Unknown enemy Episode 14

Rebecca knew there was trouble but she was happy because the hidden secret will soon be revealed and once Betty is able to add up the logic then she will know the truth…Betty will come to know that the person she calls friend and allowed freely into her home was actually a dangerous enemy, who not only stole from her but also had affair with her husband which resulted to the car she now owns. She nee-ded to still give Betty a close clue that will trigger her, Rebecca bent over Betty’s ear and whispered to her in a very low voice that Richa-rd could not un-derstand,
“ma…are you sure that is not your missing n£¢klace that Viva stole from you…she probably stole it from you and decided to come up with a cooked up lie knowing well you will believe her… I knew that n£¢klace was yours…since it’s not Mr Richa-rd that got it for her…then who did…and the car too…she is probably having an affair… I have told you before…I’m sorry to say…but anything is possible with someb©dy like Viva… you just heard all her husband said…she is not a good friend…she is very desperate…and manipulative… the receipt she showed you for the n£¢klace, tell her to take you to the shop or the person that issued the receipt for her, tell her to take you to the place where the gold n£¢klace was made or sold…she nee-d to prove herself…and the car too… she nee-d to clear herself, her husband deserve to know and you also deserve to know…she is your trusted friend right?…you tell her everything…so let her also tell you how she c@m£ about the car, the n£¢klace and other things…
Betty listened to Rebecca talk to her, she was speechless, Rebecca may be right, the n£¢klace was probably hers all this while but why did Tony agree to Viva’s deceit and later started hating her, Betty thought of different thing as her head was spinning, she just hoped it is not what she was thinking,
they were still talking when they heard the sound of Tony’s car driving in, Viva’s car followed, they both drove in at same time, Betty’s heart began to beat fast, why is Tony and Viva coming in at same time,…Betty stood and started going down, Richa-rd followed behind . Rebecca didn’t come down, immediately she wanted to see the look on Tony’s face when he sees his wife with Richa-rd , she and Mabel watched from the window.
Immediately Tony saw Betty coming down with Richa-rd his heart beat rose up, he was shocked vehemently, many things crossed his mind, as he also thought of what he and Viva used to have, what if Richa-rd found out of his affair with Viva and decided to take revenge on his own loving wife, what if Richa-rd t©uçhed his wife like he did to Viva. His stomach ti-ght£ñed, as he swore un-der his breath, he quic-kly c@m£ down from the car and rushed to Richa-rd , Richa-rd who wasn’t expecting what he got, received a heavy b!ow to his mouth, he charged up and as he tried to un-derstand what was going on, Tony gave him another one, Richa-rd charged up and retaliated, as Tony tried to punch him again he kicked him ha-rd on the abd0m£n and Tony Fell back,
Viva was surprised as she stood close to her car, not knowing what was going on, someb©dy whistled from her upstair corridor, as she looked up it was Rebecca, Rebecca used the cheque she collected from her earlier to wave at her, after which she win-ked, Viva gave her a steamed look and eyed her, Rebecca laughed out, she couldn’t wait for more drama to start, which will involve Viva, she will love to see her deceitful face when she want to tell everyone where the n£¢klace and car c@m£ from, it is only Betty she is pitying at that moment Because Betty will be so broken if she finds out what her husband did.
Viva went back looking at the drama going on, she knew she was in serious trouble, maybe Rebecca has told Betty of her affair with Tony, she also wanted the cheque that Betty gave her, if she had that money now she wouldn’t bother watching or waiting to be bashed, she would have drove off to a h0tel and stayed until the fire she started is calm before she returns and maybe fabricate another lie to Betty that Tony took advantage of her, and she will even become more loving and respectful to Richa-rd , her husband.
Betty was shouting at the men to st©p their madness, although Tony was well built and taller than Richa-rd , he never expected the heavy kick that Richa-rd gave him as he held his stomach in pain and started threatening Richa-rd ,
“If I ever see you any where close to my wife again…I will deal with you…stay away from her…stay away from my family…leave my wife alone and face yours…I will arrest you if you dare cross my wife…I will deal with you Richa-rd … Betty I told you not to go close to him or listen to what he has to say…whatever he says to you don’t believe him,
“Tony you are a mad man… what do you think I want to tell your wife or do with your wife…why are you so scared of me talking to your wife…why the sudden fear…come let’s settle this man to man…why are you holding your stomach now… are you in pain…no I’m still going to give you more if you ever come at me again, you wanted a fight now you are stepping back…oh… is your height and b©dy seize that is deceiving you and you think you can beat up anyb©dy you feel like…come close again let me teach you how to throw a punch…you are mad.. What is your problem… I only wanted to talk to Betty that’s all…why do you have a problem with that…and she was not even alone she c@m£ with Rebecca…I don’t even un-derstand your fear…what do you think I will do to your wife…I’m a responsible man and will not do anything that will stain my name…I wanted to talk to her about something that has being troubling me which is my wife over there… plea-se you all should ask her right here and now where she got that car from…where she got the expensive n£¢klace on her n£¢k from…I nee-d answer I just can’t take it anymore…
Viva was alre-ady at the scene between Tony and Richa-rd , she knew she was in a big trouble, If Betty had told her earlier that Richa-rd had asked to see her, she would have done everything possible to st©p her from seeing him,
Rebecca was alre-ady downstairs with Mabel who stood beside her watching as the drama unfolded,
Tony was also in trouble as he prayed silently that no one will find out what he had done with Viva, he tried to take Betty inside but Betty was re-ady for the drama and was not stepping an inch, she told Tony she was not going inside, Richa-rd wants answers and she also wanted answers to her missing n£¢klace, which she think was stolen by Viva, and Tony boldly agreed with Viva that the n£¢klace wasn’t her own then, even Kate saw that it was her own but she believed all the things Viva said and now Richa-rd said he knew nothing about it, the stolen n£¢klace wasn’t just her problem at the moment because she had alre-ady put it behind her but the lies, the lies that flowed from Viva of which Tony also agreed with. So she wanted answers as much as Richa-rd also wanted answers. Viva nee-d to say the truth or it will be f0rç£d out of her, and she has alre-ady giving her a cheque of hvge amount, she wouldn’t have given her that kind of amount if she knows the kind of person she is, and how she has being treating her husband and Josh’s nanny, which was inhuman, it was obvious she was either having an affair and her lover got her the car or something bad which she have to lie to everyb©dy just to defend it, now her lies is getting expo-sed one by one, who knows what else they will find out today, Betty can’t wait to start her own craziness, she hate when someb©dy she calls a friend takes her for granted and that is what Viva did.
Everywhere fell silent as Tony was still trying to pet Betty for her to follow him inside, he told her he got her some gifts and also wanted to make her favourite food but Betty wasn’t interested, Viva stood shaking as Betty started coming close to her, she lost word of what to say, her lies have being expo-sed, she lied that all she has got pres£ntly c@m£ from her husband Richa-rd but it was all a lie and now Betty had found out she has being lying all this while… Betty may eventually come to know the truth about her and Tony, she nee-d to do something quic-k, she tried to be stable as Betty got close to her, Betty’s eyes was on the n£¢klace which was laying gently on her n£¢k, Viva’s leg was seriously shaking as she began to think of what to say to defend herself but words failed her at that moment, she was doomed😂
To be continued…
Question: If u were to be Betty, what would you do after finding out the truth? Is Betty really doomed, do u think she won’t come up with something that can still convince Betty?🤔. Let me reserve my comment