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February 27, 2021


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Untamed Librarian episode 10 – finale

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Untamed Librarian episode 10

Clara moped around for days with Alan gone for a business trip to Australia. She evaded

his calls and texts which made Alan confused and angry, and decided to stop calling her till he

gets back home. Clara tried not to think of Alan by burying herself in work and visiting Natalia

and Tommy. “Why are you so down this couple of days? Are you missing Alan that much?”

Natalia asked when Clara came to visit her at the shop. “Yea you could say that.” Clara lied

partially as she played with Tommy. “Don’t worry he’ll soon be back,the take over they’re

working on is a big one so they need everyone on it”. Natalia tried to re-assure her.


It was a week later that Alan arrived from Australia. Clara was trying to watch some

tv when she heard her door close. She got up and went to see who was there, and saw it was

Alan, she didn’t know whether to run to his arms or turn her back on him. “Hey you’re back”

she finally said. “Hey yourself” Alan said as he walked to the centre of the living room. He

looked tired and worn out, she wished she could just cuddle him. “We need to talk Clara” He

said with a frown on his face. This is it! He wants to break it up with me she thought with

dread. “Wait! Let me talk first” Clara said to him. ” Ok go on.” “I know what you want to

say…” “You do?” Alan asked with confusion in his voice. “Yea I do. You want to break up with

me isn’t it? Your family’s company and Gina’s family’s company wants to merge, so you and

gina is to get married isn’t it?” Clara said with tears clogging her voice. “Wait what? What are

you saying?” Alan asked confused with what she was saying. “You can’t deny it can you? You

only want me for the s*x and fun of it isn’t it? How could I have been so stupid to believe that

a whole you would want me for who I am! The dowdy librarian dating a kevlar, now how did

that happen?” She continued. “I love you Clara” Alan inserted. “I know I’m not beautiful and

wealthy like Gina and…wait what did you just say?” Clara asked as she sniffed back her tears.


“I love you. All what you just said are lies, it is Gina’s parent’s company that is looking for a

merger which we don’t want so they’ve taken the offer to another company, and you know

I’ve told you how I feel about Gina why would I want to still marry her? Was that why you

were crying and not talking to me? Even mother would disown me if I married Gina, and the

family loves you already.” Alan rubbed his forehead as he explained while Clara sat down

hard on a couch. “I’m I dreaming? Y-y-you love me?” She asked shakily not wanting to spoil

the moment “I’m serious Clara, I was worried and angry with you this past weeks, you make

me feel things that I never thought I would feel.” Alan confessed as he walked over to her “I

want to spend the rest of my life with you, I can’t do without you in my life, I want beautiful

blue-eyed babies like their mother, please Clara don’t kick me out of your life”. He pleaded as

he brought out a sapphire ring laced with diamonds, Clara’s mouth hung open like a fish, she

looked wide-eyed at the beautiful ring. “Marry me Clara,make an honest man out of me, let

us make a family”. “yes! I’ll marry you, I love you too, I’ve loved you from the onset. I want to

carry your babies” she said as she laughed with tears on her eyes and Alan put the ring on her finger which he kissed after then he now kissed her fully in the mouth. “You Just made me

the happiest man on earth right now” he said as he hugged her deeply “and I’m the happiest,

luckiest woman and librarian on earth” she laughed as he carried her in his arms.



The church was filled to the brim for the wedding of Alan and Clara, both the town people

and the wealthy sat side by side with smiles and laughter all around. It was a beautiful

september morning with the sun shining bright with goodness. “Are you ready to become

mrs Kevlar?” Miss briggs asked as she straightened Clara’s veil and sighed happily. “Yes I’m

ready,funny enough I’m not nervous or having wedding jitters because I know this is for me,it

was meant to be.” Clara said with happiness. “You make a beautiful bride Clara” Natalia said

as she came into the dressing room with champagne and glasses. They made a toast and

drank to it. Then they all came out of the dressing room to wait for the wedding march to

begin. As the organist started the song, Alan’s father took Clara’s arms into his and walked

her down the aisle with Natalia walking at her back. Everybody turned to watch the bride

walk down the aisle to her groom who stood straight and tall with grace, as Clara was walked

to him, he smiled at his father then smiled at Clara with love shining in his eyes. “Let us

begin” the bishop started. They exchanged vows then exchanged rings with the bishop saying

to Alan, “you may kiss your bride.” He pulled Clara into his arms and gave her a deep hot

searing kiss which made the guest laugh and sigh. Mary kevalr dabbed her eyes with the

flowery handkerchief,she looked at them and thought how they made a perfect fit. She

thought back to the day she saw Clara in the store and liked her from the start then she

patiently planned for Alan to meet her knowing they would fit perfectly together. She smiled

secretely on how her plan went perfectly well, all they need to start doing now is to give her

more grand-children she yearned for. She looked at Natalia as she laughed with Clara and

rubbed her hands with glee as the drama she knew would unfold soon. Her plans for Natalia

were already in action all she has to do now was find a wife for james.

The reception was held at the kevlar mansion’s blooming garden. It was a beautiful event

with the bride and groom the center of attraction. “Hey mrs Kevlar.” Alan grinned at his

beautiful bride who sat at his side, “hey mr Kevlar” she smiled back at him. “Let’s dance, I

want to hold you in my arms”. Alan said and they went to the dancefloor. They danced first

then people started to join the couple on the dance floor.


Natalia looked at the happy couple and wished them happiness, she looked at her cute son

who was dancing with his grand-father and sighed, she love her son to the core and he gives

her the happiness and closure she always wanted. As she turned to go into the house, her

gaze collided with a man who just entered the garden. He looked dark and tall and walked

like a man who gives orders, his tailor-made italian dark suit spoke wealth and his winged-

tipped italian loafers couldn’t be bought in any store but commisioned to be made. Natalia

looked shocked and wide-eyed as she stared at the man who was walking towards her. “Hello

Natalia” he said with his rich italian voice cascading through her skin. “Hi Giovani, wha-what are you doing here?” She squeaked out. “Is that how to greet your Lover?” Giovani asked

with his eyes mocking her. Natalia looked at him wide-eyed with surprise and fear.



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