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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Unknown enemy Episode 11

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Episode 11
Written by Amah


As Betty and Tony went inside, Betty began speaking to Tony about his reaction to Richard.

“what has come over you, that was very wrong of you Tony, they are our friends and you didn’t even give me the opportunity to hear what he got to say, that man is sad, Richard is not happy and the least you can do is to lend him a listening ear, since you don’t want to, you would have allowed me to know why he called me. Viva is also not happy, we need to be there for them, although we don’t really know what the exact problem is but their everyday quarrel is becoming a thing of concern…Richard may not be a very open person, he hardly associate, but he is a nice person, his wife is my friend, and I want to do everything I can just to show them I care, and you should do the same, what you did outside there was very embarrassing, he just needed someone to talk to..

“And you think that you are the right person for him to talk to, Viva is not your friend, that woman is not good for you to associate with… I don’t have issue with Richard but I don’t trust him either, and I

will not feel safe watching him talk with you, he should look for somebody else to talk with but definitely not you Betty, please don’t ever listen to anything he wants to say…

“why…why are you panicking, why is Richard talking to me a problem for you, why is that, he probably want to tell me to help beg his wife to be patient with him so that he can get money and open the supermarket she asked for…

“that is not what Richard want to speak to you about, and I know more than you when it comes to that family, please don’t associate with them, Betty I just don’t want a bad influence around you, look at the way they always have misunderstanding
I don’t want you going close before they transfer aggression on you…before they put you in the middle of their mess, I know you got a good heart, and that is the more reason I love you…I just want you to be safe and our family to be away from other people’s trouble…please…

After that day everyone moved on with their lives, Betty kept on going to her supermarket and still waiting on the day Kate will show up, and give her the chance to show how sorry she was for striking her and smashing her phone.

Betty was able to get enough cash from Tony, she did not tell him the real reason for the money, because if she tells him he will not give it to her,

she added it to the one she can spare from her side, as she gathered all the money it was huge, she wrote a cheque of huge amount before calling Viva to come over, Tony was not home, so it was a good opportunity to speak to her

“I have not really got time to speak to you of recent concerning you and Richard’s misunderstanding, you are my friend and I want you to be happy and also your family too, what exactly is the problem…

“ I have told you before not to mind that useless man… he just wants to frustrate me, but I made him to know that he can not do that…and you know Tony’s behavior has also changed towards me…and I did nothing wrong…I don’t know why, I’m not a bad person Betty, I don’t know how I ended up with a man who can not provide all my need, I wish I had a husband like Tony who will not only love me but also provide me with anything my heart desires…but Richard can say he love me the whole day with his big mouth but can not do my bidding…what kind of husband is that…

“Viva I have told you to calm down, everybody is not the same, don’t worry about Tony, he is probably concerned about your constant quarrel with your husband and doesn’t know how to help, or what to say, Viva stop calling Richard useless, he is your husband and deserve to be respected no matter what…be grateful for the things he has being doing and keep hoping things will get better and he will grant your heart desire…don’t be like this…that man care and love you…please be appreciative whenever he get you things even if is not exactly what you wanted but still say “thank you”…it goes a long way and he will be encouraged to do more anytime he has enough…

“Betty…you don’t just understand how this things work…I can’t keep thanking him whenever he gets me minor things…why should I thank him as if he bought the whole world for me…wait…Betty for crying out loud he is my husband not my boyfriend…it is very normal for him to get me things and make sure I’m alright…very very normal, he is suppose to take care of his family, and never allow his wife to lack anything…so I see no reason to be saying thank you all the time to him…if he buys me things he is only doing his duty and nothing more…is not a big deal… well that’s for me and that’s my stand…and you should not be thanking Tony all the time anytime he gets stuff for you…he is only doing his rightful duty as a husband,

“hmmm Viva, well as for me I like thanking Tony and encouraging him, that’s your philosophy, I have a different up bringing and I learnt from my mother, she thought me well, to always care, trust and love unconditionally, she showcased a good example by loving my dad always and my dad loves her with his life, you know we are just two in the family, me and my elder sister who lives abroad with her husband and children, we had everything, my dad was a wealthy man and yet he was humble and my mum too. Me loving , understanding and respecting Tony comes natural for me, it is what I grew into that I exhibit in my home, so I came from a loving humble family who believes love and respect conquers all, everything is not about money Viva, there are somethings money can not buy, just go and love, respect and appreciate your husband just as he has loved you, I hate seeing you sad…you are my friend, and I just don’t want you to be sad, that is why I got something for you…something that will at least bring back peace in your home….it may not be able to get a big supermarket and stock it up but it will sure go a long way, it will get you something close, please take it get whatever you desires…

Betty gave Viva the cheque, as Viva collected it and looked at the amount on it, she screamed so loud, she couldn’t believe her eyes, the huge amount written on it, she hugged Betty and ran off, Betty was happy that she was able to put a smile on Viva’s face, she was so happy as she watch Viva drive off.

Betty didn’t tell Tony what she did, because Tony may not like it, she kept it to herself.

Rebecca heard everything Betty and Viva talked about, after Viva collected the cheque and left Rebecca went to Betty,

“you are very kind ma, but not everyone deserve your kindness, not everyone deserve love or friendship, this world is not as you think , your parents really trained you up so well, but this world we live in…hmmm.. don’t deserve people like you, because if you are too calm and kind somebody will definitely take it for granted, is good to be nice and a little shrewd too….niceness plus shrewdness turns out mild, it helps… anyways, now that Mr Tony is not around and Richard is home why don’t we go over and know what he wanted to speak to you about,

“Rebecca…you talk like an elder, you are still very young what do you know about the world we live in, you can’t know what this world is like more than me, I have lived over a decade before you were born, you are about to turn nineteen in few months from now, but I appreciate your concern, well I can’t go over to Richard’s place that will be going against Tony’s warning, and he warned me not to listen to Richard, I may not know all his reasons but I will not go contrary to it…

“I understand… age is nothing but a number ma, being wise doesn’t come with age it comes with life experience, but what if is your word and encouragement…or probably advice is all that Mr Richard needed to hear, if you really want to help that family nothing should stop you from listening to both party not just Viva, your friend…but if you don’t want to go and hear him out is fine, let the sleeping dog lie…

“uhmmm…I guess you are right… looking at the time Tony will soon be back, we will wait till tomorrow when he goes out, Richard is always home on Wednesday, we will go over, I don’t want Tony to know about it.


To Be Continued…

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