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unexpected emotion episode 28

(Tales of Meteor City)


By, Naomi Cindy B…

**Na God I take beg you, don’t copy or repost my story Biko, write yours ejoor**


“Are you sure about that?, I’m still as wicked as you can remember” Aurora said fearlessly

Maybe she’s even the devil, how can she still talk in this situation

Many against one, she’s unbelievable!

Kingston smiled

“So far I still remain prince Novato, the first crowned prince of Meteor City, you’re going down immediately you try any foul play, I don’t mind killing you myself, I’m sick and tired of your atrocities and wickedness” Kingston said

Aurora came out of her chamber with a sneer

“Let’s see who has the real audacity, tommorow, my two hundred men are coming” she said

” That Same tommorow will determine what happens to you cos emperor Jin will be taking back the throne, and you think your two hundred men can stand in front of the two daughters of the Phoenix?, I’m sure they’ll be gobbled up in one gulp” Iris said, stepping forward

” I see, so the twerp is back after I banished her myself” Aurora said

“That twerp is the daughter of the Phoenix by birth and your daughter Lillie is my fated sister by mistake” Iris said, cursing her with a smile

” What!”

Lillie faced her

“You’re the second daughter?”

“Yes” she replied

They hugged tightly

“I’m so sorry for doing that the other time, I was still getting driven by the devil then, but now I’m back to my real self, I’m sorry” Lillie said


smiled as they broke the hug

” It’s ok”

“Father, I’ll explain how it turned out like this to you later” Kingston whispered to Jin

He nodded

“you’re the second?, How sweeter can today be?, Then you came for death cos tommorow, my men will arrive and capture you and I’ll have your blood daughter of a wench!” Aurora ranted

Iris got angry and opened her palm, a sword appeared on it and she threw it at Aurora but luckily she ducked and fell

She escaped getting beheaded by it

“Why can’t she surrender?, I’m sure her defeat will enter the book of history” Eragon muttered

” That was just a tip of the iceberg, get ready for more tommorow, and tell your two hundred men to buy their coffin along when coming” Iris said

” We’re standing for too long, let’s go in” Jin said and led the way in

Aurora stood, she’s too stupefied to think

“What almost happened to my head?”


“You got the message too?” Carson asked Cole

” Yes”

” You too?” Skylar asked

” Yes” Isla replied

“they must have gone back to Meteor” Carson said

“Their town?” Isla and Cole asked simultaneously

” No, city, a big city in the stars* Skylar replied

” So we should be able to call them” Isla said

“No, no network over there” Carson said

” So they really left for good” Cole said

” They’ll come back, mark my words” Skylar said

” Oh, ok…we should go now, we have cl@sses to attend” Isla said

They entered the car and it became awkward again

Since the accidental klzz, it has become awkward whenever they’re together alone

They looked at each other but quickly looked away

Each finding his or herself palpitating nervously…



A big feast happened in the palace that night and jubilations is in great shape

The maids cooked varieties and they ate and drank to their satisfactions

Lillie and Iris even did drinking game

But as expected, no matter how heavy they drink, they didn’t get drunk…

Aurora burned with anger in her room as she heard the sounds

She blocked her ears with her ears and suddenly felt that sharp pain again and this time it’s much

“Aarrghgggggghhhh!” She shouted, falling on her bed

She held her stomach tight and breathed heavily for a while before it went down

She stood

“What just happened?* She thought…

The feast ended when it’s late night and each retired to their rooms to rest

Eragon pulled Lillie to his room and pinned her on the door


smiled as he felt a tingling feeling in her stomach

“I brought you here to say just one thing” he said

” What?’ she asked expectantly

“I love you” he replied

She smiled as he leaned in and klzzed her deeply

“Gosh!, Those l!ps!’


” How’s my baby doing?” Kingston asked, jumping on the bed beside Iris.

“Your baby?, Stop being silly” she replied, rolling eyes

” Of course, we did it , and as the first prince, it’s believed that my first mating will result to kids, automatically you’re pregnant, don’t argue” Kingston said

” Stop blabbing” she replied, turning her back on him

” See?, You’re getting cranky, one of the signs of pregnancy” he said, turning her back to himself

” We did it just yesterday, you can’t detect it yet even if it’s true” she said

He brought his face closer

” I have pregnancy detector in my eyes dear” he said

She laughed at that

He sighed

” Don’t be scared pie, tommorow will be good” he said

“I’m not scared, and I know tomorrow will be good” she replied with a wide smile as he klzzed her .


Eleven wandered round the forest that night..

He can’t sleep, that’s why he decided to take a stroll

He sat on a rock and brought out the crystal

He smiled while looking at it and he klzzed it for long

*I just hope, I’ll be able to live” he thought as he heard the sound of a fallen something from behind him

He stood and took his sword, keeping the crystal as he did

He walked towards the place and almost immediately, a girl ran out of her hiding place and started running

He ran after her and gosh!, She’s fast

She’s running like the air…

She suddenly fell and found it h@rd to stand again

She buried her face on the ground, refusing to look up as Eleven stood in front of her

“Please don’t kill me I beg you, please I want to live” she pleaded

” What’s your name?” He asked patiently

“Kayla!” She said quickly

“Daughter of Kang Min the farmer?” He said

That’s when she looked up at him

“Prince Eleven!” She exclaimed…


“Come out you tricky old witch” Andromeda said, entering the house of Milady under the full moon

She appeared on her chair and laughed h@rd

“I’m not here to laugh, it’s really difficult to read the sign of the heavens under a full moon, so you should tell me how tommorow will go” Andromeda said

Milady stopped laughing and stood

“Deaths!, That’s what tommorow entails” she replied, walking around

“how exactly will it happen?” Andromeda asked

“Stop being curious Andromeda, but here’s an hint.. the wicked will suffer while the kind hearted will jubilate, and the defeat will come so easily, they might not even lift a f!ng┬úr before defeating, is that enough for an answer?, Figure out the meaning yourself” she replied and vanished

Andromeda smiled

” Of course, I know the meaning” he muttered to himself…


Next morning***

The palace is filled with activities, maids cooking and the cleaners cleaning, the decorators are busy decorating

The emperor is claiming back the throne today

The robes has been ordered since yesterday and it came this morning

The tailor must have made them all night

“Add more sauce to the fritters” Lillie ordered, p@ssing by the cooking stand

And during the night, Kingston had taken his time to explain everything to Jin…he understood immediately

Iris came out of the room and stretched her body

A new girl came out of the room next to Lillie’s room

“Who are you?” Iris asked

“Kayla?” Eragon said from behind her

Kayla faced him


He walked closer to her and Iris can feel he’s too happy to see her

*You’re alive” he said

” Yes, I wasn’t in the cave when empress men came to murder my dad and Choi Yen” she replied, tearing up

” Oh, so she’s one of Aurora’s victim” Iris thought

” It’s ok, you can’t cry here” Eragon said, wiping her tears

“how did you get here?”

“It’s Prince Eleven, he took me in from the forest last night, I’ve been hiding in the woods and every possible place so I won’t get caught by the empress spies” she replied

” You don’t have to hide anymore cos the empress is going down today, trust me” Eragon said

” Morning everyone” Eleven said, coming

Eragon hugged him

” Thanks for saving her and bringing her in, she’s…

” Save the gist, she told me everything already” Eleven interrupted

“hi” Iris waved

“oh, and there she is, the first Prince’s wife” Eragon said, introducing Iris

” Wait… Prince Novato is back?* Kayla said unbelievably

“yes I am” Kingston replied, coming out of his room

“your highness!” Kayla bowed

“No need of formalities, call me only prince” he said

” I’m glad you’re back, too too glad” she said, smiling widely

” And my lady, I give my respects” Kayla bowed to Iris

*No, just let’s greet each other like friends, come here” Iris said and pulled her into a hug

“Kayla?” Lillie said from the far end of the corridor

“Princess!” Kayla exclaimed as they ran into each other’s arms


for saving me, though my dad died , I’m still grateful to be alive and here” Kayla said

” I’m sorry about your dad’s death but I’m promising you that Aurora is going down today, just keep calm and watch” Lillie said

” What do you mean?”

” You’ll understand soon” Lillie chuckled

” We need to prepare bow, it’s almost time* Eragon said

They all went back into their respective rooms to get ready

An hour later***

The posters that were posted round the city made the people rush to the palace

It was written in the poster that the emperor is ris┬ún…

The wide ground in the front of the palace is full with people already as the gate opened, revealing the emperor with his entire family

Kingston by his right, Eleven by the left, Lillie beside Eleven and Iris beside Kingston

Eragon behind the king as a rigid protector

Kayla stood among the crowd, all smiles

“It’s the king!”

“It’s our king!”

“He has been liberated from his sickness?”

“I’m glad!”

*He’s back!”

“Prince Eleven is back too!”

“I hope we’ll be free from now*

The city people murmured amongst themselves

“All hail the emperor, Jin Minho, the first king of Meteor City” Eragon shouted

The m@ss of people bowed in respect and shouted; ” all hail our emperor!”

Jin cleared his throat as he took his seat with his family

“I’m sorry I had to go sick for so long, it isn’t my fault, but now I’m back for you people, no Aurora will make you suffer again, I’m promising that” Jin said

The people bowed again

” And here at my right hand side is our long lost prince, my long lost son, prince Novato who was found and brought back by his brother” Jin said

The people almost went Gaga with shouts of his name

Iris and Lillie kept their eyes and noses at alert in case of necessity

And as guessed , they soon started perceiving multiple scents of people

They looked at each other and nodded

Aurora is coming with her men

Jin continued his speech

“So today, I…. Jin Minho, I’m taking back the throne that rightfully belongs to me, to care for and to hold” he said

The people bowed again

” They’re here! ” Lillie and Iris said at the same time as two hundred Aurora’s men came closer

“It’s better if the people disperse” Kingston said

Eragon ordered the people’s dispersal and everyone rushed out of the place, leaving them, Kayla rushed to stay behind Eleven

They took positions as Aurora entered the palace with her men

“I told you you came here to die, and here is the death” Aurora said on her horse

Kingston giggled

” How funny, they look like flies to me and I can kill them with just a clap” he said

” Let’s watch and see, warriors!, Those are the two girls I need, capture them during the fight, don’t Miss it, and the rest, just kill them” Aurora ordered and stayed in one side

The warriors made to come forward but Iris and Lillie clashed their swords together and the sparks that emanated from that turned to bees, it stung as many of the warriors as they can, bringing down about fifty


Aurora ordered

“She won’t learn her lesson” Kingston said

They made to attack again but Lillie and Iris leapt up to the air and flew to their middle, ordering flowing water from nowhere to take over, it took away another fifty

Aurora is getting scared gradually

“Are you guys coming again?” Iris said

They advanced again and she widened her eyes, the flash that came out of it killed fifty of them, leaving them with only fifty

Aurora came down from her horse fearfully

The remaining fifty jerked their horses and in the next minute, they took to their heels

“Without lifting a f!ng┬úr, you’re defeated, how do you feel? ” Eleven said

” Wow!, It’s so easy” Kayla said

“Never expected it to be so easy like this” Eragon muttered

Aurora suddenly started feeling like vomiting

And she did, she vomited blood from her mouth, sitting on the bare ground

Iris went closer to her

“My face doesn’t ring a bell?” She said, kneeling beside her

Aurora looked at her but looked away

“BoNa, that’s the name of my mum” she said

Aurora looked up quickly

“don’t be shocked, the pregnant maid you killed twenty years ago is my mum, and the child she was pregnant with before you killed her, it’s me, she’s the Phoenix, you killed her, her blood stained your robe, coincidentally making my fate twist with your baby, that’s Lillie…she doesn’t have the scent of the citrus cos she became one of us by mistake… and here you are, starting the payment for your mistakes” Iris said, standing up

Aurora held her neck, tears falling from her eyes

“I’m….I’m..I’m so sorry,I was greedy for Power and…and…

She vomited more blood

“The poison is working I guess, and that’s just fine” Lillie said

“Lillie?, Poi…son?” Aurora stammered

“Yes, I poisoned you for a whole month and it’s starting to work, I’m glad, and that’s how you’re gonna die, slowly and agonizing, without mercy, I’ll be the one to personally give you the poison every morning till your death day, and if you refuse to take it, it’ll be injected” Lillie said

” Take her into the dungeon!” Jin ordered

Eragon and Eleven took her

Iris hugged Lillie

Kingston hugged his father

Kayla kept smiling at what just happened…


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