Unknown enemy Episode 10

Episode 10 p@rt A
Written by Amah
The next day Betty was at her supermarket keeping close watch on Kate, and trying to eavesdrop on her phone conversation, anytime Kate’s phone rings she will want to see the caller, she nee-ded to clear her doubt, and she wasn’t satisfied yet, Betty wanted to know who Kate’s new man friend is, the guy calls her all the time and sometime even says “I love you” on phone which Kate never replies to, something is fishy and Betty planned to dig up whatever it was. probably Viva was right.
That very day as Kate dropped her phone to go the toilet, Betty used that opportunity to check her friend’s phone, her heart almost dropped as she saw that Kate saved her lovers name with “uncle TT” Betty’s eyes wi-de-ned as she began to go throu-gh her messages, she saw all the love messages that the “uncle TT” has being s£nding for her which she ha-rd ly replied, he even took Kate and her daughter out over the weekend, and has being getting things for Kate and her daughter, because most of the replied message from Kate was mostly, “thank you for the dress and shoe, they fit perfectly” thank you for this or thank you for that, which means her uncle TT has being showering her with gifts, and lovely messages.
Betty thought immediately that the “uncle TT’ which Kate has being hiding and never spoke off to anyone, most be her Tony. She was still going throu-gh the messages when Kate c@m£ out and met her with her phone, she was surprised looking at Betty and anger written all over her as she fli-pped throu-gh her phone,
“Betty, you are going throu-gh my phone…and why that strange look…what happened, because I just left you few minutes and told you I wanted to make use of the toilet, you were cheerful and now you are looking like you saw a ghost…
“so that is it…Kate so this is really who you are…Viva saw throu-gh you but I never listened, so Viva has being right all this while, you s¢v-m bag, so this is why you stayed away and has being doing hide and seek with your calls so that I won’t find out, you hide and make calls and whenever you are talking to whoever, you talk in a low voice so that I won’t find out…ungrateful being like you…this is it right?
Kate was surprise at Betty’s out boast and calling her names, she didn’t un-derstand what she meant as she tried to ask Betty what she did wrong, Betty threw her phone to the wall and it smashed, as if that was not enough, she went and sl@pped Kate who was still dumb founded, they were creating a scene and other staffs and customers were watching them,
“Betty, you are crazy…what has come over you…what happened, st©p this show and tell me what I did first…
“you seriously want to know what you did Kate, I took you as my friend and family and you backstabbe-d me, you know so well that I can trust with everything I got…and that was why I trusted you and defended you anytime someb©dy speaks against you, I was a true friend to you Kate, I have known you for years. I handed this place for you be managing for me, I have never worry because I trusted you, how could you betray my trust like this, how could you go behind me and be having affair with my husband, how could you, Viva has being giving me this idea of single mothers and their desperation to take over any available home, not minding how they do it, Viva said it all, she always emphasize on it but i didn’t believe her, I just wanted to clear my doubt and this is what I got, you and Tony, my husband…you are so shameless and even saved his name with “uncle TT” you are exactly what Viva has being saying, a backstabber, a home breaker, a thief, you have always being jealous of my home, because you don’t have yours and decided to break it, guess it was actually you that stole my precious n£¢klace and said it was Viva, you all along Kate…yo..
“whaaaat…oh my God, Betty…you are seriously crazy right now, vomiting all this ru-bbish, uuhh no,…you sl@pped me, broke my phone and still disgracing me just because of what Viva said to you, how can I do that to you…God…how can I even have such a thought to have anything to do with your husband, the uncle Tt you saw his real name is Trevo, he is my friend and I was still checking if I should give the guy a chance, I saved his name with “uncle TT” Because that is what my daughter calls him, but his name is actually Trevo not Tony or is it only your husband’s name that start with a T”, i can never do you wrong Betty, how can you even think of such, after all you have done for me and my daughter, your family is practically the family my daughter has come to love, I have loved you like a sister and a friend, and has always thanked God for Tony, who loves you unconditionally, I only st©pped coming to your place because I have had enough of Viva throwing shade at me and all you do is to believe anything she says to you without thinking about it, I didn’t want to be a problem for anyone that was why I stayed off Betty, I can’t hurt you, you have done so much for me which I will forever be grateful for but this is a pure accusation, because I was still watching Trevo and didn’t want to reveal him to anyone yet until I’m sure of the kind of person he is, I don’t nee-d anyone who will love me and won’t love my daughter, I just nee-ded to be sure before I speak to you about him, I could have called him to come over right now so that you will see him for yourself, but you have smashed my phone, I will go any length just to clear your doubt Betty, hmmm… my God… Betty you are something else…how…how on earth do you think I will ever do such to you, I have conscience and will never bit the f!nger that feed me, contrary to what Viva has being feeding you with, not all single mothers are stupid or have low self esteem, go and tell her that she has finally succeeded, because I’m walking away from here and will never return, look for another manager because I’m done working for you, you could at least ask me before going throu-gh my phone and feeding your heart with so much doubt, I’m not your enemy, and will never be, the real enemy is within you, she is as close as your nose is to your mouth, I’m done, because of this, I may probably tell Trevo to drive me down to your house so that you will clear your doubt. But Somethings doesn’t worth it at all, I’m not going to stress the young man just because you want to satisfy your conscience, if you want to see him come over this weekend, he will be around, I so much hate what Viva has turned you into, go back to her because she is the true friend and I’m just a desperate single mother to you, because that’s what Viva tells you all the time now you have done exactly what she expected of you…this is really sad…
Kate picked up her bag and walked away without looking back
Betty went home and met Tony, Tony was home alre-ady, he looked sober, she was surprised to see him home by that time, immediately he saw her, he c@m£ to his wife and drew into a warm embr@ce, Betty has had enough drama with Kate and was Shocked as Tony started crying as he held her, she felt water dropping at her back and knew Tony was crying and the water was tears coming from him, she tried to loos£n up and ask him what was going on but Tony held her so ti-ght, could it be true he was truly having an affair, if not Kate then who else…or what happened, why is he crying,
“what is going on Tony, why are you crying…what happened…you are scaring me…
“I…I wronged you and I know heaven will never forgive me for what I did to you, I’m so sorry, I don’t want you to leave me…my whole life is worthless without you Betty, plea-se…I just c@m£ to realization that you may probably leave me if you find out what I have done and you will never forgive me…
“Tony…no matter what you did…I will always forgive you and will never leave you…I promise…I will never live you…a life without you in it will be so empty…what did you do…
“i….i…uhhh..i just wanted to know…if..i mean…I really love you Betty and don’t want to loose you, I don’t know how I will survive if you leave me or decide not to forgive me… no matter what I did…no matter the wrong or how de-ep it maybe …plea-se darling always find it in your heart to forgive me… just know that if I ever hurt you is never intentional, i will never hurt you intentionally…
“did you have an affair…an affair with Kate…?
“what…what….ooh…why will you think such, Kate is so disciplined and will never do such to you, even if I’m drun!kand mistake Kate to be you, she will never allow me to have anything with her…Kate is a true friend…not…not your so called….hmmm…. well I did not have an affair….with Kate and such will never happen…erase that idea from your head and caution anyb©dy putting such in your mind because the person is only trying to ruin your friendsh!pwith Kate and your love for me…don’t allow that person any close to you…
Tony had planned to confess to Betty, he has st©pped seeing Viva and was trying to refocus, he wanted to confess to his wife of how unfaithful he has being, but words got stuck on his throat, he didn’t even know which one to say or leave, he has really done so much, he has messed up, he has summoned courage to come home on time to apologise to Betty that day and to plead to her to forgive him but he couldn’t do it, he later concluded within himself that somethings are better left unsaid, he may confess all his wrongs and Betty chose not to forgive him and leave him instead, he can’t risk his family for a confession, is better for her not to know at all than to be heart broken and disappointed in him. He was surprised when Betty asked him about having an affair with Kate, he knew it was Viva that has being feeding her with such idea, which was taking effect on Betty, Viva is never a good woman, he saw it right from the beginning, and has tried to warned Betty but he later fell woefully to her plans and was going dee-per with her until he decided to have a rethink after his conversation with Betty on him cheating, he felt so sad and unworthy of his naïve wife who does not un-derstand that the people she so much trusted has failed her except Kate who has always being a royal friend to her.
As days went by Betty was happy to have Tony back, he had changed and was more home unlike before. He started buying her gifts, and promised to get her a new car before the end of the month, she has alre-ady picked her dream car from the catalogue he gave to her, and he has promised to get it for her, he even took over the kitchen, trying to make her favourite dish everyday. Betty was happy to have her husband back, Tony st©pped Viva from visiting reasons best known to him, although she ha-rd ly see Viva because she has to be going to her supermarket everyday since Kate has st©pped coming, she felt bad for allowing her anger to get the best of her, she has tried calling Kate severally but she was never available, probably she got a new line and decided to sh0t the door of friendsh!pto her face, she has moved on with her life and she wished she can see her and apologise for overreacting.
She didn’t want to get a new manager, Kate has being good on her job, managing the supermarket like her own, she will never get another manager like her and will hope and pray she comes back, she will leave the post open for her, anytime Kate decides to come back her post will still be there waiting for her.
Betty got home that day and was hearing a serious quarrel coming from Viva’s ap@rtment, as she wanted to go and check what was going on, she wondered why Tony didn’t bother going to help them settle their differences and he was around, she saw Viva coming down looking so angry, she was wearing her fine n£¢klace that Richa-rd got for her, the one that looked like her missing n£¢klace she so much loved, the diamond on it glittered as she walked with speed, Viva walked past her without saying a word to her friend, Betty. Viva went straight into her car and drove off,
Tony was inside but decided not to come out or to go check what the quarrel between Viva and her husband is always about.
Rebecca c@m£ to stand beside her, and said something that shocked her,
“what if Viva is cheating on the husband, Richa-rd , what if she is unfaithful to him, because looking at the husband, I’m not sure he was the one that got her that fine car. It is probably Viva’s lover, that man is managing himself, where will he see money to buy a car or other things for Viva…your friend is filled with surprises,
“don’t say such thing again…do you know Richa-rd ’s pocket or is it every rich man that like showing off, or telling the public they got money, Viva can never cheat on her husband, is probably the super market Viva asked him to open that they are fighting all the time for…and is non of our business, I’m only concerned because she is my friend, Viva is a good person I wonder why all of you don’t like her, she is fun to be with and when she comes back I will give her enough money to open a shop, and put things inside, it may not be a big supermarket like mine, but is something that will keep her busy so that she will st©p all the fight with her husband, I will tell Tony to give me money I want to go shopping and when he does that, because I know he will give me enough money, I will add up with my own, I will make sure I gather enough cash and give Viva, I just want her to be happy, Richa-rd has really tried by getting her all she ever asked for, I know he probably doesn’t have money now and Viva has failed to un-derstand.
Betty and Rebecca decided to go back to their own house. Rebecca knew that it is not what Viva told Betty that is ma-king her and her husband to have misun-derstanding all the time, is probably something de-ep and smelly which Viva can’t reveal to Betty, Rebecca went ahead of Betty as she was going inside, as Betty got to the door of her house she heard her name, she quic-kly turned and found out that it was Richa-rd that was calling her, she went to him slowly and was wondering what Richa-rd wanted to tell her, she heard Tony calling her to come inside, she started wondering why everyb©dy was behaving strange.
Richa-rd wanted to see her for an unknown reason, as she went to him Tony who has being watching them from the window saw his wife going to Richa-rd his heart began to beat fast, he rushed outside and started calling Betty to come inside, Betty was confused and didn’t un-derstand what was going on or what to do, Tony was alre-ady coming towards her to come and take her inside while Richa-rd stood and watched.
Tony didn’t want Richa-rd to have anything to do with his darling wife Betty, he can’t risk it, let him and Viva be doing their everyday fight, but they should leave his family alone.
Rebecca laughed as she watched from inside as Tony rushed to Betty before she can meet up with Richa-rd . Tony was scared because he was guilty, and who knows what Richa-rd wanted to see Betty for.
To be continued…