the libr@ry with
her pocket-sized dog wearing a short blue dress with jewelries adorning her hands and n£¢k.
“So, this is the so called make-over that happened” gina crooned. “Hello Gina how can I help
you? Even though I know you don’t want to re-ad any book” Clara sh0t back at her. Gina
narrowed her eyes and said “I still don’t get why you are following Alan like a lost puppy dog
when vividly he wants nothing to do with you but to have se-x with you” Clara winced
knowing that she hit a mark but she recovered and stuck up her chin “it is me he is having se-x
with not you, which is score 1 for me and 0 for you. Admit it you want him but he doesn’t
want you so plea-se go and wallow in your tears another place”. Gina ba-red her teeth and
huffed out of the libr@ry. Clara dropped her head on the desk and started thinking about
what Gina said “oh what if all she said is true? What if Alan wants me for se-x only? I can’t
take this I just can’t! She just can’t barge in here and start ma-king me feel bad.” “Oh Clara
what are we going to do?” She asked herself with glint of tears in her eyes.