Unknown enemy Episode 15

Episode 15
Written by Amah
Tony was calling Betty but she was not listening, something was just pushing her forward , she was eager to know who owns the n£¢klace Viva was putting on, is it her missing n£¢klace or Viva’s own like she said, As Betty got close to Viva, her eyes still on the n£¢klace, she then looked up at her before saying
“is that mine or yours…?
Viva nee-ded to defend herself, she has always being a strong person, she will not allow anyb©dy not even her husband or Betty to intimid@t£ her, she loves the n£¢klace and was not re-ady to let it go, if anything happens, she can sell the n£¢klace and use the money to do something meaningful for herself, and also her car is there, she won’t sell the car she will use it to be flexing the town and get richer friends that will give her connection, and she will collect the cheque from Betty and become a rich beautiful sophisticated woman, her car will serve as a connection for her, and connect her to different rich women and men, so she is not at a lost, she will always win, so no matter what she will hold on to the n£¢klace and her expensive fine car that Tony bought for her, She knew the n£¢klace is not hers she stole it from Betty but she will not let Betty intimid@t£ her, or allow her to collect the n£¢klace from her, she smiled before answering her
“it is mine…my n£¢klace, you lost yours and this is mine Betty…do you believe Richa-rd over me…
“then prove it… you lied to me that it was a gift, you lied to me and even my husband supported you, maybe because he doesn’t want your trouble, why will you lie…Richa-rd did not buy this for you, then how did you get it…prove it Viva, take us to the person or place that you bought it from, the receipt you gave us, bring it out and let’s call the number on it if there’s any, or better still let’s all drive down to the shop where you got it…you nee-d to prove what you are saying, because even your husband does not know how you got that..
“I said it is mine, I bought it…or are you the only one that has rich people that can get you expensive things, I also have mine Betty, why are you haras-sing me as if I took your missing n£¢klace, I only said it was Richa-rd because I wanted you all to feel that the useless man I married was doing something but in real life he is not doing anything, but I own this, and that’s the fact, it’s not yours, it is mine, I thought you are my friend why are you joining gang with my husband to humiliate me…and why will I lie to you Betty, you are a woman and I’m a woman, women are meant to support each other not withstanding what they hear or are told , you are a nice person don’t allow Richa-rd or your maid or even Tony your husband to tell you other wise…I can’t not lie to you Betty, I only tried to cover my useless husband’s shame by saying that. I can’t take what is yours, this n£¢klace is mine…it belongs to me and I’m not p@rting with it for any reason…
Viva’s boldness returned as she spoke to Betty, she knew Betty can be easily convinced and manipulated just with the right words or action and that is what she is trying to do so that she will be able to get Betty to her side, and she will never give her the n£¢klace no matter what,
Betty saw the boldness in Viva’s tune and action and was confused, she saw the strength Viva used in defending the n£¢klace on her n£¢k and was about letting it go, because obviously Viva treasured that n£¢klace and was re-ady to defend it with her life.
Rebecca was alre-ady so angry watching Viva vomit lies from her mouth, Viva lied as if she was born a natural liar, and Betty was almost buying into it, she stamped her feet several times waiting for Betty to pu-ll the n£¢klace out of Viva but it was obvious that she was going to wait forever for Betty to do that, everyone was watching and as she looked at Tony he was feeling uneasy, sweating un-der the cold weather, Rebecca knew she nee-ded to do something, Viva can only sell her cheap lies to people that don’t know her, and go scot free.
Rebecca hurried to where Betty and Viva was and just as Viva never expected what happened next as she was still trying to convince Betty, Rebecca stretched her hand and pu-ll-ed the n£¢klace with f0rç£ from her n£¢k, and ran back to stand behind Richa-rd who she knows was obviously stronger than Tony, he will defend her better,
Viva ran with f0rç£ to Rebecca but she had alre-ady hidden the n£¢klace, as Richa-rd tried to st©p her from hitting the girl she pushed Richa-rd , who didn’t even move even with her ha-rd push,
“are you out of your mind, look at how you are embarras-sing yourself because of a n£¢klace…Viva let it go…leave the girl alone, the n£¢klace is not yours and she knows it, it belongs to her mistress Betty, and I know you don’t have anyb©dy that can buy you such n£¢klace…leave the girl alone, you are yet to answer my own question of where you got such an expensive car from, why are you sweating because the girl collected the n£¢klace from you…st©p acting like a mad woman..
“you are a very stupid man, leave the way…get off my way, let me teach that small witch a lesson, she has taken more than she can chew, I will kill her today, because she think she can mess with any b©dy and get away with it…never… I’m the ha-rd est nut to crack, she is so dead, and as for you, what do you even know, that n£¢klace is worth more than all the things you have got for me all throu-gh the time I have come to know you till now, do you even know the value of that gold, because you are a stupid man, and I regret ever getting married to you, you sold me off to my friend Betty, Telling her trash about me, husbands are meant to defend and cover their wife’s wrong, but you called my good friend Betty and started telling her trash in front of her useless maid, how dare you even ask me where I got the car from, enemy of progress, you are only jealous of my progress, you wanted to limit me from getting to the height I was meant to be, you want to put me in the house and expect me to say thank you every time you get me those your useless gift, limiting my ability, aren’t you ashamed of yourself, you are not man enough Richa-rd I keep telling you that, you wanted to disgrace me now I will disgrace your broke as-s, I will disgrace you and shame you in front of everyb©dy here, you are poverty minded, your thinking is just mediocre, I’m very beautiful, yes I can boast of it, which was the main reason you wanted to die if I didn’t marry you, or have you forgotten how you use to kneel and beg me to accept you, then you had a little change to spare, I pitied you and agreed to marry you now instead of you to be forever grateful to me, instead of you to do anything you can do to meet my demands you are here with your broke as-s trying to talk me down to those who are willing to help me, hahahaha…I use to see your face whenever I make those low tone phone calls or come back with different gifts of which you don’t know of, I watch you sulk like a child because you know you couldn’t limit me anymore, I watched you beg me and patronise me with your small change just to have me in be-d, I watched you trying to unlock my phone after I refused to give you the pas-sword, I like it when I see you in pain, or confused because I’m the ha-rd est puzzle you can solve, and I have not seen anyb©dy as beautiful as I am, and I will keep boasting of it because I know how you feel when I say that…you wanted to frustrate me but I will frustrate you instead, and will keep watching you wrath in pain, I know you can not do without me, but that’s so unfortunate because I can do without you…
Viva that’s enough, aren’t you ashamed of yourself talking to your husband like that…is it because he loves you, why are you doing this, I’m re-ady to let go of the n£¢klace but let Richa-rd be, there are things you don’t say to your husband, Tony is here…ask him this…I have never insulted him no matter what he does to me, he is my husband and I can only sing his praise and not talk him down, I know what he is capable of and what he can do, same thing should apply to you and Richa-rd , he is your husband for crying out loud why are you like this…this is terrible…just listen to the things coming out of your mouth…and he is just calm watching you talk trash to him…not all men can tolerate such…st©p this madness Viva..an..
“no…no…Betty… leave her..let her displ@yall her madness to the fullest, let her show the public how crazy she is and how she has being trying to drag me into her craziness…. No go ahead at the end you will still tell me where you got that car because this ru-bbish got to st©p. Continue with your madness…you are now the husband, Viva you are the husband now, control and insult me like you like, spre-ad your dirty linen outside for the world to see…but at the end you will still say the truth where that car c@m£ from, Betty can forgive you for stealing her n£¢klace but there’s a limit a man can take, and if you don’t say the truth about where the car c@m£ from you will be surprised of what I will do…
“what can you do…tell me Richa-rd what can you do useless man… and you Betty why are you trying to act like a motivational speaker to me, you think your husband is really what he claims to be…I will still come to that… Richa-rd called you first and told you all kinds of things about me and you never asked him to st©p, and now is my turn. You are acting like you care, none of you care, Betty i can only accept you care when I get back the cheque you s£nt Rebecca to collect from me…
Betty was surprise to hear of the cheque, she told Viva that she doesn’t know about it, Betty looked at Rebecca and asked her for the cheque but she said she doesn’t know what Viva was talking about, Viva tried to hit her again but she dodged, Betty c@m£ and warned Viva not to ever t©uçh her, that she will write another cheque for her if that will make peace to reign, but that will be tomorrow,
Viva smiled, she faced Richa-rd as he told Betty not to bother giving her another cheque immediately until Viva comes to realize that he is the man of the house and her husband and also respect that fact. Betty agreed with him, Viva got angry again.
Tony called Betty to leave the two crazy people alone, which was Richa-rd and Viva for them to go inside,
Viva was not having anyone insult her , she will make sure everyb©dy share in this her trouble since they Planned to trouble her, she started insulting Richa-rd and also Betty for agreeing to what Richa-rd said instead of her,
“you are too naïve Betty, anyone can manipulate you so easily, just at the snap of the f!nger you are manipulated, even as little as Rebecca your maid is, she still manipulated you, and now you are listening to Richa-rd , telling you not to give me another cheque until he confirms I’m a good wife to him, you act like a child, even my little son josh…knows what to do but you, everything you are told that is exactly what you will do, your upbringing is terrible, you are supposed to be my friend and listen to me when I tell you stuff not Richa-rd , oh dear Richa-rd I will never be submissive to you because you don’t worth it, I was thinking earlier of how to overcome all of you, I quic-kly realized that I was born to never take sh*t from anyb©dy, Richa-rd is a useless man and I will say it as many times as I feel like, oh you want answers to where I got the car…my wealthy handsome b©yfri£ndgave it to me, yes he bought it for me after servicing his b©dy engine so well…. No…no don’t get angry or shake your head because I’m not done…is a fact if you care to know…and my honey pie is not far from here…you suppose to know him…well he is a better man than you…
Richa-rd lose his calmness and sl@pped Viva ha-rd , he was boiling with anger, he felt so angry that Viva could paint such trash to his face, he just prayed and hoped it was not true, because he can tolerate anything from her but not a cheating wife, he wanted to hit her again for having such boldness to say that to his face but restricted himself as he saw blood on Viva’s cheek. Viva held her cheek in pain and shock because she did not expect such reaction. Richa-rd has never raised hands on his wife before, he felt bad for even hitting her that ha-rd out of anger, but he was not going to loose his right as a man because of his unappreciative wife, he will do it again if she repeats that.
Betty held herself as she saw Richa-rd hit Viva, she was not going to ask him to st©p or go to Viva because Viva asked for it. Tony was not comfortable when Viva was talking about her lover and how she got the car, he prayed silently that she will just shut up, and he was happy when Richa-rd sl@pped her, shutting her up. Tony went to Betty and tried to drag her inside by f0rç£ but Betty sl@pped his hand off her,
Viva charged up and started insulting Richa-rd who stood boiling, this time around she was not keeping any secret, for Richa-rd sl@pping her and everyone watching, even Betty did not bother coming to her, she will tell them what they nee-d to know, she won’t be the only one in pain, everyb©dy will p@rticipate in this drama today.
“oh is painful right…is painful to know that I have a lover…oh..you are jealous…hahahaha… more pain is coming to you when you hear who my lover is…you have the boldness to sl@p me, you have the nave to raise your wretched hand on me and hit, and caused me to bleed, I will show you that I’m not only bold and beautiful I’m also crazy, have madness and I will give it to you like you have never seen before, I will leave you and your wretchedness and I will drive away from here without looking back, you know that car is very expensive, i will get more rich friends, Betty is not the only one that is rich, Betty is rich and also stupid, her husband can be having affair un-der her nose and she will still not know, that is how stupid and naïve she is, well I will get more better friends, my car is my source of connection, watch how I will glow… Betty is stupid but I’m not stupid, her husband is a fool, he thinks he can get away like that… and start forming good husband…if you all care to know my lover, the man behind my source, the one that got me car instead of his wife, the one that picked me above his wife, is no other than him over there…yes Tony… he was s£nt by his naïve wife to help me chase away rat in my room when Richa-rd travelled and he took advantage of me, we had a fantastic time together and it continued that way for a long time, and Tony bought me that my fine car just to shut up and cover up his mess, instead of buying a car for his wife he chose and got me my expensive car, but he was so sweet and I enjo…
Richa-rd sl@pped her again, this time very ha-rd than the first and she fell to the floor with a heavy thud, Richa-rd rushed to Tony who was moving back and the fight started, Betty was acting crazy as she picked up an iron that was lying carelessly on the floor and ran to Viva’s car and started smashing it, she was destroying the fine car as Viva watched in shock. That was the car she was hoping to use for her future connection that Betty was destroying. Richa-rd and Tony were in a serious fight. The atmosphere was a mixture of pain, surprise, anger and shock .
Rebecca watched as the drama unfolded, she watched as Viva sat on the floor in terror as she watched Betty destroying her car, she picked up her own iron stick, before going to join Betty, she used her leg to kick Viva ha-rd and she fell face down before she sat up again,
“That was for the sl@p I received from you the day I caught you with Tony and for the trouble you have caused everyone, watch as I join Betty to destroy your hope, that car you held to your heart will become nothing in few minutes from now, our own drama just started. I never knew you are this shameless, I thought Betty was very naïve and talk too much, now I know you are a grade one fool, Wicked and evil Viva, what a shameless woman, lets see what becomes of your boldness and beauty, after destroying the car we will come and destroy you too, don’t cry o because this is just the beginning,
After Rebecca finished saying that to Viva who was still in shock, she ran to join Betty as they went ahead to condemn the car, Betty was in tears as she was smashing Viva’s new car,
Viva held her heart as she watched all the fire she started burn, she started crying while watching Betty and Rebecca destroy her expensive new car.
Question: Is Betty’s action not too drastic and wild? What do you think will become of Viva?
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