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un-dergrounded demons finale


_______💫😱 The Revenge😱💫________

😈💀Chapter Fifty


Brou-ght by Chris Val 💈✨


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥


Everyone turned to look at me when all Mr Noah’s attention was on me

He looked at Henry who turned to look at me

Henry a little bit far from me
He looked so determined to attack me

Just as he made a move, I lifted the egg up and let go of it

Mr Noah tried using his power to control it but it wasn’t possible

I remembered when the ghost boy told me that once I t©uçh the egg, Mr Noah’s power will be useless

Before Henry could have gotten closer to me, the egg has alre-ady landed on the ground
Breaking into pieces

To the eyes of people, it was just a yoke that was alre-ady forming a baby

Meanwhile it was a group of old men
They were floating on the air, moving towards Mr Noah

“That’s those Mr Bharat killed, and took their power” the ghost boy said
I remembered when he told me about it

How he killed him and his family but I wondered why they were attacking Mr Noah meanwhile it was Bharat that killed them

I focused my eyes on Mr Noah

He was shifting back
Everyone was just wondering why, because no one could see them

Meanwhile Henry fell on the ground trying to recover himself

Those set of men, got closer to Mr Noah because he has gotten to the end of the hall where he was standing

He couldn’t make any move

“We are coming back for you” one of them said

“Let’s just leave you to confess” another person said as they disappeared

“Jimmy!” Henry shouted looking around the hall
It seems like he has [email protected]£ back to himself

“John!” He shouted

Sadly, the Jimmy and John he was calling has alre-ady gone

His buddies

He held one of the students close to him

“Did you see any of them?” Henry asked

“They are alre-ady dead” the student replied
Henry broke down crying


Everyone was just screaming as Mr Noah makes his confession

He was alre-ady powerless and his b©dy was torturing him

“Can you tell us where we can find those that went for the trip?” I asked
I was really concerned about it

“They aren’t far” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked

“They are at the teacher [email protected] but not all could survive” he replied while I rushed out of the hall

I headed to the teachers [email protected]

I got in there and re-moved that same book

Other students were re-ady to follow me

The door opened and to my greatest surprise, I saw Mira lying there

Only her
She wasn’t ma-king any move

“What about the rest?” A student asked but who knows

I carried Mira and rushed out of the room

Someone volunteered to bring his car

Just then, a cab and two police car drove into the compound

They parked as Ajax and Axel stepped out of the cab
I felt happy to see them alive

They couldn’t see me because of the distance and also the number of students that gathered around

Axel was saying something, looking at a students who were close to them
One of the students pointed at the hall after when Axel was done

He signalled those policemen and they walked to the hall but Ajax stayed behind

He was only looking around

Meanwhile I was still waiting for the guy who went to get his car
I had to walk out to where he was…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥Ajax POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I didn’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden, I found myself back to the world

I was actually in the same room with Axel

He was awake as well

We had nothing else in mind than to rush to the police station since we had known the truth


Immediately I saw Jack, I rushed to meet him because he was carrying Mira’s b©dy

“What happened to her?” I asked

“It is a long story” he said

“Let’s take her to hospital first” he added
We had to take that same cab we [email protected]£ with

Just as we were almost done putting Mira inside the car, Axel and those policemen were alre-ady out with Mr Noah

He was handcuffed and was taken to the police car

“Excuse me plea-se!” A student shouted
Our attention was changed to her

“Out of the whole students that went for the trip, only Mira is left” she said

I was just confused because I never knew about the trip

“Am sorry but they are all gone” Mr Noah replied

“What is going on here? Am lost again” Axel said
We were both lost

“Mira is dying plea-se” Jack interrupted

“Mira?” Axel asked

“Let’s go” I said


We got to the hospital and the nurses rushed to see us
They took Mira in while we waited outside


After some minutes, the doctor walked up to us

“Doctor, how is she?” Jack asked

“She was only drown” the doctor replied

“But good enough that you brou-ght her here on time” he added

“That means we have hope?” Jack asked
He looked more worried than us

“Yes, she has woken up”

“Can we see her?” Jack asked

“Sure” the doctor replied
We headed to the ward where Mira was kept

She managed to smile when she sees us

“Good that none of you die” she said

She later explained to us how everything happened

They really went throu-gh a lot

“Wait” Axel jumped in

“Are you trying to tell me that Stella is dead?” He asked

“Yes, she died, trying to save me” Mira cried

Axel was knocked out for some minutes

He was shattered


After some minutes, someone bu-mped into the room

It was my Dad with Lily

After much conversation, I was meant to know that Lily was the one who informed my Dad about what happened

She still followed our newsfeed
She saw the whole [email protected]£

“One more thing” my Dad said

“Our family doctor met me this morning, he said that he made a mistake with the test ”

“As in, he misplaced it with someone’s own, and the real result is out” he added
We all stood still, waiting for the final result

Instead of him to complete it, he began to look at us
From one person to another
That suspense

“Jack here is your missing twin brother”

“What?!” Axel shouted
He couldn’t believe it

“I knew it” I shouted with so much joy

I for say, that’s why I was so pushed to him at the first day…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥Axel POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I have to accept the fate that Jack was my twin brother

Not just twin brother but the elder one

Since it has happened, I had to make a plan to save our father from what he did in the past

We don’t have to cast people because of what they did
Some were being pushed by depression


Ajax house was the best to call for a meeting

Later, when we were back from the hospital

My Dad said that he would be coming back the following day to see his students for some talk

Good that we pretended not to know what really happened between him and Mr Noah


It was evening time,
I have alre-ady told Ajax to invite Jack to his house

I arrived and met them in Ajax room pla-ying a game

I had to join them

The fun was really great but I still had to start up what I arrived the meeting for

But I didn’t know how to jump into it


” Ajax told me that you have something that you want us to talk about” Jack said

Seems like he re-ad my mind

“Actually” I started

“According to my observation, it is only three of us that know about what Dad did” I added

“You mean his youthful age?” Ajax asked


“I see it as a depression from Mr Noah’s character”

“Of course that’s what it is” Jack agreed

“I want us to keep it as a secret within our family because I don’t want to loose any of my family members now that we have gotten back” I said

“That’s true but there is a problem” Ajax said

“Which problem?” I asked
I trust his smartness
He must have thought of something

“Mr Noah might leak the secret to the police” he replied
I never thought of that

“I also heard that he made confessions before he was taken” Ajax added

“Yes but he didn’t mention that, he was only focusing on being responsible for what has been happening” Jack said


We concluded to visit the police station that evening
If he had leaked everything, that means we had to change our plans

We got to the station and met with the policeman who were among those that arrested him

But he only told me that Mr Noah died immediately they get to the police station

His corpse was alre-ady buried because there wouldn’t be any form of [email protected] for wicked

“Did he tell you guys anything before he [email protected] away?” I asked
That was the most important thing

“Anything like what?” He asked

“Maybe about his reason for the killing” Jack jumped in
While I was still thinking on how to reply that

He was just as smart as Ajax

“Not at all” the policeman replied
That was all…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

At night, I was in my room after checking on Mira

. the doctor said that she would be discharged from the hospital, the following day

It was a relief that she was still alive and very sad that those people she went out with, was dead

“Congratulations” I heard someone saying
It was the ghost boy as he appeared before me

“Congratulations to both of us” I said smiling

“Your congratulations isn’t one but three” he said


“How do you mean?”

“Firstly, for the job well done, secondly for ma-king sure that Mira arrived alive and lastly for finding your real father” he replied while I smiled

“Seriously, I am happy, thanks to you” I said

“And am still wondering how this happened, can a doctor make such mistake at first” I added

“Am actually behind it” the ghost boy said


“Yes, but I have two reasons for doing it”

“Which reason?” I asked

“Firstly, you said that I don’t have power, didn’t you?” He asked

“That was just a normal chat” I responded

“I wanted to prove to you that I do have power, so that’s why” he added

“But how?” I asked

“That’s left for me” he said instead

“So, what about the second reason?”

“I did to create a strong bond between you and Axel”

“Huh, how?”

“Yes, because the more you guys get crashed, the more your relationsh!pwith him grows stronger”

“I have learned a lot about him, just watch and see how close you guys will be from now” he added

“And also, the egg, like I don’t un-derstand why they were inside there” I said

“They were not really inside it, but breaking it, drew their attention”

“I thought it was Mr Bharat that killed them, not Mr Noah” I said
It was in form of question

“Yes but if you can remember, Mr Bharat took over Mr Noah’s b©dy”

“He killed Mr Noah during the process, that’s why Mr Noah died because Mr Bharat has left his b©dy” he added
That was too bad of Mr Noah


The following day, Mr Smith
My father, visited the school

He apologized to everyone about the misfortune that befall the school

He also settled with those parents whom their children falls victim of the circvmstances

We made him know that we were aware of what he did

He was surprised to hear that
We also made him to apologise to those children by visiting their graves with flowers but we made sure that other students wasn’t aware of what he was really doing by framing that he was only appealing

It all happened that very day

I didn’t blame him though…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Axel POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

Things doesn’t really go as we planned sometimes

I actually felt happy when we were finally told that Jack was really my missing brother

I [email protected] go a day without checking on him


We were able to seal up Dad’s crime and the school was functioning properly as usual
Killings st©pped but in less than one month, Dad engaged in a car accident and died

That was when I confirmed that no sin will go unpunished

But before then, I had made a different plan, which was to change my school

Stella whom I love was no longer existing
I had to close the A gang and relocate to a different country for another school

I was there when I was told that Dad had an accident and died instantly


Jack and Mira got more closer which led to relationsh!p

Mark engaged Jane and they decided to wait until she was done with her education before they would get married

Ajax and Lily began to come close

Ajax had a secret crush on her but he wasn’t aware of it until what she did
Which was to inform our Dad about our condition

He just loves people who cares for him

As for me, everyone doesn’t really have a happy ending

I have to live my life the way it was left with

I only wished to see who I would love like Stella again

🎺🎷🎺The End 🎺🎷🎺

Good morning guys

Finally 🥰

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